Facebook launches start-up programme in Paris

Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg praises the French capital as ‘a city of new ideas’, says entrepreneurs are the engine of growth around the world

Magnetising our way out of dirty water

Cape Town-based San Aqua HCA offers an advanced, cost-effective technology to clean water, writes Charlotte Mathews

TT100 awards show innovation is alive and thriving in SA

SPONSORED: Winners of 2016 TT100 Business Innovation Awards help overcome SA's unique challenges

Pioneers do not take short cuts to success

Innovation is not a commodity; it results from attitudes and the actions that flow from them, writes Katherine Madley

Anti-piracy software for bounty

Security software solutions firm Custos Media Technology plants unique BitCoin wallets as bounty to track pirated media

App lifeline for small-scale fishers

The Abalobi app will be the information management system for the small-scale fisheries industry, writes Sarah Wild

Community project thrives on excellent design

The Log Lab is a hi-tech, multipurpose venue fitted inside a container, and used as a self-sustaining classroom by day and a business by night, writes Caren ...

SA can build on success in Uber model

Researchers point out that collaborative consumption’s pitfalls also include a lack of protection, write Nellis Beyers, Heloise Janse Van Rensburg and Peter ...

Mahabis’ success is a tribute to the power of online advertising

London entrepreneur Ankur Shah’s relentless online campaign to popularise Mahabis footwear has paid off, writes Jonathan Margolis

Smartphone app strategies lacking innovation can be bad for business

Organisations need to consider strategic relevance and potential risks, and the unique value of their product to draw attention to their apps, writes Sheldon ...

Social health is vital for growth

Ratings agencies need a new narrative from SA, says bank boss

Recycling seen as big potential job creator

Recycling has the potential to generate new businesses, create new wealth and sustainable jobs

Why electric cars are failing to make it in SA

Lack of charging points and high costs means 100%-electric and hybrid vehicles are struggling to make inroads into the market

US offers lesson in supporting start-ups

In contrast to SA, Silicon Valley is a surreal place where start-ups are backed to the hilt and readily absorbed, writes Harry Shomalistos

SA needs to vitalise its leading edge

Jonathan Yudelowitz: Transformation needs intelligent allocation of credit and capital and Uber’s ethos as a formula of success

Innovative ways to get the message across

Satellites and other forms of technology take the guesswork out of ad exposure measures and allow companies to track who sees their roadside billboards, writes ...

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