Pioneers do not take short cuts to success

Innovation is not a commodity; it results from attitudes and the actions that flow from them, writes Katherine Madley

Anti-piracy software for bounty

Security software solutions firm Custos Media Technology plants unique BitCoin wallets as bounty to track pirated media

App lifeline for small-scale fishers

The Abalobi app will be the information management system for the small-scale fisheries industry, writes Sarah Wild

Community project thrives on excellent design

The Log Lab is a hi-tech, multipurpose venue fitted inside a container, and used as a self-sustaining classroom by day and a business by night, writes Caren ...

SA can build on success in Uber model

Researchers point out that collaborative consumption’s pitfalls also include a lack of protection, write Nellis Beyers, Heloise Janse Van Rensburg and Peter ...

Mahabis’ success is a tribute to the power of online advertising

London entrepreneur Ankur Shah’s relentless online campaign to popularise Mahabis footwear has paid off, writes Jonathan Margolis