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THE FT COLUMN: Why Africa cannot count on a demographic dividend

David Pilling

Leaders should avoid blasé assumptions about the virtues of their fast-rising populations, which could become their biggest problems without the right policies, writes David Pilling

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DARREL BRISTOW-BOVEY: Storied trees, and the people who love them

Darrel Bristow-Bovey

Africa needs a Tree of the Year competition, like the one Europe has — what better way to celebrate the joyful interweaving of people and nature?

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New Zealand slams the door on Silicon Valley

Henry Mance

Tech gurus may have to rethink their apocalypse insurance, writes Henry Mance

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PETER BRUCE: What Cyril Ramaphosa can learn from Sizwe Nxasana’s NSFAS exit

Business is still willing to help a responsible state — but the loss of someone of Nxasana’s stature, integrity and passion is a sharp warning

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RON DERBY: Familiar cast of characters can't move economy forward

Our political body, in its entirety, is playing with some rather dated ideas of just how to move SA forward, some choosing to appeal to their base.

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FERIAL HAFFAJEE: Netflix is no David to the MultiChoice Goliath

Roll on a decade or two and now Netflix has taken that knowledge of how human beings tick, and how we like our movies, to turn it into a leader in internet TV streaming.

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: New satellites set to be game-changer for African internet

It is no longer news that satellites have a critical role to play in filling the gap in internet coverage across Africa.

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