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These small cap companies offer good returns

Marc Hasenfuss

Smaller companies are often vulnerable to economic cycles, but some have rewarded shareholders for many years

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STEPHEN CRANSTON: The perils of centralism

Stephen Cranston

Ombudsmen’s costs are borne by the industry so client wealth is irrelevant

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PICK of the MONTH: Oceana Group

Marc Hasenfuss

The tide of investor sentiment has been going out for Oceana Group — by far the biggest trawler among the JSE’s fishing counters

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How can Tiger restore trust?

Marcia Klein

Investors are increasingly expecting only best practice, and the firm’s loss of reputation after the listeriosis crisis will prey on it for years, writes Marcia Klein

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FERIAL HAFFAJEE: I am a proud employment equity candidate

The term 'employment equity candidate' has become like a leper's badge attached to black people in the workplace

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ANDILE KHUMALO: In the downfall of two business leaders lies a lesson

Business leaders across the board have a lot to learn from the downfall of Lamberti and Malaba

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‘Audit-only’ proposal won't fix auditing industry challenges

The criticism of the profession is warranted but we have begun the process of introspection, writes Lwazi Bam

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