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LUNCH WITH THE FT: Carol Dweck on why having a ‘growth mindset’ may be difficult but pays dividends

Andrew Hill

Sat in a classroom in order of IQ at 11, the psychologist and author ‘rejected completely’ that those with lower scores weren’t smart or worthy

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Comair’s agony over its R1.1bn settlement from SAA

Siseko Njobeni

The operator says it will meet SAA’s business rescue practitioner to discuss the money it is owed by SAA

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Judge who ordered Moyo’s reinstatement at Old Mutual recuses himself

Karyn Maughan

Judge Brian Mashile recused himself after the insurer applied for his recusal

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Standard Bank pulls the plug on cricket sponsorship

Warren Thompson

The bank will walk away from an 18-year relationship with Cricket SA over developments regarding governance and leadership

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HILARY JOFFE: There's something worse than junk status - and that's deep junk

A Moody's downgrade would trigger capital outflows because international fund managers who can own only investment-grade bonds would be forced to sell

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HILARY JOFFE: De Ruyter can find his voice as he bids Nampak farewell

How and why he was appointed won't matter once he gets to work

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