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HCI board blasts criticism of seismic surveys as ‘poppycock’

Garth Theunissen

Investment holding company claims critics of seismic blasting are part of an international campaign to block oil and gas exploration

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MARKET WRAP: Miners lead the JSE sharply lower

Lindiwe Tsobo

The all-share index recorded its biggest drop since the start of the pandemic amid a global sell-off as prospects of higher rates and geopolitical worries weighed on sentiment

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TOM EATON: Cyril blazing a trail as chief paint watcher

The fire at Waterkloof Air Force Base may have been an accident but it raises questions

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JSE and rand suffer in global flight to safety

Lindiwe Tsobo

At the close, the all share index had slipped 3.6%, the biggest drop since March 27 2020

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: BlackBerry is back — in your car

Once upon a time, people of a certain age may tell you, BlackBerry reinvented the mobile phone, along with business e-mail and technology addiction.

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PALI LEHOHLA: Is the Reserve Bank’s consultation a farce?

The Bank has reduced a crucial decision point in the history of SA to 'tips for a budget speech'

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Science saves the day as asteroid threatens Earth

New Netflix movie is a comedic take on the likelihood of such a threat being dismissed by political leaders because it is an inconvenient fact

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