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Eskom is once again implementing load shedding, which means that parts of South Africa may be without electricity from time to time. What exactly is going on at the power utility and what led to load shedding being implemented again? Subscribe to TimesLIVE here:

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FT COLUMN: Donald Trump’s retreat is the greatest threat to global security

Philip Stephens

It takes a special talent to recast Canada as an adversary before embracing a brutal dictator with a recently acquired nuclear arsenal, writes Philip Stephens

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FT COLUMN: Germany’s political crisis is about the future of Europe

Wolfgang Münchau

The Christian Social Union’s unilateralism is in conflict with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s support for European integration, writes Wolfgang Münchau

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JUSTICE MALALA: This is how SA's new race war is brewing

Justice Malala

'This is where we are now: the problem is the whites, or the blacks, or the Indians or the coloureds'

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RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Why do South Africans refuse to see the failings of their political leaders?


'Politicians use their positions and access to resources to amass wealth. When exposed, they declare it fake news and attack the media'

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FERIAL HAFFAJEE: Potholes. Traffic lights. City Power. Jozi remains a mess

Joburg makes a joke of the DA’s unique selling position that it’s a party of good governance

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RON DERBY: Eskom in the twilight zone where foreign bondholders call the shots

The many ‘high priests of privatisation’ should be rejoicing

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ANDILE KHUMALO: Bring balance to harassment debate

All too often, financial settlements come with gagging provisions

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