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Minerals Council warns of jobs bloodbath due to Eskom tariff hikes and carbon tax

Allan Seccombe

More than 100,000 jobs are under threat over the next three years, with gold and platinum set to be hit hardest 

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Aton extends its hostile bid for control of M&R

Aton also announced a three-month extension on its hostile takeover bid for Murray & Roberts on the same day

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How deal pitched by Nene’s son to the PIC went wrong

Warren Thompson

The PIC's controversial investment into the S&S Refinery in Mozambique did not have the benefit of a proper accounting system or staff according to testimony on Monday.

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SA coal at a crossroads

Lisa Steyn

The industry must choose whether to take its chances on exports or concentrate on growing the domestic market

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RON DERBY: Leave the day-to-day operations of Eskom to its board

The breakdown of coal-fired power stations is a matter for the shareholder to deal with, instead of the executive

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HILARY JOFFE: Moody's likely to delay putting final nail in ‘junk’ coffin

Psychological impact and damage to confidence and economy may be profound

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ANDILE KHUMALO: Board not helping solve Jooste riddle

The nature of Markus Jooste's alleged fraud has become an enigma that will still take time to interpret and understand

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