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Rand weakens as markets ponder US-China tension

Odwa Mjo

China warned on Wednesday that it would retaliate after US President Donald Trump ended Hong Kong’s special economic status

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JSE weaker on US-China tension and a resurgent Covid-19

Lindiwe Tsobo

Geopolitical tensions are outweighing hope of a vaccine in the short term, as coronavirus infections may lead to more lockdowns

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Foreign outflows hit record highs in first quarter

Lynley Donnelly

Nonresidents sold R97.6bn of SA debt and equities in the first three months of the year according to the SA Reserve Bank

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Bryan Habana’s app brings fight to traditional payday lenders

Mudiwa Gavaza

Paymenow allows employees to cash out a percentage of their earnings before payday

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HILARY JOFFE: Big investors need to know how SA will dig itself out of the mire

The government would do better to start with three or five projects and partner with private sector players to make them happen

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: The future is in the balance

The mantra of old (that is, pre-coronavirus) was work-life balance; now it’s people-technology balance

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We dismissed them as narcissists — now they are leading us

Millennials are now the emerging leaders in their respective organisations and businesses

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