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Chris Holdsworth, chief investment strategist at Investec Wealth and Investment talks, about the various indicators that point to rising inflation

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New car sales continue sluggish trend in February

David Furlonger

At 24,270 in February, they were 18.1% weaker than figure of a year earlier

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MICHEL PIREU: Humour can be an antidote to stress in serious business of trading


While making money is no laughing matter it is  now difficult to find amusing commentaries on the market

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BUSI MAVUSO: Unemployment takes a far greater toll on black women

Busi Mavuso

That black women with jobs are paid the least for similar labour makes the picture even grimmer

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Eskom sees opportunity for green financing deals ahead of COP26

Lisa Steyn

But funders will require a sovereign commitment to net zero emissions.

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HILARY JOFFE: A bold budget that now has political rapids to negotiate

There can be no more economically potent way of spending taxpayers' money than to fund a mass vaccine rollout.

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Fix cyber security with old crime principle

A lot of companies overlook the basics, and then get caught in the expensive trap of needing to acquire solutions to plug security gaps

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ANDILE KHUMALO: Stars align for entrepreneurs to partner up with the government

There were at least three opportunities I picked up in Mboweni's speech; astute entrepreneurs should perhaps pay attention to them over the next few years.

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