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All in: why Implats still wants RBPlats

Giulietta Talevi

The deals are on in the local PGM sector, and Implats has made its bid to buy the rest of neighbour Royal Bafokeng Platinum for R150 a share. The FM spoke to corporate affairs head Johan Theron

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BOOK REVIEW: Marrying music to politics in America’s Deep South

Yunus Momoniat

Fred de Vries has written a book that confronts racial politics in a manner few white South Africans would dare to write

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ANN CROTTY: And the winning AGM is …

Sasol was a contender, but there were two nagging issues

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JAMIE CARR: Invicta simply getting on with it

A company like Invicta that makes real money doing actual stuff might seem old-school — but it’s unlikely to let you down

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ANDILE KHUMALO | Salvage something from a blighted year by taking stock with an eye on the future

Over the past two years we have lived through a global pandemic that has fundamentally redefined and altered how we live, work, play and interact

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Why travel needs a local focus

In a sector decimated by the Covid lockdowns, a family-owned group is not only surviving, but thriving, writes Arthur Goldstuck

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The JSE is still innovating 134 years on

This month, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange turned 134 years old; its history is as old as the city that created it, writes Leila Fourie

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