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MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Enthusiastic wine waiters get a taste for knowledge

Michael Fridjhon

‘Knowledgeable, competent and polished serving staff (food or drink) enhance the dining-out experience’

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CHRIS THURMAN: Listen to what SA should be — and hark to cold reality

Chris Thurman

‘Listening to jazz in a pocket of ‘normality’ feels at best like escapism and at worst like indulgence’

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COMPANY COMMENT: Still no full picture of Anglo annual meeting

But in the context of the improved disclosure, what should we make of Anglo American’s AGM in London on Monday?

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GARETH VAN ONSELEN: Timeline of a Nelson Mandela Bay meltdown

Gareth van Onselen

‘It is difficult to say whether the NMB coalition itself is at risk but their relationship is spiralling for all the wrong reasons’

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When failure is just the first step to great business success

Silicon Valley is littered with failures that turned out to be the precursors of spectacular success, writes Arthur Goldstuck

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Don't let 'junk' call halt on innovation

Scaling back is not the best way to face downgrades, writes Zipho Sikhakhane

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Tiny steps and giant leaps to ease poverty

Charity and advocacy can work hand in hand but there is plenty of the former, and not enough of the latter

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