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Reserve Bank urges banks to halt dividends and bonuses

Tiisetso Motsoeneng and Lukanyo Mnyanda

Banks also asked to keep lending taps open amid SA's national lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19.

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Tripartite alliance says no to seeking Covid-19 support from IMF

Claudi Mailovich

Alliance secretariat calls on the government to explore all domestic sources of funds, including retirement funds

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Cheap as it is, Sasol remains a gamble

Lisa Steyn

As the Sasol share price plummeted to well below R30 in recent weeks many wonder if now is the time to buy

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MARKET WRAP: Rand and JSE gain amid uptick in global risk sentiment

Odwa Mjo

The SA Reserve Bank said on Monday that the local economy could contract by between 2% and 4% in 2020 due to the virus

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HILARY JOFFE: Crisis exemptions an opportunity for better competition policy

There has been plenty of interaction between bankers and their regulators at the Reserve Bank and Treasury since the current crisis began

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SA's floating economic wreckage may sink under corona storm

Coverage of the economic wreckage Covid-19 is causing in developed markets is everywhere.

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Beware the free software - it very soon won't be

As businesses scramble to integrate the Covid-19 crisis into their sales and marketing strategies, a new era of free software and services has dawned.

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