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MARKET WRAP: Naspers has worst day in two weeks as US-China tech spat weighs on Tencent

Odwa Mjo

The all share fell 1.56% on the day, and the top 40 1.72%, with industrials and gold miners also falling

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AngloGold CEO says categorically he quit for family reasons

Allan Seccombe

Kelvin Dushnisky firmly rejects speculation and reports about his decisions to leave AngloGold after just two years

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Mkhwebane admits she had classified IGI report into Sars unit

Genevieve Quintal

One advocate said the public protector lying about having a copy of the report showed ‘disgraceful misconduct’

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Zuma denied leave to appeal Hanekom defamation ruling

Karyn Maughan

The Constitutional Court has given Jacob Zuma 24 hours to apologise, on Twitter, for calling Derek Hanekom an enemy agent, or risk being held in contempt

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HILARY JOFFE: IMF move yields the conditioned response - but it may wear off

There’s reason to believe we may be back at the IMF in a couple of years

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Youth, the elixir of digital transformation

Are old-timers doomed as young players, who don’t care about data’s provenance or destination, take over?

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MARTIN KINGSTON: We must act urgently if president to be proved right on recovery

Business is ready to work side by side with the government to reset the country's economic and social development, writes Martin Kingston

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