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Rowan Williams from Nitrogen Fund Managers talks to Business Day TV about TFG, his stock pick of the day

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TOM EATON: To those raging about the Gillette ad, 1954 called, it wants its misogyny back

Tom Eaton

The outpouring of rage in the comments is wildly, ludicrously disproportionate; entirely unhinged from the actual content of the video

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Wanted Online: Ten new books to look out for in 2019

Michele Magwood

Grab a cuppa, kick off your shoes and fall into an armchair with these great reads

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CHARMAIN NAIDOO: SA will need to hone its listening and speaking skills this election year

Charmain Naidoo

How we say it is as important as what we say or even what we mean to say. Tone, the language we choose, our delivery method are key in message delivery

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The unpalatable truth about Trump’s embrace of the Russian bear

Edward Luce

The notion that America’s president could be an agent of the Kremlin is so outlandish that it is almost self-discrediting, writes Edward Luce

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Bank chief's exit illustrates failure to right a ship that has lost its way

Jim Yong Kim's departure signals that the World Bank is not effective at mobilising funds for infrastructure investment in poorer countries

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ANDILE KHUMALO: Allez! Allez! for a better year ahead

Andile Khumalo outlines all his hopes and wishes for 2019

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HILARY JOFFE: Economic consultation is good, but it's time now for action

The past few months have been good ones for economists who want to influence government policy and not just analyse or criticise it

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