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MARKET WRAP: JSE ends weaker as investors weigh global risks

Lindiwe Tsobo

Risks of slowing global economic recovery, Delta variant, central bank rates decisions and further strict regulations in China weigh on markets

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PwC flags ESG reporting risk for SA’s ‘resilient’ banks

Garth Theunissen

ESG reporting by banks must move beyond climate-related disclosures by also including performance measurement indicators

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Parole case in the spotlight after top court dismisses Zuma’s rescission application

Erin Bates

After the Constitutional Court ruling, the former president will now face legal onslaughts over the validity of his medical parole

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Spur says recovery is steady as loyal patrons shift to takeaways

Karl Gernetzky

A strong second half has helped the group grow oA strong second half has helped the group grow overall revenue and profit in its year to end-June, with RocoMama’s the standout performerverall revenue and profit in its year to end-June, with RocoMama's the stand-out performer

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HILARY JOFFE: Mines have best case for making workplace vaccination mandatory

Many companies are surely being asked the same question after Discovery took the lead last week

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MARK BARNES: Striking the right balance between profits and development is key

Mandates will require intervention by the state, through regulation, subsidy, support, protection and even enforcement

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CHRIS BARRON: Sugar cane seeks new sweet spot

'Urgent action needed to rescue industry hit by taxes and imports'

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