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How one tech firm’s spyware can get all your Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon data

Mehul Srivastava and Tim Bradshaw

NSO’s smartphone malware, Pegasus, has apparently evolved to capture the much greater trove of data stored beyond a phone

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Crossing the creepy line of privacy, cameras, apps and when to get a haircut

Henry Mance

Historically you could expect privacy in a phone-box or with a doctor. But what kind of privacy can you expect from a cellphone provider, asks Henry Mance

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LUNCH WITH THE FT: Karen Armstrong: ‘I’d like to feel the world has been a little bit better because I’ve lived in it’

Jonathan Derbyshire

We shouldn’t think that the ‘last frantic gasp’ of fundamentalism will be anything other than ugly and prolonged

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Stalking apps leave victims nowhere to hide

Camilla Hodgson

Stalkerware, which treads a fine legal line when it comes to data privacy, has been found on thousands of phones, despite being banned by major app stores

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SAMANTHA ENSLIN-PAYNE: Old Mutual may be learning some hard lessons - in public

The company is smarting over the fact that its dismissal of Peter Moyo has become a high-profile fight

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ANDILE KHUMALO: Ross Perot caused few waves in '92, but the ripples are still with us

Data interception - whether accidental or intentional - is the new business threat of our age

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RON DERBY: Reliance on markets helps and hinders

One can only imagine how vulnerable the Reserve Bank would have been if global markets didn't care about the state of SA Inc

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