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For MTN, it is a case of try and try again

MTN mobile money services will be relaunched in SA in the first quarter of 2019

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JUSTICE MALALA: The global right wing is back, with Janusz Waluś as its poster child

Justice Malala

The impact of rising right-wing nationalism and racism is bigger and more insidious, though. It diminishes the world we have built for our children

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THE FT COLUMN: Market pressure will not save the Brexit deal

Wolfgang Münchau

Brexit will affect many business and financial market prices in many ways, but it will not force the hands of politicians, writes Wolfgang Münchau

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BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Lindiwe Sisulu seems to have missed the memo on SA’s respect for human rights


Instead of preaching about democracy in faraway places, maybe president Cyril Ramaphosa could start closer to home, in Kigali, Kinshasa and Khartoum

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RON DERBY: Gigaba and the perils of vaulting ambition

Sometimes "ambitions can get over you and kill your career". That's what a university colleague of former home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba told me when I asked his thoughts about his promotion to finance minister in April last year. Words that have proved ...

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HILARY JOFFE: Changing Reserve Bank mandate won't solve SA's economic ills

Politicians and some economists clutch at the straw of lower interest rates as a fix

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Harsh wind remoulding work in SA

Fourth industrial revolution making us richer - and poorer

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