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LUNCH WITH THE FT: Margrethe Vestager on holding Silicon Valley to account and taking on cartels

Alex Barker

Over Danish herring smorrebrod, the cartel-busting EU anti-trust commissioner tells Alex Barker why big tech has a ‘special responsibility’

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Apple stores are not ‘town squares’ and never should be

Andrew Hill

Apple co-opting the organic, secular and spontaneous nature of traditional town squares as monuments to what it produces is arrogant, writes Andrew Hill

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FT BIG READ: Cryptocurrencies, to coin a craze — but is a bubble on the way?

Richard Waters

Promoters of initial coin offerings want to create a generation of internet platforms allowing users to bypass the likes of Google and Amazon, writes Richard Waters

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Germany — a test of compassion

Guy Chazan

When Angela Merkel opened the door to more than 1-million refugees, some believed it was an act of political suicide. Two years on, what happened to others caught up in the migration crisis, asks Guy Chazan

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ZIPHO SIKHAKHANE: Angel investors must let start-ups learn from mistakes

It is puzzling that early-stage investing in new businesses in South Africa is not growing as fast as it should, irrespective of economic factors

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BRUCE WHITFIELD: BenSim is dead, long live bank CEO Tshabalala

You know something has changed when you are no longer included in the informal meetings round the office water cooler and what is being said there excludes you - but you, your decision making and your leadership style are the main topics of conversation

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