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NEWS ANALYSIS: High noon looms for Group Five

Backroom manoeuvres have featured at Group Five, where shareholder Allan Gray wants a completely new board

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Writers’ style — by the book

Carola Long

In Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore, Terry Newman finds that a strong look can take an author far beyond the cultural confines of the bookshelf

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Olly Robbins: the man spearheading the UK’s Brexit talks

Alex Barker and James Blitz

With a string of demanding day jobs, including being a ‘sherpa’ to Theresa May, he has built the department for exiting the EU, to a staff of nearly 500 in 12 months

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The logic behind China’s treatment of dissident Liu Xiaobo

Jamil Anderlini

China has lifted 800-million people out of poverty over the past 40 years; calls for individual freedom pose a potent threat to one-party rule, writes Jamil Anderlini

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BRUCE WHITFIELD: A template for certain poverty

We hark back to an idealistic past that created a template for a future that no longer exists

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ANDILE KHUMALO: When too much is still not enough for executives

The debate on executive remuneration is often the around amount. How much is too much?

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SIZWE NXEDLANA: Few signs of sunshine in long winter of consumer discontent

Most consumers continue to regard the present time as unsuitable to buy durable goods

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