Kurds announce deal with Syria against Turkey’s offensive

The massively outgunned Kurds describe their deal with the Syrian government as a necessary step to stop Turkey's assault

Fighting rages as Turkey ramps up offensive in Syria

Syrian army sends troops to 'confront' Turkish forces as European leaders demand a ceasefire

Missiles hit Iranian tanker in the Red Sea

Iran’s tanker company initially said the attacks probably came from Saudi Arabia, but later withdrew the claim

Turkey launches air strikes on Kurdish forces in Syria

International leaders, and a top US official, are angry at the move, but Turkey wants to curb the power of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces

Iraq back to normal again

Authorities admit excessive violence was used to clamp down on protests that killed more than 100 people

Chinese state oil firm pulls out of Iranian gas project

Oil minister says state-owned Petropars will go it alone developing the South Pars gas field after France′s Total and CNPC withdraw

Death toll passes 100 in Iraq protests

At least eight more people killed on Sunday in latest protests against state corruption, failing public services and unemployment

Israel stalemate means parliament sworn in without new government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scrambling to find a path to extend his 13- years tenure in power

Oil output now fully restored in Saudi Arabia after September attacks

It has maintained supplies to customers at levels from before the attacks by drawing from huge oil stocks and offering other crude grades from other fields

Netanyahu has last chance to avert graft charges

Israeli prime minister to tell his side of the story to attorney-general Avichai Mandelblit

Saudi Arabia plans an Islamic bond to cash in on lower borrowing costs

The kingdom has been one of the biggest issuers in emerging markets, and hopes to raise about $32bn in local- and foreign-currency debt this year

Foreign women soon will not have to wear an abaya, Saudi Arabia promises

But ‘modest clothing’ will still be mandatory, and no word on if the same will apply to Saudi women

More of the same after Israeli election

The coming government will be a Jewish affair and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will not be replaced by a coalition that leans on Arab parties

Saudi prince treads a fine line on who is to blame for journalist’s murder

Mohammed bin Salman takes responsibility because Jamal Khashoggi died on his watch — but he knew nothing about it

Iran doubts it can avoid war in the Middle East

Statement comes as the US announces it will send a ‘moderate’ number of troops to the region and missile defence capabilities to the Saudis

Crucial talks on who should be Israel’s next premier

Much doubt over anyone’s ability to form a coalition government

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