Israeli police question Benjamin Netanyahu for an eighth time on Friday

A former Netanyahu aide and a top businessman are both in custody, linked to allegations of suspected fraud by the Israeli leader

Global outcry grows as it rains rockets in Syria

Calls for a humanitarian truce in one of the bloodiest episodes of Syria’s seven-year-old conflict go unheeded

Families trapped as new attacks pound Syrian towns

Close to 300 casualties recorded in three days of intense fighting between government and rebel forces

African migrants on hunger strike, but Israeli officials say no refugees will be deported

There are allegedly about 42,000 African migrants in Israel, half of them children, women or men with families who are not facing the April deportation deadline

Netanyahu confidant to testify against him

The two new corruption probes fuel speculation Israel’s leader could be forced to step down or call an early election

Syrian bombardment kills hundreds in Eastern Ghouta

UN warns of spiralling crisis and ‘senseless human suffering’ as Syria's army is said to be preparing  to storm the rebel enclave

Israeli warplanes hit Gaza after rocket attack by Palestinians

Cross-border exchange follows weekend escalation in violence

Blizzard halts search for missing Iranian plane

The hunt for a plane that disappeared with 66 people on board in Iran’s Zagros mountains was stopped as blizzard conditions made progress impossible for ...

Israel and Saudi Arabia warn Iran over ‘encroachment’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells a global security conference it’s time to confront the Islamic republic 

Middle East peace plan fairly well advanced, says Tillerson

US raises aid to Jordan to ‘highlight the pivotal role it plays in helping foster and safeguard regional stability’

Benjamin Netanyahu comes out swinging after police call for his indictment

The Israeli prime minister rejected calls to step down after police recommended his indictment for corruption, the biggest challenge yet to the premier’s long ...

US forces attack anti-China militants in Afghanistan, which will please Beijing

The strikes destroyed Taliban training camps as well as operations by the Turkestan Islamic Movement, in the border region with China and Tajikistan

UN identifies firms doing business with companies linked to Israeli settlements

Israel criticised the Human Rights Council in March 2016 for launching this initiative at the request of countries led by Pakistan, calling the database a ...

Dozens dead in Yemeni conflicts

Two days of conflict in the interim capital of Aden has claimed the lives of at least 36 fighters, while a deadly suicide bombing hit a UAE-backed checkpoint

Taliban militants slaughter guests at a luxury Kabul hotel

Authorities warn they are still investigating how militants breached security, which was taken over by a private company three weeks ago at the landmark hotel

Turkey launches ground incursion into Kurdish-held northern Syria

France calls for restraint and a UN emergency meeting after Turkish ground forces push into northern Syria

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