Syria’s ‘hard-won’ evacuation deal resumes after deadly bombing

The weekend bombing of a transit point killed 126 people, but the evacuation of civilians and fighters has resumed with dozens buses reaching a second transit ...

9 days ago
Palestinian prisoners launch mass hunger strike

Hunger strike called in connection with Palestinian Prisoners Day

10 days ago
IS death toll hits 90 from huge US bomb in Afghanistan

Achin district governor Esmail Shinwariinsisted says there were “no military and civilian casualties at all

13 days ago
Emirates mocks United Airlines for aggressively removing a passenger

On Tuesday, United issued a second apology for Sunday’s incident in Chicago, US, in which the ejected passenger, David Dao, was left bloodied and dazed

16 days ago
Group of Seven ministers to push Russia to end support for Assad

Gathering to deliberate on the West’s next steps after Syrian forces’ suspected chemical weapons attack killed dozens of civilians

17 days ago
France knew about US air strikes on Syria

US allies have backed Friday’s move on a Syrian Defence Force air base, while Iran says it plays into terrorists’ hands and Russia decries it as US hypocrisy

21 days ago