US’s Rex Tillerson seeks to get four Arab countries to ease Qatar boycott

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt imposed sanctions on Qatar in June, saying it financed extremist groups and allied with the Gulf states’ ...

Israel says financier George Soros is a threat

Soros has repeatedly been targeted by Hungary’s right-wing government, in particular over his support for more open immigration

Civil war has cost Syrian economy $226bn and torn apart economic structure

‘The number of casualties is devastating, but the war is also destroying the institutions and systems that societies need to function,’ says World ...

Liberation of city of Mosul hailed as huge blow against Islamic State

Defeat in key bastion diminishes jihadist group which has now lost much of the territory it captured in northwestern Iraq

Saudi Arabia’s ‘whatever it takes’ approach to cut oil supply more like ‘whatever’

Oil cartel Opec’s best chance to make a big dent in the lingering glut in the US lies in the remaining weeks of peak summertime demand

American Airlines ‘frightened’ by Qatar Airways’ investment bid

Qatar Airways CEO says he will buy up stock regardless of opposition from his counterpart, who has dismissed the move as ‘puzzling at best and concerning ...

Qatar leads Middle East airlines in exemption from laptop ban

Complying with US security requirements to avoid the ban is vital for Middle East operators as customers are switching airlines

Qatar minister wants to talk

The states that have accused Qatar of supporting extremism meet in Egypt to discuss the next move

US lets Afghan girls’ robot in, but keeps them out

The two teens have been denied visas to attend the FIRST Global robotics competition, and will watch from afar as their machine competes

Saudi airline says US will lift laptop ban by July 19

In March, the US barred all e-devices larger than a cellphone in the cabins of direct flights to the US from 10 airports

Modi begins first Israel visit by an Indian PM

India and Israel sign yearly defence deals of about $1bn but stay at arm’s length — until now, as the visit marks 25 years since the two ...

Qatar’s deadline to meet neighbours’ demands extended

The two-day extension comes at the request of mediator Kuwait, and Doha was prepared simply to let it pass

Qatar insists it is ready to talk to neighbours

List of demands for lifting of sanctions were made to be rejected and to curtail sovereignty, minister claims

Iran expected to finalise deal on gas field

Total and China National Petroleum prepare to develop phase two of world’s biggest deposit in nation’s first energy investment since lifting of sanctions

Damascus bomber kills 18 in car chase

At least 18 killed in eastern Tahrir Square as pursued car bomber blows himself up

Iraq nearly ready to declare victory against IS in Mosul

Iraqi forces launched a gruelling battle for Mosul more than eight months ago, and still have 200-300 IS fighters to contend with

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