Saudi palace reshuffle puts a youngster in charge of security

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was stripped of his positions and removed as second in line to the throne

Saudi Arabia needs high crude prices to reform its economy

The new Saudi crown prince, who was handed power on Wednesday, is looking to radically overhaul the country’s oil-dependent economy

Islamic State in Mosul ‘encircled by Iraq army’

The battle for the Old City is becoming the deadliest in the eight-month US-backed offensive to capture Mosul

US shoots down Iran-made drone in Syria

The rising tension prompts Australia to suspend its air missions over Syria as Russia slams ‘absolutely illegal’ US action

UN frets as Russia warns US over downed Syrian warplane

Russia’s military says all international coalition jets and drones in central Syria are now ‘targets’, and halts hotline contact with Washington

War of words erupts after US warplane downs Syrian jet for the first time

Damascus says the jet was being flown on a mission against Islamic State, US says it was dropping bombs near US-backed forces

Flying cows: a milk-minded businessman sees opportunity in Qatar blockade

About 4,000 Holstein dairy cattle are being flown into the country as milk supplies run dry

Trump aims to bridge Saudi rift with Qatar

Stocks plunge as flights and sea travel are suspended

Qatar bypasses ‘blockade’ to enable urgent imports

At least 40% of Qatar’s food supplies is transported across its land border with Saudi Arabia, whose arch-rival, Iran, has sent five planes carrying produce to ...

Saudis have a lot to lose, even if they win the standoff with Qatar

Saudi Arabia dwarfs Qatar on almost any measure, but the tussle between the Gulf neighbours could end up hurting the world’s biggest oil exporter

Defiant Qatar rejects interference as crisis grows

Doha has for years forged its own alliances in the region, often diverging from the politics of the six-state GCC and taking in leaders of the Muslim ...

Confusion about whether Abu Dhabi port eases Qatari restrictions

A Saudi restriction on vessels flying the Qatari flag issued on Monday seems to be rescinded, but Wednesday circulars suggest the ban is still in place

Trump blasts Qatar for ‘funding terror’ and takes credit for Gulf emergency

US officials had promised quiet diplomacy to try to calm the waters between Saudi Arabia and strategically vital Qatar, a task now in the hands of Kuwait’s emir

US-backed forces launches battle to capture Raqqa

Syrian Democratic Forces say the battle to capture Islamic State’s de facto capital will be ‘fierce’ amid worries the group will use civilians as human shields

Qatar’s currency hit as banks shut business pipelines

Saudi, UAE and Bahraini central banks had all asked banks under their supervision to report their exposure to Qatari banks

Qatar’s isolation has a long past — and it’s all about gas

Liquefied natural gas made Qatar very wealthy, but the rest of the region, and notably Saudi Arabia, has been looking for an opportunity to clip Qatar’s wings