UAE eases visa restrictions and plans to grow trade with Asia, Africa

United Arab Emirates seeks to attract up to  $150bn in foreign investment to boost economy after 2020 slump

Covid-19 boosters curb severe cases, Israeli data shows

A third dose is associated with at least a 10-fold reduction in the risk of falling seriously ill, researchers say

Saudis get a taste of the good life — at home

Saudis are opting for upmarket staycations as a travel ‘red list’ remains in place, boosting domestic consumptio

Vaccine boosters show signs of taming Delta in Israel

Rate of infections falls after country starts administering a third dose

Severe Covid-19 breakthrough cases mostly in older people with comorbidities

Israeli data suggests booster shots given in the past few weeks are cutting the risk of infection in older people compared with those who received only two ...

Council of scholars will decide if girls can go to school, Taliban says

Western leaders have said they will judge the new Afghanistan rulers by their actions, including how they treat girls and women

Scores of Afghans delete their digital histories to evade Taliban

Citizens fear that biometric databases can be used to track and target them

Evacuation flights continue from Kabul airport

Biden defends his country’s decision to withdraw US forces

Lebanon crisis deepens as fuel shortage brings country to precipice

President expects new government ‘within days’ as  shortages bring country to a near standstill

US halts evacuations amid Kabul airport chaos

Biden lashed over decision to pull out troops, ending the US’s longest war

Biden blames Afghan leaders for Taliban chaos

US president says Afghan leaders fled and  military gave up without a fight

All is peaceful in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Taliban asserts

Both the UN and the US said last week they had received reports that Taliban fighters were executing surrendering government soldiers

How Taliban benefits from Afghanistan’s drug trade

Economic crisis is likely to leave many destitute Afghans dependent on the narcotics trade for survival

Taliban tightens its grip on Afghanistan

Capture of Kandahar in the south and Herat in the west by the Taliban is a devastating setback for the Afghan government

Taliban captures key city of Herat amid heavy fighting

US embassy to relocate staff and Britain prepares to send troops to evacuate citizens ahead of renewed diplomatic efforts in Doha

Afghan finance minister flees to US as Taliban advance on Kabul

Taliban forces now control 65% of Afghanistan and US defence officials believe the insurgents could isolate Kabul in 30 days

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