Hardline judge is the front-runner for Iran presidency

Ebrahim Raisi stands accused of human rights abuses stretching back decades

Oil tankers in Eilat’s coral reefs infuriate conservationists

The companies involved say the land bridge is the shortest, most efficient and cost-effective route to transport oil from the Gulf to the West

Iranian presidential poll set to be blighted by record stayaway as youth rebel

Election is seen as a referendum on the Islamic Republic’s handling of political and economic crises

Bennett’s fragile coalition replaces Netanyahu to end era for Israel

Parliament approves a new ‘government of change’ led by nationalist in razor-thin vote of confidence

UN human rights expert urges UAE to release five activists

A UN expert urged the UAE's government to immediately release five human rights defenders who have been imprisoned in harsh conditions for eight years

Israel Knesset to vote on approving new government by June 14

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls newly formed coalition  ‘the greatest election fraud’ in the history of democracy

France opens probe into Lebanon central bank governor’s wealth

Riad Salameh, who has led the monetary authority for 28 years, also faces a probe by Swiss prosecutors

Israeli opposition leaders agree to form government

Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule in jeopardy as Yair Lapid tells Israeli president he can form a coalition government

Israel’s Yair Lapid moves closer to forming new government

Lapid, a former TV host and author, has yet to clinch a deal with his main partner, nationalist Naftali Bennett, who would serve as premier first under a ...

Benjamin Netanyahu rivals edge closer to ousting him

Naftali Bennett, a former ally and a pro-settlement security hawk, joins anti-Netanyahu coalition

More women now work in Saudi Arabia as reforms move apace

Despite the inevitable pushback from religious conservatives, and the usual pay disparity, working women now make up a third of the labour force

Iran bans bitcoin mining as power cuts bite

President Hassan Rouhani orders closures as subsidised power prices attract  cryptocurrency miners

Anti-government protests turn violent in Baghdad

At least one person died and several were injured in protests to demand accountability for the deaths of  Iraqi activists

Iran hardliners dominate ballot as Guardian Council disqualifies reformers

Iran’s presidential election in June comes amid talks on deal to revive 2015 nuclear accord

Blinken starts Middle East mission in Jerusalem

US secretary of state hopes to strengthen Israel-Gaza ceasefire

Gaza truce holds as Israel admits Jewish visitors to holy site

Neither Israel nor Hamas had reported violations of the truce by Sunday morning

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