Israel launches air strikes on suspected Iranian-linked targets in Syria

A series of raids targeted military warehouses and sites in Syrian cities of Al Bukamal and Deir al Zor

Kuwaiti cabinet resigns after a month of political turmoil

The fresh turmoil comes at a critical moment for an economy reeling from lower oil prices, the coronavirus pandemic and stalled reforms

Egypt reopens airspace to Qatar

This follows moves by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt to end a boycott in which they severed diplomatic ties with Qatar in 2017

Iran confirms it can stockpile 120kg of 20% enriched uranium each year

Iran restarted production of the more highly enriched uranium on Monday as it pushes back against sweeping US economic penalties

Saudi Arabia opens Gulf summit with call to counter Iran threat

Breakthrough in relations with Saudi Arabia expected to open more doors at Gulf summit

Tensions flare as Iran seizes South Korean-flagged tanker

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards seized the South Korean vessel 'for polluting the Persian Gulf with chemicals'

Iran starts producing 20% enriched uranium

Deeper breach of 2015 nuclear pact may be a headache for Joe Biden’s administration

Death toll rises as Yemen blasts kill up to 30 at airport

A deputy minister of public works was killed, and two other vice ministers were wounded in the attack, which has been blamed on Iran-backed Houthi rebels

Women’s rights activist sentenced in Saudi Arabia amid global condemnation

One of the charges against Loujain al-Hathloul, which carry up to 20 years as punishment, is applying for a job at the UN

Israel’s budget crisis forces fourth election in two years

Parliament automatically disbanded as deadline to approve a spending plan expires

Iraq devalues dinar currency as economy unravels

The world’s third-largest oil exporter takes the step after crude price collapse

Afghan officials panic as they are targeted by ‘sticky bombs’

Sticky bombs, assembled in Afghanistan, can be detonated remotely or with a time-delay fuse and are powerful enough to blow up a car

Lebanese leader Hassan Diab and former ministers charged over Beirut port blast

Diab says his conscience is clear and accuses judge of breaching the constitution

UAE late-stage trial shows China’s Sinopharm vaccine is 86% effective

Gulf state officially registers the vaccine and calls for volunteers to take part in clinical trials of Russia's Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik-V

Iran’s Guardian Council extends deadline in bill to end nuclear inspections

Top political chamber gives final approval to legislation that demands US lifts sanctions or Iran will resume enrichment

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