EDITORIAL: State pension fund's offshore foray nothing to do with patriotism

As the custodian of R2-trillion on behalf of government workers, the GEPF has a fiduciary duty to ensure the best outcome for them and for taxpayers

EDITORIAL: Shifty Bain falls short of clarity

Its shifting stance will make South Africans question why they should take Bain & Co’s ‘independent’ investigation seriously

EDITORIAL: War-zone crime statistics

Two dimensions must be examined — the problem with policing and the problem with society

EDITORIAL: Complete the sentence, ANC

There is nothing as frightening as the prospect of the state being recaptured by Jacob Zuma

EDITORIAL: Wanted: clear, consistent rules

The last thing any quest for investment needs is a mixed and confusing message

EDITORIAL: The ANC’s credibility rests on growth

Another downgrade would be a disaster for the country as it would mean investors dumping our bonds

EDITORIAL: MTN’s woes in Nigeria in urgent need of diplomacy

MTN has now been victim to repeated shakedown efforts by local regulators and authorities on trumped-up charges

EDITORIAL: When there is a fire, yell fire!

Cyril Ramaphosa needs to get his head out of the populist political clouds

EDITORIAL: Actions Bain must explain

The international consultancy firm needs to provide full disclosure on its meetings with Zuma, Moyane and Maseko

EDITORIAL: Inquiries arm SA with crucial insights on state capture

Judges Raymond Zondo and Robert Nugent are allowing the public to hear the full and unfettered story of state capture

EDITORIAL: Stepping up for the trade dance

It is extraordinary what a terrible retail politician May is; we are so familiar with the urbane, erudite model of the British political leader

EDITORIAL: Watchdogs shamefully silent on corporate corruption

Perhaps keen to demonstrate that life can be stranger than fiction, Steinhoff’s former chairman, Christo Wiese is claiming ignorance and suing the retailer for ...

EDITORIAL: ANC will regret EFF tie-up

All of this has played out before in Cape Town, where the DA narrowly won the city, and now it's almost a DA fortress

EDITORIAL: Let’s talk about our energy plan

The good news is that for the first time since 2011 we have an IRP that is transparent and credible

EDITORIAL: Fund managers and their fees

The growing international popularity of tracker funds helps to explain why SA investors are paying more

LUKANYO MNYANDA: Not owning narrative lands us in a mess

I went back to read Ramaphosa’s original statement, which is no clearer today than it was then

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