EDITORIAL: Lifting the national state of disaster may well be premature

It would be dangerous to regard the pandemic as over, especially when taking our relatively low vaccination rate into account

EDITORIAL: SA’s task is to avert ‘prolonged economic stagnation’

World Economic Forum lists state collapse as one of the main risks to the future of the country

EDITORIAL: Choppy start to 2022 doesn’t mean it is wise to dump stocks

With the central bank driven ‘everything rally’ in peril, there might be an opportunity for individual fund managers to shine

EDITORIAL: Pandemic’s damage will not be undone anytime soon

July’s unrest and load-shedding will help to make SA a laggard among developing countries

EDITORIAL: Living on edge as crooks and killers walk among us

Killing with impunity means the country is on edge and braced for the next attack

EDITORIAL: SA’s strange mix of democracy and disorder

While the court ruling on Zuma’s parole has been hailed as a constitutional victory, it also comes with fear and loathing

EDITORIAL: One way to make SA’s economic problems worse is to push localisation

The localisation drive has forced firms that cannot directly source inputs locally to buy them through local middlemen, who then add their own mark-up

EDITORIAL: Omicron and the grim repo: did Bank jump the gun?

On November 18, it hiked the repo rate, but would it have done so a week later, when Omicron became a reality?

EDITORIAL: Nedlac perks up — pity the state is so lax

Institution has put itself back at centre stage over the past two years

EDITORIAL: Jab refusers are holding back the economy

As support for workplace vaccine mandates grow, insurers’ pricing policies can boost take up

EDITORIAL: IMF’s warnings against paralysis getting louder — for good reason

The government needs to act with speed, especially after third-quarter results issue their own warning

EDITORIAL: Fix NPA or democracy is as good as dead

Law-enforcement agencies lack the tools to take on instigators of state capture and enormous graft

EDITORIAL: Long4Life offer risks putting another dent in Joffe ‘premium’

There are solid grounds for shareholders to hold out for a higher offer from Old Mutual

EDITORIAL: Turkey shows how not to solve economic problems in SA

Erdogan’s central bank meddling attracts attention of ratings agencies and sends  lira into meltdown

EDITORIAL: Decision to stop Zimbabwean visa scheme is indefensible

The country missed an opportunity to show moral leadership and ubuntu

EDITORIAL: Jobless numbers are now a clanging bell

Alarming unemployment figures show how deep the economic malaise is

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