EDITORIAL: Lockdown shows the president’s mettle

Civil society will stand by Cyril Ramaphosa for taking the right decision, even when elements in the ANC seek to undermine him

EDITORIAL: Tackling the big tax-dodgers

Government’s inter-agency approach is a step in the right direction

EDITORIAL: Listed property sector’s loss of credibility

Analysts say the sector is about 15% overvalued while funds try to keep debt down

EDITORIAL: Lesetja Kganyago’s surprise cut may not be the last

Though the size of the rate reduction was unexpected, the Reserve Bank is likely to have room to cut again this year

EDITORIAL: Domestic workers are no longer an afterthought

Decision to expand reach of compensation act is welcome, even though it seems to have taken a Constitutional Court case to get cabinet moving

EDITORIAL: Deep rate cut only one side of the equation

The economy needs structural reform to stimulate a supply-side response

EDITORIAL: Cyril Ramaphosa has taken big steps; now we must walk the line

The president has grasped the nettle, even if it is likely to impose costs in the short term

EDITORIAL: Gardening leave is out of control in the government

Taxpayers carry a huge cost because the state has no electronic system for precautionary suspensions

EDITORIAL: Electricity wheels are moving — but slowly

New projects will take years to come online, so let’s do everything we can to speed up the process

EDITORIAL: Expect shameless Busisiwe Mkhwebane to blunder on

Litigious public protector likely to appeal against scathing judgment involving donation to Cyril Ramaphosa’s campaign

EDITORIAL: Wanted, incentives for supporting off-grid initiatives

The government should offer financial inducements, rebates, and tax credits to encourage more homeowners to take up solar energy systems

EDITORIAL: One certainty in the uncertainty: there’s more pain ahead

Just when virus-hit markets thought things couldn’t get worse, the Saudis twist their knife in

EDITORIAL: Pragmatic Patel pushes Pepsi deal

It remains anyone’s guess whether the  government has shifted its ideology viewpoint to allow growth, investment and job creation to take off

EDITORIAL: Can parties learn from the Tshwane shambles?

Lack of co-operation has resulted in the most severe form of intervention in a metro

EDITORIAL: Let’s have the PIC report please, Mr President

Nearly a month has passed since Ramaphosa promised to make public the conclusions of the Mpati commission

EDITORIAL: Fed rate cut puts focus on Bank, but long-term solution lies with government

State needs to take urgent steps to unlock growth and boost SA’s economy rather than look to a sugar rush of lower interest rates

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