EDITORIAL: No winners in Old Mutual boardroom battle

There are three losers in this protracted war: Peter Moyo, the insurance giant and shareholders

EDITORIAL: How to respond to Mugabe’s death?

Celebrating the former Zimbabwean president's death would be anti-ubuntu, but rejoicing in his legacy would insult the people he killed

EDITORIAL: Frightful display of ignorance by MPs

Obviously unprepared, they asked the wrong questions, abused witnesses and went for soundbites in the Steinhoff parliamentary hearing

EDITORIAL: No turning back on the death penalty

Outrage over violence against women puts focus on court ruling that section in Criminal Procedure Act allowing for capital punishment is incompatible with the ...

EDITORIAL: Cyril Ramaphosa is mute while SA burns

The president will probably be shocked to discover how his presidency has lost momentum just four months after returning to office

EDITORIAL: Hong Kong shows the world what is at stake

The stand-off on this formerly peaceful island highlights the complacency of those who already have democratic rights

EDITORIAL: Japan takes on China in Africa investment

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promises 'limitless support' for the continent

EDITORIAL: A ‘very British coup’ spells danger

Markets will treat the pound as an emerging-market currency after Boris Johnson’s shutdown of parliament

EDITORIAL: Mboweni’s challenge should bring focus to ANC

The finance minister’s realistic proposals to get the country out of its low-growth trap should be taken seriously

EDITORIAL: Hard to make a case for SA coal

South32 shows it is determined to relinquish its SA coal holdings by negotiating a sale to Seriti Resources

EDITORIAL: Apartheid flag has no place in new SA

Business Day supports the ruling that this symbol of hatred should be confined to public interest displays

EDITORIAL: Debt-laden balance sheet compounds Shoprite woes

Group’s enormous capital expenditure over the past few years was always going to be a strain

EDITORIAL: Judge Edwin Cameron leaves a crater on the bench

He is lauded across the board for not only his judicial acumen, but his activism and humaneness. This high praise is deserved

EDITORIAL: Mthuli Ncube takes Zimbabwe from bad to worse

Finance minister has little to show for his efforts as country grapples with daily power cuts and shortages of basic goods amid its worst economic crisis in a ...

EDITORIAL: Relief for the overindebted will hurt economy

Debt-relief law is short-sighted and is likely to harm the segment of market it intends to help

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