EDITORIAL: KPMG’s offer cannot undo damage wrought on South Africa

Offering to repay R63m — the fees the firm earned from SARS and the Guptas — cannot begin to compensate SA or some of the people involved for the ...

EDITORIAL: Economy still in a sticky spot

Reliance on volatile portfolio flows makes SA extremely vulnerable to shifts in international sentiment regarding emerging markets or to SA’s own issues

EDITORIAL: Haste sparks capture fears at Financial Intelligence Centre

FIC head Murray Michell is leaving, and the short window for applications to succeed him has set alarm bells ringing

FT EDITORIAL COMMENT: New realities confront a maturing internet

The 1990s’ ‘geeky utopians’ did not envisage how big the internet would become

EDITORIAL: Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s murky motives

The public protector has been shown up to be worse than hypocritical and incompetent in the Bankorp debacle. Dishonest, unfair, biased also come to mind ..

EDITORIAL: Jacob Zuma’s double trouble projects

The proposed Mzimvubu dam and Moloto Corridor rail link are steeped in controversy and likely will never be financially viable

EDITORIAL: Heed the warnings on SA's dire economic outlook

FirstRand’s leadership issues a sobering counter to any undue optimism

EDITORIAL: Financial sector needs the heat

The charter did not look at how to grow and diversify the sector

EDITORIAL: Kubayi turns off energy future

Eskom has stalled the IPP programme, but it cannot halt the energy revolution

EDITORIAL: Growth boost welcome, but …

‘The bad news is that investment spending crashed, which means any growth momentum will struggle to be sustained’

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Kenya’s judiciary in brave stand

The Kenyan ruling is the first of its kind in Africa where instead judges have marked their independence as well as their ability to act as a check on the ...

EDITORIAL: The Bell Pottinger virus endures

The British public relations company’s campaign has been simultaneously disastrous and successful

EDITORIAL: Reserve Bank bats for inflation policy

For those involved in capturing the state and reaping the rich pickings, fiercely independent regulators such as the Bank pose a threat

EDITORIAL: Hawks do SA a disservice

The Hawks’s efforts to do presidential dirty work demeans the organisation

EDITORIAL: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma strays off script

Her toned-down off-script speech was for a business audience. So which one is the real Dlamini-Zuma?

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Temer’s ambitious $14bn privatisation drive

A welcome proposal, but debt control faces numerous hurdles


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