EDITORIAL: Hope as Zuma’s time runs out

Jacob Zuma’s departure will bring a battered citizenry and economy some immediate relief

EDITORIAL: From abyss to new horizon

After a bruising year it is just possible to discern the seeds of renewal for South Africans

Editorial: Reform remains to be seen

Promises from Ramaphosa or Gigaba ring hollow when Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Browne clearly has no interest in good governance

FT EDITORIAL: US, EU, Japan close ranks on China

The hope of ‘convergence’ with the liberal economic order that attended China’s accession to the WTO in 2001 appears dead

EDITORIAL: Relief — and now for action

Cyril Ramaphosa needs to act decisively and set the party and SA on a new course

EDITORIAL: ANC conference outcome is critical for South Africa

Ramaphosa would be infinitely better for corporate and investor SA, while a downgrade is likely if Dlamini-Zuma wins

EDITORIAL: South Africa’s future is in the balance

Net portfolio inflows are up, but there’s plenty of reason to be concerned about how long emerging markets will remain in vogue and as SA goes into the ...

FT COMMENT: US corporation tax plans raise European hackles

The US is aware it is risking damaging international confrontation with its tax code favouring exports, but it doesn’t care

EDITORIAL: A stinging slapdown

Jacob Zuma’s conflict of interest on the question of an inquiry into state capture is glaring — high court

EDITORIAL: ANC needs to watch the polls

New polls show the ANC is likely to win less than half the vote if Dlamini-Zuma wins ANC succession race

FT EDITORIAL: Plastic problem needs firm policies

A tax on single-use plastic and recycling incentives could help clean up the oceans and reduce the amount of the stuff entering the system

EDITORIAL: Steinhoff drama revives active-passive debate

Active fund managers help keep the market informed, or at least they ought to, and passive fund managers help to keep costs in check. We need them both

THE LEX COLUMN: Steinhoff: justice can be slow in coming

Experience suggests a long process to find out on which side Steinhoff falls

EDITORIAL: An extraordinary judgment

The high court judgment in the Mxolisi Nxasana matter is a damning indictment of Zuma’s own conduct

EDITORIAL: The danger of darling CEOs

Few should have any sympathy for Wiese, who surely should have known what CEO Markus Jooste was getting up to

EDITORIAL: Slow burn of fuel price rise

The problem is it’s effectively an extremely regressive tax because the effect is mostly felt by commuters

ANC Conference 2017

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