EDITORIAL: Economic woes set to continue

The latest economic data is rather bleak, and there is not much optimism about the rest of the year

10 days ago
China tosses a trade bone to US

By giving Trump some impressive sounding victories to tout at home, China may hope to forestall some of Trump’s wilder protectionist acts

11 days ago
EDITORIAL: Collusion fixed Tegeta deal

Coming as it does, after a series of special favours to Tegeta, it will be no surprise should we learn that Eskom has again bent over backwards to help its ...

11 days ago
EDITORIAL: Fikile Mbalula needs a cool head

The newly appointed police minister will need to concentrate on improving the training of public order police, station-based police officers and detectives if ...

12 days ago
EDITORIAL: Zuma’s next confidence test could be different

The old weapon used by party bosses in the past — vote against the motion or lose your seat in Parliament — might not work as well as it once did

13 days ago
EDITORIAL: To march or not to march

Worker organisations may be divided on the anti-Zuma marches, but few issues in SA have animated the middle class as much as this one

16 days ago