EDITORIAL: Vaccine fiasco highlights SA’s leadership failure

An advisory committee made no mention of vaccine procurement, after which nobody else did

The 10 most-read editorials of 2020

Covid-19, corruption and commissions were the subjects occupying readers’ minds the most by far

EDITORIAL: Covid has worsened age-old injustices

The effect of the pandemic has been anything but equitable, even though characterised as a great leveller

EDITORIAL: Caught between a rock and hard lockdown

These are difficult decisions and all leaders take them with great reluctance

EDITORIAL: How a mighty profession has fallen

The sanctions for wrongdoing by errant auditors are perceived to be woefully inadequate

EDITORIAL: Delta hushes up forensic report into dodgy bookkeeping

The probe found evidence of ‘governance failings and wrongdoing’

EDITORIAL: An accident fund on the road to nowhere

The Road Accident Fund, lacking sufficient money to pay billions in claims to crash victims, is the government’s second-biggest contingent liability after Eskom

EDITORIAL: Solving skewed asset management sector not black and white

We need to be sure the statistics are correct and that black entrants are not set up to fail

EDITORIAL: GDP rebound only serves to reinforce need for economic reforms

SA is far from being out of the woods, and Cyril Ramaphosa will have to turn words into action

EDITORIAL: JSE’s underperformance doesn’t make offshore shares a one-way bet

But the exchange’s recovery has been flattered by Naspers, which is up almost 40%

EDITORIAL: Remgro making the worst of a bad situation for RCL

Its huge stock purchase will lock up even more of the company’s thinly traded shares

EDITORIAL: Spineless government is not a reliable negotiator

Farce over the public sector wage increase would be funny if it was not so tragic

EDITORIAL: Localised lockdowns have to be proportionate

The restrictions touted for Covid-19 hotspots are sensible as SA cannot afford to turn the economy on and off

EDITORIAL: Pitso reaches for the stars

Former Sundowns coach now with Al Ahly is rocketing into unexplored reaches of the football universe with his early success in Egypt

EDITORIAL: Time for the ANC to openly dump its nonstarter prescribed assets plan

Even loyalist Cosatu has seen the light, realising workers would lose out from funding ailing SOEs from their pensions

EDITORIAL: Pressure eases on biggest lenders

Banks’ losses from skipped loan repayments look likely to have peaked

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