EDITORIAL: Rand flies with dove-like Fed

The unknown unknown is US President Donald Trump’s economic policies — there’s a growing view he might prove to be much more ineffectual than expected

9 days ago
EDITORIAL: Ratings danger is still present

S&P is the big one to watch because it has SA’s foreign currency rating at BBB-, just one notch above subinvestment grade, 'junk'

10 days ago
EDITORIAL: What lessons from the PetroSA calamity?

The great irony is that PetroSA’s private sector comparator Sasol has been a remarkable success since it was weaned off government subsidies in 1997

11 days ago
EDITORIAL: Jacob Zuma in charge of the budget?

Talk of strengthening the Presidency’s role in budgeting for the NDP and of budget reforms, inevitably raises red flags about the ANC’s intentions

12 days ago
EDITORIAL: Why the NPA was captured

The National Prosecuting Authority was a target simply because Zuma was facing more than 700 charges of fraud and corruption

13 days ago
EDITORIAL: Should you invest in Net1?

The company’s revenue has almost doubled over five years, but the question is about how this growth has been achieved?

16 days ago