EDITORIAL: The statistic that matters most

Stats SA confirms we are not making progress on unemployment rates

FT COMMENT: March to disaster in the Middle East

There is little doubt that President Donald Trump’s unilateral decision on Iran’s nuclear deal has markedly escalated the risk of a conflagration

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump’s move against Iran is a worry for SA

SA has an opportunity to reject Trump’s decision but still stay within the parameters of international consensus by partnering with Europe and other ...

EDITORIAL: Curing SARS is most important

Who can blame taxpayers for avoiding tax given SARS’s scandalous conduct?

EDITORIAL: Dangers loom in Naspers tale

The first problem is the discount between Naspers’s market capitalisation and the value of its stake in Tencent is widening dangerously

FT COMMENT: Donald Trump’s gross Iran miscalculation

According to the majority view in the rest of the world, the rigorous UN inspection regime is working

EDITORIAL: SA’s muddied energy policy in need of transparency

Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe's approach is a beacon of hope for a rational and transparent process essential to get us back to evidence-based policy making

EDITORIAL: Expelling Patricia de Lille harms DA

To say that De Lille effectively fired herself is disingenuous

EDITORIAL: No time for complacency

We are a long way from even thinking about raising interest rates, let alone anything like the move we saw in Argentina, but if there was any sense of ...

EDITORIAL: Let Old Mutual prove its mettle

The company has the potential to become more efficient and effective and to take on its rivals

FT COMMENT: Fewer places for dirty money to hide

The fight against dirty money will not be won in a single go. Patiently and systematically plugging the leaks, big and small, is the only option

EDITORIAL: Silicosis settlement offers some justice after the horrors

The R5bn silicosis settlement is important and historic for a number of reasons

EDITORIAL: Christo Wiese has some cheek

Wiese’s eye-boggling legal claim is simply about elbowing his way into a seat at the table, while the restructuring process is hammered out

EDITORIAL: Worker unity good for all

The entire landscape needs an overhaul. Too many unions are riddled with corruption and patronage

EDITORIAL: SA has taken the first step

It’s worth asking two important questions: why did the change take place and why will it be different this time?

EDITORIAL: Only firm steps can save Eskom

The power utility cannot be saved unless its capital structure is fundamentally reformed

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