EDITORIAL: Democracy key for Zimbabwe

To find its way back from this, Zimbabwe will require a completely new start

EDITORIAL: Curiouser and curiouser

The anomalous nature of our economic present is extraordinary

FT COMMENT: Richemont: watch out

Changing where a sale is made can boost profits, but it is not the same as finding new customers

EDITORIAL: Davis’s advice in taxing times

Committee has made various alternative proposals for how to improve SARS’s governance

EDITORIAL: From free fees to free fall

SA could be taken even further down the junk scale if this is seen as the beginning of a series of raids on the public purse

EDITORIAL: Disempowering parents is risky

Options for the middle class are growing as private-sector companies roll out schools

FT EDITORIAL COMMENT: Debt and equity should be taxed the same way

Treating interest as something it is not gives companies an incentive to finance themselves with debt rather than equity

EDITORIAL: An issue that taxes us all

The Paradise Papers highlight questions on the fine line between tax avoidance and tax evasion

EDITORIAL: Ramaphosa took bold step

The ANC now accepts that nominations can be publicly called for and leaders can speak on platforms, visit branches and openly campaign

FT EDITORIAL COMMENT: Banks with grubby fingers beware

HSBC was taking a high stakes gamble if it knowingly waived caution in servicing the tainted Gupta family's accounts

EDITORIAL: Let the people elect the leader

The big problem is that as soon as you hold the first election, the incentives for all of the parties change

EDITORIAL: Teeth for the auditor-general

A relatively small change to the Public Audit Act could have a big impact

THE LEX COLUMN: Critical mass feeds Facebook’s growth

Facebook’s breezy reaction to election-influencing claims and general concerns about its vast influence on society have not dented its ability to attract ...

EDITORIAL: Now the world hunts Guptas

Foreign investigations may step in where South Africans are too cowardly

EDITORIAL: Danny adds insult to injury

Rape can bring shame and stigma upon even the most confident of women, deepening the silence

THE LEX COLUMN: Gender wage gap: pay and display

Forcing organisations to publish wage gap data is unlikely to make a difference to the discrimination women face in terms of what they are paid


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