EDITORIAL: Facts needed amid VBS noise

Smaller banks, including black-owned banks, are important to bring more dynamism and competition. The challenge is to ensure they can be sound and sustainable.

EDITORIAL: DA needs to find its soul

The DA has hardly scratched the surface of the black vote, which is crucial if the party is to grow

EDITORIAL: Banking sector stays strong

The latest round of results has provided some support for banking shares, showing the big four’s resilience in 2017’s tough times

EDITORIAL: Unfit to be the public protector

There is no choice but to embark on what will in the end be a humiliating removal for Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane

EDITORIAL: Growth up, but long way to go

The growth rate is a quarter of what is needed to start making a dent in South Africa’s unemployment catastrophe

EDITORIAL: Listeriosis outbreak puts firms in a spot

The immediate focus has to be on making sure there are no further deaths

EDITORIAL: SA unable to avoid trade war

Trump can impose his new steel and aluminium protections unilaterally

EDITORIAL: Not time to party just yet

The two latest sets of economic data point in dramatically different directions

EDITORIAL: Land-reform detail needed

The ANC has no proposals for how its limited form of expropriation will take place

EDITORIAL: Step by step to a better Cabinet

A bigger axe is to be wielded later, when Cyril Ramaphosa feels he has greater power and advantage

EDITORIAL: VAT ratings a zero-sum game

Other targeted interventions should be considered along with VAT zero rating, such as food vouchers or boosting school nutrition programmes

EDITORIAL: Mining a new charter together

Talks on a new charter need to start soon under a new and more credible minister

EDITORIAL: Liberalisation signals SA is not afraid that capital will take flight

The liberalisation in exchange-control rules is a welcome expression of confidence by SA that will benefit savers, pensioners and policyholders

TRUDI MAKHAYA: Stabilisation on its own will not turn around the economy

This budget demands much of a troubled country and economy, but it is not completely grim

EDITORIAL: VAT hike: doing the unthinkable

How did it get to this? The ANC made poor economic decisions and all South Africans are going to pay for them

EDITORIAL: Budget woes to tax Ramaphosa

After the elation that followed the president’s election the budget is the reality check

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