EDITORIAL: Sassa pathetic in performing a really essential service

Agency will return to work with increased capacity, but those who needed help were left out in the cold for months

EDITORIAL: What’s next after PSG’s bold and laudable Capitec move?

CEO Piet Mouton would do well to close the many entry points and develop another winner

EDITORIAL: Pray tell, are temples safer than restaurants?

The government has failed to explain why religious gatherings have been given the go-ahead

EDITORIAL: SA’s closed skies risk turning Ramaphosa’s ‘new gold’ into dust

Tourism accounts for almost 10% of all jobs, and more than 8% of GDP — a strong argument for opening the sector, albeit safely

EDITORIAL: Automotive master plan needs to be jump-started somehow

The industry’s objectives should not be allowed to stall as it critical to SA’s economy

EDITORIAL: Glenda Gray saga shows the damage bullies inflict

Heavy-handed officials undercut the common ground diplomatically prepared by the president and health minister

EDITORIAL: It’s time for the ANC to take Tito Mboweni seriously

The government should admit it is hopeless at running businesses when even the poster children of SOEs are looking for handouts

EDITORIAL: Reserve Bank to give the markets what they want — for now

Markets will want to know how the Bank assesses the effectiveness of its intervention in financial markets

EDITORIAL: Curbing confusion over court functioning is crucial

The chief justice must ensure consistency in how the system operates during these uncertain times

EDITORIAL: Different lockdown levels across SA make little economic sense

A variable lifting of the restrictions might be pointless for many businesses and workers

EDITORIAL: Business beyond Covid-19

Globalisation is not the only thing that will be changed and possibly killed by virus

EDITORIAL: Government needs a clear and quick roadmap to get SA working again

We need to see and hear from the president directly more often about opening up the economy

EDITORIAL: Dysfunction is the reason for the release of prisoners

A stopgap measure cannot solve the fundamental problem of cramped and unsanitary correctional facilities

EDITORIAL: Minister’s quota proposal for SA workers is misguided

The dominance of foreign workers in some sectors of the economy is deeply worrying to many, but the proposed way of dealing with it will not get to grips with ...

EDITORIAL: SA at a critical point in managing the pandemic

New decisions must be made from a position of knowledge and fact and not fought from political corners

EDITORIAL: Government closing ranks on Covid-19 bodes ill for SA

The state runs the risk of losing public trust by fobbing off questions about Cuban doctors and other concerns

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