EDITORIAL: Does Cyril Ramaphosa understand factionalism in the ANC?

It is easy to say factions must die, but it is not easily done

EDITORIAL: To and fro over e-tolls not doing much to lure investors

Contrary to what the critics say, toll roads may ultimately benefit the poor more than the rich, because of their positive economic effects

EDITORIAL: Money laundering report shows the doors are wide open to crooks

The FATF flags the same issues that need urgent attention if SA is to get on top of corruption

EDITORIAL: An IHS Towers listing would bring huge windfall to shareholder MTN

For MTN shareholders, the deal would take their company a step further in its ruthless prioritisation of returns and reduction of risks

EDITORIAL: Ease of Doing Business report has value despite controversy

World Bank will need to act aggressively to restore the credibility of the report while cloud hangs over IMF boss

EDITORIAL: SA must fix its systems to mine potential

SA is a mining economy, with rich resources of metals and minerals that the world needs

EDITORIAL: Coalitions are a bad deal for everyone

This form of government at municipal level is vulnerable to falling apart, to the detriment of citizens

EDITORIAL: Unterhalter’s exclusion puts JSC’s credibility in question

That the most qualified candidate again failed to make the list puts the body's politics to the fore

EDITORIAL: Beware despots in social media regulation

Authoritarian regimes have suppressed free speech and turned hate speech provisions into weapons

EDITORIAL: What is at stake for Cyril Ramaphosa as SA prepares to vote

If the ANC fares badly, a campaign against the president will almost certainly start immediately

EDITORIAL: Start-up act would help kick-start job creation

The legislation would unleash innovation and go far to meet the objectives of a tech-led economy

EDITORIAL: Ebrahim Patel is right to push for more transparency

The Companies Amendment Bill will help lessen inequality and excessive executive pay

EDITORIAL: Blueprint for Bok success is already there

Coach is right to resist pressure to bin the game plan that has served SA so well

EDITORIAL: SA and Africa will be watching Germany’s next move

Angela Merkel might not have made headlines in Africa, but the question of who replaces her will be significant

EDITORIAL: Maseko’s parting gift to Telkom investors

Listing of mast & towers unit will release R13bn trapped in the company’s sprawling infrastructure

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