EDITORIAL: Sasol rises into blue skies

The troubled oil-from-coal giant has scrapped plans to tap shareholders for R30bn after raising enough money through self-help

EDITORIAL: Solicitor-general can save the state billions

Turnaround of the office is beginning to take shape though it remains a big task

EDITORIAL: Amateurish, self-serving desperation from Zuma and Malema

In lashing out at the judiciary the two, both facing criminal charges, are desperately trying to pre-empt any possible judgments in the future

EDITORIAL: KPMG SA separating its services should be celebrated

Not only is the move lauded, it should replicated to restore confidence in the audit profession in toto

EDITORIAL: Global markets are partying like it’s 2007

This gives SA some breathing space, but presents potential risks for retail investors

EDITORIAL: ANC: the moment has arrived — for Ramaphosa

The party’s and country’s leader has to show that he is not a lame-duck president

EDITORIAL: Astute Acsa an SOE anomaly

State-owned enterprise’s self-help measures are good news after it seemed in August it might need a cash injection

EDITORIAL: State right to be wary about AstraZeneca vaccine

Waiting for an obviously effective vaccine will go some way to offset vaccine hesitancy in SA

EDITORIAL: Broken promises mean Cyril Ramaphosa will face even more scepticism

The president has failed to follow through on plans to fix the economy

EDITORIAL: Appointing Okonjo-Iweala should be WTO’s first step towards reform

Global trade watchdog’s antiquated rule book needs updating to make it relevant for the modern economy

EDITORIAL: Mines dole out bumper dividends

Trend is a harsh reminder of how regulatory uncertainty has knocked business confidence

EDITORIAL: The threat of bulk surveillance

Some forces are trying to invade privacy under the guise of protecting people from harm

EDITORIAL: The changing face of conferencing

Technology and the growth of streaming options mean the size of the audience will be almost limitless

EDITORIAL: First fix the broken Compensation Fund

Controversial proposal will wipe out intermediary  services sector

EDITORIAL: A conspiracy theorist equal to Donald Trump

Former president's dangerous rhetoric about state plots against him and unfair targeting make it clear he just wants to avoid answering questions

EDITORIAL: Bitcoin fans grow, naysayers decline

Critics have reined in their predictions of the digital currency’s demise

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