EDITORIAL: Investors raise eyebrows at audacious offer for Sun International

Value Capital Partners and Allan Gray gave short shrift to bid by Nueva Inversiones Pacifico Sur of R22 per share

EDITORIAL: Hats off to leadership for the success of masks

The government has made grave mistakes, but at least the wearing of face masks has not become politicised

EDITORIAL: Markets give Mboweni a break — but what happens now?

The government has a chance to devise a credible plan to boost the economy and bring debt under control

PETER BRUCE: Let us eat out, Mr President, so waiters can eat

Cyril Ramaphosa is once again making promises he might not keep after announcing that restaurants will be allowed to open

EDITORIAL: Sipho Maseko owes shareholders who refuse to hang up on Telkom

Investors show faith in plan to transform the company as stock price edges up after shock announcement

EDITORIAL: A buffer against bank failure

The benefits of deposit insurance outweigh the moral hazard that could be raised

EDITORIAL: Bold, out-of-the-box thinking needed

Will finance minister Tito Mboweni surprise with his revised crisis-time budget?

EDITORIAL: VBS arrests a feather in the cap for Shamila Batohi

Building watertight cases was never going to be easy — on top of having to rebuild the eroded National Prosecuting Authority

EDITORIAL: From lockdown to living with the virus

As the economy is poised to open up further, one major sector — tourism — has been left behind

EDITORIAL: Much is at stake in tourism sector’s rejected insurance claims

A fair settlement seems to be the best way to end a deadlock over business interruption policies

EDITORIAL: Cybercrime laws are long overdue in SA

They have never been needed as much as now, with many people working from home

EDITORIAL: Maimane’s call to keep schools closed reeks of opportunism

Former DA leader's legal challenge to education department will makes no sense for children or their parents who need to earn a living

EDITORIAL: Has the climate justice lobby gone too far?

Standard Bank cannot afford to be deprived of skilled directors, even though the transition to a low-carbon economy is SA’s eventual goal

EDITORIAL: MTN’s reputation at risk in Middle East

Investors will welcome the telecoms firm selling its assets and getting out of war-torn countries

EDITORIAL: Sport is finding its feet again

Crowds aren’t there yet but fans’ enthusiasm will carry sport into a new era

EDITORIAL: Lindiwe Sisulu must govern if she wants to lead

Minister has to put the water & sanitation department on a sound footing, despite the troubles that engulfed it

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