Biovac gets shot in the arm from R9.78bn vaccine contract

The state-backed firm is to supply jabs that reduce the chances of children getting tuberculosis, measles and hepatitis B, among others

DA collects 87,000 public submissions on NHI Bill

The party is insisting that those and all other inputs are scrutinised directly by MPs rather than being outsourced to a third party

SA medicine prices sixth lowest, survey finds

A basket of 13 commonly prescribed medicines is 53.7% less than the global average

SA’s top medical industry players accused of race bias

Medical schemes, administrators allegedly targeting black and Indian doctors for investigations

Have your say: 3 key elements of NHI Bill that need to change

SPONSORED | What the NHI Bill actually says and how it will affect access to health-care services

Diabetes rates soar in SA

New report says this country has highest proportion of adult diabetics in Africa

Sizwe Medical Fund restructures risk-transfer contracts

Sizwe has renegotiated fees with service providers from 2020 and drawn up ‘drastically changed’ agreements to stem its losses

Private hospital care for public servants is hypocritical, says Solidarity

The trade union says cover for state employees at private hospitals is an admission of the state’s failure to run an effective public healthcare system

Gems will extend private hospital cover to all members

The medical scheme seeks to standardise core benefits in line with NHI

Four drugmakers withdraw heartburn medicine in SA over safety concerns

A global scare about the active ingredient ranitidine has triggered recalls around the world after being found to contain a carcinogen

Companies cashing in on cannabis craze could be breaking the law

Using cannabis in public remains illegal, and dealing in cannabis remains a serious offence in terms of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act

Experimental TB vaccine a ‘game changer’ that offers new hope

Experimental medicine proves relatively effective and could be used in region’s fight against dreaded disease

NHI is driving health professionals overseas, survey shows

Study by trade union Solidarity highlights the extent of the negative sentiment

Treasury expects NHI funding shortfall to rise to R55bn by 2030

Officials remain tight-lipped about how the ambitious plan will be financed, saying only that discussions are under way at a political level

Have your say on bringing quality health care to all

NHI will help create a more equal, productive society

Private hospitals appeal to nursing council to let them train more nurses

Industry association Hasa warns SA faces a critical shortage of healthcare professionals

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