Gauteng health department assets offered to settle patient claims

Last year alone, the health department’s legal fees amounted to R569m and medicolegal claims have been piling up since 2009

16 days ago
To boost your resistance to noncommunicable disease, add more exercise

Prof Martin Schwellnus says humans are genetically programmed to do exercise every day and it is detrimental for us not to do so

17 days ago
Gauteng health department owes R1.2bn to firms

Just 38% of companies dealing with the Gauteng department of health have been paid within the 30-day period at January 31

24 days ago
Local researchers develop integrated mental healthcare model

The recent case of more than 100 mentally ill patients dying under NGO care has led to the development of the Programme for Improving Mental Healthcare

24 days ago
Committee hears of NHI pilot problems

Stumbling blocks remain to effective testing of how the National Health Insurance will work at pilot sites

25 days ago
Men who have sex with men face difficulty getting HIV medicine due to stigma

One expert says the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with men is higher than in any other population

25 days ago