STEPHEN CRANSTON: Sharing Alpha — where the past is negligible and the future open

Ratings programme uses crowdsourcing to rank asset allocators and fund selectors, writes Stephen Cranston

CHRIS THURMAN: Critics should also rise above value judgments and simply appreciate art for art’s sake

‘Gallerists do take on a lot of risk; for this reason, the burgeoning of small galleries in SA’s major cities is something to be celebrated’

BRIAN KANTOR: Behind the surprising strength of the rand

Relatively slower US growth and a more dovish Fed can be very helpful to the rand provided the political economy of SA is not radically transformed. writes ...

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Blend with French oenologist mellows enfant terrible

‘What has emerged is a kind of vinous love affair, where the value of what Michel Rolland has brought to Vergelegen’s fruit is palpably ...

JONNY STEINBERG: ANC presidential race is not good vs evil

‘The ANC is burdened with the rot of the Zuma era and will have no choice but to bring some of it into the post-Zuma order’

TWEET OF THE WEEK: The DA’s policy vacuum

In the battle of ideas, the DA is a follower, not a leader, responding to the agendas of others rather than setting its own, writes Gareth van Onselen

ANTHONY BUTLER: As December approaches, the Zuma camp may have already overplayed its hand

Gwede Mantashe and Cyril Ramaphosa’s faction is more experienced than the president’s at the manipulation of contested elections, writes Anthony ...

NATASHA MARRIAN: Ballot will test cross-currents of defiance

‘Makhosi Khoza and a party man who until now has displayed stoic discipline, Pravin Gordhan, have said they would vote with their consciences’

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Lies and more lies by Eskom’s top brass

No bonuses at Pick n Pay, and Peter Bruce says at the moment, it is physically impossible for a South African finance minister to promise growth

PETER BRUCE: We can’t put clean water in a dirty bucket

’The moment you become a shareholder in a business with these guys, FBI screens in Washington light up’

BRONWYN NORTJE: While fighting fires at home, the media must make time to build

The biggest threat to industries is not an incompetent government but an unplanned future

SUHANA GORDHAN: Advertising for Joburg Ballet that is en pointe

The process of #BiteSizeBallet is as agile and swift as a pas de chat, writes Suhana Gordhan

WANDILE SIHLOBO: Food crop figures show SA won’t starve

’SA is in a relatively comfortable position for food production and the weather prospects paint a promising picture’

STREET DOGS: Not so simple

Four reasons why the investment industry favours complexity

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Why did the NPA not prosecute Duduzane Zuma for death?

SA’s cricketers just miss spot in final of world cup, and the share prices of Clicks and Di-Chem are proving the lipstick theory

HILARY JOFFE: Gigaba’s toothless list fails to tackle gaps

‘It’s far from clear how this apparently random list of items would boost growth and inclusion’


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