GARETH VAN ONSELEN: Ubuntu: the death of an illusion

Ubuntu is a thing of myth imbued with forced hope and wonder, and you won’t find it in SA

STREET DOGS: Where truth doesn’t enforce itself

There is one area of life where truth does enforce itself – speculation

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Defining the pros and cons of ways to save for your old age

Decisions to be made with regard to retirement can be complex and mind-boggling

KEVIN McCALLUM: Psst. Did you know Gibson loves a glass of red wine?

Ottis Gibson’s not really foreign. He came to SA in the ’90s, when Woolmer was laptopping and innovating

CHRIS THURMAN: Colourful musical of the past slips under Joburgers’ radar

Joburgers shrug off brilliant and creative King Kong: Legend of a Boxer musical for Warhol exhibition. Is this some form of post-apartheid colonial cringe?

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: The Guptas should just give up on getting SA bank accounts

The Guptas, meanwhile, should just give up on getting SA bank accounts, and the president’s new best friends should study the stories of their predecessors

SIMON BARBER: Trump speech harks back to world of disunited nations

‘The whole point of the UN is to render, through process and protocol, dangerous fools harmless’

STREET DOGS: Small caps — an area where you can maybe find an advantage

It’s harder for a $30bn company to add $10bn in value than it is for a $3bn company to add $1bn in value — Robert Lietzow

HILARY JOFFE: Banking sector could be most at risk of collateral damage if KPMG went under

‘The dreaded words ‘systemic risk’ are being whispered in banking circles’

LUMKILE MONDI: World Bank should review loan to Eskom

The World Bank needs to go further in South Africa by engaging with all stakeholders beyond its comfort zone

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Why a drink in Cape Town might soon cost a lot more

China could be the real target for Donald Trump’s veiled threats, and team-building rituals can actually be counterproductive

CHRIS GILMOUR: Numbers look healthy, but Ascendis is bleeding

A key criticism levelled against Ascendis is that it appears to be overpaying for its acquisitions, especially the foreign ones

MNINAWA NTLOKO: Chiefs’ chiefs should sit with fed-up fans to grasp their gripes

Chiefs boss Kaizer Motaung has remained calm in the face of pressure from the supporters

GARETH VAN ONSELEN: Shaun Abrahams holds the world in his hands

Prosecutions boss Shaun Abrahams has a real chance to redeem himself in the eyes of South Africans by getting out from under the Zuma juggernaut

STREET DOGS: Fintech — Revolution or Hype?

A word of caution for those investors trying to separate the ‘disrupted’ from the ‘disruptors’

HILARY JOFFE: SARS doth protest too much over KPMG

Those who keep twisting the knife in KPMG should be careful what they wish for. SA cannot afford to lose one of its big four global auditing firms


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