VINCE VAN DER BIJL: If we lose the fans, we lose the power to transform the game

When, as seems possible, A cricket has refreshed itself over time it will be well ahead of the country itself

MARK BARNES: A mixed bag of fortune and disaster

Amid the crisis and turmoil some industries are making plenty of hay — and it doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or not

STEVEN KUO: Reining in innovation could cool China’s growth

The country has to find a balance between political stability and economic performance

KATE THOMPSON DAVY: US pushback part of global efforts to cut big tech down to size

Legislators demand more accountability from social media companies over user data and misinformation

JOHN DLUDLU: We deserve to know how people died and the role ANC infighting played in unrest

An independent judicial commission of inquiry offers best hope of the truth as the government has opted to move on to the next crisis

MAMOKETE LIJANE: Income grant looks doable now, but what about when mining loses its shine?

Permanent entitlements will reduce fiscal policy flexibility and be a problem when the commodity cycle turns

JOHAN STEYN: Embrace AI to speak to your customers

Voice computing opens opportunities in the way we interact with and serve customers in real time

CHRIS GILMOUR: Tencent, the CCP and bad demographics

The ‘economic miracle’ is unwinding rapidly, and China’s rulers don’t know how to confront it

GRAY MAGUIRE: Agricultural carbon offset programmes can level playing field and aid climate fight

Changes to land-use management practices can both limit emissions and increase carbon storage and sequestration

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Sipping from one side of the spectrum to the other

The modern wine industry makes it possible to make one variety in any number of styles

IAN BREMMER: Pegasus spyware saga reveals tech firms’ destabilising role in international politics

The true threat of Israeli firm NSO's spyware is that as tech tools become more effective, they can become part of the daily grind of politics

NEIL MANTHORP: New Cricket SA CEO has a whole lot of loving to do

The new head of Cricket SA will need to persuade the many hundreds of people involved in the game that there is still much to love about it

TOM EATON: Back to normality — that mess of projection, hope and denial

The largest public outcry of last week was about refereeing in a rugby match

CAROL PATON: Careful work being done on BIG but the risks remain treacherous

It will be impossible for the master of consensus to keep everyone happy

BUSI MAVUSO: Growth is essential as pension rule changes are only short-term fix

Accessing pensions before they are due, to pay off debt, will only leave more out of pocket when that eventual retirement date does come


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