YACOOB ABBA OMAR: Mayihlome! Let the election drum beat on

In May, South Africans should use the act of voting to commit to building the nation

3 hours ago
ISMAIL LAGARDIEN: Simple pleasures of tea hide a dark history

Houthi attacks on supply route threaten UK's favourite beverage

3 hours ago
KATE THOMPSON DAVY: Crypto’s challenges remain unanswered, despite record-beating days

Weaknesses include the speed of transactions and its reputation as the playground of scam artists and criminals

3 hours ago
JOHAN STEYN: Apple’s silent surge: preparing to dominate the 2024 AI landscape

It has been amassing a formidable arsenal of  start-ups, laying the groundwork for a seismic shift

3 hours ago
DUMA GQUBULE: ANC not interested in using the big policy levers to boost jobs

The party’s manifesto is vague by design in order to justify anything it wants, even policies failing SA

TIISETSO MOTSOENENG: Amplats dividend is a kick in the teeth for workers

Shareholders to be rewarded with R6bn amid plan to reduce headcount by almost a fifth

NEIL MANTHORP: Agreeing that T20 cricket is the future would save time and money

It would make matters simpler and clearer if professionals stopped caring so much about first-class cricket

STUART THEOBALD: It’s time for an overhaul of SA’s foreign investment regime

Foreign investors are welcomed with open arms, yet South Africans cannot reciprocally invest

MICHAEL AVERY: Fiscal juggling act buys the state some time

It is better to use the GFECRA to cut debt, because these riches have attracted interest for some time

AYABONGA CAWE: ‘Relic of the past’ guaranteed prices guarantee survival for some

Unlike the Global North, peasants in India do not have sufficient protection  against market volatility

GAVIN RICH: Currie Cup loses sway as Shield determines local champion

Currie Cup is now a development competition with the top unions likely to adopt an under-23 selection limit

KEVIN MCCALLUM: So life really is not fair — except perhaps …

Andy Rice, a voice of reason in creative living for whom being a ‘creative’  was not just a job

ANTHONY BUTLER: AmaWinde just not the same as amaPanyaza

The Gauteng premier looks much more presidential and ready for a military green bean coup