ANTHONY BUTLER: DA crisis due to more than racial politics

It is wrong, if tempting, to attribute all the party’s problems to racial politics

SIMON LINCOLN READER: Fourth Estate suffers thanks to The Guardian’s hypocrisy

The Guardian is preoccupied with stuffing candy floss inside the heads of its readers

CHRIS THURMAN: The other side of the Windybrow: a place of visionaries restoring an almost lost art

The rejuvenation of the Windybrow Arts Centre is where visionaries’ collective creativity extends from the performing arts to architecture

KEVIN McCALLUM: Cape Epic is just that — an epic, addictive endurance race

Wild, tough days for cyclists at both ends of the Absa Cape Epic

STREET DOGS: Container vs content

Information is not a physical thing, and draws value from its relevance

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Dilatory consumers lack appetite for new wave of cultivars

Planting a new vineyard is not an investment lightly undertaken, so as soon as it becomes evident that there’s no real demand for a newly imported ...

EDITORS’ LUNCHBOX: What to do with chicken feathers? Researchers in Durban have some ideas

In leading the Life Esidimeni inquiry, Judge Dikgang Moseneke reminded us the mentally are human too; Moses Moyo thinks Moseneke needs retweeting

Automotive excellence still the objective, but tweaks are needed

The format of the Wesbank/SAGMJ Car of the Year competition has reached a point where it needs to be diversified by having categories

MICHAEL MORRIS: Not as simple as a line drawn between victors and victims

Most of the people who lived in South Africa long to come back because of the way it was. Whether it will be the same I doubt it

SIMON BARBER: Trump reveals the iron hand inside Agoa’s velvet glove

Here’s hoping that the Trump administration does not succeed in using Agoa or its expiration date to separate one or two countries from the African pride

LUMKILE MONDI: Free trade deal is just what Africa needs

SA should harness its unique position and leverage its combination of funding capacity and technical expertise

HILARY JOFFE: Thankfully, Tom Moyane denied the chance to glory in his revenue-raising ineptitude

Since Moyane was parachuted into SARS by Jacob Zuma revenue collections have recorded ever larger shortfalls

STREET DOGS: A smart spin-off strategy

Joel Greenblatt on the smart investor and stocks of spin-off companies

CHRIS GILMOUR: No logic justifies why SA women are paid 23% less than men

There is a growing ‘insurgency’ by women activists to remedy this situation and it is having a gradual, but noticeable effect

STEVEN FRIEDMAN: Altering party funding stands better chance of cutting corruption than trying Zuma

To make party politics fairer, and to start fighting corruption, the rules should be changed to base public funding on current support, writes Steven Friedman

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Speak French, s’il vous plait, Emmanuel Macron pleads

Netcare gets green light to buy mental health services provider, and Gupta’s ordered to return their private jet

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