JONNY STEINBERG: From the sacred to the profane: SA’s voting ritual

Fifteen years ago voting for the ANC was an act of devotion to a cause, now it has to do with grubby money issues

9 hours ago
PETER BRUCE: Brexiteers blamed immigrants and we blame imports

Ramaphosa is yet to land a single infrastructure deal and localisation of manufacturing has become a protection racket

NICOLE FRITZ: Far from good sports, the Brits should look up ‘reciprocity’

They expect us to secure costly visas to visit the UK while they are free to drop in spontaneously

GUGU LOURIE: Tech start-ups are unlocking digital value in agriculture

Embracing smart agriculture and creating an investor-friendly environment have the potential to propel SA’s agritech industry to new heights

KHAYA SITHOLE: Will we ever weed out the wiles of the wealthy?

Calls for an era of transparency are getting louder, but the rich have the means to devise new ways to hide their moolah

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Splurging on investment wines is one thing, but some rarities are affordable

As a great selection of inexpensive products is available, there is no need to pay top dollar for vintage auction tipple

KATE THOMPSON DAVY: Beyond the buzz, Big Tech’s metaverse dreams are still far from reality

Facebook is working on an immersive, interactive and ubiquitous computer-generated environment

YACOOB ABBA OMAR: Polemic over Mogoeng’s religious views puts SA’s status as secular state centre stage

While the separation of belief from the state is a principle of democracy, concept has been challenged in other countries

CHRIS GILMOUR: Renewable energy in the UK, gas prices and the lights-off worry

Wind power’s ascendency in Britain could change if the grid is subject to greater demand with the huge rise in the number of electric vehicles on the road

ISMAIL LAGARDIEN: A new divergence, or one that never went away

Covid-19 has exposed all the iniquities, flaws and fault lines of globalisation and put an end to the party

WANDILE SIHLOBO: SA becalmed in global food security rankings as other countries sail on

Country should continue to improve agricultural efficiency, which will also contribute to job creation

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE: China’s perfect storm

The great fall of China reaches a crescendo as the population plummets

TOM EATON: Kidnapping as a heart-warming exercise in democracy

Those in the Great Irene Lock-in seemed like haters of failed pig farmers or owing Carl Niehaus money

BUSI MAVUSO: We’re ready for another bold move, Mr President

The IMF’s medium-term forecasts have alarming implications for our unemployment situation

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