MultiChoice CEO says the future is online, but playing fields need to be levelled

Business Day asks MultiChoice CEO Calvo Mawela about hitting back at fast-growing video-streaming competitor Netflix, writes Giulietta Talevi

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Tracking wines over vintages keeps tabs on evolution

The interest is less in the producers themselves than in the way the sites from which they obtain their grapes express themselves

KEVIN McCALLUM: Gee whizzer comes of age as he pulls on yellow jersey

From last to first, Geraint Thomas is now Gee Thomas — Tour de France contender

STREET DOGS: On risk-reward chemicals

You will react to circumstances and your behaviour will morph and shift with the chemicals surging through your brain. You would become someone else

CHRIS THURMAN: Madiba benches will bring Robben Island to the people

Erhardt Thiel’s iMadiba Project envisions taking Robben Island to the people

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Do good guys ever win? With the demise of so many toxic players in SA, maybe they do

Will the land claims court unearth an old, dodgy deal made by Sol Kerzner? And will land claims stymie Ramaphosa’s hope of raising $100bn in foreign funds

WANDILE SIHLOBO: Bumper maize crop helps bring some relief to consumers

Other summer crop commodities have also performed well, and the benefits of this are clear from the retail shelves

PETER BRUCE: Wonky poll confirms what we all suspect

The Ipsos number must reflect public relief that Jacob Zuma has gone. But 60% for the ANC?

BRONWYN NORTJE: From playbook to playlists, SAA will struggle to stay in the game

Airline has too many legacy issues to interest a partner in an environment of brutal rivalry

KHAYA SITHOLE: Digital age creates need for universal laws

As a short seller, Viceroy operates in one of the less regulated avenues of financial markets

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: ‘Even ignoring the margin of error, this isn’t polling, it’s prognostication’

People are pulling the Ipsos report on political polling numbers apart — and perhaps they have a point

STEVEN FRIEDMAN: Why SA's political party funding law does not go far enough

A really democratic funding system would try to ensure that the money parties receive from citizens reflects their support now, not the wealth of their ...

Fix public healthcare before launching faulty scheme

Far from clarifying key issues the draft legislation has raised a number of questions on how a state-driven universal healthcare system would work alongside ...

CHRIS GILMOUR: Pulling Edcon back from the brink is a mammoth undertaking for CEO

Physical retail businesses around the world are bleeding due to the effect of e-commerce

EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Even (some) Republicans are disgusted with Trump’s capitulation to Putin

In other oxymoronic news, if it’s ‘uncorroborated hearsay’, it’s not ‘evidence’ (#JustSaying)

ISMAIL LAGARDIEN: Keeping a check on amoral algorithms

We cannot roll back scientific discoveries or technological advances, but we can regulate the application of new technologies

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