JOHN DLUDLU: Business more trusted than the ANC to get SA back on track

Almost 30 years after the end of formal apartheid, the country is at an inflection point

GRAY MAGUIRE: Stage is set for an epic clash of interests at COP28

With targets still far off, vested interests are thick on the ground and go all the way to the top

MAMOKETE LIJANE: So much activity with so little to show

The failure to grow the economy explains why the government finds itself in a fiscal mess

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Wine guides recommend safe bets rather than examples of perfection

The Platter ratings bar has barely been raised for years while winemaking has improved dramatically

IAN BREMMER: West’s support for Ukraine wanes as Putin plays long game

Sentiment shifts in the US and EU as the war in Ukraine grinds on with no end in sight

CLAIRE BISSEKER: Sage lessons for Solms Delta wine estate investors

Cautionary tale on how not to do black empowerment could finally get its happy ending

TIISETSO MOTSOENENG: Not only Spar board to blame for SAP fiasco

Management should have tested project at a small operation where losses would have been minimal

JONATHAN COOK: Could SA win a world cup in entrepreneurship?

More South Africans aim to become entrepreneurs but there is antagonism and distrust by those entrusted with small business development

TONY LEON: SA once had a clear vision, now we’re just a muddle

Country stuck in the mud offroad as government’s wheels spin furiously and impotently, without direction or purpose

TOM EATON: Hold my drink, I’m about to shed a load of tears

As you stand in a corner wishing your boss doesn’t talk to you, count yourself lucky your boss isn’t Comrade Cyril

MIA SWART: Kissinger and the myth of Western accountability

Question arises whether Western leaders run the risk of being arrested for war crimes

WANDILE SIHLOBO: Headwinds blow agriculture master plan off course

Blackouts, ports inefficiencies, protectionism in export markets, and the spread of animal disease have stolen the focus

MICHAEL AVERY: Carrying coal to Newcastle, no more

ArcelorMittal SA CEO Kobus Verster has decided to stop throwing good money after bad

MICHAEL MORRIS: Cape Town sets benchmark in value-for-money procurements

Report is an indicator of how other metros and institutions of government can embark on deferred reform

PETER ATTARD MONTALTO: Hard work and calm patience for the long road ahead

With reforms left so late we need to stay the course and not pack it all in when we hit bumps