ANTHONY BUTLER: Beleaguered Treasury needs to be bolstered by Ramaphosa

Depleted by resignations and pressured by hungry departments, it will be needed more than ever to function at its best

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Forget shares, go for funds — the more balanced the better

Unit trusts far outweigh shares on the JSE and are overwhelmingly favoured by the average investor

ALLAN SECCOMBE: Get a cadastre system that works and save SA’s mining industry

The time has come for the department to accept much-needed help from mining companies and to ensure a transparent, user-friendly system

PETER BRUCE: No wriggle room for Ramaphosa if he doesn’t ace Magashule

The president has to prevail in the upcoming ANC meeting or face a credibility crisis that could sink him

VINCE VAN DER BIJL: Roll up your sleeves and help get cricket in all schools

With little chance of state assistance, fans of the game should act to make up for the lack of resources

STREET DOGS: News is dangerous but ignorance is disastrous

The art of investing is not about figuring out what has already happened, but about anticipating the future

MARK BARNES: Who needs QE when bitcoin and barter beckon?

Central control of currency will be bypassed by people who want a better deal than governments give them

STEVEN KUO: Building on a great civilisation, China deserves respect

The West’s refusal to accept the country's philosophical basis is at the root of notions such as the ‘yellow peril’

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Sampling some of SA’s top pinot noirs

Many of our best evolve and transform as opposed to merely survive ageing

GARETH VAN ONSELEN: The pious hypocrisy of Trevor Manuel

He may be an ANC ‘wise elder’ espousing ethics, but that doesn't mean he’s not entitled to free flights for himself and the missus

STREET DOGS: Another set-it-and-forget-it scheme?

The use of the 20th century as a proxy for what the US economy will produce is dangerous

JOHN DLUDLU: Payments pledge brings a glimmer of hope for vulnerable SMEs

A Business for SA initiative will result in invoices being settled within 30 days

CHRIS GILMOUR: Lewis is sitting pretty for now after surprisingly large bounce

The furniture & appliance retailer has beaten expectations by comfortably coming through the Covid-19 lockdowns

GRAY MAGUIRE: Extending Koeberg’s operating lifespan will be cold comfort to Capetonians

The alternative, its intended decommissioning, will cost R23bn and take 20 years

STREET DOGS: Translating sales jargon of asset managers’ fund pitches

Here's a version of the overused phrases, sales jargon and excuses in fund pitches in plain — and satirical — English


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