LETTER: Basic economics eludes acting minister

According to Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, manufacturers can simply make replacements when stolen goods are destroyed

11 hours ago
LETTER: Dramatic response needed

The  government is driving with earplugs and dinosaur blinkers in place

11 hours ago
LETTER: A plan is needed for Phoenix

Neither side in the area has respect for the police or even SANDF soldiers, let alone visiting ANC leaders

LETTER: SA is out of step with AU and some Arab states on Israel

ANC ministers express open hostility toward the Jewish state despite many African countries forging strong diplomatic relationships with Israel

LETTER: IRR is advocating policies that are right-wing rather than liberal

Graeme Smith regards his recent letter as puerile and totalitarian, writes Roger Southall

LETTER: Why is IRR entering anti-critical race theory debate?

The anti-critical race theory view is heading to be a key campaign platform of far-right racists in the 2022 US elections

LETTER: Institute of Race Relations is truthful when it suits

The IRR draws its distortions and half-truths from a right-wing ecosystem of conservative institutions, websites and media outlets that all construct and ...

LETTER: Too much amelioration

The justice system bends over backwards to stop itself from punishing law-breakers

LETTER: Response to IRR is totalitarian

Roger Southall doesn’t have a clue about SA — or the institute he so vehemently attacks

LETTER: Praise for Bisseker

Journalist presents the facts squarely

LETTER: Moronic statement

Does anyone in the cabinet of fools have a modicum of intelligence?

LETTER: Condescending view

Carol Paton’s intrinsic logic is that South Africans are not suited to democracy

LETTER: Destructive ideology

The ANC's policies oppose the interests and hopes of the majority

LETTER: IRR should come clean

The institute should change its name in line with its true bent

LETTER: Time for a reset amid the embers of anarchy

SA’s constitution provides the inspiration for us to unite once more and step back from the abyss

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