LETTER: Zim imploded long ago

The symptoms that led up to the takeover are indistinguishable from the current crop of thieves and gangsters running SA

LETTER: Directors could be liable

Company directors should be aware of their roles and responsibilities in terms of the Companies Act regarding corruption

LETTER: Malema’s judgment poor

It’s only the masses that have to pick up the pieces

LETTER: Data show investor jitters

By my analysis of the raw data, reinvested distributions in the year amount to R79bn, or more than half the reported R138bn net inflow

LETTER: Rabelani Dagada unaware of basic facts of research

Dagada’s claim that we should have included financial companies in our study is ill-founded, write Orin Tambo and Stuart Theobald

LETTER: Invest pensions in shares

South Africans who invested their pensions in overseas equities would have done even better — far better

LETTER: Dagada overlooks facts

The question of whether there is cash hoarding can therefore not be answered by looking at reserves. One has to assess cash holdings directly

LETTER: A traitorous president

President Jacob Zuma as an individual is behaving very rationally, with all his focus on himself and all his tactics designed to benefit his personal ends.

LETTER: Graft hurt World Cup bid

Although we were preferred bidders for the Rugby World Cup 2023, there were detrimental aspects that were taken into account in not awarding the tournament to ...

LETTER: Education policy suicidal

The education imbroglio, still unresolved after being tampered with by successive ministries, has finally reached its decisive stage.

LETTER: Friedman dichotomy false

Thrasymachus was right: justice is the rule of the strong, truth is a weapon of the powerful, objectivity a tool of the elite.

LETTER: Attend to insect research

Sarah Wild noted in her article on insect populations, which cited research in Germany showing a 75% decline in insect numbers over the past 30 years, that the ...

LETTER: Funding model flawed

Commercial banks may not make the necessary education loans because satisfactory collateral could only be offered by the rich, who don’t need the loans ...

LETTER: No salt for finding fault

Cape Town hopes to desalinate 250-million litres per day. Sea water contains about 35g of salts per litre, so desalination will produce 8,750 tonnes of salt a ...

LETTER: President given the keys

His announcement has nothing to do with students. It is unbridled populism.

LETTER: Sell and tax marijuana

Why does the government not legalise the production and sale of marijuana? It could create jobs, save money that would be wasted on prison inmates, reduce the ...

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