LETTER: IRR now a right-wing agitator

The Institute of Race Relations focuses on property and gun rights rather than individual rights

LETTER: Kruger National Park in a bad way

Ablution facilities are in a state of disrepair

LETTER: Transnet needs a full police division

It used to have a 16,000-unit that was abolished

LETTER: Zuma ruling beggars belief

Mystifying that the Constitutional Court is delaying its verdict in the Jacob Zuma contempt case

LETTER: It’s hell out there

People are dying from hunger and the pandemic, some from both

LETTER: It is madness to enforce ‘equality’

Promotion of Equality Bill is another example of the ANC obsession with impossible outcomes

LETTER: Loss of ‘tenderpreneur’ funding is behind ANC’s financial straits

ANC tolerated corruption on a huge scale because  it benefited from it

LETTER: CCMA no longer the crown jewel

Budget cuts to keep SAA alive have affected services to unfairly treated workers

LETTER: ANC shift shows disdain for property rights

Its willingness to put forward limited state custodianship of land comes ahead of the October elections

LETTER: EU fed up with SA’s poultry tariffs

Vehicles, fruit, wine and nuts are prime targets for reciprocal action

LETTER: Matthew sheds little light on Brazilian chicken imports

Paul Matthew’s response to Mike Schussler's article is most notable for what it doesn’t say

LETTER: Pandemic shifts power from West to East

US and Europe may struggle to shake of centuries-old sense of supremacy as new world order unfolds

LETTER: Elements of ANC and EFF ‘working hand in glove on expropriation policy’

ANC's objective in amending the constitution is not land reform in the main, but rather the nationalisation of the financial services and private healthcare ...

LETTER: Slip in standards at Kruger National Park

Lack of maintenance and poor condition of roads deter visit to game reserve

LETTER: Build on areas of excellence

We can only extend excellence to all if we already have a solid base

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