LETTER: Sourcing the BIG funds

Peter Bruce does not say where SA will find R720bn for BIG

13 hours ago
LETTER: Gutter press rubbish

The appalling vitriolic attack by Carol Paton on Western Cape Premier Helen Zille makes Business Day look like the gutter press

1 day ago
LETTER: DA’s Zille panic telling

The DA seems to dislike the fact that Zille points out that Singapore took the best of colonialism and melded it into their way of doing things, producing a ...

1 day ago
LETTER: Ignoring SA’s true history

Caroline Edwards refers to apartheid as a shocking period, yet skips the 300 years of colonialism, slavery and segregation that preceded it

1 day ago
LETTER: Cartoon undermines DA

What else have you on offer to undermine the DA’s integrity?

1 day ago
LETTER: Disproportionate bleating

The hypocritical bleating about Helen Zille’s injudicious tweet is so disproportionate as to be almost laughable

1 day ago