LETTER: Israeli lobby’s tactics will not work

ANC has a principle of progressive internationalism and solidarity with oppressed people

6 hours ago
LETTER: Grahamstown a shadow of its former self, thanks to ANC

Municipal corruption and incompetence have destroyed the town

6 hours ago
LETTER: ANC must consider consequences of alliance with antisemitic group BDS

The latest outcome of this unholy alliance is the downgrading of the SA embassy in Israel

LETTER: Tito Mboweni on the right track

Everything possible should also be done to recover the loot stolen from SOEs and hidden in places such as Dubai

LETTER: Rant against Israel

Any comparison between Israel and the Nazis is universally understood to be a tool of only the most vile antisemites

LETTER: Israel is not like SA

To call for the annihilation of a state is simply indefensible

LETTER: Land still a priority for most South African

The current land ownership patterns does not give enough space for emerging black farmers to unlock their full potential

LETTER: Maimane a worthy failure in Zille’s Arthurian ‘test’

The DA leader has not tainted himself with many of the potential traps he could have fallen into

LETTER: Madonsela to climb for our girls

The former public protector will summit Mount Kilimanjaro to fund-raise for those who cannot afford menstrual sanitary ware

LETTER: Argument over ‘plot’ against Zuma is fallacious

Decision to prosecute was that of acting prosecutions boss Mokotedi Mpshe, not former chief Bulelani Ngcuka and Scorpions head Leonard McCarthy

LETTER: ANC discriminates against Israel

Governing party’s support for Palestine is an insult to SA’s constitution

LETTER: Unions must stop the bravado

Legal knowledge and commitment to workers is vital when jobs are on the line

LETTER: Protective workshops buckle under the strain of minimum wage

Department of labour disregards the fact that the sector aims to make a difference to people’s lives and has no profit motive

LETTER: No logic in constitutional proposal

President Cyril Ramaphosa placates investors over land grab fears while pushing for an amendment to the constitution on expropriation of property without ...

LETTER: Ettienne le Roux overlooks key argument

Our inflation is cost push rather than demand pull

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