LETTER: Different plan for townships

Government must adopt another strategy for restricting movement and health checks

10 hours ago
LETTER: SA’s long march back to investment grade

Thanks to apartheid, South Africans have been  practising ‘economic distancing’ for decades

11 hours ago
LETTER: Moody’s failed SA with late downgrade

Ratings agency should have downgraded country long ago to force the ANC to govern properly

11 hours ago
LETTER: Missed opportunity on self-generated power

Mantashe's failure to increase the limit for licensed grid-connected self-generation is disappointing

LETTER: Quandary created by ANC

Full employment would have eliminated poverty and overcrowding in which pandemics thrive

LETTER: This is our Armageddon

The global problems that humanity faces require global solutions

LETTER: Labour laws are still in effect

There is confusion over labour issues arising from the Covid-19 lockdown

LETTER: Applause for Cyril Ramaphosa

Health Funders Association stands behind president’s call for a nationwide lockdown

LETTER: Junk rating sends a message

Downgrade shows it is time for the government to wake up and free the fiscus of its albatross SOEs

LETTER: Data on chloroquine not in yet

There are still issues of side effects and toxicity

LETTER: Suspend rates and services charges

Municipalities must provide owners and tenants with breathing room

LETTER: Rational decision?

Chinese solution was used elsewhere because it ‘seemed’ effective

LETTER: Responses to crisis healing the nation

The spirit of ubuntu and of the rainbow nation prevailing in adversity deserve praise

LETTER: Brandon cartoon is way out of line

Now is not the time for a cartoonist to belittle the Ruperts and Oppenheimers for their act of kindness

LETTER: Recovered loot can go a long way in crisis

Civil freezing orders could be obtained anywhere in the world to recover R1-trillion for honest citizens

LETTER: It’ll be alright in the end

Despite our grim times, we are making progress, so take heart and don't despair

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