LETTER: The ANC’s problem? The ANC

The party's decision to keep SAA flying is selfish and foolhardy, and reveals their economic illiteracy

LETTER: Debt slavery

Taking loans in foreign currency can land SA in deep trouble

LETTER: Momentous US election

May the voters realise the significance of this poll for the entire world, and not just the US

LETTER: SAA bailout shows entrenched ANC cadre deployment

Expect that from budget to budget SA’s debt projections will be revised upwards

LETTER: Despite the MTBPS, loopholes will remain unplugged

The most urgently needed structural reform, that wasn’t addressed, is in the limping criminal justice administration

LETTER: Government propagates make-believe world

The R50bn paid out by the UIF was not from the government: that money belongs to the workers of SA

LETTER: Backing Zimbabwe is blatant hypocrisy

Black lives don’t seem to matter much to the Sadc governments arguing against sanctions

LETTER: DA shoots itself in the foot

Not letting Mbali Ntuli express her views openly is extremely short-sighted

LETTER: Farm arson suits state’s end purpose

The government doesn’t really care about the burning of crops in the Free State and Northern Cape

LETTER: US election set to spawn a cultural crisis

The Democrats have signed a Faustian pact with the new red bogeymen Wobblies

LETTER: Nonownership of land is government policy

Redistribution of already settled land follows a pattern of land-reform mismanagement

LETTER: Get Prasa on track first

The DA and the public protector should focus on SA’s collapsing rail service instead of on the Moloto delays

LETTER: US gets a chance to correct its mistake

Trump may surprise us, even though he brought darkness to the White House

LETTER: Lip service a dead-end road

Moloto Rail Corridor probe and its findings must result in real action from ANC

LETTER: Phase out fossil fuels

Latest Umbilo River ecological disaster highlights problematic nature of transporting oil

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