LETTER: Public service closed until further notice

Institutions such as the deeds office and the high court are just not providing the services they ought to

LETTER: Micro-enterprise prospects

Businesses with turnovers of less than R10m are eligible for B-BBEE benefits

LETTER: Statue lynch mobs lack direction

Derided in today’s materialistic world, the philosophy and purpose of the Boy Scouts will survive

LETTER: Unwarranted attack on Mogoeng Mogoeng’s Israel comments

Attacks on chief justice are a populist call to smother critical debate on SA's Middle East policy

LETTER: Mogoeng Mogoeng disrespects constitution with comments on Israel

Bringing religion into an issue that has more to do with human right is shameful

LETTER: Let buying power decide

Labelling country of origin will make a difference to employment

LETTER: Mogoeng not a good man doing nothing

ANC finds it self in moral swamp ground by aligning with Palestinians

LETTER: Covid-19 highlights our harsh world

Amid the pandemic some people are unaware that there is need for a profound rethink

LETTER: Vaccine disruptions

Disruption of health programmes across Africa is a concern

LETTER: BEE makes no sense for a one-person practice

Impossible criteria are hurting the people who empowerment was intended to assist

LETTER: What is the economy?

Equating the private sector with the entire economy is wrong

LETTER: Forget your past and you have no future

It is hypocritical of any government to try to pick and choose which historical figures should be censured, erased or removed

LETTER: One-sided view

There is another side to Jonathan Jansen's comments on schools that needs to be heard

LETTER: Kremlin propaganda

Arefiev seems to live in an Orwellian world where the truth is only what Big Brother in the Kremlin tells you it is.

LETTER: BEE is destructive

Black elite benefit at the expense of the people the policy is supposed to be helping

LETTER: Vuyiswa Mutshekwane misleads on Estate Agency Affairs Board transformation inaction

EAAB has communicated with Mutshekwane, the state and all property stakeholders throughout the Covid-19 crisis

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