LETTER: Land reform is only the start

The political machinations and legal processes set in motion by the decision of the ANC to press ahead with its expropriation without compensation policy has ...

10 hours ago
LETTER: Helen Zille is misunderstood

The claim that Zille is a defender of colonialism is plain wrong

10 hours ago
LETTER: US political system was deliberately designed on federalism and republicanism

It is correct that the US political system is not truly democratic in the proper sense of centering on the popular vote, but its founders wanted a country ...

LETTER: DA must change tack on land

Opposition, as in US and UK, fails to make headway

LETTER: Barnes must pull up his socks and do his job

He rambles on about how leadership is about getting things done, but in the meantime my magazines don’t arrive

LETTER: Media underplays positive role of business

Focus on corruption and financial malaise  has dimmed the overall importance of capitalism

LETTER: US system protects, not favours minorities

Senate ensures temporary majority in Congress does not ride roughshod over smaller states

LETTER: Italy’s enormous deficit could sink EU

Brexit may be the lifeboat that prevents UK from going down with the European bloc because of one errant member

LETTER: SA needs strict gun-control laws to beat criminals

Stringent legislation for possession of illegal guns is needed to disarm criminals.

LETTER: Failing Post Office must let private players take over

The entity is bleeding money as the new CEO's promises have come to naught

LETTER: Suu Kyi fails to speak on behalf of the persecuted

It is hard to live with the reality that your hero is a myth

LETTER: Postal workers should not be allowed to down tools

The Post Office provides an essential service and employees must be precluded by law from striking

LETTER: ANC is to blame for land invasions

The sporadic land invasions across the country are due to the terminally ill ANC national government’s refusal to release its land for affordable housing and ...

LETTER: ANC makes empty promises while filling its pockets

People engage in endless protests instead of voting for alternative parties

LETTER: What a buffoon Trump is for refusing to honour war heroes

The weather did not deter 60 heads of state from paying their respects.

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