LETTER: Transformation gone wrong

Shocking levels of rampant corruption everywhere

LETTER: ANC in last chance saloon

President has failed counter corruption and renew the party

LETTER: Voting DA makes sense

Why I move to a DA-controlled town

LETTER: Tiger adds to plastic pollution

Group is replacing glass packaging with polyethylene terephthalate

LETTER: Failing wastewater plants imperil rivers

Billions of litres of poorly treated or untreated sewage flow into the waterways and oceans

LETTER: Weapons sales show elections more important than lives

Continued supply of arms from the US, UK and EU to Israel is a mistake

LETTER: Change in Senegal heralds new era

President Faye’s surprise win signals a breakthrough for independent development in Africa

LETTER: Peace-loving Muslims must recognise the evil of extremists

War in Gaza will be over when Hamas lays down its arms and returns the hostages

LETTER: Gayton McKenzie’s elections approach is disrespectful

Patriotic Alliance leader’s actions indicate he regards the DA as his main opposition

LETTER: IEC had no choice but to rule the way it did

There may be repercussions if the electoral court’s decision was based on the remission of Zuma’s sentence

LETTER: No-talent ANC must agree with radicals to survive

Focus of the non-radical opposition must be to displace the ANC from governing three more provinces

LETTER: Why SA is heading in the wrong way, Mbeki

Former president should look to fundamental flaw in ANC ideology

LETTER: Heavy weather

Weather Service needs to explain terms used in forecasts

LETTER: Lamppost humour

Mixed messaging ahead of the poll

LETTER: A fat middle finger

Mapisa-Nqakula’s resignation is nothing but seeking to retain her benefits

LETTER: Inventing the facts

Absurd accusations over Gaza become fact by repetition