LETTER: Policy overhaul needed

People in communal areas are especially vulnerable with the land tenure legislation in place

LETTER: Let’s see the proof

Claims to poultry industry practices must be backed up by evidence

LETTER: Sisulu is not corrupt

The DA errs in its accusations against tourism minister, who has a strong record of fighting corruption

LETTER: The ANC is clueless beyond belief

The ANC cannot run anything — not even its own election list

LETTER: Doubling down, not tightening up

News that Ramaphosa approved Zuma’s parole only confirms that the ANC places itself above the integrity of the country and its constitutional order

LETTER: Colonially induced impoverishment is the problem

The focus should be on the landless and disenfranchised, as well as exploitation and subjugation

LETTER: Neither Left nor Right admit need for own liberation

The controversial issue of expropriation of land without compensation is a case in point

LETTER: Clueless leadership in SOEs

SA is a beautiful country and its people deserve better

LETTER: We need to face it: Zuma is all of us

To cure ourselves, first we must confront the lies we tell ourselves

LETTER: Logjam at Master’s Office is abominable

Government should urgently find a solution as beneficiaries are left without income and employees are frustrated

LETTER: New equity bill keeps apartheid alive

Enforcing racial quotas ensures open competition for jobs will disappear

LETTER: The Master’s Office and small estates

Dispersal of R50bn worth of estate property is left unsupervised by any official

LETTER: It's evident that the ANC is in complete disarray

It seems every ANC-run department, SOE and municipality, with the possible exception of tax collection, is in a state of complete collapse

LETTER: ANC’s so-called ‘commitment’ to democracy in no doubt

If the president really wants to ‘deepen democracy’ he would call another of his ‘fireside chats’ and tell SA that his party messed up its candidate ...

LETTER: Ban depleted uranium munitions immediately

The media has largely failed to cover the very serious hazard faced by people in the Balkans, Central Asia and the Middle East

LETTER: SA needs to be saved from onslaughts from the Left and the Right

The middle ground should be strengthened jointly by the ANC and DA for a second chance

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