LETTER: Foreigners add good mix

In SA today we have a business community that is willing to take the investment risk by employing skilled foreigners

3 days ago
LETTER: SA engineers its failures

An employee at the Department of Fisheries earns more than an engineer in SA, which is an example of why Africa will never reach its full potential

3 days ago
LETTER: Motsoaledi usurps power

Smart reforms require having an empirical grip on the nature and scale of the issues

3 days ago
LETTER: Prepare people for change

Governments and corporates now have an opportunity to review how people are educated to prepare them for a future where humans and robots share the same ...

3 days ago
LETTER: Louw fails to back up his accusation

Steven Friedman responds to Leon Louw’s attack on his column: long on bombast and insult, short on argument and evidence

3 days ago
LETTER: There is no skills shortage

A skills mismatch is not a skills shortage

4 days ago