LETTER: How can we think about more nuclear power when state cannot manage what we have?

State must first demonstrate its ability to cope with the existing radioactive waste by building a depository

1 hour ago
LETTER: Let farmers feed our people with home-grown chicken

It is not fair to expect SA chicken farmers to compete with overseas producers who are subsidised by their governments

1 hour ago
LETTER: Energy lessons to be learnt

Solar arrays blight the landscape while nuclear energy is associated with armaments and destruction

LETTER: Seifsa weighs interests of whole steel sector

Employer organisation, which is in the middle of the value chain, supports Ebrahim Patel’s position

LETTER: One man’s sense of reality is another’s delusional dreaming

Cyril Ramaphosa will be toast unless he acts against the Nkandla faction

LETTER: Were wage-bill promises legally informed?

The unions may have the upper-hand by using the government’s own laws to challenge the minister’s statement

LETTER: Abysmal treatment of Julian Assange by media is embarrassing

What has truly upset the US is that it was caught in the act and exposed to the world as a war criminal

LETTER: Reforms that will help the economy

Reduce wages and allow staff to be discharged without any reasons given, for a start

LETTER: SA must put more resources into small businesses and co-operatives

If we are to succeed in this economic recovery plan we need to work together

LETTER: Expropriation Bill will destroy SA

Authorities have no right, and should not be allowed or be able, to take any land

LETTER: Households and individuals should be first in line to receive tax respite

SA cannot become a nation of corporates if it is to achieve sustainable growth and employment

LETTER: With consumer financed levies, the end-user pays

Why are SA consumers paying levies on locally produced and consumed, and even imported, staple foods?

LETTER: Youth not behind Expropriation Bill

If passed, the younger generation will have to move to another, more prosperous country

LETTER: Budget held no shocks, but no backbone on SOEs either

Until there is action in addressing debt, we will sail ever closer to a fiscal cliff

LETTER: All South Africans, including retail chains, should buy local chicken

I dream of being an employer for young women, and if my plans work out I will be able to employ 30-50 people and support others to create their own businesses ...

LETTER: The scale of SA’s economic woes

The country is facing fiscal stress on a par with the world wars or the late 1980s

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