LETTER: Ters dispute process streamlined

There are now dedicated officials to handle complaints from businesses

2 hours ago
LETTER: Covid tax? Forget it

SA is hopelessly overtaxed to finance corruption and wastage.

2 hours ago
LETTER: Without an interim interdict for Zuma not to attend, he must be made to do so

The justices are obliged by section 237 of the constitution to act diligently and without delay

4 hours ago
LETTER: Democrats and Republicans should rebuild stability

The best solution could well be a political deal that saves GOP’s face

LETTER: Getting it wrong on social media’s role

Facebook and Twitter are mere platforms, not publishers

LETTER: Let’s start talking about population control

Resources are being depleted because there are too many of us on the planet

LETTER: Criticism of government’s Covid-19 efforts is misplaced

The nation needs everyone to pull together as it battles an unprecedented crisis

LETTER: Reject cellphone tax to fund SABC

Adding another licence, as mooted in a white paper, would hit the poor

LETTER: Water staff everywhere and not a drop to drink

Bloated staff of eThekwini water & sanitation have failed Durban’s residents amid drought

LETTER: Yet more anti-Semitism, this time over vaccines

It seems anything good coming from a Jew and Israel must be demonised and maligned

LETTER: Small business must be engine room for job creation

Further deregulation of SMME sector will help create jobs

LETTER: Closing all SA beaches turns good citizens into criminals

Outside the holiday season, beaches are deserted and one is able to walk for kilometres without coming within 100m of anyone else

LETTER: SA needs a cogent plan for economy and vaccine transparency

Ramaphosa needs to tell us how the government is going to manage the tsunami of unemployment and tax revenue losses amid ongoing lockdown

LETTER: The US may become a second-class economy

For a supposedly new country, the US has some very old-fashioned ideas and even stranger election rituals

LETTER: Policing empty spaces a waste

On a deserted dirt road, the police were dutifully doing nothing

LETTER: Why not use Russian vaccine, and private enterprise?

The Sputnik vaccine comes with decided advantages and should be seriously considered

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