LETTER: Getting to bottom of chicken wars

Problem is not dumping, it’s a drive to reduce imports and achieve localisation goals

LETTER: Hard to roll back affirmative action

Racial favouritism can only be removed at great political cost to governing parties

LETTER: Numsa strike unjustified as rise in steel price will hit manufacturers

Not all enterprises are able to pass the increases on to consumers

LETTER: Chicken importers have to make stance clear over master plan

Rejection raises questions about the commitment by group represented by Amie

LETTER: Removal of ANC only first step

Dynamics and structure of government have to be changed to lift country into ranks of developed ones

LETTER: Coal can plug the gap

In the absence of gas and long nuclear build lead times, SA has to use its abundance of the carbon source

LETTER: Racist ANC disguises anti-Semitism

Cadre deployment, Broad-Based BEE, selection of Constitutional Court judges and affirmative action have exposed its bias

LETTER: Elections will separate Vulcans from hobbits and hooligans

How the final results turn out will inform on the mindset of voters — whether informed or gung-ho

LETTER: Cancel unviable Limpopo megaproject

Lack of Chinese support as well as water will scupper Musina-Makhado SEZ

LETTER: What’s good for cement is good for chickens

Poultry industry has faced the same predatory trade for two decades

LETTER: KwaZulu-Natal could flare up again

The province is the plaything of a Zulu elite who want power at all costs

LETTER: The green ’n gold are great

Boks have not been given the accolades due to them

LETTER: Reverse the logic of exclusion

The unintended continuation of apartheid racial barriers is hampering our quest for equality

LETTER: SA is tired of empty promises

The ANC serves only itself, while services are not forthcoming

LETTER: A costly day off work

The November 1 public holiday might also mean people will go away instead of voting

LETTER: ANC keeps populists at bay

The party needs to hold middle ground because most South Africans will not vote for clean and efficient government

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