LETTER: How to pull voters

What does 'the ANC is killing you' promise? What does it promote?

7 hours ago
LETTER: Noose tightens

Officials should be alarmed at prospect of an independent National Prosecuting Authority

7 hours ago
LETTER: Pathetic outcry over Denel CEO

The new boss has been appointed on merit, not skin colour

7 hours ago
LETTER: You can’t purge the ANC’s corrupt DNA

Everyone at the department of correctional services in Pretoria knew that Bosasa had a tight grip over virtually every sector of its operations

LETTER: Electorate blind to faults of ANC

What will it take for the majority of South Africans to appreciate that the party they support is rotten to the very core?

LETTER: Transnet crooks must be punished

Those involved in the corrupt deal with the Chinese rail company must get more than a slap on the wrist

LETTER: DA plan can deliver more jobs

Election promises are merely mouthed to entice the unemployed to vote for lying politicians

LETTER: Zimbabwe has been destroyed

The current government has no intention of altering their ways or relinquishing power

LETTER: Cull the greedy

We have allowed ourselves to be surrounded and led by greedy people without the words 'honesty', 'integrity', 'reputation' or 'restraint' in their vocabulary.

LETTER: State contracts should be audited

Corruption is the order of the day when it comes to large deals

LETTER: DA abuses tragedies

The opposition party is insensitive to how families of victims listed on their billboard feel

LETTER: SA’s real stumbling block

The absence of a mentality to drive and thrive under adversity is more significant than a lack of funding

LETTER: Exchange control regulations are outdated, scrap them

The rules are archaic: they were introduced in 1961 pursuant to a 1933 Act of Parliament

LETTER: Come clean on Eskom bankruptcy

Taxpayers will have to bear the burden, so I demand an end to the obfuscation and denialism by the government

LETTER: ANC sabotages housing

Gauteng MEC plays politics with delivery

LETTER: What is ‘real’ or ‘true’ democracy?

Endless referendums would simply result in the current elite being replaced by a new elite

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