LETTER: Poultry dumping case unlikely to succeed

International Trade Administration Commission’s mandate is to ensure fair trade, and Patel's localisation should not play a role in its decision-making

LETTER: Why the official silence on Jerusalem killing?

SA government did not condemn or extend condolences after the murder of a Jewish South African

LETTER: The trial circus starts again

If Bathabile Dlamini is ever convicted, the judgment will simply be ignored because cadres operate with impunity

LETTER: The moment ANC rule was broken

The 2021 municipal election brought a serious defeat for the ruling party

LETTER: Post Office was doomed when Barnes left

There are many more examples of competent people is SA who would willingly contribute to rebuilding the country

LETTER: Driving licence road to nowhere

As a law-abiding citizen, I have never experienced such an abysmal system as the eNatis system

LETTER: Palestinian propagandist ignores Middle East realities

Crawford-Browne’s aim is not to fight genuine oppression, but rather to revile Israel

LETTER: Beware flash-flood dangers

Strong currents and dangerous debris pose threat, especially to children

LETTER: Bravo Tom Eaton

The columnist is unfailingly astute and funny as hell

LETTER: Mind the trap, DA

The party might have landed some of the biggest metros, but it inherits 27 years of ANC problems

LETTER: Mandatory vaccinations the best way forward

With vaccinations now being used as a bargaining chip, it's time President Cyril Ramaphosa  acts on this pressing issued

LETTER: Chickens come home to roost

SA's economic constraints are preventing growth

LETTER: SA mining’s twitching corpse

The ANC seems determined to chase away investors

LETTER: Fool’s advice

Transnet is dishing out knowledge of how to fail

LETTER: Parasitic transformation

Legalised theft is killing the economy

LETTER: Be guided by Marikana inquiry

The probe into the July unrest should take in the recommendations made to tackle policing failures

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