LETTER: Ministers’ suits are costly

Armani and Versace suits retail at upwards of R20,000 and a watch like Gigaba’s costs R200,000 or more

LETTER: Madiba’s golden touch

He understood that we were all in a sense victims of an oppressive system and mental slaves of generations of indoctrination

LETTER: Radical unemployment

The ANC’s success with radical economic transformation can be seen in the lower-than-planned tax revenues, limited capital investment and low economic ...

LETTER: Bell Pottinger diversion

Bell Pottinger could hardly have designed a strategy of diversion without knowing what it was for

LETTER: No two-state solution

Had Israel lost the war it would have been its last, as no Arabs would tolerate Jews living in their land

LETTER: Woolworths is to blame

Woolworths is short of being a world-class business for a number of reasons

LETTER: SA’s crisis of ineptitude

Gauteng’s water crisis thanks to an inefficient Department of Water and Sanitation, SAA, Eskom, SABC and Sapo are all ANC-made crises

LETTER: Inflation in SA not benign

Commentary on the Reserve Bank is like monetary Stockholm syndrome, where we believe the best of our money monopolist

LETTER: JSE’s desperate response

To reduce the public exposure of the financial state of businesses listed on the JSE will exacerbate matters

LETTER: Business needs good press

JSE proposal will in all likelihood sink Business Day and with it the best and most informed commentary and analysis of business

LETTER: Keep robust press alive

To have the business press collapse would be as bad as a company that dismantles a fire alarm

LETTER: Make room for Duminy

Here is the solution: bring Duminy back but bat him lower in the order

LETTER: Palestinian mistakes

When the Palestinians made their first of many mistakes by rejecting the UN offer, all bets were off

LETTER: When handshakes go gold

The ‘R2bn for Zuma’ shows the more corrupt you are, the bigger the golden handshake

LETTER: Farsighted leaders needed

Bonuses at Eskom show the board has no understanding of the damage it has done to the South African economy

LETTER: Fixing SA’s bleak outlook

Another structural issue requiring attention is the low savings rate

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