LETTER: First capture, now ransom

SAA is one more sorry saga to add to the litany of errors committed by the governing party

LETTER: Unions are a bad joke

They create havoc in the economy and their purpose in SA has never been fully explained

LETTER: Biggest lawless state

President pardons war criminals but wants to prosecute whistleblower who uncovered misdeeds

LETTER: Stop bashing Marika Sboros

Vegans’ comparisons of health writer’s work with the Holocaust are odious and disturbing

LETTER: Reverse nationalist principle

Choice has to be made, because liberal societies have prospered worldwide while authoritarian ones have collapsed

LETTER: Paying the price

SAA employees join the club of taxpayers who have been footing the bill for incompetent management at the national airline

LETTER: Unions find their voice

While Dudu Myeni was running the bankrupt SAA there was no word or protest against her actions

LETTER: Jump on this tourism trip

Direct flights between New York and Cape Town give the Western Cape government a huge opportunity

LETTER: NEF’s Philisiwe Mthethwa not the highest-paid official

CEO’s earnings are in line with her peers in the financial services sector and among state-owned commercial enterprises

LETTER: Virtuous investing

Millennials may be missing a huge trick with their growing pensions if they speak with one voice

LETTER: SAA a microcosm

What the government does about the airline could suggest what will happen to the country as a whole

LETTER: The art of fishing

Transferring human and social capital is the way to eradicate poverty

LETTER: Crime hinders tourism

Unless the government improves the situation  fewer tourists will come to SA

LETTER: What of the news jobs?

If Sekunjalo is liquidated journalists at Independent Media may become collateral damage

LETTER: Australia a veritable tinderbox

Climate change deniers are stopping the government from learning vital lessons

LETTER: Govern the country

The president and government should man up and look at what is best for SA

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