LETTER: Black people can farm

A Business Day reader responds to Anthony Butler’s column on Ramaphosa and the land issue

8 hours ago
LETTER: Veil off anti-Israel lobby

ANC cadres obsessed with the Israel-Palestine question ignore religious and gender apartheid in Islam and turn a blind eye to past atrocities

8 hours ago
LETTER: Genocide grips the globe

Many governments only care about their selfish desires, oblivious to the human wreckage they leave behind

LETTER: No milestone to celebrate

Given that the ANC is in disastrous shape, cloaked in the shame of criminal activity, it shouldn’t be seen as having anything to celebrate

LETTER: Back-to-front strategy

Land expropriation without compensation puts the cart before the horse

LETTER: Fees must target skills

Offering free university education to all and sundry is a waste of money

LETTER: All clear now for sheriff

It has taken six months to act on a court order for the seizure of movable goods in the ANC Women’s League office at Luthuli House

LETTER: No harsh terms for firms

Nefarious activities in the private sector are given sophisticated terms to lessen the corruption that gets in the way of socioeconomic transformation

LETTER: We need a sea change

As long as our rape of the earth continues to affect the atmosphere, we cannot expect any handle on things such as weather forecasts

LETTER: No quid pro quo on wages

It appears that unions would rather destroy an industry than give up their irresponsible demands

LETTER: End forced transformation

Ever-faster transformation has created a rapidly growing black middle class — but is this sustainable?

LETTER: Much to be thankful for

We now have new leaders. Hopefully, they will manage to uproot corruption and reduce SA’s terrible poverty in a sustainable, level-headed way

LETTER: Fees: where to protest

The invalidation or cancellation of the arms deals could realise more than R70bn

LETTER: ANC destroying itself

The common denominator of strategic manoeuvres by ANC members is that the problems facing South Africa are ignored

LETTER: An Ace up his sleeve

As we have seen from the trove of leaked e-mails, Ace Magashule has his fingers in all the deals in his province

LETTER: Ramaphosa the right man

Ramaphosa’s main task is to drive the organisational renewal process, restoring the character of the ANC and repositioning the party

ANC Conference 2017

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