LETTER: Special life of Brian

Obviously, Molefe was never going to settle for a job as an ordinary MP — that was a huge salary cut

LETTER: The insane asylum of SA

Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti has been making noises about inherited land being expropriated without compensation

LETTER: Reading for a better life

Since the ability to read is essential for education, how come the government continues to forestall the provision of libraries at more than 80% of schools?

LETTER: Insulting our intelligence

Our state entities must get their act together

LETTER: Restoring people’s dignity

Land dispossessions happened for more than 300 years and it will take more than a window of five years to redress its undesirable effect

LETTER: ANC’s natural selection

We were a "resource-rich" country but the political, financial and social framework that has been created will probably mean much of that wealth will stay in ...