LETTER: Lipton’s DA is a straw man

Critics should at least argue about the party’s policy as it appears in writing

LETTER: A chance to correct the ANC’s mistakes

Those implicated by Zondo should be suspended by the president

LETTER: Liberalism is about individual rights

Social democrats tend to devalue the rights of individuals in favour of the ‘public interest’

LETTER: Cape Town is committed to helping businesses thrive

Silly regulations that serve no purpose and hinder entrepreneurs have no place in the city

LETTER: Social justice warriors should try to stop theft

Lipton understands little about wealth being created by the profit motive

LETTER: Ramaphosa too has attacked the judiciary

Appointment of the chief justice will be the test

LETTER: Cadre deployment difficult to prove

It is hard to reverse an appointment when a deployee’s incompetence emerges

LETTER: Hold executives, not companies, accountable

Only individuals can commit acts of corruption, while punishing companies hurts the innocent

LETTER: Jail not the best remedy for state capture

People convicted after the Zondo inquiry should come clean about the wrongs they did

LETTER: De Lille in unique position to free up land

Minister can urge the cabinet to give military land to Cape Town’s poor as suggested by Crawford-Browne

LETTER: Semigration flows northwards too

Population data shows Gauteng is consistently the fastest-growing province in SA

LETTER: Lindiwe Sisulu has reservations about the rights of Africans

Amend the constitution to help criminals not to avoid the law

LETTER: The buck stops at De Lille’s desk

Anywhere else in the world a minister who headed up a completely failed department would not survive 24 hours

LETTER: Lindiwe Sisulu specialises in the sale of snake oil

How does Sisulu explain that Zimbabweans, and  many Africans to our north, are even poorer than black South Africans?

LETTER: Lindiwe Sisulu’s time in government must end

The minister has no feeling for poor South Africans

LETTER: Liberalism should not just be about individual rights

A social justice framework is needed that will enable systemic change in the fight against inequality

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