LETTER: Talk to us, Mark Barnes

I cannot imagine that any organisation can be so mismanaged, so I suspect something more sinister

LETTER: E-mail a permanent error

Are South African Post Office administrators trying to tell us something

LETTER: Yoga alleviates dementia

Executive reports significant improvement in his condition after yoga

LETTER: Madiba on our minds

Madiba was the ultimate symbol of black pride and redemption, a 20th-century titan

LETTER: Business Day slips up twice

Articles on Ebrahim Patel and the Competition Amendment Bill contain inaccuracies

LETTER: Aubrey Matshiqi’s dream is just that

The land was not stolen, its peoples were conquered

LETTER: The arithmetic is wrong

Confusing numbers are provided on two interest amounts for McKinsey’s refund

LETTER: Mark Barnes e-mail ‘unknown’

Is this then the real reason for the mail not arriving on time?

LETTER: Barack Obama’s significant visit

Obama’s speech here will take place at a very important moment in the histories of SA and the US

LETTER: Argument does not hold

Aubrey Matshiqi is mistaken in seeing everything through the collective eye of race groups

LETTER: Short, sharp trial coming?

It can now reasonably be anticipated that Jacob Zuma will contend that he acted on Hulley’s advice

LETTER: Clean up this Sassa mess

The government should be blamed for letting this problem go on for far too long

LETTER: King is not above the law

King Goodwill Zwelithini should be beyond reproach and circumspect in all his utterances

LETTER: Fuzzy logic on display

Two writers on July 10 illustrate the fuzzy logic surrounding the land expropriation debate

LETTER: Underdogs rule in Russia

All the World Cup favourites have been eliminated, the sole survivors being England and France

LETTER: Time to promote Connie

The Post Office delivery service is poor, but there is one island of efficiency named Connie

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