LETTER: A flaw in Discovery’s operation

Medical scheme does not distinguish between general practitioners and specialists

LETTER: How to solve public sector standoff

Let unions choose: freeze salaries until they align with the rest of SA's workers, or cut them now

Letter: Ebrahim Harvey correct but short on analysis

A Codesa-like summit should seek common ground in a nonracist, conservative and compassionate party

LETTER: Food Safety Agency must be established now

Such an agency, which was promised by the president, can prevent or combat many public health risks

LETTER: Post-apartheid SA is all rights and no obligations

The continuing influence of the SACP within the ANC’s governing structure lead to many of SA’s basic problems

LETTER: ANC needs to address its own corruption head on

Some people join the ANC thinking it is a ticket to looting and riches instead of an agent of change

LETTER: Suspended UIF employees living large

A number of senior officials were suspended, on full pay, in September 2020, and nothing has come to pass

LETTER: Unqualified cadre deployment is akin to apartheid in most cases

Those appointed to serve the government of the day must have the necessary qualifications, and not merely be cadres of the governing party

LETTER: Real culprit must pay his dues

Ace Magashule could be dead in the water but Jacob Zuma is still free and calling the tune

LETTER: Kremlin is the winner from strife in Europe

Jingoism and jostling for interests leave nations even more exposed to the Russian bear

LETTER: ANC hegemony has become a mess

Leaders do not realise that their actions will cancel out the legacy of our forebears

LETTER: Will the Covid-19 agencies stay on?

There will no way to determine if the NCCC and NatJoint keep operating in the shadows after the pandemic

LETTER: Virus of racism is destroying the US

Diversity, its traditional strength, is becoming an albatross around its neck

LETTER: Monarchy and ANC are the same

Both just mooch money, day in and day out

LETTER: ANC out to rule the banks

The Promotion of Equality & Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act could see the collapse of the banking sector

LETTER: Time to limit royals

There is no place for monarchy in a republic except as a cultural institution

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