LETTER: Don’t blame Big Pharma, blame the government

Some of the strange rules and regulations of our lockdowns made the SA government the laughing stock of the world

LETTER: ANC must purge itself to survive

The vast majority of the ANC voting base no longer trusts the edicts from Luthuli House

LETTER: BEE law amendments echo apartheid social engineering

Prescribed racial demographic employment targets simply and foolishly once again divide  according to skin colour

LETTER: Don’t let Ace Magashule escape the net

Small fry among the corruption cadres will swim free, so let’s catch the big ones

LETTER: Harsher labour laws will harm SA

Government wants to strengthen labour laws when SA can least afford it

LETTER: Door remains open to corruption in Gauteng

Consequence management absent in the Gauteng provincial government, auditor-general’s report shows

LETTER: The case for land reform is moral and economic

Expropriation without compensation stands to place extensive powers in the hands of a state that has demonstrated scant trustworthiness

LETTER: SA leaders asleep at the wheel ahead of Mozambique attacks

Government's excuses for inaction on Islamic State attack on Palma are abysmally inadequate

LETTER: Dumping not core issue bedevilling local poultry industry

Soaring feed costs and SA's weak economy play major role in producers' woes

LETTER: Malema’s race rants echo Verwoedian backwardness

Malema and his ilk keep ills of apartheid and colonial eras alive

LETTER: Land reform needs careful weighing of outcomes

Redress of wrongs of the past may seem acceptable, but the efficacy of what follows after the land has been confiscated may be minimal

LETTER: Rhodes scholars could contribute to colonial redress

Adebajo could start programme  to advance education in Africa

LETTER: Flawed as it is, US is still the land of opportunity

Anyone from anywhere in the world can go and achieve unbridled success in the US

LETTER: Land is not the problem, it’s the shortage of skills

Salvation will not come from owning land, but from possessing skills that have value

LETTER: Kantor careless in conflating capital with land

There's a system that land affordable at all income levels and replaces deadweight taxes

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