LETTER: DA must look to itself

Solly Msimanga and Cilliers Brink must have known Aucamp’s BTech degree was as real as the phantom of the opera?

10 hours ago
LETTER: We had a dram good time

Standard procedure every day was a round of golf in the morning followed by tasting

10 hours ago
LETTER: A pay rise is consumption

No pay rise is an investment

10 hours ago
LETTER: Anarchy reigns at soccer

The chaos in the crowd control and traffic management at FNB speaks of a city that has abdicated its responsibilities

LETTER: Paying for ANC’s greed

The feast is almost over. The once-productive carcass is stripped almost to a skeleton

LETTER: Airmail link has collapsed

Of the six items posted from the UK only the surface mail arrived

LETTER: Donald Trump is a shrewd tactician

Trump's objectives will become clear in time but my posit is that he has set the cat among the pigeons

LETTER: Taiwan not part of China

Taiwan has its own territory, people, government, laws and currency

LETTER: A dram fine whisky tour

Don’t just arrive at destinations unannounced and expect to be treated like royalty

LETTER: Follow Treasury’s example

We are gratified that emerging black advisory firms were among the financial service firms that received a mandate from the Treasury

LETTER: Freeze out Israel and US

President Cyril Ramaphosa is worse than Jacob Zuma because his interests are with the global bourgeoisie

LETTER: Japan gets ‘strike’ right

If the union bosses can’t persuade the employers without mass action, they’re not worth their salt

LETTER: Joblessness conundrum

How will the permanently unemployed survive?

LETTER: Flawed education system

Presumably the current 30% pass mark is insufficient and will prevent SA from achieving a constant growth

LETTER: Logical errors in response

Sean Muller commits two fundamental logical errors

LETTER: Radio 702 standards slip

Eusebius McKaiser said AfriForum shouldn’t be given "airtime" on 702. This is against the established democratic journalistic principle of ...

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