LETTER: SA cannot tax itself into prosperity

The government must put the state over the party to resuscitate the economy

10 hours ago
LETTER: History of SA inequality far too one-dimensional

Our inequality is a result of more than one-way traffic with British colonialism

LETTER: Stopping reading and stay calm

In case of adverse reaction, avert eyes instantly

LETTER: Poultry letters will be missed

One reader finds racism where another finds information

LETTER: Tolerance makes Business Day invaluable

A range of opinions between columnists makes it stand out as a newspaper in SA

LETTER: Act on irregular expenditure now

Shifting the goalposts is not good enough because it is easy to follow the public procurement rules

LETTER : ANC-led state is decidedly undecided

Columnist’s sentiment in 2019 about state of changelessness could have been penned now

LETTER: Subsidising taxis makes sense

Amid shambolic public transport system any effort to formalise industry and include it deserves support

LETTER: Minimum wage is self-defeating

Almost half of people who are able to work ‘earn’ R0 an hour because they can’t find jobs

LETTER: Hair-raising attack on capitalism

Political leaders continually bash system while conducting a love affair with its many benefits

LETTER: Adebajo’s racism unacceptable

Had such a letter been penned by a white person, there would have been an outcry

LETTER: SA needs a new empowerment model, and the IRR has it

Economic empowerment for the disadvantaged (EED) would clearly identify the goal as one of broad societal prosperity

LETTER: Winds of change threaten Israel and Saudi Arabia, too

With the approaching end of the oil era, Israel and Saudi Arabia's usefulness to the US will dwindle

LETTER: Rural safety plans

Farmers and farm workers are being targeted because of their relative isolation and vulnerability

LETTER: From Fairview to Marikana

Police must be trained to control mobs

LETTER: The need to accept multiracialism

Tony Leon’s concept of nonracialism refers to the disapproval of racism and racist language

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