LETTER: Role for land committees

Since being established in 2015 there has been uncertainty about the committees’ role

7 hours ago
LETTER: Truth on Mashaba will out

Mashaba should stop using the ANC as a scapegoat for his poor governance

7 hours ago
LETTER: DA doomed by its values

Where are the numbers of honest, competent people going to come from if the DA gets to run more entities?

LETTER: Petrol protests are in vain

Ongoing global turmoil ensures that there will be another fuel price increase in September

LETTER: Leaders must lead

To leave Brexit to the barrooms was a failure of leadership

LETTER: Cosatu dug its own grave

The federation no longer has the power to shake the ANC

LETTER: Horrendous hidden fraud

Something like half the investment that would otherwise be due to the client is forfeited to fund managers

LETTER: Sugar duty no silver bullet

The weeks of sugar dumping were exacerbated by zero tariffs charged due to an apparent administrative error

LETTER: SOEs are soft targets for columnists and commentators

The lazy approach is to bunch all state-owned enterprises together into one category and then to throw buckets of mud, hoping some will stick

LETTER: Land: good luck, goodbye

The bottom line is that the current land reform process is overpoliticised and deeply flawed

LETTER: Abrahams was never a fit

Shaun Abrahams’s reputation as a lawyer is certainly compromised

LETTER: People’s vote is suffering

My point was that the ‘people’s vote’ meant little because what they thought they wanted was rarely the outcome of the policy they were ...

LETTER: Different opinions

Referendums are a tool for governments to push a populist agenda or sidestep their responsibilities

LETTER: Stimulus? What stimulus?

The one certainty this situation is providing is that there is no ‘new dawn’

LETTER: Suicidal doctors need to feel they are allowed to ask for help

Such aid could help medical practitioners to remain patient-centred in responding to patients’ needs

LETTER: DA’s policies support class

The DA’s Belinda Bozzoli writes: ANC hegemony has skewed the political compass of most people. Many DA policies would be considered on the left in the US

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