LETTER: No urgency on dumping

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies vowed in February to protect the local industry and its thousands of jobs. Nothing yet

LETTER: KPMG reaps whirlwind

KPMG ought not survive here — if only to set an example to others who sacrifice professional ethics on the altar of expediency

LETTER: Let’s look at Soviet facts

To separate myth from historical truth, why not tell the story of Soviet diplomacy in the second half of 1930s

LETTER: Department too easy prey

What is the Department of Higher Education doing to remove predatory journals from its approved list?

LETTER: Culpability of legal eagles

It is time for legal professionals to decide where they stand on state capture — they cannot plead ignorance any longer

LETTER: Strange bedfellows ...

It’s a bit sad when Business Day and Shaun Abrahams appear to be on the same side

LETTER: Target guilty individuals

So long as we fail to pierce the veil and target the individuals who commit private-sector shenanigans, we will never stop the rot

LETTER: Clover’s great generosity

Clover deserves good profits as a reward for looking out for others not yet in a position to look out for themselves

LETTER: Work together on poverty

Working together will double the impact of service delivery, which will go a long way in speedily empowering the previously disadvantaged

LETTER: Mduduzi Manana in a pickle

Mduduzi Manana is using provocation for on-camera assault as an excuse

LETTER: Dlamini-Zuma a puppet

Like Grace Mugabe, we have Dlamini-Zuma, who is quite obviously a mere puppet

LETTER: ANC rubbishes legacy

Bell Pottinger was hired and paid by the Gupta family to commit treasonous crimes against SA

LETTER: Political ball own goals

The fallout following KPMG’s shenanigans should hardly come as a surprise to industry insiders

LETTER: How to atone for guilt

Has KPMG considered the damage they have done to the reputation of these individuals, their careers and their families?

LETTER: Quotas bring down Boks

There is crass application of the quota system — it must be obvious to SA Rugby they are doing incalculable, probably irreversible, damage to ...

LETTER: SA’s economy lags behind

World Bank data show growth and development synonymous with the reduction of governments’ role in economies

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