LETTER: Steenhuisen set up for failure

Without an improvement in the performance of his cabinet colleagues, the industry will continue to decline

LETTER: War in the DRC

A negotiating priority for our new international relations minister

LETTER: Hlophe on JSC is improper

Parliament is full of gangsters, fraudsters, racists and liars, and his presence debases it even further

LETTER: Gauteng needs officials fit for purpose

Shoddy workmanship at Tembisa school highlights a deeper problem

LETTER: Election of John Hlophe to JSC an irrational decision

Hlophe appointment invalid under provisions of section 2 of constitution

LETTER: Help is at hand for SMMEs

DA’s economic policy has laser focus on growing economy

LETTER: Ask small business owners about jobs

Efficient labour market is result of efficient business environment for SMMEs

LETTER: Bold anti-graft step necessary

Chapter Nine commission is clearly the way forward

LETTER: Revisit trade policy

Tariffs run risk of entering ‘tit-for-tat’ territory

LETTER: Work visa changes

It would be beneficial for home affairs to streamline its application processes

LETTER: Rot in Gauteng governance put off DA

Work needs to be done to clean up governance in the province

LETTER: Long-term trouble for SA

Relief may come from trade tariffs but only in the short term

LETTER: Hlophe’s ‘illegal’ entry

MK may have scored own goal with impeached former Cape judge president

LETTER: Biden’s stamina in doubt

Democrats may be running out of time to field a younger candidate

LETTER: ANC interests remain first

Ramaphosa has forgotten that the allocation of cabinet posts was not a gift of the ANC

LETTER: Now comes real test

National manifesto’s value lies in implementation of its principles, policies and promises