LETTER: Arise, Sir Lose A Lot

The popular narrative says Gordhan is SA’s reluctant hero, but let’s look at some of his faults

13 hours ago
LETTER: Huntington proven right

Unfortunately Huntington is no longer around to defend himself against intellectual lightweights

1 day ago
LETTER: Timely Gauteng job focus

LETTER: According to the National Development Plan, SMMEs are expected to provide a staggering 90% of new jobs by 2030

1 day ago
LETTER: Concerted attack obvious

The ANC Youth League demands the resignation of our respected finance minister and the ANC Women’s League demands a female president — but with one preselected ...

1 day ago
LETTER: Cheap water is wasted

This is a simpler and cheaper solution than fancy desalination plants

1 day ago
LETTER: Gwede Mantashe got it wrong

The ANC secretary-general informed the media there was no chance Brian Molefe would become an MP

2 days ago