LETTER: Government knew it had no money for wage hikes

The ANC has set about almost knowingly destroying the SA economy

LETTER: China’s doublespeak

The country’s propaganda should not be aired in our newspapers

LETTER: The hole in the ANC’s pot

The party has allowed Joburg's roads to deteriorate to a dangerous degree

LETTER: An unhealthy council

The regulator is too incompetent and lazy to allow valuable doctors to practise in SA

LETTER: Peek into another world

Remarkable introduction to transgenderism

LETTER: Airlink paid its way

The private airline was never riding on the national carrier's back

LETTER: Don’t pay your TV licence — it’s the right thing to do

Organs of state do not exist to provide jobs for the incompetent merely so they will continue to vote for the inefficient governing party

LETTER: Oil reserve buyers also at fault

It is inconceivable that they weren’t aware that criminality was involved

LETTER: McCarthyism and democracy cannot coexist

The news of Sam Mkokeli’s resignation from the department of public enterprises is of concern

LETTER: It is wrong to discount electric vehicles as irrelevant and costly

They are much better positioned than fuel cell vehicles for the passenger and light delivery vehicle markets, even in SA

LETTER: Sikhakhane and Mabuza are an embarrassment to their profession

The legal world expects better of them, not the unprofessional, infantile and irrational behaviour they have unleashed on us

LETTER: Sylvia Mahlangu must be lauded for what she has done for domestic workers

It is clear that domestic workers are the most downtrodden part of the SA workforce, and they seldom have anyone speaking on their behalf

LETTER: Reporting burden on SMMEs is too taxing

The requirment to submit various financial statements to the Sars puts already-stretched small businesses under pressure

LETTER: No matter the spin, the wheels are coming off SAA

The airline is likely to ask for another cash injection to pursue its equity partnership plan

LETTER: Is SA safe from vote-rigging?

US claims, specifically against the Dominion and Smartec voting software, should raise concern everywhere about voting security

LETTER: Overpaid SABC staff need a big wake-up call

Why do SABC staff get 28 days of paid annual leave when most of us get 15-20 days?

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