BOOK REVIEW: Looking at music through the lens of economics

Deft sketches in Alan Krueger’s ‘Rockonomics’ teach some broader lessons

BOOK REVIEW: Sarah Moss’s ‘Ghost Wall’ exposes the dangers of ancestral purity

The book is a timely reminder of the vanity of the myth and a critique of the rise of Donald-Trump led demagoguery, writes Monique Verduyn

BOOK REVIEW: RW Johnson is fighting for his own dream

Political scientist’s latest book offers penetrating insights, but will need a sequel, writes Hans Pienaar

In Turkey fictional characters can land up in real courts

Elif Shafak’s latest, '10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World' is already being attacked by trolls and bots

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: James Ellroy on his dark places

The ‘greatest crime novelist’ in the US on forbidden topics he never speaks of: his personal history and today’s America

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: An amusing story that avoids the standard ‘troubled country’ story lines

Author Vincent Pienaar is experiencing his own tsunami with his latest book Too Many Tsunamis – a tale of love, light and incidental humour. He tells Diane de ...

BOOK REVIEW: Struggle activist recalls intimate experiences in a beleaguered city

Paul Joseph’s Slumboy from the Golden City is a self-effacing autobiography that brilliantly doubles as social history, writes Yunus Momoniat

How to not weep about ‘The Binj’

Bongani Madondo pens an elegy to fellow rabble-rouser Binyavanga Wainaina

Saucy vegetarian cookbooks even meat eaters will love

There is a shift to nonmeat dishes due to concern for animals and our own health — and for the planet

BOOK REVIEW: Helping smart people avoid doing dumb things with their money

This straightforward and pleasingly opinionated book may persuade more of us to think about financial planning.

BOOK REVIEW: How four women conquered mountains in the Valley of patriarchy

Julian Guthrie’s Alpha Girls tells the stories of the moneymakers who crashed through the glass ceiling, writes Aliya Ram

Suicide, why some people go through with it

Individuals who die by their own hand might be naturally fearless, or they may have trained themselves to overcome fears

BOOK REVIEW: Memoir is having a moment

Yvonne Fontyn: Why now do we most need to hear our own stories?

BOOK REVIEW: Christo Wiese — a risk taker extraordinaire

Story reveals quite a bit about the billionaire’s appetite for taking chances

BOOK REVIEW: World-weary Farah sets out the lineaments of alienation

‘North of Dawn’ conveys the struggles of refugees in a post-9/11 world, even when hosts are welcoming and progressive

What Brexiting Britain is reading ... it’s not what you think

Mrs Hinch’s cleaning book has sold more than 160,000 copies in the first three days after release

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