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Women’s roles in shaping SA’s complex history

Cato Pedder explores her heritage and her connection to nine SA women

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‘God’s Pocket’ is a mash-up of literary fiction, fantasy and fairy-tale, horror and hilarity

Five books to read in June

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Notes from Franschhoek’s literary festival

Local authors unapologetically explore post-apartheid identity, culture and violence against women

Salman Rushdie answers violence with art

A moving, witty and disarmingly honest account of the author’s 27-second encounter with his would-be assassin

Dread, fear and courage in Italy, World War 2’s forgotten front

James Holland tells the stories of soldiers and civilians caught up in the Allied liberation of Italy

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This collection shows that in times of terrible loss and suffering, humans find shelter from the storm

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Festival promises to amplify new voices, liberate ideas and enrich through engaging content