BOOK REVIEW: Expertly exploring language and the scenes we create for ourselves

Local writer Craig Higginson weaves playwrighting and fiction into a moving, smart novel, writes Arja Salafranca

BOOK REVIEW: Pieter-Dirk removes the mask for tender and funny memoir

Uys delicately takes us on a first-person journey that starts in his early childhood with a nonjudgmental innocence that suspends belief, writes Devlin Brown

BOOK REVIEW: Kintu sparks deep thought for homophobic African countries

Colonial rule had a profound effect on gender identity in African countries, which Kintu lays bare, writes Itumeleng Molefi

Astonishing debut and noir prose poetry among year’s best fiction

Rebecca Rose, the deputy books editor at the Financial Times, selects her must-read titles

BOOK REVIEW: Journal of a Boer girl uncovers ghostly secrets

Clare Houston’s debut novel peels back the onion skin of our complicated past

Rainbow Nation and perfectionism are not welcome at author Adichie’s table

Nigerians were envious that SA had Nelson Mandela, writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said at the Nelson Mandela Tribute night

Is the powerful gravitational pull of Asia leading us to new world order?

Each of the three authors reviewed here brings a different perspective and reaches different conclusions on the new world order, writes James Kynge

BOOK REVIEW: Tales of the trials and pain of becoming and belonging

I Want to Go Home Forever  is a collection of moving stories of people touched by migrancy, xenophobia, crime and violence in Johannesburg, writes Yvonne ...

BOOK REVIEW: Zapiro’s scathing simplicity cuts to the bone

Satirist's latest two books include a personal element about the Jacob Zuma disaster — the former president's attempts to sue him

BOOK REVIEW: Cookbook takes reader on a journey of Islamic discovery

Renowned authority Anissa Helou’s tome encompasses the development of a diverse range of cuisines and cultures, writes Ilana Korber

Michelle Obama explores a tangled legacy in her inspiring memoir

The former first lady’s book Becoming delivers private revelations — and a message of hope

BOOK REVIEW: Haruki Murakami returns with a mystifying tale of lost passion and a goblin spectre

Haruki Murakami's latest novel is simultaneously mind-numbing and mind-boggling — and the crows may not carry any weighty symbolism, writes David Gorin

BOOK REVIEW: Quirky travelogue on life in an upside-down land

In his book Rainbow Nation My Zulu Arse travel writer Sihle Khumalo ventures off the beaten track to explore SA's past and future, writes Arja Salafranca

BOOK REVIEW: Politics of identity: one woman’s quest to discover her roots

Hirsch's book is an easy read but romanticises a complex issue and is often presented in a clumsy way

BOOK REVIEW: New Joburg guide unearths historic treasures, quirky artefacts and the complexity of history’s telling

Secret Johannesburg is a fascinating guide for people who wish to discover the hidden face of one of Africa’s biggest cities, writes Devlin Brown

BOOK REVIEW: Biography of Sol Plaatje adds colour and insight to this man of many parts

Sol Plaatje biography by Scottish historian Brian Willan is packed with anecdotes, writes Hans Pienaar

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