Putting the book back into book clubs and with business in mind

A new literary fraternity is not only about promoting education but also about fostering young people who have big entrepreneurial ideas and dreams

BOOK REVIEW: Grave new world of populist info wars revealed

Peter Pomerantsev’s new book warns of the ‘war against reality’, how shadowy forces are using new technologies to snuff out free speech

BOOK REVIEW: Novelist conjures an apocalyptic future from SA’s dystopian past

Masande Ntshanga’s Triangulum is a fearless portrait of life over four decades from apartheid to the maws of the corporate machine

BOOK REVIEW: The Dictionary Wars, a veritable war of words

The story of the battle over America’s first dictionaries brings to life all its combatants.

Essays reignite discussion around women’s choices

A crop of collections shows how #MeToo has reawakened the idea that the personal is political

BOOK REVIEW: The semicolon; why all the fuss?

Journalist Lucy Kellaway comments on Cecelia Watson’s book on how this punctuation mark, disparaged since its appearance in the 15th century, needs re-appraisal

Mcebisi Jonas writes of ‘deep sense of loss’ in memoir

The former deputy finance minister writes that SA’s ‘state-building project had fallen headlong into the hands of business interests’

Why the roots of grass go way deep

Lawn is not always sweet and soft. Often, in fact, it’s a petrol bomb ready to be lit

Women essayists rule out the literary world’s boundaries

A crop of collections shows how #MeToo has reawakened the idea that the personal is political.

Admiration for the beloved Toni Morrison’s insight

The Nobel prize-winning writer was a powerful voice on race and black identity in the US

Death is not the final chapter: the lucrative world of literary estates

The growth of streaming services, demand for audio books and the globalisation of publishing are a boon for a writer’s descendants, writes John Gapper

BOOK REVIEW: Narrative about apartheid spies a cop-out

Barry Gilder’s The List is a fictional narrative of a rogue unit working against intelligence operatives

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young — a missed opportunity

Two biographers trace the career of folk rock’s most famous supergroup,  charting its successes but also revealing how egos ruined a band known for its sweet ...

BOOK EXTRACT: So You Want to Build a Startup?

The late entrepreneur Matthew Buckland knew better than most that while you can’t control the world, you can control how you seize opportunities

Five biographical books you should have on your radar

Real-life stories that will be released soon include those of druglord Pablo Escobar’s wife, Formula One ace Fernando Alonso and singer Elton John

BOOK REVIEW: Behind the scenes with the plotters who ousted Mugabe from a Boksburg hotel

Douglas Rogers tells the story of the 2017 coup-that-wasn’t in an enthralling read, but there are flaws

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