Wilbur Smith leaves behind a treasure trove of novels

The best-selling author was one of the dominant figures on SA’s literary scene with nearly 50 titles under his belt

Cli-fi is here to tell us stories we may not want to read

The emergence of climate fiction spells out possible future disasters

A $2.2bn Penguin deal can’t be good for books

Penguin Random House's acquisition of Simon & Schuster is being challenged because it might harm authors and the market

SA’s Damon Galgut wins 2021 Booker Prize

Galgut was awarded the English-speaking world’s premiere literary accolade for his ninth novel, The Promise

Five must-read books by black American writers

These top picks include a Gothic tale of survival, a darkly comic exploration of workplace racism, and a deep dive into history and identity

I imagined Earth’s future, and now COP26 honchos are curious

Science fiction can point us to scenarios of how to tackle climate change

I imagined Earth’s future, and now COP26 honchos are curious

Science fiction can point us to scenarios of how to successfully tackle climate change

Five books to read late at night this Halloween

A selection of the best spine-chilling, hair-raising books to add to your reading list

BOOK REVIEW: Hammering out a plan for nailing remote working

Debbie Goodman offers engaging discussions on our new reality in her book, The Living Room Leader

BOOK REVIEW: Why pumping aid money into Africa will not fix problems

In his latest book Greg Mills explores in detail why aid fails — and when it can work

Plath, Pessoa, Polly and more … the most inspiring biographies of 2021

Monique Verduyn learns more about some of the world’s most fascinating minds and personalities

BOOK REVIEW: Refreshing memoir details Spur founder’s taste for life

Allen Ambor’s autobiography is an absorbing and honest account of his entrepreneurial spirit

BOOK REVIEW: New work may be Franzen’s best yet

US author epitomises the dispute about what ‘the great American novel’ means

BOOK REVIEW: Tearing down myths white men tell other white men

In his meticulously researched and entertaining book, Fake History, Otto English shows how the present is manipulated by fabrications

Femme noir: righteous, furious feminist thrillers

The genre is gaining impetus, epitomised in three new female-first novels

Why it is so difficult to talk about race in Cuba

Clara Ferreira Marques speaks to historian Ada Ferrer about Cuba’s legacy of slavery and revolution, and its tight relationship with the US

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