Busting the myths of the Mandela presidency

‘He wasn’t obsessed with reconciliation. He was obsessed with making democracy stick’

BOOK REVIEW: An uncompromising spoof on colour

Though the author resists labels, refusing to be pigeonholed as a satirist, his work has been universally hailed as a blistering satire on race in the US, ...

High praise for novel Mother City bookstore

Man Booker Prize winner Beatty will be at Open Book Festival, started by The Book Lounge’s Mervyn Sloman

BOOK REVIEW: Essays doused with beauty and artistry

Each of Hedley Twidle’s essays radiates with academic craftsmanship, but of the gentle and seldom erudite kind

BOOK REVIEW: The subject we should be all dying to talk about

Former Land Bank CEO Helena Dolny’s new book underlines the value of engaging in death-in-life conversations

BOOK REVIEW: Secrets from past have ways of coming to the surface

This beautifully written novel is about love, happiness, starting from scratch and creating your own universe out of nothing

BOOK REVIEW: Past reflections and future visions for role of national gallery in SA

Anna Tietze’s extraordinary new book examines various periods and ways of adaptation, writes Struan Douglas

Pulling Mandela book a faulty act of censorship

Unusual decision to withdraw biography was based on family pressure and not legal contraventions

BOOK REVIEW: How war and poor leaders have killed off Angola’s wildlife parks

Author Brian Huntley’s new book claims the environment minister prefers a ‘zoo’ approach, writes Tony Carnie

Publishers warn of negative economic effect of Copyright Act amendment

Revenue and employment will decline, especially with regard to material used for educational purposes, which accounts for more than 60% of all publishing

BOOK REVIEW: Jansen pens a moving eulogy to his mother

Academic Jonathan Jansen’s latest book is a tribute to one of many Cape Flats moms who ‘live the soft power of a dignified life’, writesSue ...


Author Jonathan Jansen provides an insider’s empathic and critical view of the campus crises at universities in SA, writes David Reiersgord

Rigorous playbook has blind spot on Africa’s Big Men

Making Africa Work lacks a sense of history and portrays an unrealistically optimistic view of Africa

Collection of tributes lets Mazrui live again

Colleagues and fellow Africans appraise the prolific work of the late public intellectual from Kenya

Publisher rewrites romance for Africans

Forget flaxen-haired princesses — Nigerian-based Ankara Press produces books featuring sassy heroines

An architectural expedition into rarefied legacy homes

Nini Bairnsfather Cloete, who spent two years seeking out architecturally interesting, beautifully decorated residences, has her own idea of a perfect home

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