‘Rebels and Rage’ extract: The many angles to the free higher education debate

While there is legitimacy to the demand for free education, someone has to pay in the end

BOOK REVIEW: Nthikeng Mohlele’s sixth novel takes a musical turn

The story in Illumination unfolds gently, slowly, the writing poetic and lyrical, writes Arja Salafranca

BOOK REVIEW: FT’s business books of the month

From blockchain to the important small decisions — a round-up of this month’s top titles

The great unravelling of state capture

At Idasa we were extremely watchful of breaches of openness and transparency, writes Judith February in her new book, Turning and Turning 

Letters reveal Robert Sobukwe’s moral courage and pain

Collection of prison writings provides a peek into the suffering of liberation icon, writes Derek Hook

Two Nobel prizes for literature to be awarded in 2019

The Nobel Foundation blocked the Swedish Academy from awarding the prize in 2018 after sexual misconduct claims against the husband of one of its board members

BOOK REVIEW: Business books of the month

The Financial Times picks its top four reads for February

BOOK REVIEW: Interesting history spoiled by hagiography of owners Naspers

Newspaper had a great influence on politics and served to promote the UDF, writes Yunus Momonait

BOOK REVIEW: Former spook’s memoir about work with Mandela’s spies will ruffle feathers

Author Bradley Steyn reveals secrets of a dirty war fought by ANC and National Party, writes Lungule Sojini

BOOK REVIEW: The 15 books everyone should read in 2019

From grim warnings about climate change, startling studies about the impact of demographic trends, and Brexit, there is much to fret about on the list of what ...

BOOK REVIEW: Troubled waters: how the world’s rivers are under threat

Main villains in Eyler’s lament for Southeast Asia’s most important river are the hydroelectric dam-builders of China and Laos

Heineken in Africa: a toxic brew or a beneficial toast?

A critical account of the brewer goes to the heart of doing business in challenging market, writes David Pilling

BOOK REVIEW: Two faces of nationalism: when does patriotism turn toxic?

As populist sentiment surges, three new books explore the boundaries of healthy and morbid nationalism, writes Jonathan Derbyshire

Never a mud-life crisis when at the wheel of a Jimny

Suzuki has cultivated the latest Jimny into an urban fashion accessory without compromising on its jungle survival skills

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Graceland’ chronicles Elvis’s tender ties to his mother

A surprisingly sober fictionalised recreation of the King’s early life with Gladys, writes Susie Boyt

BOOK REVIEW: The story of the enigmatic man who founded southern Africa’s largest church

More than 70 years after he died, very little is still known about Engenas Lekganyane while the ZCC remains so secretive about his life

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