How business aided National Party

Hennie van Vuuren's new book, Apartheid Guns and Money: A tale of profit, lifts the lid on explosive evidence of political party funding. Here's an extract

BOOK REVIEW: Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson

Author Jonathan Ancer’s novel digs up bones left by one of apartheid’s most deadly spies, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

Violation in the belly of the beast

Raymond Suttner’s Inside Apartheid’s Prison is a slow uncovering of his torture at the hands of war criminals. Here’s an extract

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: The Author Who ... expects flak

Author David Lagercrantz waits for the storm after brutalising Larsson’s tattooed hacker in The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye

Scholars pick at holes in Thomas Piketty in new tome

After Piketty is a sympathetic appraisal of what the French economist got right and what he got wrong, writes Peter Coy

BOOK REVIEW: A gentle thriller about a gruesome killer

African crime genre author Scotty Elliott is not keen on up-close gore, and it's her characters that fascinate, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

BOOK REVIEW: Fela Kuti freed his mind (kind of) from slavery

Throughout his life Fela relentlessly sought social justice for ordinary Nigerians

BOOK REVIEW: Hearty and hilarious taste of Nigerian life

Deftly written food essays delve into myth, marriage, maize — and mucilage (it’s not as bad as it sounds)

BOOK REVIEW: Activist valued humanity above blind political fealty

Autobiography details how Fatima Meer grew up in an unconventional family to become an advocate for justice

BOOK REVIEW: The Republic of Gupta is a good thriller, nothing more

The Republic of Gupta book reminds you of maniacal little men who pull you deeper into the dark instead of showing you the way out

BOOK REVIEW: Clear light shed on how ANC went from liberator to exploiter

Dale McKinley sheds light on the key problem of the ANC’s rule since 1994: its power is exercised in service to capital

BOOK REVIEW: From Ghana to the globe with love

Cookbook provides an accessible introduction to dishes amid burgeoning African scene, writes Madeleine Morrow

BOOK REVIEW: How globalisation has ‘deepened’ humanity’s ugly tendencies

Essayist Pankaj Mishra presents wrenching confirmation that humankind is irrational and cannot govern self-interest in a manner that overrides primordial ...

BOOK REVIEW: Afrikaner Odyssey is a rich tale of family’s role in history

Influential Reitz Afrikaner leaders crossed paths with eminent people who shaped events in colonial SA

BOOK REVIEW: The difficult birth of Lindiwe Hani

An honest look at a troubled life by a woman defined by her surname

BOOK REVIEW: To Be A Machine

Author Mark O’Connell’s quirky, humorous book delves into the machine-loving subculture wired for a world beyond humans, writes House Clive Cookson