BOOK REVIEW: Fascinating tale of hat maker’s casteless sanctuary

Hat makers too were part of a larger universe of circulation, fluidity and fashion

BOOK REVIEW: Apocalypse darkens Meyer novel

Reader reaction has been ‘phenomenal, greater than for any other of my books’, writer says of risky topic

Funny and insightful view on challenges facing entrepreneurs

Perhaps a formal publishing process would have honed its rough edges, removed some repetition and minimised the cussing

BOOK REVIEW: Jazz club’s feverish years recalled

The Bassline was a pioneer of entrepreneurship and music promotion, writes Struan Douglas

Contribution of blacks to Great Trek restored

Well-referenced book draws from dissertation to deal with the various narratives propounded by historians

Putting mother tongue pupils in the picture

Dictionaries are now being produced in all indigenous languages in a bid to assist schoolchildren and create a more multilingual society

Where leading scientific thinkers and popular culture meet

We live in an incredible world, much of which is made possible by science, and Know This proves there are still more miracles to come

How business aided National Party

Hennie van Vuuren's new book, Apartheid Guns and Money: A tale of profit, lifts the lid on explosive evidence of political party funding. Here's an extract

BOOK REVIEW: Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson

Author Jonathan Ancer’s novel digs up bones left by one of apartheid’s most deadly spies, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

Violation in the belly of the beast

Raymond Suttner’s Inside Apartheid’s Prison is a slow uncovering of his torture at the hands of war criminals. Here’s an extract

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: The Author Who ... expects flak

Author David Lagercrantz waits for the storm after brutalising Larsson’s tattooed hacker in The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye

Scholars pick at holes in Thomas Piketty in new tome

After Piketty is a sympathetic appraisal of what the French economist got right and what he got wrong, writes Peter Coy

BOOK REVIEW: A gentle thriller about a gruesome killer

African crime genre author Scotty Elliott is not keen on up-close gore, and it's her characters that fascinate, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

BOOK REVIEW: Fela Kuti freed his mind (kind of) from slavery

Throughout his life Fela relentlessly sought social justice for ordinary Nigerians

BOOK REVIEW: Hearty and hilarious taste of Nigerian life

Deftly written food essays delve into myth, marriage, maize — and mucilage (it’s not as bad as it sounds)

BOOK REVIEW: Activist valued humanity above blind political fealty

Autobiography details how Fatima Meer grew up in an unconventional family to become an advocate for justice

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