BOOK REVIEW: Christo Wiese — a risk taker extraordinaire

Story reveals quite a bit about the billionaire’s appetite for taking chances

BOOK REVIEW: World-weary Farah sets out the lineaments of alienation

‘North of Dawn’ conveys the struggles of refugees in a post-9/11 world, even when hosts are welcoming and progressive

What Brexiting Britain is reading ... it’s not what you think

Mrs Hinch’s cleaning book has sold more than 160,000 copies in the first three days after release

BOOK REVIEW: Going the distance with Vladislavic

A beautiful evocation of a past that dances beneath the lights and refuses to stand still, writes Hans Pienaar

BOOK REVIEW: Einstein, quantum theory and the battle for reality

These three books look at Einstein's theories, his genius, as well as his role as a husband, writes Anjana Ahuja

Ian McEwan wields his technical genius in tale of robots and humans

A new genre of futurist nostalgia emerges in a masterful if occasionally bloodless novel

BOOK REVIEW: Four work-related novels to help you escape

An emerging genre of fiction in France is providing an unlikely brand of escapism, writes Amy Wigelsworth

BOOK REVIEW: Winning combination of vivid imagination and love of story

Discovering a first novel with a young author in the process of finding his voice is exciting. Beyers de Vos talks about his love of writing and future plans, ...

BOOK REVIEW: Account of racial abuse is an easy read

Author Sihle Bolani gives a detailed account of alleged constructive dismissal as de facto PR manager at one of the big five banks, writes Itumeleng Molefi

BOOK REVIEW: Bad (and good) leaders demonstrate Greene’s behavioural laws ruling humanity

Unapologetic new book is a meta-analysis of our flaws and faults, how to compensate for them in ourselves and take advantage of them in others, writes David ...

Marshalltown’s secret book caverns are a bibliophile’s dream

The precinct’s literary heritage is experiencing a revival with pop-up stores and vendor stalls doing roaring trade 

BOOK REVIEW: Tussle over ownership of Kafka’s work focus of entertaining story

Nearly a century after the writer’s death an argument was still raging over who had the more valid claim to his literary legacy — Germany or the Jews, writes ...

‘Rebels and Rage’ extract: The many angles to the free higher education debate

While there is legitimacy to the demand for free education, someone has to pay in the end

BOOK REVIEW: Nthikeng Mohlele’s sixth novel takes a musical turn

The story in Illumination unfolds gently, slowly, the writing poetic and lyrical, writes Arja Salafranca

BOOK REVIEW: FT’s business books of the month

From blockchain to the important small decisions — a round-up of this month’s top titles

The great unravelling of state capture

At Idasa we were extremely watchful of breaches of openness and transparency, writes Judith February in her new book, Turning and Turning 

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