LPG market told to institute steps to boost competition

In a report, the Competition Commission says the concentration of liquefied petroleum gas wholesalers fosters an environment ‘conducive for co-ordination’

3 days ago
Draft report calls for Koko investigation

Treasury review of Eskom’s coal contract with Tegeta wants auditors to look at CEO and chief financial officer

3 days ago
Energy fund chairman gives PetroSA board marching orders

Leadership and management instability have plagued CEF subsidiary PetroSA for three years

4 days ago
Energy fund chairman tells PetroSA board to go

New boss Luvo Makasi questions the state-owned oil company’s strategic direction as members are accused of failing with financial oversight

4 days ago
Power utility Eskom will seek waivers on nuclear rules

The government’s nuclear plans have been red-flagged by credit ratings agencies

7 days ago
BP plugs leak at oil well in Alaska

But a second leak emitting gas remains open, says Alaska’s conservation department

10 days ago