Egg prices to rise sharply due to drought-induced shortage

Many small farmers have gone bankrupt due to the drought pushing feed prices up leading to an egg shortage

Premier Fishing likely to net big profits and meet pre-listing earnings outlook

PremFish CEO Samir Saban says there were increased landings in the lobster division due to good catch rates

Harvest of wine grapes shrivels

Wine producers and cellars will find it difficult to absorb cost increases, says VinPro

Commission targets two seed potatoes companies

Competition Commission claims Wesgrow and HZPC Holland are unlawfully refusing access to other potato seed growers to the Mondial variety

Zeder sows seeds in Turkey

Zaad says the acquisition will enable the company, together with May Seed, to participate in the lucrative Russian and Ukraine sunflower markets

BUSINESS DAY TV: ‘Land reform is vital but must not lead to uncertainty’

Agbiz legal intelligence head Theo Boshoff discusses the implications of the Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill for ownership in the agricultural ...