Venezuelan protests intensify over elections

President Nicolas Maduro presses ahead with ‘confusing constituent assembly’ plan that will further centralise power in the struggling South American state

Trump's debt-trimming includes selling emergency oil stockpile

He also wants to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge where ‘monster’ oil discoveries could raise $1.8bn over the next decade

Madoff Fund pays millions to administrator’s firm but nothing to victims

Firm hired to distribute $4bn to victims of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme has racked up $38.8m in billings, while the investors are still waiting for their ...

Selling US research to European managers in regulatory conflict

New EU directive says banks must charge for research separately from broking services — Europe’s way of improving transparency after the 2008 global crash

Flynn invokes the fifth but committee ‘will get to the truth on way or another’

The former US national security advisor, a key witness in the probe into Trump’s links with Russia, declines subpoena but may fall foul of ‘inherent contempt’

Brazil’s Lula charged in country’s biggest bribery scheme

Meanwhile, incumbent Brazilian president Michel Temer is facing calls to step down due to corruption, but isn’t going without a fight