US fuel prices jump as shortages worsen after pipeline cyberattack

US average petrol prices top $3 a gallon for the first time in more than six years

Donald Trump critic Liz Cheney removed from leadership post by Republicans

The vote, behind closed doors, highlights the grip Trump still has on the GOP, which wants to win back the House in 2022

Republicans cry inflation as foul against Joe Biden’s spending plans

One analyst says the inflation hype is a red herring, and comes up every time a Democrat president is in charge

Cheney’s ouster almost a given as Trump voices contempt

A vote to depose the Republican representative is likely to see her replaced with devout Trump adherent Elise Stefanik

First big US offshore wind farm receives approval from Biden administration

Vineyard Wind’s $2.8bn installation of up to 84 turbines off the East Coast may face legal challenges from fishing groups and others

Cyberattack on US pipeline sees petrol stations run dry

A ransomware attack, believed to be from Russia, has some Americans panic-buying petrol as the Colonial Pipeline is likely to be closed for days

So many available vaccine doses, so many ambivalent Americans

The US government is now shifting its attention to those willing to take the Covid-19 vaccine but who do not want to go out of their way

Colonial pipeline hackers say they want money, not mayhem

FBI names ransomware group DarkSide as perpetrator of attack on major fuel pipeline operator

US fuel pipeline operator races to restore supply after cyberattack

US government steps in to help after attack  blamed on DarkSide cybercrime group cripples  supply network

Americans mostly free to go maskless outside, but many remain dubious

Beyond their disease prevention benefits, masks in the US have become symbols of political views and morality

US misses jobs estimate by a mile as analysts scratch their heads

For traders who had their post-pandemic strategy figured out, this sudden murkiness will rightfully cause them to rip up their playbooks

Republicans push ever harder for right-wing agenda across US states

Republican legislative strategy is less concerned with aligning with public opinion and more focused on galvanising an activist minority of voters

US weekly jobless claims fall to pandemic low

In a sign the US jobs market recovery is accelerating, weekly claims drop to a pandemic low of 498,000 last week

Finance firms ask US government for help navigating sanctions gamut

Avoiding US penalties for violations has grown more challenging for banks as the government’s dependence on sanctions has surged

Riot police responsible for deaths in protests in Colombia

Colombians protesting poverty and inequality were on the streets for an eighth day as the president blames drug mafias for the vandalism

Did Facebook’s algorithms amplify Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric?

According to the former global head of elections integrity operations for political ads at Facebook, yes

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