Hurricane Florence a giant, slow-moving storm, hits the Carolinas

The Category 1 hurricane made landfall at about 11.15am GMT with winds of 150km/h, but there are no reports of serious injury yet

Paul Manfort to plead guilty to avoid criminal trial in US

Donald Trump’;s former campaign manager has already been convicted of bank and tax fraud after a trial in August

Barack Obama campaigns for Democrats because ‘politics is broken’

Speaking at a rally in Cleveland, without mentioning Trump, he said people ‘want to see a restoration of honesty and decency and lawfulness to our ...

US calls out Iran for not calling out China on its treatment of Uyghur Muslims

The US secretary of state slams Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who ‘fancies himself the leader of the Islamic world’ but has done nothing ...

US consumer prices increase less than expected in August

Increases in fuel and rents were offset by a drop in healthcare and clothing costs

Brazil and Australia to fight any Indian sugar export subsidy

India says the country’s sugar exports do not violate WTO rules as New Delhi does not give any subsidy for overseas sales

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro heads to China with ‘great expectations’

Venezuelan Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez has already had talks with Chinese oil firm CNPC, as the South American Opec member’s crisis deepens

Hurricane Florence most severe to hit North Carolina in more than 60 years

Florence has triggered more than 1-million evacuations and is expected to cause as much as $27bn worth of damage

US states and cities ignore Donald Trump and cut greenhouse gases anyway

While the president has dropped the ball regarding climate change in the US, the rest of the country is picking it up

Brazil’s Lula drops out of presidential race, mostly because he’s in jail

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has named Fernando Haddad as his replacement on the ballot, while he serves 12 years for corruption

Palestinian Authority accuses the US of bias as Washington mission shut

The Palestinian leadership vows to review all political, economic and security ties with the US

Hurricane Florence heading towards US East Coast with a million told to flee

The hurricane is a Category 4 on the five-level wind scale; schools in 26 counties are told to close as the hurricane is expected to cause widespread flooding

US and Caribbean brace for arrival of Hurricane Florence

The region’s major coastal areas prepare for devastating floods

Steve Bannon comes out in support of Pope

Trump’s former political strategist says he’s setting up an independent, non-partisan tribunal to investigate decades of scandals in the Catholic ...

Surprise hiring spree boosts August’s jobs figures in US

The unemployment rate held steady at an already-low 3.9% and wage gains gained ground on inflation

How Gmail and other free email services led US to WannaCry hacking suspect

The justice department has lodged criminal charges against Park Jin Hyok, a North Korean employed by alleged government front company Korean Expo Joint Venture

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