US jobless claims at nearly 10-million in two weeks

A record 6.65-million people filed jobless claims in the week ended March 28, worse than the most dire estimate in Bloomberg’s survey of economists

Argentine grain farmers fear for their future amid Covid-19

Between Covid-19 and overly wet weather, the world’s number three soy and corn exporter feels ‘the perfect storm is brewing’

How a pandemic made Mike Pompeo rethink his views on the UN

The turnaround is characteristic of a broader softening in tone by the US, after playing down the threat of Covid-19 for weeks

Wall Street stocks close lower after Trump warns of ‘hard days ahead’

Dow and S&P close 4.4% lower as coronavirus toll continues to worry investors

Americans missing April rents as Covid-19 fallout hits home

Some landlords can afford to be lenient, but many have mortgages to pay themselves, and even high earners are asking for some slack

Tent towns come to New York under siege of a virus scorned

Iconic sites are hastily being prepared for the surge expected after US overtakes China with most deaths

Fed opens repo facility to allow exchange of treasuries for dollars

The programme aims to stabilise dollar funding markets as the US and other major economies enter a coronavirus-induced partial shutdown

New York governor Cuomo’s CNN anchor brother has Covid-19

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, brother of widely acclaimed New York governor Andrew Cuomo, is ‘quarantined in his basement’

Trump pivots from the coronavirus to US infrastructure

The US president called on Congress for $2-trillion for infrastructure because interest rates are close to zero — due to Covid-19

US warehouse and delivery staff warn of stoppage over Covid-19

Amazon and Instacart workers demand better safety measures and threaten a ‘sick-out’

How a New York doctor is preparing for the worst

The wave of Covid-19 patients at Beth Israel hospital corresponds to the one inundating New York City, which shot from 463 confirmed cases two weeks ago to ...

Domestic abuse crimes rise in US during Covid-19 isolation

But in New York, burglaries dropped almost 20% and rapes were down by more than half

Some US megachurches defy social distancing, while others live-stream

Congregants attend services in Louisiana, Ohio and Florida despite warnings over pandemic

How the coronavirus partied at the New Orleans Mardi Gras

The first cases of Covid-19 came two weeks after the parades ended, and now the rise is making the city another US epicentre

Covid-19 death toll grows but US men still more reluctant to wash hands

Women do more childcare to begin with, and so the closing of schools is more impactful — and more likely alarming — for women’

Unemployment soars as US bears brunt of virus outbreak

Labour department reports 3.3-million people applied for unemployment benefits as US now has more Covid-19 infections than any other country

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