Riding out the storm: Nasa fears for its ageing Mars rover, Opportunity

Project head John Callas likens the crisis brought on by the dust storm to having a loved one in a coma

Paul Manafort off to jail for witness tampering ahead of his two trials

The judge said of Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman that ‘she can’t take his cellphone’, so best he be kept behind bars

Trump is still gunning for a trade war — but Beijing is ready to fight back

Reports say the list of goods for the $50bn worth of tariffs has been approved — China has pledged any tariffs will void any progress made in recent trade talks

New York sues Trump, his foundation, over ‘self-dealing’

The lawsuit seeks $2.8m of restitution plus penalties, a 10-year ban on Trump serving as a director of a New York nonprofit, and one-year bans for his children

Contender sees life after Nafta

Frontrunner in Mexican polls says he will switch focus of the economy

Fed raises rates and drops crisis-era guidance

The Federal Reserve raises its benchmark overnight lending to between 1.75% and 2% and says it will tolerate above-target inflation until at least 2020

Senators want probe of US SEC member and Republican who berated Citigroup on its gun stance

Citigroup directs clients to restrict the sale of firearms to those under 21 and who haven’t passed a background check; Republican SEC commissioner Piwowar ...

Rising fuel costs push up US producer prices in May

The producer price index for final demand rose 0.5% in May after edging up 0.1% in April, boosted by a surge in petrol prices and continued gains in the cost ...

Donald Trump stokes up feud with US’s closest allies over trade

The US president fumes at ‘being taken advantage of’ and has another dig at Canada’s Justin Trudeau

Racing US inflation bears out US Fed’s outlook for interest-rate hikes

The pickup in headline inflation partly reflects gains in fuel prices, though the annual gain in the core measure is the highest since February 2017

Colorado’s 416 Fire unlikely to be put out this month and is just 15% contained

With temperatures hitting 30°C, the fire has already forced people to flee 2,000 homes in the past 11 days

Mexico’s presidential favourite favours Trump alliance

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the favourite to win Mexico’s July 1 presidential election, wants to craft a deal similar to the aid plan set up with John F ...

A petulant Donald Trump shows US allies that America First really means America Only

The US president fired off a volley of tweets venting anger on Nato allies, the EU and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the wake of a divisive G-7 ...

Brazil gets short end of stick in superpowers’ poultry wrangle

Antidumping measures are another blow to Brazilian meatpackers

Gig economy shrinks in the US but not for Baby Boomers

More than one-third of independent contractors are aged 55 years or older, while the age group accounts for less than 25% of workers in traditional arrangements

Brazil arabica coffee trade dwindles on low stocks and a delayed harvest

Exporters are still dealing with delays after the nationwide truckers strike, with importers possibly having to buy other origins as substitutes

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