‘Science Moms’ in the US set out to educate their children about climate change

With significant financial backing, the group hopes to personalise its message, making it ‘your kids’ are affected by climate change

Can Donald Trump be impeached after leaving office?

In a nutshell, yes and no; it depends on which constitutional article, section and historical precedent you decide on

Ex-governor of Michigan charged over Flint water contamination

Rick Snyder has been accused of wilful neglect of duty after a 2014 cost-cutting decision resulted in the fouling of drinking water

Olympic swimming star charged over Capitol Hill riot

Videos posted online show gold medal-winning Klete Keller standing in the Rotunda during last week’s assault

Trump administration scraps plans to blacklist Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin puts an end to proposed ban on US investment in Chinese tech giants

Joe Biden names Obama-era veteran Kurt Campbell to lead US Asia policy

Campbell has run the Asia Group business strategy consultancy and advised Biden's campaign

US supreme court reinstates restrictions on abortion pill delivery

The order marks the clearest sign yet of justice Amy Coney Barrett’s impact on the polarising issue of abortion

Senate Republicans consider Trump impeachment trial as House deliberates

Second impeachment push gains Republican support after Capitol rampage by Trump supporters last week

Bolsonaro furious as Ford ends century-old Brazil operations

Ford will shutter three plants and terminate about 5,000 jobs in Brazil by year-end as part of a global restructuring

After a 17-year hiatus, Donald Trump got his death penalty back

Brain-damaged Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, was executed on Wednesday

New York City to end all contracts with Trump Organisation after riot at Capitol

The contracts can be vacated if a company’s leadership engages in criminal activity, such as inciting a riot, the mayor says

Top US military leaders condemn assault on the Capitol in rare memo

The joint chiefs of staff have reminded service members that the military remains committed to protecting and defending the US constitution

‘I thought I was going to die’, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says of Capitol riot

The New York Representative says she felt unsafe when she was brought to a secure room with other legislators who she suspected ‘would create opportunities to ...

US executes Lisa Montgomery after stay of execution is overturned

Montgomery’s execution marks the first time the US government has implemented the death sentence for a female prisoner since 1953

Brazil finds Sinovac’s vaccine efficacy well below earlier findings

São Paulo-based Butantan Institute lists an efficacy rate of 50.4%, after pressure for more transparency

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