Deaths reported after three bombers attack Quetta in Pakistan

One suicide bomber detonated his explosives near a police truck, and two bombers blew themselves up at a paramilitary checkpoint

Modigliani nude expected to sell for $150m in New York

The 1917 Nu couché (Reclining nude), previously owned by US casino mogul Steve Wynn, is being sold by Irish racehorse billionaire John Magnier

Senate approves Mike Pompeo’s nomination as the US’s top diplomat

Republican senator Rand Paul, who had been opposed to the nomination, threw his support behind the CIA director in the face of party pressure

The flight records that put the kibosh on Trump’s Miss Universe denials

The president twice gave James Comey an alibi for why a salacious report about the pageant in Moscow could not be true

Deadly Canadian van attack ends without police firing a single shot

A police officer faced off with the suspect and managed to get him to surrender without firing his gun, the driver drove into pedestrians, killing some and ...

‘I’ve got this,’ Michael Bloomberg to the US on the country’s Paris accord bill

The former New York City mayor has promised to pay the $4.5m the US pledged to pay to the Paris climate agreement before Donald Trump withdrew

Past presidents, family and friends bid farewell to Barbara Bush

Bush, who died Tuesday aged 92, was remembered for her friendship, her wit and her strength

Nasa sets sights on the moon again, but this time as a gateway to Mars

The moon’s gravity could help a spacecraft reduce the speed used for six-month voyages back-and-forth to Mars, thus facilitating re-entry to ...

Sales of guns surge in US, two months after 17 people shot dead at Florida school

The expectation of new gun control regulations has sent gun owners worried about potential restrictions to shops to stock up

Lance Armstrong settles fraud case for $5m — and not everyone is pleased

Former teammate Floyd Landis, however, is relieved not to have to face him in court

Trump claims Comey’s memos exonerate him

The former FBI director’s memos of troubling conversations with the president include Trump’s request that Comey tell the public Trump was not ...

Castro era ends as Cuba elects new president

Miguel Diaz-Canel is formally elected as the country’s new president, succeeding Raul Castro

German court rules that advert blocking apps are legal

The court struck down the case brought by Axel Springer, and overturned a lower court decision that operating a ‘white list’ was tantamount to ...

Nasa and SpaceX launch TESS to boldly go and find other planets

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite will scan 85% of the skies and is expected to reveal 20,000 planets — hopefully some close to home and habitable

Trump gives his ‘blessing’ to talks to end Korean war

The US president has confirmed direct contacts between the US and North Korea

Barbara Bush, matriarch of a political dynasty, dies

Her passing has triggered an outpouring of praise from both sides of the political divide, with the Obamas expressing gratitude for her generosity, humility ...

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