Venezuela launches its oil-backed crypto-currency, the petro

The country is trying to dig itself out of a deep financial hole, but many are sceptical about the petro, which is valued at $60, the same as a barrel of ...

Rick Gates pleads guilty, turns on Paul Manafort in Robert Mueller’s probe

‘Gates, by all appearances, worked hand in glove with Manafort, and it appears that he’s in a position to provide prosecutors with a treasure trove ...

US urged to impose trade curbs

China vows to protects its interests as Trump considers commerce department’s recommendations on steel and aluminium imports

How Nafta plans to tackle rules of origin for car makers

The new round of North American trade talks will tackle the contentious proposed changes that could hurt Mexico

Trump blames FBI for Florida shooting

The FBI admitted Friday it received a chilling warning in January from a tipster who said Cruz could be planning a mass shooting, but that agents failed to ...

Trump crows as US indicts 13 Russians for election interference

The US president has leapt on the indictments as ‘proof’ that his campaign staff did nothing wrong, while Moscow has dismissed them as ‘absurd’

US will eliminate market barriers for batteries and other storage devices

The US’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has finalised a rule that will let energy storage compete against power plants in wholesale power markets

Trump dodges issue of gun control as teen confesses to mass murder at Florida school

The FBI has admitted it received a tip-off about 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz but failed to act

How Trump’s tax changes are raising the temperature in divorce talks

Reducing tax breaks for alimony payers from 2019, people in the US are rushing to finalise divorces sooner rather than later

McDonald’s hopes cutting cheeseburgers from Happy Meal will help customers to better health

All Happy Meals advertised on US menu boards will be 600cal or less by June, McDonald’s said on Thursday

Teen gunman kills 17 people in rampage at US high school

Wednesday’s shooting — the 18th so far this year — is the second deadliest US school shooting on record

Rex Tillerson visits the Middle East to ease new tensions

Islamic State fighters are trying to regroup in Afghanistan and the Philippines, the US’s top diplomat tells a Kuwait meeting

Amazon molly doesn’t need a male to reproduce

An all-female freshwater fish dupes a closely related male fish into mating, but doesn’t retain any of his genetic input

Solar and battery power edging out natural gas in US

In California, regulators have called on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to use batteries or other nonfossil fuel resources instead of supplies from ...

Oxfam’s deputy CEO steps down as fallout from sexual misconduct scandal spreads

The scandal is escalating into a broader crisis for Britain’s aid sector by bolstering critics who have argued that the government should reduce spending ...

Trump unveils trillion-dollar initiative to revamp US infrastructure

Plan likely to anger deficit hawks who question how to justify such ambitious projects while cutting taxes and with exploding deficits on the near horizon

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