Shale oil is alive and fracking despite low prices

Oil companies with relatively comfortable investment-grade ratings are buying smaller rivals on the verge of relegation to junk

Goodbye, Asbestos, you will not be missed

The town of Asbestos in Quebec is, if approved, to be renamed Val-des-Sources, which sounds less carcinogenic

Can ‘Amtrak Joe’ Biden follow through on the ‘second rail revolution’

A rail tunnel between New York City and New Jersey is pivotal to meeting passenger demand in the congested northeastern US

What would happen after four years of America First?

Investors say a persuasive Biden win would especially benefit emerging markets, an area that has historically outperformed during Democrat presidencies

Trump calls coronavirus task force leader Anthony Fauci a ‘disaster’

The president attacks  Fauci after a television interview, adding that Americans are fed up with pandemic restrictions

US air travel surpasses 1-million mark for first time since March

Airlines expect a long, slow recovery as flyers returng in far fewer numbers than normal

Pandemic creates scores of jobs in US health-care sector

CVS Health will hire about 15,000 workers to help with flu season and coronavirus testing

Houston tech mogul Robert T Brockman charged in biggest tax evasion case in US history

The businessman has been charged with hiding $2bn in income from the US taxman using shell firms and bank accounts in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Switzerland

Democrats set deadline for pre-election stimulus deal

Trump says he's prepared to raise the stimulus offer, and  ‘could quickly convince’ Republicans to back a ‘good’ deal

Elon Musk eyes 2024 for Mars mission by SpaceX’s Starship

The entrepreneur is hoping the huge rocket will reach orbit in 2021

US economy is rolling along, so Fed unlikely to alter bond-buying

Of the two levers used to manage the US economy — monetary conditions controlled by the Fed and government spending controlled by Congress — the Fed feel it’s ...

Donald Trump says conspiracy theorist group QAnon ‘fights paedophilia very hard’

The US president refused to disavow QAnon, which says without evidence that Trump is fighting a satanic cult of paedophiles, including Hillary Clinton

US authorities detain Mexico’s former defence minister

Salvador Cienfuegos held on US Drug Enforcement Administration warrant in Los Angeles

US first-time jobless claims rise to nearly 900,000

The report may reflect tens of thousands of recent job cuts at  airlines

US names human rights envoy for Tibet and China is furious

‘The setting up of the so-called co-ordinator for Tibetan issues is entirely out of political manipulation to interfere in China's internal affairs and ...

Kamala Harris cancels travel after two of her staff get Covid-19

The campaign said she was not in ‘close contact’ with the two, and nor was presidential nominee Joe Biden, whose schedule won’t be interrupted

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