Harvey Weinstein reaches $44m deal with alleged victims and creditors

The settlement does not exempt Weinstein from the criminal proceedings brought against him for sexual assault

US charges WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with espionage

The decision to charge Assange with espionage crimes is notable, and unusual

Trump’s $16bn aid programme to cushion US farmers

Department of agriculture says the package is to  help soybean growers to establish new markets

Bank CEO charged in scheme to win job in Trump administration

Calk provided campaign manager Manafort with wish list of government positions in exchange for loan approvals

IMF confirms US tariffs hurt the US, contradicting Trump

Report concludes what most economists have argued for months: that China doesn’t pay US tariffs, American consumers and companies do

US Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh is released from prison after 17 years

But leaked US government documents show the federal government as recently as 2016 described Lindh as holding ‘extremist views’

US Federal Reserve says economic risks have receded, but still present

With inflation pressures muted the US central bank can afford to be patient, Fed minutes show

Angry Trump blasts Pelosi over accusations of a ‘cover-up’

A bipartisan meeting about infrastructure ended quickly with Trump telling reporters he won't work with Democrats due to their ‘phony’ investigations

Treat fleeing Venezuelans as refugees, UN urges

High commission says the majority of those leaving the country are in need of international protection

US House to meet with or without former White House lawyer

Amid calls for his impeachment, Trump tells Don McGhan to ignore a subpoena, but Democrats say ‘he cannot simply refuse to appear’

US judge swats aside Trump case to protect his financial records

Trump calls judge Amit Mehta ‘crazy’ and says it is a ‘wrong decision by obviously an Obama-appointed judge’

Trump’s comments dismay Japanese car makers

President declares some imports a security threat

How US garlic farmers are benefiting from the trade war

Sales of California-grown garlic grow as Chinese garlic faces even higher tariffs

US eases curbs on Huawei

Commerce department to let Chinese firm buy American-made goods in order to maintain existing networks

US warns of data threat from Chinese-made drones

The warning against Chinese-made devices follows the blacklisting of telecoms giant Huawei and 68 affiliates

US senator Warren wants overhaul of federal laws to protect abortion

Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, says ‘people are scared and angry’ about the mooted new drastic abortion laws

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