A hundred years later, talk of reparations for slavery

House judiciary committee agrees to study the effects of slavery and discrimination

US signals new approach to war with Afghan withdrawal

US president’s certainty about Afghanistan is not shared by all,  some  in his own administration

US police officer who shot dead black motorist faces manslaughter charge

The killing of Daunte Wright has sparked fresh protests in Minneapolis

Police officer hurt in school shooting in US not shot by student’s gun

A 17-year old high school student, who opened fire at a Tennessee high school, was shot dead on Monday during a confrontation with police

Biden announces plan to pull troops from ‘US’s longest war’

President to fully withdraw forces from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks on US and Nato allies to follow

Haiti prime minister resigns amid political turmoil and gang violence

Joseph Jouthe’s departure comes as Caribbean country considers constitutional reform and new elections in September

Bernie Madoff, mastermind of biggest investment fraud in US history, dies at 82

Madoff scammed tens of thousands of people of about $65bn and was serving a 150-year prison sentence for his Ponzi scheme

Increasing illegal roads clear path for Amazon deforestation in Colombia

Deforestation spiked in Colombia after the government signed a peace deal to end hostilities with the Farc guerrilla group in 2016

The US has more guns than people

This is unlikely to change as small, rural states where gun ownership is widespread have disproportionate influence in the US Senate

Biden to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan by September 11

The US will miss  May 1 deadline agreed to by the Trump administration and the Taliban

Shooting of black motorist sparks unrest in Minneapolis

Mayor calls for police officer to resign after fatal shooting of Daunte Wright

Black entrepreneurs seek to close racial wealth gap

One firm aims to help low-income earners gain a credit score, allowing them to access the US financial system and escape crippling debt cycles

US citizens lead the way in police reform

Civilians on task-forces and some elected officials  are pushing for changes in police conduct, because it’s clear the police won’t do it

Snake River is the most endangered in the US

Pacific Northwest habitat for salmon is under serious threat

Biden calls for calm after police killing

Shooting sets off new round of violent protests in Minneapolis

Millionaire banker Guillermo Lasso wins Ecuador presidential election

Ecuadorean bonds rally as Lasso promises ‘better days are coming for everyone’

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