US Congress takes steps to avoid shutdown at election time

Negotiators draft a bill that will keep federal programmes operating until after the poll

Donald Trump plans to pick new Supreme Court judge by Saturday

The US president is moving quickly to fill the seat of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg and cement a 6-3 conservative majority ahead of his re-election bid

Potential Trump supreme court choice is a religious conservative

Liberals fear Amy Coney Barrett could become instrumental in overturning abortion rights

These are the US Supreme Court’s eight judges, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death

The death of Bader Ginsburg has raised questions about how an eight-person court might handle a 4-4 tie on something like a contested election result

Joe Biden blasts Republican push to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Biden urges Republican senators to avoid a constitutional crisis after Trump vows to rush through nomination of new supreme court justice

Biden to spend $100m on educating US voters in bid to counter misinformation

Efforts are focused on encouraging Democrat supporters to cast their ballots as early as possible

Lawyer repeats claim that Julian Assange was offer a presidential pardon

Donald Trump associate ‘offered a win-win’ if WikiLeaks founder would reveal source of e-mails

NEWS ANALYSIS: Death of liberal judge Ginsburg throws ‘wild card’ into presidential race

Trump has the opportunity to strengthen the conservative hand with his nomination for the vacancy

Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg fuels resistance to Republicans

Mourners fear for the future of the US while candlelight tributes to the liberal judge continue throughout the weekend

With candles, flowers and signs, mourners honour Ruth Ginsburg on US Supreme Court steps

A trailblazing women’s rights lawyer before she joined the US Supreme Court, Ginsburg emerged as an unlikely pop icon in recent years

Argentina pushes luck with plans to delay IMF payments

Argentina wants to defer about $45bn in payments over the next few years, but IMF will want serious guarantees

FBI warns of Russian campaign targeting Biden to sow discord in US election

Russia and China are among adversaries trying to interfere in the US presidential election, says FBI director Christopher Wray

New York mayor Bill de Blasio furloughs himself and 500 staff for week

The symbolic move, which is expected to save about $1m, comes as New York faces $9bn deficit over next two years

Fed signals it will keep rates unchanged until at least the end of 2023

Fed officials slash forecast 2020 economic contraction for the US and expect 4% growth in 2021

Maduro security forces committed crimes against humanity, UN says

Report says the Venezuelan president and ministers ordered or contributed to atrocities

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