Ecuador revokes Julian Assange’s citizenship

Assange is in a British jail fighting extradition to the US where prosecutors have charged him with espionage

US says cyberattacks could lead to ‘real shooting war’

President Joe Biden highlights cybersecurity threats posed by China and Russia

US goods trade deficit widens as imports reflect recovery

Bottlenecks in the supply chain have hampered manufacturers’ ability to boost production, drawing in more imports

Rising Covid cases threaten petrol recovery

Demand in the US and Europe is hitting a plateau as coronavirus cases worldwide start to rise again

Desalination on track in California despite environmental concern

Regulators appear ready to approve a desalination plant in Huntington Beach as opponents push for alternatives

Police officers give emotional testimony at US Capitol riot inquiry

Officers recount the January 6 riot at the first hearing, saying Trump is to blame and insurrection should not be downplayed

US to reverse guidance on mask-wearing as Delta variant spreads

Health officials will advise that fully vaccinated people should wear protective masks in public indoors

California issues evacuation orders as two wildfires converge

Fires in western US coincide with record-shattering heat that has caused hundreds of deaths

Bezos offers Nasa $2bn incentive for lunar spacecraft contract

Bezos wants a slice of a Nasa project offered to rival billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s SpaceX in April to build a moon spacecraft

Price of coffee hits seven-year peak after cold destroys crops

The surge in arabica is translating into higher prices for consumers at supermarkets and coffee shops

US to call for safeguards in talks with China to temper rivalry

US wants to stress the need for 'guardrails' ahead of deputy secretary of state's meeting with Beijing's foreign minister

Economists upbeat about US economy despite Delta jitters

Confidence is based on expectation that lockdowns are over and consumers will stick to plans

Fed has to wrestle with how to ease support for US housing market

The debate over mortgage-backed securities will probably be near the top of the agenda this week

Biden imposes sanctions on Cuba regime after crackdown on protests

Thursday’s sanctions are ‘just the beginning’, says US president

US states unveil landmark $26bn opioid settlement

Settlement with three of the largest US drug distributors and Johnson & Johnson needs approval from at least 48 states

Climate spending on rural parts of US could help green shift along

Rural communities in the US are ‘indispensable’ to achieving the country’s climate goals, a new report notes

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