Donald Trump to meet legislators as shutdown enters 25th day

President to host members of Congress as new bipartisan group of US senators is searching for an agreement that could help reopen the government

Trump decries Hondurans’ new US-bound caravan

US president justifies building Mexico border wall as 500 Hondurans set out on a trek to the US

Trump rejects report that he hid details of meetings with Putin

US president says there was nothing to hide from his talks with the Russian president

Former Italian activist Cesare Battisti caught in Bolivia after a life on the run

The left-wing militant and thriller writer sought refuge in France, Mexico and Brazil after being convicted for murder

Trump says no emergency declaration to end US govt shutdown

The US President seems to be digging in his heels in an effort to get funds for his much punted wall

Former Trump ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen agrees to testify publicly before Congress

US President Donald Trump's former lawyer will appear before the House in early February

Trump says he’ll probably declare national emergency over wall deadlock

A quarter of the federal government has shut down for the 20th day in the standoff

Nicolas Maduro to start new term as Venezuela isolation grows

Opposition leaders see the inauguration as the moment at which Maduro will be branded a dictator following a controversial 2018 election

Brazilian oil bribery suspect linked to Vitol and Glencore arrested in US

Court documents allege he received money from major oil-trading groups to secure Petrobas deals

US House Democrats to test Republicans on Trump’s wall demand

Democrats push for reopening of departments and agencies shutdown in December

Donald Trump is running out of options to end the shutdown

He’s visiting the Mexican border, even though ‘it’s not going to change a damn thing’, according to the New York Times

Deputy US attorney–general Rod Rosenstein, overseeing Russia probe, set to leave

Rosenstein has been frequently criticised by US President Donald Trump over the Russian investigation 'witch hunt'

Donald Trump still wants his wall, but has not declared emergency, yet

The US president says he will continue to seek a solution to the impasse with Congress

Donald Trump may push untested emergency power

A US president can declare a state of emergency — but the reasons for doing so are strictly defined and, Democrats say, will not pass legal muster

Key dates looming could shorten Trump’s shutdown

The US president insists that he’s ‘very proud’ of what he’s doing but will he withstand the pressure as paychecks are missed and tax refunds delayed?

Trump threatens years-long government shutdown

Trump is withholding his support for a bill that would fully fund the government until he secures money for a wall on the Mexican border

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