Senate’s top Democrat finds Trump’s pardon plan ‘extremely disturbing’

Senator Mark Warner reacts to a Washington Post article that said the president was asking ‘about his power to pardon aides’ in connection to the Russia ...

Jobless claims show US still creating jobs

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fall to the lowest level since February

Venezuelans ramp up challenge to Nicolas Maduro

The 24-hour stoppage saw parts of Caracas and other cities paralysed and ramps up an opposition-led challenge to President Nicolas Maduro

Supporters to US Senator McCain: fight on

The Republican, who survived five years in captivity during the Vietnam War, has a particularly aggressive form of brain tumour

Why Americans’ drug problem is also the Fed’s problem

If opioid addiction is rendering people unemployable, it could help explain why a historically low portion of the prime-age population is working

US push for tougher North Korea sanctions hits a hitch

Russia’s contention that North Korea did not fire an intercontinental ballistic missile hurts a US push for the Security Council to impose stronger ...

Elon Musk is not convinced Falcon Heavy’s maiden launch will be a success

SpaceX CEO says developing the booster rocket has been ‘harder than initially thought’ and there is a good chance it ‘will not make it to ...

John McCain has ‘aggressive’ form of brain cancer

The Republican senator, who was Obama’s adversary in the 2008 presidential election, faces a poor prognosis

Dead healthcare bill on the menu at Trump’s Senate lunch

Republicans face the once-unthinkable prospect of working with Democrats to fix Obamacare — but the president is having none of it

Trump set to end his first year without hitting a single major legislative goal

Americans are not tired of winning, as Trump envisaged, but they may soon be tired of the White House’s inertia

Trump throws hissy fit, threatens to ‘let Obamacare fail’

President lashes out at Democrats and ‘some Republicans’ in Twitter storm over being ‘let down’ in his bid to scrap the Affordable Care ...

Atypical variety of mad cow disease discovered in the US

Department of Agriculture says the case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy was detected during routine surveillance and did not pose a risk to the food supply

Lower US import prices suggest inflation will remain benign

US import prices decreased 0.2% in June after an upwardly revised 0.1% decline a month earlier

The dollar plummets as US Republicans scramble over healthcare bill

With no consensus on a new healthcare bill on the horizon, a repeal-only strategy might be on the cards

Netflix now has more subscribers internationally than in the US

The company’s stock price jumped as much as 9.7% on Tuesday in New York, its biggest increase since October 2016

US imposes new sanctions on Iran regarding missile programme

The US department of treasury says it is targeting 16 entities and individuals for supporting ‘illicit Iranian actors or transnational criminal ...

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