Donald Trump’s steel tariffs mean Turkey needs to find new markets

The new tariffs will not put Turkish steel makers out of business, but force them to find markets across North Africa or the Middle East, or displace other ...

Court rejects Trump administration’s attempt to force through Keystone XL pipeline

A federal judge has ordered the state department to do a full environmental review of a revised route for the pipeline, which could delay the project

Hundreds of US newspapers hit back at Trump

Newspapers big and small published editorials making impassioned arguments for the importance of a free press, in a co-ordinated campaign

US industrial production about the same in July as it was in June

Manufacturing of vehicles, PCs and electronics rose in July, as did oil and gas extraction, but mining output dropped and electricity production fell

Venezuela faces a health crisis as Caracas taps run dry

The city’s altitude puts it at the mercy of poorly maintained pumping infrastructure for its water needs

Cars and clothing lead surprisingly large rise in US retail sales

July sales were five times higher than expected — though June sales figures were revised lower

Donald Trump spews more of his vitriol, this time a former aide is the target

Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s book, which paints the president as a racist, with a ‘total lack of empathy’, has plunged the White House into fresh crisis

How Jared Kushner’s Russia links took root at a lunch with Henry Kissinger

The March 2016 lunch was where Trump’s son-in-law was introduced to the Center for the National Interest, a think-tank favouring US engagement with Moscow

Anti-fascist protesters outside White House drown out white supremacist voices

Most of the ‘white civil rights rally’ demonstrators wore masks, prompting counter-protesters to taunt them as cowards for hiding their identity

Automotive trade groups livid over foreign risk probe

The US government wants confidential business information in search for ‘national security risks’

Nasa blasts off on visit to the sun

The unmanned craft will go closest to solar system centre

Trump taunts Turkey about tariffs via Twitter, mocking the lira’s crisis

The US president has increased tariffs on steel — Turkeys fourth-largest export — to 50%, with Turkey saying it won’t bow to ‘economic ...

Police report deaths after shooting in Canadian town

Fredericton police are urging people in the area of the shooting to remain in their homes, describing it as an ‘active incident’

Maduro’s assassination attempt shows how lethal drones can be

Researchers not surprised because they had already warned of such attacks by terrorists

New US sanctions against Iran are now in force

Iran will not be able to buy dollars, trade a variety of precious and industrial metals, or sell carpets and pistachios to the US

Rick Gates spills the beans on how he and Paul Manafort hid millions

The prosecution’s star witness also admitted to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Donald Trump’s former campaign chief while they ...

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