The future has made a quiet entrance

Volkswagen and Audi focused on strategy at Frankfurt but there were some new models, write Mark Smyth and Michael Taylor

Promise of even more sport from Renault

Mark Smyth spoke with two Renault Sport directors about electric sports cars and the new Megane RS

Hyundai’s hot hatch measures up in heartbeats per minute

Hyundai announced a mild electric vehicle strategy at Frankfurt as well as a couple of new models, writes Mark Smyth

Honda’s Urban EV is the unexpected star of the show

The star of Frankfurt was to be found tucked away beyond the expensive stands and expensive cars writes Mark Smyth

Thrills and spills at racetracks

First corner crashes and championship deciders in action packed motorsport weekend

BMW 330e: Fuel-hardy or solid sipper?

Lerato Matebese decides whether the BMW 330e justifies the added capital outlay over its donor car, the 320i

AMG’s Project One — one heck of a project from one heck of a firm

AMG’s F1-powered Project One means fast cars aren’t fast enough anymore writes Michael Taylor

Gumtree awards: Judging best of the pre-owned

Motor News will be on the panel for the first Gumtree used vehicle awards

Ford Fiesta still popular across all generations

Ford recently revealed its new Fiesta but do you realise that it will be the eighth generation of the model?

Classic values in slower gear

Values have slowed slightly in the classic car market but remain mostly positive writes Mark Smyth

Concept electric cars and retro hatchbacks feature at Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda’s Urban EV Concept hatchback should just be built as is, as it looks like the coolest hatchback since the Mark I Volkswagen Golf

With spring comes new electric leaf

The second-generation Nissan Leaf has debuted and an electric vehicle revolution appears to be coming, writes Tim Cohen

Charging ahead with a new strategy

The Volkswagen Group has announced it is on an electric mission, writes Mark Smyth

F1 for the road

Mercedes-AMG unveiled its Project One hypercar at the Frankfurt motor show

Rules put brakes on Audi’s autonomous tech

Michael Taylor experienced the self-driving technology of the new Audi A8, but the world is not ready for it, yet

Hyundai Elantra Sport: Torque steer? Well I never!

Mark Smyth drove the Hyundai Elantra Sport as the company finally joins the performance party

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