McLaren 720S — perfection that takes every day seriously

While in the UK, Mark Smyth found out whether the new McLaren 720S is as good as we have heard it is

On the recall trail

There have been a raft of vehicle recall announcements over the past few days

Hyundai’s i30N hot hatch shoots for the GTi

Hyundai just started moving a lot faster, writes Michael Taylor

Mercedes E400 convertible is all about calm cruising

Bigger, better and smoother, the classic Benz convertible gets better with age, says Michael Taylor

Sponsor continues to make a mark

Mark Smyth reports on the successes and failures of the famous Martini Racing stripes

The high costs of keeping a car on the road

A recent survey shows that shopping around for the best servicing labour rate can pay dividends

Expert advice on investing in the classics

The upcoming Historic Automobile Group International conference will provide insight into collecting and investing in classic cars

Teams show off their endurance and skills

It was a motorsport-filled weekend from both an international and local perspective

Merc bakkie makes its international debut in the Cape

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class shares its underpinnings with the Nissan Navara, but looks quite distinct

Jaguar is setting pace in sports SUV market

Jaguar is showing further ambition in the SUV market with the new E-Pace, due in SA in 2018, writes Mark Smyth

Is Porsche or Ferrari the favourite brand of SA’s super-rich?

SA’s multimillionaires are flying high when it comes to private jet usage: 160 South African multimillionaires own private jets

The joy of discovering icons from the past

Mark Smyth reports on some of the historic rally cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Truck industry on edge over economic events

The industry is also about to enter what is traditionally a strong buying period as companies prepare for Christmas

Ferrari’s V12 horse begging to be broken in

Motor News travelled to Maranello to sample Ferrari’s most powerful GT to date, the 812 Superfast

Audi RS5 — battle of the brawn grows in intensity

You might want to hang on before buying an M4 or a C 63 AMG, says Michael Taylor. The RS5 is back

Technology set to push aside old models and large dealerships

Mark Smyth spoke with the new head of Audi South Africa, Trevor Hill about changes in the industry

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