INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Downsized, but still with a lot to offer

We travelled to Stockholm, Sweden to sample Lexus’s smallest SUV yet, the UX, writes Lerato Matebese

INDUSTRY NEWS: BMW SA’s X3 plant shifts up a gear to boost output capacity

BMW Plant Rosslyn was awarded the Platinum Plant Quality Award for producing 3 Series models with the fewest defects or malfunctions

TRUCKING FEATURE: Solutions to cut fleet management costs

Cost management is a core pillar of Ctrack by Inseego

LAUNCH NEWS: Eicher Trucks joins ‘big and heavy’ brigade

Celebrating a decade-long partnership with Volvo Trucks this year, Eicher Trucks essentially uses the same engines and drivetrain as its Swedish partner

TRUCKING FEATURE: Staying reliable and strong for the long haul

Hino SA reports that both trucks still have their original engines, gearboxes and rear axles

Marking major milestone for heavy-duty engines

TRUCKING FEATURE/ Mercedes-Benz plant and Daimler Trucks North America’s subsidiary produce 1-million engines

Self-driving trucks now a step closer to hitting the highway

The semi-trailer truck had a level 3 autonomous driving system, enabling it to steer, accelerate or decelerate, and manoeuvre through traffic

Tickets go on sale for Cape Town WRX

Killarney to again host final round of exciting tar-gravel world championship

Volvo Trucks opts to invest in modern Durban dealership

The announcement was made by Marcus Hörberg, the recently appointed new vice-president of Volvo Group Southern Africa

Volvo takes on the airlines

What if you could take your own first-class private cabin that picks you up at home and takes you from door to door?

Cut mega deals in the privacy suite of world’s leading car

At the touch of a button, rear-seat passengers can either see through the glass and on to the road ahead, or instantly transform the glass to opaque

In with the new, while SA remains stuck with the old

Mercedes has revealed the new Actros in the year that Mercedes SA launched the ongoing Actros, writes Mark Smyth

New Porsche Cayenne sheds weight, gains power

New SUV is even closer to its roots as a Porsche sports car, writes Roger Houghton

Super showroom for BMW in Sandton

Plans are afoot for further expansion at BMW Sandton Auto, one of the biggest BMW dealerships in the country, writes Lerato Matebese

Amid all the noisy confusion, the future waits in sounds of silence

In Shenzhen, China, the quiet age is already four decades in the past, writes Blake Schmidt

Mercedes’ ‘Baby Benz’ fast-forwards into the future

The fourth-generation A-Class hits town with more space, more style — and a lot more tech, writes Denis Droppa

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