A breakdown of Robert Mugabe’s assets is not expected any time soon

Mugabe’s lawyer, Terrence Hussein, says a suggestion that the estate has been finalised is untrue and misleading

Harare’s Florence Nightingale delivers babies in her dingy flat

Do-gooder widow steps in to help 250 mothers and their babies as Zimbabwe's health sector totters

Unrest in DRC hinders efforts to eradicate Ebola epidemic, UN says

Protesters burn government buildings and target UN peacekeepers for their failure to halt rising attacks by armed groups

‘Gandhi of Western Sahara’ Aminatou Haidar to receive top human rights prize

Haidar is a champion of nonviolent resistance to Morocco's annexation of Western Sahara

Who will get the $10m and properties Robert Mugabe left behind?

Under Zimbabwean law, the estate of a person who dies without a will is distributed between their spouse and children

No bail application for Namibian politicians over fishing scandal

Former ministers Sakeus Shanghala and Bernardt Esau, and four others, are accused of conspiring with Iceland's biggest fishing firm to receive payments for ...

US court acquits shipbuilder’s sales rep over Mozambique corruption scandal

Lebanese salesman cleared in case over huge bribes and kickbacks to secure contracts and loans

Tensions high over Africa’s largest power dam

Neighbours Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt are due to meet for talks over Ethiopia's new dam on the Blue Nile

Dutch solar company aims to power up more than a million Nigerian households

Government awarded part of a $75m World Bank-funded grant to Lumos Global as part of efforts to back quick and simple solutions to the country’s energy deficit

Burundi told to watch neighbours after cross-border attacks

After two attacks in just three weeks, people are being asked to report on unknown visitors and to leave the lights on

Uganda pushes on with plan to build hydro station near Murchison Falls

This has infuriated tourism operators who fear the project on the Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls National Park could irreversibly scar the natural wonder

Zimbabwean doctors reject government’s latest wage offer

The doctors, who earn less than US$100 a month went on strike on September 3, but more than double that salary is still not enough, they say

Drones to put Lagos waterway on the map

SA-based NGO, Code for Africa, undertakes mapping project for floating slum of Makoko in Nigeria’s capital

Zimbabwe keeps 2020 grain subsidies amid dire food shortage

A UN special rapporteur says up to 8-million people face ‘man-made’ starvation with 60% not getting their basic food needs met

Four more Ebola health workers killed and five injured in DRC attack

The Word Health Organisation said Ebola was retreating but these attacks will give it force again

State-owned diamond firm plans auctions outside Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company has cut its 2019 diamond production forecast 24% to 3.1-million carats, but sees a rebound in 2020

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