Court pours water on coal-fired power station plan

High Court in Pretoria has recognised the significant effects climate change has on SA

11 days ago
The world of wildlife: waiting and waiting then being chased and chased

Gordon Buchanan, who thinks modern society unnatural and has an aversion to screens, has been chased by a wide variety of wildlife, but says it was worth the ...

13 days ago
SARAH WILD: SA’s astronomy centres to become one constellation

The Square Kilometre Array project in SA will form the backbone of a national radio astronomy observatory, writes Sarah Wild

14 days ago
Mayor De Lille calls for drought-hit Cape Town to be declared disaster area

Without significant rain, Cape Town dam level may fall below 15% within 10 weeks and parts of the city could be without water, says mayor Patricia de Lille

24 days ago
SA scientists create ‘honey fingerprint’ test to stop fraud

Unscrupulous overseas producers are known to save costs by diluting their product with watered-down honey or sugar

24 days ago
Rhino poachers look to KwaZulu-Natal as Kruger net tightens

Overall poaching numbers have declined but conservation groups warn there are still reasons to be concerned

24 days ago