Science and technology almost eliminates backlog for tax breaks

The government offers tax incentives for R&D projects, but take-up since 2006 has been slow due to red tape

Fracking go-ahead in Karoo basin ‘possible within months’

Five licence applications under review for exploration in the Karoo could succeed under Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane

Sweet victory for environment as farmers lose St Lucia fight

Judge rules in the landmark case artificially breaching the Mfolozi River is ‘self-serving and a dated perspective’, writes Tony Carnie

Two new ‘clues’ about Homo naledi may create more questions

The hominin may only be about 250,000 years old (very young), and it has a smaller brain than ours but it seems to be ‘surprisingly like our own’ (very ...

Malaria research may help develop new drugs

The new information may help other scientists in their quest to find new and better antimalaria drugs

Report indicates that fracking in Karoo is unlikely

BMI Research says environmentalists need not worry because only major players would be able to develop a shale gas industry, and they are not interested

SA scientists discover bloated, ‘Styrofoamy’ planet

The exoplanet‚ dubbed Kelt-11b after the telescopes that found it‚ orbits a star 320 light years away and is a gas giant similar to Jupiter and Saturn

Big budget cuts at game parks will badly hinder antipoaching efforts

Management are worried about running the parks‚ maintaining conservation efforts and fighting poaching, as petrol for patrol cars will also be rationed

Small-scale farmers cling to hope that a dry winter will exterminate armyworm

R40,000 worth of pesticides didn’t help one farmer, but due to pest-resistant genetically modified crops, commercial production won’t be significantly affected

Minister’s wildlife plans a jumbo worry

Conservationists are alarmed by Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa's increasingly dangerous ‘conservation’ proposals, writes Melissa Reitz

What’s behind the genetic threat to the rhino?

‘This is quite a staggering loss for any species to endure’, says Sarah Wild

Telescope project makes progress on radio-quiet zone

The Square Kilometre Array project now has half the land it needs to set up its radio-quiet zone

Export of bones raises fears for region’s lions

There is significant evidence SA’s legal trade in captive-bred lion trophies is accelerating the slaughter of wild lions, writes Yvonne Fontyn

Catfight over right to hunt SA’s leopards

Professional hunters say a recent ban puts the species at risk, while conservation groups claim more monitoring and research must be done, writes Yvonne Fontyn

Raising orphaned rhino calves: the other side of the poaching plague

Wildlife organisations have united to rescue, heal and rehabilitate the calves left behind in the slaughter, writes Lesley Stones

1.6-billion year old fossil may be earliest plant, say scientists

Researchers on Tuesday described the tiny, multicellular fossils as two types of red algae, one thread-like and the other bulbous, that lived in a shallow ...