Tribunal dismisses appeal against collusion in R240m Eskom tender

An investigation was launched following a complaint lodged by the power utility in March 2016, while Brian Molefe was still its head

Vaal district faces catastrophe as Emfuleni sewage spills into river

Sewage from the water waste works threatens agriculture and tourism in the impoverished district

Salt-laden subterranean lake on Mars could be habitat for microbial life

The find, by Italian researches, is the first stable body of liquid water found on the planet and resembles a sub-glacial lake on Earth

How lasers will point to the extent of pollution in industrial skies

Equipped with a new R2.5m atmospheric laser radar system, researchers hope to gather new pollution data from industrial hub Richards Bay, writes Tony Carnie

How do you store a universe worth of data? Three SA universities have the answer

We already have the technology to know how the universe was made, but the challenge for scientists now is to store and process the massive amounts of data ...

SA unveils the MeerKAT telescope, precursor to the Square Kilometre Array

MeerKAT is expected to reveal extraordinary detail in the region surrounding the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy

Don’t ban plastics — design them to be recyclable, says expert

Speaking at EuroScience Open Forum 2018, a marine biologist says a closer working relationship between designers and companies that deal with waste is needed

Scientists fear Brexit — but the SA government is not worried

While EuroScience is worried impediments to scientists’ free movement will hinder research, SA says Brexit could open up new opportunities for local ...

Holistic strategy and a national regulator will solve water crisis

Political will, capital and regulation needed to devise new system, writes Mark van Wyk

Climate change report: SA’s cities urged to prepare for heat waves and floods

The authors predict that nearly 215-million people will be living in poverty in 495 cities by 2050, writes Shaun Smillie

Scientists unearth new species of earliest tetrapod in Eastern Cape

The new fossils are about 360-million years old and are the first tetrapods found in SA

All hands on deck to build resilience to disasters

Role-players need to recognise that the best chance of building a resilient future is to do so together, writes Lulamile Makaula

If we do not act soon, SA’s precious wetlands could be lost forever

Ecologist Alanna Rebelo says immediate action is required to restore palmiet wetlands threatened with erosion or they could be drained or lost by 2065

Investors put Northern Cape’s sunshine to good use

Spanish firm Abengoa’s Xina Solar One is one of the major projects of SA’s renewable energy programme

World-first linked optical and radio telescopes will capture deep space data

The project, six years in the making, is a collaboration between the Netherlands, the UK and SA, writes Sarah Wild

Nine out of 10 species, including humans, came into being 100,000-200,000 years ago

Scientists now have an answer to why the overwhelming majority of species in existence today emerged at about the same time

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