The sunny Northern Cape is a pioneer in solar thermal energy — and job creation

The first solar steam plant — KaXu Solar One, opened in 2015 — created about 80 new permanent jobs and about 1,700 temporary ones

UCT scientists discover bone infection in prehistoric femur

The research has provided further evidence of the link between mammals and their ‘mammal-like’ reptile ancestors

Statist ideology bars water-crisis solution

Mokonyane invites investment from private sector but creates conditions that drive it away

Travellers to fly Jozi water to thirsty Cape Town on Friday

Passengers whose luggage is 5kg under the weight limit can ‘exchange’ their unused kilograms for litres of water that will be delivered to Cape ...

Ancient sea reptiles have similar inner ears to whales and crocs, Wits scientists find

Whales have highly miniaturised inner ears: blue whales have a similar-sized inner ear to humans‚ possibly the result of having such a short neck

Collective impact of solar and wind power being studied in SA

A Stellenbosch team is monitoring the environmental impact of such power plants on water loss, birdlife and dust

How environment curbs may impede siting of SKA dishes

SA’s astronomy site in the Northern Cape will eventually host the Square Kilometre Array, but nature reserve plans may impede, writes Sarah Wild

Scientists urge the use of geothermal energy

Tony Carnie: SA should consider including renewable option in mix despite potential damage to environment, study reads

Fynbos-monitoring tool beats a trail for fire-prone areas

Award-winning tool Emma (ecosystem monitoring for management application) uses satellite images to monitor the vegetation, writes Sarah Wild

Cash is best way to aid farmers hit by drought, says new agriculture study

The study’s findings, from West and East Africa and Asia, could help countries and aid agencies tackle hunger more effectively

SA’s KaXu Solar One wins prestigious UN climate change award at COP23

The Northern Cape project is a 100MW plant and is the first concentrated solar power plant in the country, which can generate electricity as well as store ...

Decline in insects not to be taken lightly

Research shows that populations, including pollinator species, decreased in Germany over the past 30 years

BMI lowers forecast for SA electricity capacity, thanks to Eskom’s unruliness

The research group also cites chaotic policies, a string of energy ministers, and independent producers’ growing doubts about the feasibility of tariffs ...

Carbon tax delay risks SA’s exports of the future

Even a small negative effect on growth could be enough to tip SA back into recession

Let them eat worms, says innovative creator of Khepri Meal

Bandile Dlabantu will represent SA at the Cleantech Open Global Forum competition in the US for his use of dehydrated worms to make animal feed

Summit on water will call for investment

The investment envisaged by the water minister includes large bulk-water and sanitation schemes, municipal delivery systems and ‘capacity-building ...

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