SA climate experts urge SA to prepare for dry El Niño summer

However, the strength of the El Niño does not always translate to the strength of the effect, expert Neville Sweijd says

WATCH: Presidential Climate Commission bets on renewables to end load-shedding

Business Day TV talks Busa’s environment and energy manager Happy Khambule

Call for nominations to join the Agricultural Research Council

SPONSORED | The deadline to submit names of people to be considered for appointments is May 19 2023

WATCH: Why SA can’t afford to backtrack on decarbonisation

Business Day TV speaks to Busa's environment & energy manager Happy Khambule

UN climate report warns of rising threat in every region of the world

Global temperatures have already risen 1.1ºC above industrial temperatures and are likely to reach 1.5ºC by 2040

Stellenbosch-made microsatellite now orbiting Earth

Space technology company Dragonfly Aerospace is celebrating the launch of the first SA-made microsatellite in 14 years

Earth’s ozone layer is healing

The ozone layer is expected to recover to 1980 values by about 2066 over the Antarctic, by 2045 over the Arctic and by 2040 for the rest of the world

Forum warned predators are on the loose in science circles

World Science Forum in Cape Town highlights pitfalls of predatory publishing

Local firm wins R890m contract for SKA radio telescope

Power Adenco Joint Venture to provide key civil infrastructure for SA leg of project

Mysteries of universe in focus for SA mega telescope

The construction launch outside Carnarvon marks the next phase of developing a complex instrument aimed at revealing events since the cosmic dawn, when the ...

PIC buys into strategy to develop ‘fuel of the future’

State investor commits to help fund about R4.3-trillion to boost emerging hydrogen economy

PODCAST | African moves to harness renewable energy

Evan Pickworth spoke to Mohamed Ghannam, Oludare Senbore and Kieran Whyte about efforts by governments to address the need to go green

Hermanus joins the final frontier of weather

State-of-the-art facility constantly monitors the sun, providing early warnings of communication blackouts and radiation surges

Rooibos industry pays R12.2m to indigenous councils

SA is a signatory to the Nagoya Protocol and thereby obliged to promote equitable sharing of benefits with traditional knowledge holders

Maker of Sunshine D margarine helps restore KZN river life

Willowton Group is funding the reintroduction of KwaZulu-Natal yellowfish as part of the rehabilitation of the polluted Baynespruit River