WATCH: Here’s what Tropical Storm Dineo looks like in 3D

Heavy rainfall of 100mm to 200mm per day is being forecast for southern Mozambique and parts of South Africa as they are hit by the formidable storm system

5 days ago
Armyworms are wreaking havoc in southern Africa – Why it’s a big deal

The insects feed on staple crops which could lead to food shortages. It is feared 40% of Zambia’s maize crop could be lost this year as 124,000 hectares has ...

6 days ago
Draft standards for leopard hunting will apply if ban is lifted

Draft norms and standards for the management and monitoring of leopard hunting were issued this week and aim to stabilise the leopard population

10 days ago
Smelly Shongweni landfill blamed for sore throats and headaches

Protesters handed over a memorandum of demands to EnviroServ regarding their Shongweni landfill, which they say is causing the environment and people harm

11 days ago
State launches programme to make armyworm fall

Confirmation of the pest outbreak brings greater certainty to farmers, while experts tone down threat to SA

14 days ago
Agriculture department says two pesticides will be used to battle armyworm

The pest has been identified in Limpopo and northern Gauteng, and could ruin SA’s entire maize harvest if it is not contained

14 days ago