Let them eat worms, says innovative creator of Khepri Meal

Bandile Dlabantu will represent SA at the Cleantech Open Global Forum competition in the US for his use of dehydrated worms to make animal feed

Summit on water will call for investment

The investment envisaged by the water minister includes large bulk-water and sanitation schemes, municipal delivery systems and ‘capacity-building ...

SA plans to stuff its carbon in a deep hole near Kosi Bay

SA is getting ready to start dumping its growing cloud of climate-changing carbon gas emissions, writes Tony Carnie

More than 6,000 SA lion skeletons exported to Southeast Asia

Bones from lions killed in canned hunts go to Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, with lion bones replacing tiger bones in Chinese ‘bone-strengthening’ wine

Proof of mega-carnivorous dinosaur, 200-million years old, found in Lesotho

UCT scientists say enormous footprints reveal that Kayentapus ambrokholohali, at 9m in body length, dwarfed other therapods of its time

SA’s two leading AIDS researchers receive lifetime achievement award

Professors Salim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim have won the Institute for Human Virology Lifetime Achievement Award for their contributions to the global AIDS ...

New data science academy will tackle Cape Town’s water crisis

First recruits in the up-and-coming field of data science will work on real-world problems — and their first project is finding a solution to the ...

Competing firms to blame for confusion over water plans, Helen Zille says

But the ANC says mayor Patricia De Lille and Zille had been warned a long time ago about the looming water crisis, and had opted to reject warnings

As a biodiversity hot spot, SA gets ready to glow

Government invests in natural museum infrastructure road map

Two neutron stars collide — and the explosion stuns astronomers

SA researchers were part of an international team of astronomers who watched this cataclysmic crash that caused ripples in the very fabric of space and time

SA Agulhas II to set sail for Tanzania as part of Indian Ocean research expedition

The expedition aims to carry out oceanographic and atmospheric research and will run several cruises until 2020

Top-rated scientists face drastic funding cuts from January

The National Research Foundation’s parliamentary grant has declined over the past five years

Why the future of SA's food production is at risk

Academy of Science of SA study paints a picture of a fragmented system with poor-quality educators, and a lack of funding and direction, writes Sarah Wild

Tests reveal less Karoo shale gas than expected

Analysis of rock-core samples from drillings show smaller deposits than US estimates

A ‘smart collar’ on a nearby zebra could help fight against rhino poaching

The collars, created by MTN and IBM, will be rolled out first at Welgevonden Game Reserve, which helped with the research together with Wageningen University

Chemical castration of bull elephants fast becoming an option

Veterinarians have developed a testosterone-suppressing treatment that could help manage elephant numbers and their ‘problem’ members

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