Online banking security codes will be unbreakable with quantum physics

Scientists at Wits University are part of a pioneering group which aims to make the internet far more secure, and to speed it up by a factor of 1,000

Precision farming creates a buzz as growers try new technology

Sensor-based data collection gives farmers more specific crop information, writes Sarah Wild

How Karoo tests will help in monitoring fracking

The ambitious environmental impact research venture will entail digging one of the deepest holes on Earth, writes Tony Carnie

Cape’s dam levels almost half as full as this time in 2016

And the SA Weather Service says there is no indication that there will be higher rainfall from September to November in the southwest of the country

Ezemvelo CEO David Mabunda quits again, and is allowed to leave this time

Mabunda is understood to have clashed with some new Ezemvelo board members appointed by MEC Sihle Zikalala in 2016

Wildlife crime in top five most lucrative types of organised crime, ISS says

The top five commonly illegally possessed‚ poached‚ or smuggled species in the southern region are rhino horn‚ elephant tusk‚ ...

Old dish gives Ghana a new taste of the African sky

African countries turn to radio astronomy as a way to develop high-technology skills and attract scientists, writes Sarah Wild

No longer as dead as a dodo, thanks to UCT

The university is part of an international team of scientists using the extinct bird’s bones to piece together its lifecycle

SA needs ‘fracking police’, scientists warn

Taxpayers could face a massive cleanup bill, as with acid mine drainage from Gauteng’s gold mines, if government does not appoint skilled inspectors at ...

Some of SA’s dams are still running on empty

The effects of the drought the country has battled over the past year are still being felt in various provincial dams

There is nothing wrong with rhino farming, prominent conservationist says

Former Natal Parks Board CE George Hughes says rhino baron John Hume should be praised for his attempts to breed rhinos and sell horns legally, without killing ...

SA’s first online rhino horn auction ends, but there are no figures yet

The auction of humanely harvested horns was delayed for two days after a challenge from conservation groups

Forensic investigator says Knysna fires started by lightning strike

David Klatzow’s theory differs from that of the Knysna fire chief, who said the fires were due to human activity

Agriculture as bad as deforestation for climate change, says report

Some 133-billion tonnes of carbon have been removed from the top 2m of the earth’s soil — but this can be better managed

What SANParks plans for wildlife reserve's gate-access system

Kruger National Park tightens security in a bid to curb rhino poaching

SA rhino rancher wants legal permits to sell farmed horns

John Hume is going to court to force the government to allow an online sale of his stockpiled rhino horn, cut from animals bred on his farm

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