Hollywood animators take on AI

Unions representing animation and visual effects workers ]to demand rules for how studios use artificial intelligence

CHRIS THURMAN: Winning Mama Mia production takes it all

Accomplished cast makes it easy for audience to accept illusion of frivolity, harmony and easy resolution

Five things to watch this week

An anti-violence gumshoe, pointless reboot, Prince Andrew interview, Ripley revisited and helpful survivalist

Doomsdayers and hard-core fans may keep DVDs alive

Physical movie format may not be dead yet as reports have implied

Tick tock for TikTok

Banning the social media platform would not automatically benefit US entertainment companies

Five things to watch this week

A female black activist's run for the presidency, a handsome predator and the saga of Thabo Bester, among others

CHRIS THURMAN: Battle-scarred Notre-Dame de Reims now fights 21st century pollution

Construction of the cathedral as it stands today began at the start of the 13th century and it took between 60 and 200 years to finish

CHRIS THURMAN: Complex dynamic between racial justice and environmentalism

‘Rhino’ is a way to revisit Bouvron’s conditioning as a white South African and to forge a reconciled identity

Five things to watch this week

A Cold War docuseries, a manhunt for Lincoln’s assassin, a woman’s journey of self-discovery, and the sunny side of Wall Street

‘Civil War’ looms, but is it a movie or the real thing?

New movie causes a stir with content that could magnify current conflicts

Atomic ‘Oppenheimer’ sweeps the Oscars board

The biopic claimed seven Academy Awards, including for best picture

CHRIS THURMAN: Dark comedy in a smartphone-obsessed world

There are numerous moments of levity in ‘Expelled’, but the scenario is a grim one

The scramble for African streaming

Showmax is fast becoming the little streamer that could and has overtaken Netflix as Africa’s most popular

Five things to watch this week

‘The Gentlemen’, a quest for justice, long-lost cowboy lovers, drug smuggling and a dark comedy about the media

Streamers turn to live sports to get ahead of the game

Netflix hopes to win the hearts of subscribers when it streams the exhibition match between Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz

Five things to watch this weekend

A selection of films that are part of the Joburg Film Festival taking place at venues around the city