Five things to watch this weekend

Autobiographical drama and docuseries, behind the Covid-19 scene, bloodthirsty hockey and something slightly disturbing — what to stream

The unfortunate and sad Disney effect

Corporate behemoth’s model is a perfect example of business controlling culture

CHRIS THURMAN: Pandemic does create opportunities if you’ve got grit on your side

Despite the downward spiral of the arts sector, a new marketing venture is upbeat about its prospects

Five things to watch this weekend

The friendship between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, a political docuseries, the final season of ‘Money Heist’ and a blind, dystopian world — what to stream

CHRIS THURMAN: Visual literacy in the age of Covid-19 and conspiracies

It does not guarantee immunity against misinformation, but provides a pretty strong inoculation

Michael K Williams lives on through The Wire’s scarface, Omar Little

Actor will be remembered for his performance in what many deem the greatest binge TV show

Five things to watch this weekend

A week from hell in Hawaii, a past-his-prime tennis pro, family drama and a spectacular fall from grace — what to stream

Spike Lee changes his 9/11 story

Director backtracks on including conspiracy theory footage in final episode of new documentary

CHRIS THURMAN: If you have to unleash Yeats on Africa, use the dance quote

The 2021 JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience defines Africa not by its borders but the visions of artists, writes Chris Thurman

Venice welcomes back the movie stars

The world’s oldest film festival has strict Covid-19 protocols but the red carpet will be crowded with the likes of Timothée Chalame, Jessica Chastain, Matt ...

The Disneyfication of Johnny Rotten

Sex Pistols frontman loses court case over his refusal to use the band’s music for an upcoming movie

Five things to watch this weekend

New seasons of Modern Love and Truth Be Told, Jason Momoa in action, art teacher Bob Ross’ truth and Cold War espionage — what to stream

CHRIS THURMAN: Viewing dance with an eye on the beautiful and true

This year’s JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience provides a digital platform for local and international dance

Five things to watch this weekend

An uplifting family story, British Empire drama, strangers coming together, untold sports stories and all the Emmy content in one place

Johnny Depp: another fallen Hollywood star

If the star’s efforts to win back Hollywood’s good graces fail, he may have to start thinking about a fulltime career in Europe

CHRIS THURMAN: Since 1850, AVA has risen to the occasion in one form or another

The Association for Visual Arts’ exhibition Circle: AVA 50 Collectors is one of comparison and pairing

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