CHRIS THURMAN: An artistic reminder not to take sight for granted

The parts of Willem Boshoff’s ‘The Blind Alphabet’ on show at the UJ Art Gallery are well worth the visit, writes Chris Thurman

Five things to watch this weekend

Tiger King is back, along with fantasy, dark comedy drama, mystery and a musical

CHRIS THURMAN: Alan Committie brings the theatre back into our laughs

It is a risky business to engage with the audience but the comedian keeps it tightly structured

How to say ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ in Navajo

Spaghetti western classic has been translated, not least because it includes no mention of Native Americans

Five things to watch this weekend

Premium drama, heartwarming climate change dystopia and predictable action — what to stream

One of the largest private collections of Fabergé is up for sale

Woolf family is putting 86 pieces from their Faberge collection up for auction on November 29 at Christie’s in London

More darkly funny and bittersweet episodes with the Roys

Third season of ‘Succession’ shows how the pandemic did not affect the super-rich but changed the way the rest of us see them

Five things to watch this weekend

Real life stories, documentaries and sharp comedy — what to stream

CHRIS THURMAN: Thought-provoking images shake up how we see Makhanda

National Arts Festival project tackles difficult subjects while celebrating capacity of art to heal and empower

Five things to watch this weekend

Billionaire magic, a star-studded Western, a stellar British political series, true crime and a Halloween fix — what to stream

CHRIS THURMAN: No artistic spark among political parties, when fire is needed

There are few options when it comes to voting on November 1 for art enthusiasts, writes Chris Thurman

Fugard’s brothers, each forged by skin tone

Honouring history seems less important now than choosing material that will help to build an audience for the future, writes Lesley Stones

Alec Baldwin fires prop gun on movie set, killing cinematographer

Halyna Hutchins was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital, while the film’s director, Joel Souza, was treated for injuries sustained in the incident

CHRIS THURMAN: Unpacking inaccurate notions of Europe

The European Film Festival in SA brings proper complexity to our understanding of our colonisers’ continent

A Dune adaptation cinema goers can be awed by

Big expectations are riding on the fourth adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 science fiction epic after three previous fails

Five things to watch this weekend

Documentaries, a miniseries and WWII and Korean drama — what to stream

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