CHRIS THURMAN: The pieces missing from the coloniser’s voyeuristic gaze

Sue Williamson’s Turning the Pages exhibition invites visitors to dwell on the relationship between text and image

Tinsel Town judders back to technicolour life

Actors can now return to shameless self-promotion, though industry players may wonder if it is necessary

CHRIS THURMAN: Marriage of painting and embroidery a beautiful meeting of minds

In Search of the Birds of the Sea bridges the gaps between Spier’s winelands setting and the village of Hamburg

Five things to watch this week

Shenanigans among spies and the upper classes, more Grand Prix and a civil rights hero

CHRIS THURMAN: Neglected provinces must join the arts conversation

More arts content in mainstream media will help to collapse the centre-periphery model of art consumption

Five things for you to watch this week

The realities of life on the Cape Flats, two assassins, a romance and a family’s fight to keep their land

CHRIS THURMAN: Bid to put Kimberley’s hidden gem on the map

Chepape Makgato wants to position the William Humphreys Art Gallery more prominently in SA’s arts landscape while retaining its regional role in Kimberley.

AI REGULATION: Bad AI poetry puts Biden in actors’ camp against fakes

The president weighs in after watching Dead Reckoning and other AI products

Five things to watch this week

In ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ a blind French girl’s life intersects with that of a German soldier through the power of radio communication

CHRIS THURMAN: Local isn’t just lekker, it’s global

SA artists feature at Strauss & Co’s upcoming November auctions

Halloween buzzkill, but enough other horrors to stir the pot

Hollywood is rife with controversies, some about movies but also about sex and politics

Five things to watch this weekend

Gay life in 1970s Rome, the Korean new wave cinema, and tales of the supernatural

CHRIS THURMAN: Why there is more to connect us across borders than there is to divide us

Movie shows what can be achieved when people are willing to live, eat and grieve together

A masterpiece of Western revisionism from a master of cinema

Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Killers of the Flower Moon’ recounts the rise and fall of the Osage in 1920s Oklahoma

Five things to watch this week

Dickensian drama, dystopian time travel, serial killings and more

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