Scorsese takes De Niro, Pacino and Pesci to the underworld

Return to the territory of Goodfellas and Casino is an epic and profound dance of good, evil and death

Five things to watch this weekend

From high-action crime drama to Halloween horrors, check out this list of weekend binge-watch options

CHRIS THURMAN: The unfamous five of Lenasia are a foil for Enid Blyton’s adventurers

Nedine Moonsamy avoids the spectacular to focus on the everyday lives of children on the margins

Top banana? Fortnite and the rise of the virtual playground

The game’s island location began as a battleground but became a hang-out spot for its young players

It’s everybody’s art dream — a Caravaggio in the attic

A piece by an Italian master goes on auction this weekend, found, as is so often the case, in an elderly woman’s French kitchen

Please let Terminator’s dark fate be curtains now

Hybrid cyborgs, high-octane action and drapes feature in Tim Miller’s new addition to the franchise. But it's just not much fun any more

The era of postlikeability has dawned, and we like it

HBO’s hit series features a cast of grasping tycoons with few redeeming qualities. What’s not to like?

Five things to watch this weekend

Apocalyptic worlds, power struggles, family secrets and stories of self-belief: drama that will keep you hooked

CHRIS THURMAN: How green was my lawn — until the water bill came

Jonathan Cane has written a fascinating book about lawn as an SA political-economic-environmental phenomenon

Deepfakes: Hollywood’s quest to create the perfect digital human

Tech advances help film-makers but could lead to a glut of videos involving politicians or porn

PODCAST | The meaning of ‘enemy agent’ in SA

Is enough being done today to stop individuals from falsely labelling others spies and enemy agents?

Watch Godfather of Harlem on Showmax and DStv Now every week

SPONSORED | The brand-new series starring Forest Whitaker is based on a real-life mobster who took back the streets of Harlem

Five things to watch this weekend

Back-stabbing intrigues, stories of love, sex work, high-pressured restaurants and hip-hop contests: prepare for your weekend binge watch

Hong Kong protesters go into creative overdrive

Anti-government activists are using the arts as a weapon in the battle to hold public attention

Million-dollar doodles on the wall: you can look but no pictures

Yoshimoto Nara’s drunken scribbles on the walls of a bar in New York are estimated to be worth millions

CHRIS THURMAN: Some artists build myths, others must destroy them

A probe of our understanding of history by a trio of artists is being conducted at Stevenson in Cape Town and Johannesburg


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