Sonic excellence prods old-school vinyl back to centre stage

The rise of the LP is based on sound excellence, the perception of rarity, and a backlash against digital’s ‘fast music’, writes Struan Douglas

3 days ago
Swank dress code just a plaster over a gaping societal wound

Bambo Sibiya’s exhibition, entitled Tales of Migration, captures men in swanky suits claiming their right to leisure time and an identity beyond that of a ...

5 days ago
Overlooked African artists get time in the spotlight

The friction between local, continental and international identities plays out in interesting ways at the Cape Town Art Fair, writes Mary Corrigall

9 days ago
Ripping off the mask of westernised African identity

Surrealist painter uses his brush and paint to explore the idea of how western-acquired tastes have subverted Africans’ values that were essentially based on ...

11 days ago
Adele takes home five Grammys at highly politicised ceremony

Beyonce had hoped to win her first album of the year Grammy but that award went to Adele’s 25 at a show marked by political statements and emotional tributes

12 days ago
Raising the food and drink stakes in Rosebank

The Park Corner complex hosts the Bolton Road Collection, Proof liquor store and Bar Ber Black Sheep, writes Alexander Matthews

15 days ago