Angola aims for three-year ‘breathing space’ from creditors

Africa's second-largest oil exporter is in talks with bank creditors and China

7 hours ago
Dow moves above 30,000 for first time

Good news on vaccines and the potential for a peaceful US presidential transition drove the rally

7 hours ago
China launches unmanned mission to collect lunar samples

China, which is expanding its space programme, aims to have a permanent manned space station in service in 2022

7 hours ago
Pennsylvania certifies Biden’s state win in a further blow to Trump

Donald Trump has said his goal is still to ‘decertify’ the state’s results one way or another

7 hours ago
AstraZeneca must show it is not profiting from vaccine while Covid-19 is pandemic

The price of AstraZeneca’s vaccine candidate has been set at about $3 (R46) per dose, against at least four times more for other candidates

8 hours ago
Boeing 737 MAX gets first step in approval from EU to start flying

The EU Aviation Safety Agency has published a proposed airworthiness directive with the FAA, calling it the most scrutinised aircraft in history

9 hours ago
DRC militia commander gets life sentence for war crimes

Rights group says the jailing of Ntabo Ntaberi  is an important step in the fight against impunity in Democratic Republic of Congo

9 hours ago
US diplomat’s wife who killed a motorcyclist had immunity, says UK authorities

Anne Sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the road, causing the crash, but was allowed to leave the UK before being charged

10 hours ago
Turkish court adds six Saudi defendants in Jamal Khashoggi trial

The latest indictment accuses a vice-consul and an attaché of ‘premeditated murder with monstrous intent’

Algeria’s president has not been seen since his Covid-19 diagnosis

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who went to Germany for treatment, has left his country in limbo amid protests and the pandemic

Warring parties both say they are winning in Ethiopia

Amid the carnage Tigrayans say their troops are scoring some big victories while the military says it is closing in on the Tigray region

Europe’s failings are on display as the second wave hits hard

Eurozone countries should consider creating their own budget instead, to escape the political whims of non-members

Biden starts formal transition with access to briefings, Covid-19 response and hiring

Stephen Schwarzman, Trump’s most high-profile supporter on Wall Street, has said it is time for the president to accept that he lost

Airlines develop Covid apps to link with passports

Travel pass will display your test results along with proof of inoculation

Calls to outlaw online hate speech over abuse of Rohingya in Malaysia

An opposition lawmaker says the authorities are deflecting responsibility to Facebook or downplaying hate speech as ‘misconceptions’

Land inequality is threatening livelihood of 2.5-billion people

The largest 1% of farms operate more than 70% of the world's farmland, according to a new study

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