SpaceX launch of first reused rocket to mark milestone for Musk

Once derided as a crazy idea, rocket reusability is now seen as key to making space travel affordable

4 hours ago
UK police arrest two more for attack on London’s Parliament

Britain says police have nine people in custody after the attack on Wednesday, which killed five people including the assailant

5 hours ago
Donald Trump gives his top lieutenants an ultimatum on healthcare vote

US president warns Republican legislators that he will leave Obamacare in place and move on to tax reform if they do not support his legislation

7 hours ago
Trump and Ryan bet against the House in high-stakes healthcare gamble

If the measure is blocked, it will be an embarrassing setback that casts doubt on their ability to deliver on their ambitious agenda

8 hours ago
British-born Masood was on police radar, but no sign of a plot

The terror suspect lived in West Midlands using several aliases and had links to extremism

11 hours ago
Restaurants in Asia drop dodgy meat

The drastic steps by eateries in South Korea and Hong Kong are aimed at avoiding a customer backlash linked to Brazil's tainted meat scandal

11 hours ago
House delays vote on healthcare bill

The delay marks a setback for Donald Trump, who is seeking his first major legislative victory

19 hours ago
Eurozone banks jump on last chance for ‘cheap’ ECB loans

About 474 banks borrow €233.5bn — almost a fourfold increase lent out by the European Central Bank in December

21 hours ago
Westminster attacker named as British-born Khalid Masood

Islamic State claims responsibility as police raid six addresses and arrest eight in London and Birmingham

21 hours ago
Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘state terrorism’ after key witness shot

A former Russian MP and witness in a treason case against a former pro-Russian Ukrainian leader was shot dead in Kiev; Russia calls the allegation ‘absurd’

23 hours ago
UN’s troubled Syrian talks restart in Geneva

Stalemate persists over most of the toughest issues, notably the ‘ceasefire’ and Syrian President Bashar al- Assad’s fate

1 day ago
British-born Westminster attacker was on UK’s security radar

The British security services had once investigated the man who killed three and injured 29 outside London’s parliament yesterday; IS has claimed responsibility

1 day ago
US probes North Korean link to Fed cyber theft after similar breach of Sony

Some experts say 2016’s theft from the Bangladesh central bank’s account was done with some of the same hacking tools used in the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures

1 day ago
Donald Trump’s pick to head the SEC to face Senate committee

Jay Clayton is expected to focus his efforts on ways the Securities and Exchange Commission can foster economic growth and help companies raise capital

1 day ago
Rex Tillerson alias e-mails cannot be produced, say lawyers

The e-mails sent under a pseudonym by current US secretary of state when he was ExxonMobil CEO and which are sought by a court ‘cannot be recovered’

1 day ago
Seven arrested in raids after London attacks

But the attacker was acting alone and there are no further threats, Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer says

1 day ago