Freed Mauritanian antislavery activists vow to keep on fighting

Activists describe torture in jail to silence them about one of the world’s worst slavery rates, but the government denies the allegation

5 hours ago
Macron under fire after aide caught beating a protester gets a slap on the wrist

The French leader suspends an aide caught on camera striking a protester, but critics say he must refer the incident to the police

5 hours ago
Fight fake news with verification, says Africa Check

It might be fake news or it could be misinformation, but either way, the media needs to question and establish ‘facts’ as much as it can

6 hours ago
UK regulator and EU tell banks to prepare for hard Brexit

Financial firms based in Britain could face an abrupt end to EU market access

6 hours ago
Hyperloop to build test track in China for high-speed system

The firm is one of several to take Elon Musk’s idea for a new type of transport system propelling capsules through vacuum-sealed tunnels and attempt to make it ...

6 hours ago
Ethiopian Airlines already in talks over a stake in Eritrean Airlines

After the historic flight between the two previously estranged countries on Wednesday, Eritrean Airlines has already leased a Boeing 737

7 hours ago
GE deal in doubt as Saudi Arabia broadens search for firms to maintain power plants

Saudi Electricity Co is in a position to break GE’s hold on the work by having others bid against GE on maintaining the F-Class fleet — among the ...

9 hours ago
Nigerians bury cash in backyard banks as mobile money stumbles

There are an estimated 50-million ‘unbanked’ people in Nigeria, and less than 6% of Nigerians use their phones to transact

9 hours ago
UK police believe they know Novichok attack suspects, but aren’t saying who they are

Through CCTV and records of people entering the country at the time, UK police seem to be closing in on the suspects, who a source says are believed to be ...

9 hours ago
Ten percent of North Koreans are slaves — and report finds surprisingly high numbers in US and UK

Modern slavery is heavily woven into global value chains, and we all use products at least partially produced by enslaved workers, the 2018 Global Slavery ...

9 hours ago
FBI chief turns down Putin’s offer for US to tag along on Russian investigations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation director has dismissed a proposal to have American investigators observe interviews of suspects wanted by the US

Elon Musk creates a fresh storm with attempt to quell Republican donation furore

Musk sought help from the head of the Sierra Club environmental group, asking that it make public his previously anonymous $6m donation

Israeli parliament adopts Jewish nation-state law

A controversial clause that could have established Jewish-only communities was omitted, but the law has still sparked fear of discrimination against Arabs

US kept Nelson Mandela on ‘communist menace’ list until 2008

Property of the People has released thousands of pages of documents, dubbed The Mandela Files, that show the US continued watching him long after he was ...

EU to set duties on China electric bikes

The duties are the latest in a series of EU measures against Chinese exports ranging from solar panels to steel

Singer Cliff Richard wins privacy court case against BBC

The BBC warns the 'dramatic' ruling will have a huge effect on the media’s ability to report police inquiries and scrutinise their conduct

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