UK court sides with claimants in Covid-19 business interruption insurance ruling

Thousands of businesses, some facing ruin, should be covered by their insurance for losses caused by lockdowns, the court says

7 hours ago
Hong Kong internet domain approver can now reject any sites under security law

Holders of .hk domains have just been advised of the policy change that may see applications for new sites rejected under an ‘acceptable use’ rule

7 hours ago
Scottish fishermen are selling in Denmark amid Brexit chaos

Seafood From Scotland said prices for many species have fallen as much as 80% in the UK and so the long sail is worth it, for now

8 hours ago
Yoweri Museveni takes early lead in Ugandan poll as opposition alleges fraud

Main opposition candidate Bobi Wine told a news conference on Friday that he had filmed proof of fraud during voting

8 hours ago
Strong earthquake hits Indonesia leaving dozens dead

The 6.2 magnitude tremor has caused a power blackout, disrupted mobile phone networks and cut off road access, with 15,000 people relocated

8 hours ago
Boris Johnson needs a lockdown exit plan

Conservative Party rebels oppose prime minister’s lockdown measures

11 hours ago
China imposes lockdown as Covid-19 cases surge

WHO investigators in quarantine in Wuhan as 144 new cases reported in country

11 hours ago
Biden plans $1.9-trillion stimulus for pandemic-hit economy

Stimulus package  includes funding for vaccine rollout and direct relief to households as well as small businesses

France tightens coronavirus curfew and border controls

Government will impose a nationwide 6pm curfew for at least 15 days starting on Saturday to stem the spread of coronavirus

Scots angered by fishy Brexit export business

British food minister says export problems are ‘only teething issues’

ECB faces pushback against latest stimulus package

ECB's plan to let banks borrow even more at negative rates ran into resistance and was downsized

UK treasury is hiring a go-between for BoE

The relationship is getting so close it has raised questions over the central bank’s independence

Turkey inoculates thousands of health-care workers with Sinovac vaccine

Medics and nurses are first in line as the country rolls out a nationwide vaccination programme

Venezuela considers allowing private firms to operate state oilfields

The country may allow contractors to operate state-owned PDVSA fields while taking a share of the proceeds

UN warns of worst famine in 40 years in Yemen due to US policy shift

UN officials warn US designation of Houthis as foreign terrorist group will block food and other aid

Kenya virus mutation has too few changes to be called a new variant

Medical researchers say the unique Covid-19 variation cannot be assigned a lineage, but its study will continue

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