Dan Gertler bribe allegations back to haunt Glencore’s Ivan Glasenberg

Glencore is well positioned to reap the rewards of surging copper and cobalt prices, but now is being hemmed in by legal troubles in DRC

Rights watchdog reports army and jihadist abuses in Burkina Faso

Villagers facing extrajudicial killings and other abuses are caught between jihadists and Burkinabè security forces, says Human Rights Watch

ICC’s chief prosecutor to meet Palestine’s foreign minister over Gaza unrest

Fatou Bensouda warned Israel Defence Forces to avoid excessive use of force and vowed to take ‘any action warranted’ last week ahead of Monday’s meeting

Grenfell Tower fire inquiry opens with testimony from survivors

The fire that killed 71 people shocked Britain and raised questions about poor-quality social housing blocks

US plans to impose ‘strongest sanctions in history’ on Iran

A senior Revolutionary Guards commander responded by threatening to punch Mike Pompeo in the mouth

US farm exports to China could be nearly doubled, says Trump adviser Larry Kudlow

The economic adviser also says the Chinese are ‘very willing to open the door to a lot more financial services’

Medical staff in DRC start receiving experimental Ebola vaccine

The WHO is sending 7,540 doses of the vaccine to the DRC, 540 of which have been earmarked for Mbandaka where four Ebola cases have been confirmed

South Korea has much to teach Africa on how to pull itself out of poverty

The key is agricultural industrialisation, says the head of the African Development Bank, and this can’t be done without the state’s involvement

Road traffic a global health crisis, killing 350,000 children a year

Zoleka Mandela, who lost her 13-year-old daughter in a car accident, has endorsed a report which says there is very little global action on this deadly epidemic

Parliament calls Robert Mugabe to testify on diamond corruption

Mugabe has said corruption and foreign exploitation in the sector cost the country $15bn — but his own regime stands accused of syphoning off diamond profits

UK court dismisses charges against Barclays — but could reinstate them

The bank was alleged to have given Qatari investors an illegal loan which was then used to prop up its shares during the banking crisis

We are much better placed to tackle latest Ebola outbreak, says WHO

Democratic Republic of Congo has reported another death in the northwest city of Mbandaka, a major transport hub

Hawaii faces a new danger from Kilauea’s spectacular eruption

Lava flows could produce clouds of acid fumes, steam and glass-like particles as they reach the Pacific Ocean, authorities have warned

Re-elected Nicolas Maduro faces backlash in Venezuela

Venezuela’s mainstream opposition boycotted the election, given that two of its most popular leaders were barred from running

Why Venezuela’s poll holds little hope for voters

‘Chavista’ Nicolas Maduro is set for re-election and the opposition boycotts the vote amid Venezuela's devastating economic crisis

Spotlight fixes on leased aircraft as Cuba investigates deadliest plane disaster in years

The ageing Boeing jet, leased by Mexican company Damojh, crashed shortly after takeoff from Havana killing 110 passenger

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