ECB calms markets with unchanged interest rates

The Bank’s policy makers have also not set a date for discussing changes to the ECB’s quantitative easing programme

6 hours ago
Reports of Kaunda’s death is fake news

The Zambian High Commission in SA has dismissed reports that Dr Kenneth Kaunda has died, saying he is likely to be discharged from hospital on Thursday

6 hours ago
Angolan president returns from ‘private visit’ to Spain amid rumours of ill health

Jose Eduardo dos Santos left Angola early in July, five weeks after a month-long stay in Barcelona for medical tests

9 hours ago
Why Americans’ drug problem is also the Fed’s problem

If opioid addiction is rendering people unemployable, it could help explain why a historically low portion of the prime-age population is working

9 hours ago
Modi’s tax reforms have dealt a body blow to India’s vital informal economy

The new goods and services tax is has hit the informal leather industry particularly hard, as bags and belts are now classified ‘luxury items’

9 hours ago
IMF calls for Mozambique to come clean on debts

Funder says the southern African country must fill in ‘critical information gaps’ over $2bn of secret government loans

10 hours ago
India’s central bank is proposing a new liquidity management tool

The government has eased its opposition to the liquidity tool, as absorbing flows with the existing set of instruments becomes challenging

11 hours ago
Are you my surreal dad? Salvador Dali to be exhumed in paternity case

A fortune teller claims to be the artist’s only child, setting the scene for a complicated exhumation of his remains, buried in an elaborate tomb

11 hours ago
How a Saudi Prince unseated his cousin to become the kingdom’s heir apparent

An inside look at how the royal-court drama unfolded shows the extent to which the kingdom’s recent leadership change was a power grab by a self-declared ...

US push for tougher North Korea sanctions hits a hitch

Russia’s contention that North Korea did not fire an intercontinental ballistic missile hurts a US push for the Security Council to impose stronger ...

We want our money back — all €100bn of it, France tells UK

Britain has only just acknowledged the need for a financial settlement — but the amount is sure to prove a sticking point in Brexit talks

Africa is entering a long period of easier money, poll shows

The continent’s major economies are trying to stimulate growth after months of drought, austerity drives and confidence issues

BoJ gives itself another year to meet its ambitious 2% inflation forecast

Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda does not expect price growth to remain weak forever, says the momentum to achieve the target ‘remains intact’

Elon Musk is not convinced Falcon Heavy’s maiden launch will be a success

SpaceX CEO says developing the booster rocket has been ‘harder than initially thought’ and there is a good chance it ‘will not make it to ...

John McCain has ‘aggressive’ form of brain cancer

The Republican senator, who was Obama’s adversary in the 2008 presidential election, faces a poor prognosis

ICC judges ordered to review freeing Gbagbo

Appeals court judges find more consideration should be given to the former Ivory Coast leader’s age, his health and the six years he has already spent in ...

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