Global oil demand is up as the world starts moving again

China, which is leading the recovery, is back to more than 90% of its pre-coronavirus levels, with petrol and diesel use expected to accelerate

5 hours ago
Venezuela’s Maduro and Guaidó agree on funds to fight Covid-19

The president and opposition leader have signed a ‘technical co-operation plan’ to fight the virus as a humanitarian crisis

6 hours ago
Sweden allows its lack of response to Covid-19 wasn’t a good idea

Sweden’s top epidemiologist admits that keeping the country largely open for business, and recreation, likely resulted in more deaths

6 hours ago
Lesotho former first lady Maesaiah Thabane arrested in murder case

The arrest relates to the murder of the previous wife of her husband and former prime minister, Thomas Thabane

6 hours ago
US antiracism rallies go on for eighth night and show no sign of stopping

Although protests have been largely peaceful during the day, at night crowds have turned to rioting, vandalism, arson and looting

6 hours ago
Cyclone Nisarga hits Mumbai hard amid Covid-19

Authorities have evacuated at least 100,000 people from flood-prone areas with winds set to gust at 120km/h

7 hours ago
Arab economies are at record lows but saw improvement in May

IHS Markit purchasing managers’ index surveys show Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE still below 50, indicating contraction

7 hours ago
Mali teachers strike over Covid-19 fears as schools reopen

Members of seven teachers' unions refuse to return to work over inadequate protection against the virus

US launches probe into digital services taxes in Europe and Asia

Trump administration to probe tax schemes it deems unfair to companies such as Google and Facebook

Equatorial Guinea accuses WHO official of falsifying Covid-19 data

The country ask WHO's representative to leave after her infection figures were higher than the government's tally

New York extends night curfew after violence and looting

New York governor Andrew Cuomo slams mayor Bill de Blasio for not deploying enough police officers to curb looting

The Insurrection Act means Trump may be able to get the military

The 1807 act has one small part, read literally, that may give the US president the right to send in the army to quell protests, writes Noah Feldman

Senegal postpones reopening schools after teachers test positive

Education ministry says in late night announcement schools will remain shut

Africa’s sick get sicker as serious ailments are ignored in Covid-19 pandemic

The human cost is becoming evident as African nations are forced to divert health workers and supplies away from a range of other diseases

America’s outrage is flexible as it’s based on own made-up stories

Cops killing in the streets causes uncontrollable anger, writes Tyler Cowen, yet more than 105,000 dead due to Covid-19 has yet to register

Covid-19 compounds grief as families in Pakistan forced to stay away from funerals

One family chose not to hold a traditional large funeral after a May 22 plane crash because of the coronavirus

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