Britain to help Zimbabwe get on interim IMF staff programme

The move will help the country clear its foreign arrears, which stand at $1.8bn

3 hours ago
Babies born in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia nine times more likely to die than those in richer nations

A UN report shows half the number of children worldwide died in 2017 from preventable diseases and other complications compared with the number in 2000

3 hours ago
Typhoon Mangkhut death toll hits 74 — and is expected to rise

In Hong Kong residents are helping with the clean up — in the Philippines people are using human chains to remove debris after extensive landslides

3 hours ago
Uganda to telecoms firms: you need to list to get a licence

The cabinet has agreed to renew MTN’s licence, but it is not clear whether the company will have to comply with the new requirements for operators

5 hours ago
Zimbabwe’s opposition MPs walk out of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s address

During his first state of the nation address in parliament, opposition parties walked out, as planned, complaining that the president is offering nothing new

5 hours ago
China vows to retaliate against Donald Trump’s latest round of tariffs

China calls Trump’s ‘protectionist and unilateral measures’ unacceptable

6 hours ago
Traders barely flinch at trade war moves, as global markets ignore Trump’s tariff tirade

Some suggest that the $200bn US move has been largely priced in to markets following weeks of reports and social media speculation

7 hours ago
Rapid population growth and attendant poverty will peak in Africa

A report by the Bill and Miranda Gates Foundation says by 2050 a full 40% of people living in extreme poverty will be in just two African countries

7 hours ago
Japanese submarine in South China Sea military exercise

The drills may be seen as a challenge to China, which claims sovereignty over most of the South China Sea

Watchdog warns Britain is breaking antislavery law by jailing human trafficking victims

Prison Reform Trust warns women are often jailed despite being recognised as trafficking victims

Attacks in Ethiopia targeting minorities leave scores dead

The violence targeting minorities is a blow to leader Abiy Ahmed’s efforts at reconciliation

Abundant rain boosts cocoa crop prospects in Ivory Coast

In the heart of the cocoa belt farmers say trees are laden with good-sized pods promising high yield

Drugs kill seven at Hanoi music event

The incident prompts officials to ban all electronic dance music festivals in Hanoi

Portuguese leader in Angola amity bid

The diplomacy marks an effort to move beyond the bitter legacy of Lisbon’s rule which ended in 1975

Thai cave rescuer sues Tesla’s Musk over ‘pedo’ tweet

British diver Vernon Unsworth’s lawsuit seeks at least $75,000 of compensatory damages, plus unspecified punitive damages

After dismal 2017, French winemakers celebrate ‘incredible 2018’

Besides winning the World Cup, France is also one of the big winners in the global harvest sweepstakes this year as a dry and sunny summer promises an ...

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