ECB eyes London’s lucrative euro-clearing industry

Euro-clearing staying in London after Britain leaves the EU is a key point of tension in Brexit talks, with thousands of jobs at stake

Eurozone stays on growth road, hitting occasional bump

It’s moving at ‘cruising speed, not acceleration’, with Germany and France showing steady growth, even if lower than expected

Aeronautics and space oddities at the Paris Air Show

Alongside billion-dollar deals, this year’s expo features flying robo-taxis, killer drones and a bid to revive Concorde-style supersonic travel

Madoff’s early investors get help from an unlikely source: Madoff

A trustee is seeking $100m in profits from early customers: if the fraud started after 1992, they may get to keep their money; if it started before, they lose ...

NEWS ANALYSIS: High-powered Zimbabwean delegation on mission impossible to SA

Presidential hopeful Emmerson Mnangagwa has had some success reforming agriculture, but has his work cut out selling the country to SA investors, writes Ray ...

Marijuana shortage could leave Canadians high and dry

Canada is aiming to legalise recreational marijuana in the next year, and some are worried its government could use a supply shortage as an excuse to delay ...

Four police officers among the dead in suicide car bombing in Pakistan

A suicide bomber detonated a bomb near a checkpoint in Quetta on Friday, which lies between a girls’ school, a girls’ college, a police office and an army ...

Ketumile Masire, Botswana leader and SA freedom fighters’ hero, dies

Masire, a key figure in Botswana’s independence movement, had died a few weeks short of his 92nd birthday

South Korea’s ‘Rasputin’, Choi Soon-sil, jailed for three years

This is the first sentence for the confidante of former president Park Geun-hye in the corruption scandal that toppled the president and embroiled Samsung

Go back to the drawing board, US hospitals tell Senate on health bill

Healthcare and drug stocks have rallied as the Republicans’ replacement for Obamacare is not quite as bad as feared — but the industry still deems it unworkable

‘Shut down Al Jazeera’: Arab states send list of demands to Qatar

To end their boycott, Doha must also announce it is severing ties with organisations including the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah

US believes North Korea has carried out another missile test

The disclosure comes a day after the US pressed China to exert more pressure on North Korea

EU pledges €85m to Uganda for South Sudan refugees

The EU’s pledge preempts a summit in Kampala aimed at raising at least $2bn to deal with the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis at 1.2-million displaced

Thousands attend funeral for North Korean victim Otto Warmbier

The American student died following ‘evil treatment’ during his 17 months in captivity for stealing a propaganda poster

After London fire 600 tower blocks feared to have combustible cladding

The Grenfell tragedy has acted as a focal point for anger at local authority funding cuts

Shock and anger in Mosul as Islamic State destroys historic mosque

IS insurgents choose to blow up a storied minaret rather than see opposing forces lower its flag — however, losing the mosque is a symbolic blow to IS