Possible wave of lawsuits against Donald Trump begins today

A group, including former White House ethics attorneys, is due to file a lawsuit accusing the US president of violating the US constitution

2 hours ago
Donald Trump’s press secretary deals out ‘alternative facts’

Aide Kelly Conway puts her own spin on how Sean Spicer handled coverage of the turnout for Trump’s inauguration

2 hours ago
Theresa May calls for increased collaboration between industries

The prime minister is due to outline a new, interventionist approach to balancing Britain’s heavily services-based economy for the post-Brexit era

3 hours ago
Angolan banks ask for assistance

Banks are appealing to the government to help put together a bail-out package to protect account holders as lenders reel from low oil prices

3 hours ago
Pageantry and protests to mark the start of Donald Trump’s US presidency

The 45th US president takes power over a divided country after winning a savage campaign and setting the country on a new, uncertain path at home and abroad

3 days ago
Exiled strongman Jammeh ‘plundered’ Gambian coffers

Aide to President Adama Barrow says the country is in financial distress after the exiled strongman 'stole millions of dollars in his final weeks in power'

5 hours ago
Islamic State in Syria assault

A strong presence in Syria underlines the radical movement’s challenge to US President Donald Trump after losing a number of cities in Iraq

8 hours ago
EU to probe ECB links with banks

NGO Corporate Europe Observatory has filed a complaint targeting banks’ alleged ties to top European Central Bank staff, including president Mario Draghi and ...

8 hours ago
Landmark ruling can disrupt Brexit plan

The Supreme Court will decide on Tuesday whether British Prime Minister Theresa May can use her executive power to begin formal talks on leaving the EU

8 hours ago
Trump and May to discuss new trade deal

Theresa May can use any US support to argue the UK will prosper outside the EU, but the bloc may not be impressed

8 hours ago
Israel’s security cabinet puts east Jerusalem expansion on hold

The potentially explosive plan to annex a large West Bank Jewish settlement near Jerusalem unilaterally has been shelved until Netanyahu and Trump meet face to ...

17 hours ago
African troops prepare for Gambian president’s return

Autocratic leader Yahya Jammeh flies to exile in Equatorial Guinea as assurances offered to him to leave come under scrutiny

20 hours ago
Donald Trump sworn in as 45th US president

Trump and his vice president, Mike Pence, have taken the oath of office

2 days ago
West African leaders arrive in Gambia as Jammeh holds his ground

Leaders attempt to persuade the former Gambian president to stand down before military intervention, with UN backing, proceeds

2 days ago
Mark Zuckerberg sues over rights to Hawaiian land

Zuckerberg apparently paid close to $100m for about the prime seafront land on the secluded north shores of the island of Kauai in 2014

2 days ago
Kenya gets electoral body to replace the one that quit after ‘chickengate’ scandal

Kenya’s seven new electoral commissioners, sworn in on Friday, have only seven months to organise what promise to be stressful presidential and parliamentary ...

2 days ago