Donald Trump’s tweets remind UK minister of being told to ‘go home’

Sajid Javid says the extremism problem has spread from radicalisation by groups such as IS to the far left and right of politics

Attack on anime firm in Kyoto kills 33 people

Japanese police have detained a 41-year-old man, with reports suggesting he had accused Kyoto Animation of plagiarism

Great Barrier Reef authority at odds with government on climate change

Rising sea temperatures linked to climate change have killed off large areas of coral, but the Australian government ignores emissions targets

Australia dismayed by writer’s detention in China

Beijing says Yang Hengjun is being investigated on suspicion of endangering state security

US navy shoots down Iranian drone in Gulf

Donald Trump says the drone was 'destroyed' after it flew within1,000m of the USS Boxer in the Strait of Hormuz

UN makes deal with Yemen rebels on food supplies

More than 20-million people are food insecure after four years of civil war

US senator calls for investigation into Russian-made FaceApp

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says the popular free app, based in Skolkovo high-tech hub near Moscow, poses 'national security and privacy risks'

UK Conservative MPs rebel over no-deal Brexit

At least 30 MPs defeated the government and passed measures to prevent the next leader, likely Boris Johnson, forcing through a no-deal split

Protests as Ethiopian ethnic group seeks breakaway state

The Sidama ethnic group, the largest in the southern region, has agitated for years to leave the diverse region and create its own state

Sudan police fire tear gas at rallies held for ‘martyrs’

Marches come a day after protest leaders and army reach a deal paving the way to civilian rule

Indian tipped to keep warships in Persian Gulf but won’t join US coalition

Escorts for merchant vessels will remain deployed indefinitely, say insiders

G7 ministers agree plan on digital tax, but more work ahead

Group of Seven agrees to tax big tech firms as US treasury secretary says it is a step in the right direction

Donald Trump mocked for tweet on terror suspect

Pakistanis make fun of US president’s mistake about the alleged mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks

UK MPs back proposal to hamper a no-deal Brexit

Changes make it harder for a new prime minister to suspend parliament

Police say they need intercept tools as mobile networks develop

Europol chief says web-based criminals are using 'huge' innovation

US secretary of state promises an alliance for ‘religious freedom’

Mike Pompeo announces global body while harshly criticising Iran and China for human rights abuses

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