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Rand and JSE firm before Reserve Bank’s announcement

Lindiwe Tsobo

The rand fell more than 1% in the previous session as investors worried about possible geopolitical tension between the US and China

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REVIEW: JAC T9 may make you consider a Chinese bakkie

Keenly priced double cab has good refinement and winning fuel economy

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Kumba expects first-half earnings to be up to 29% lower

Jacqueline Mackenie

The earnings decline is due to a lower average realised free-on-board export iron ore price and a fall in sales volumes

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Radioactive corruption?

Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya

Electricity minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa has announced the intention to get approval for a 2,500MW nuclear build. Given South Africa's issues with corruption and state capture, it's vital that the process is open to public scrutiny

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BJORN LOMBORG: A quick transition from fossil fuels is naïve and impossible

As rich countries try to export the cost of climate policy to poor nations through carbon taxes, they drive another wedge into a fractured world

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LETTER: Cricket correction

Columnist got his facts wrong

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Shirley de Villiers FM deputy editor & columnist

SHIRLEY DE VILLIERS: Don’t get sick in the Eastern Cape

The province’s health system is a shambles, and it doesn’t augur well for NHI

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