Minimum wage exemption relief on the cards

Businesses unable to afford the national minimum wage will be allowed to apply for exemption for up to 12 months

16 days ago
All parties bar Cosatu have signed minimum wage deal, Cyril Ramaphosa says

Businesses that are unable to afford the national minimum wage will be able to apply for exemption lasting a year

16 days ago
Cosatu scuppers wage agreement

Cosatu’s pullback for ‘consultations’ deprives Jacob Zuma of an opportunity to gloat at Thursday’s state of the nation address

17 days ago
At the last minute, Cosatu pulls out of ceremony to sign minimum wage deal

The union federation says its CEC needs to discuss and endorse the national minimum wage document first, which will be done only at the end of February

18 days ago
Coal miners likely to offer single-digit wage hikes during April talks

But even before talks begin, the National Union of Mineworkers has declared a dispute over the proposed structure of the negotiations

18 days ago
Union takes Prasa to court over safety

The union is alarmed at the number of high-profile violent incidents in the Western Cape including the murder of a train driver in 2016

19 days ago