Anthos is Google’s answer to enterprise workload orchestration

SPONSORED | Anthos is built on the Google-backed Kubernetes, an open-source industry leader in container orchestration and workload portability

Host of the Durban July faces an existential crisis

Members of the ailing Gold Circle split over whether to dip into its reserves

Business calls for full opening of economy as cabinet considers easing lockdown

But Cosatu says not enough is being done to protect people using public transport

PATSY DAVID: Prognosis for private hospitals is still uncertain

Those betting on Covid-19 to boost revenue will have been disappointed by the recent results

ALLAN SECCOMBE: The Kebble legacy haunts Gold Fields two decades on

The miner faces a potential bill of up to R44bn for rampant fraud and theft that was none of its making

Rare piece of good news for the franchising sector

The Franchise Association of SA and the government are working on industry codes for the sector, which accounts for 14% of GDP

Closing borders during Covid spells disaster for Africa

There will be dire consequences for agriculture and trade if cross-border supply chains are disrupted

HENDRIK DU TOIT: SA needs a clear vision and the will to deliver, not complicated plans

Commodities producers must be ready for the impending infrastructure boom that will come from stimulus measures in the developed world

ROGER BAXTER: Crucial for SA to focus on leadership compact to effect structural reform

The time for polite conversations about the Covid-19 crisis is over: focus is needed on critical issues that will enable a turnaround in SA’s economy

Banks face billions of rand in potential fines as Competition Commission files new collusion charges

Three new banks have been added to the list of 28  accused of manipulating the rand

MUZI NKOSI: Digital banking is key to firms successfully managing Covid-19 fallout

Banks will be required to provide systems that will  dramatically widen the scope use of e-money

Rubber industry battles drop in demand as lockdowns hit orders

Industry in ‘crisis’ as orders from tyremakers such as Bridgestone dwindle

SIFISO SKENJANA: Business process services sector could be just what the doctor ordered for SA’s economy

In this section of production, 85% of the employees are under the age of 35, of whom 63.8% are women and 94% are black

TARRYN SANKAR: The post-coronavirus world needs to be more equitable

The investment world needs to embrace ESG investing and collaboration with the government, the public and private sectors, and communities

Opec-plus must resist becoming complacent

With the extraordinary recovery in oil prices, the temptation to turn on the taps may be all too seductive

BOB VAN DIJK: Data is hard cash in an increasingly digital world

Covid-19 has brought into sharp focus the powerful relationship between human endeavour and technology

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