State meddling with energy producers is dissuading would-be investors

Data shows that large-scale deployment of renewable energy and gas is very likely to dislodge Eskom by 2050, explaining its foot-dragging to fully embrace ...

New African free trade deal set to boost exports from SA

Integrattion into a tripartite free trade area seen as a critical driver of regional integration on the continent

IT spend set to increase in SA, but currency risk must be embedded in contracts

Gartner predicts total IT spend to be R266bn in 2017, up 2.4% from 2016, but notes SA traditionally under-invests in IT

Stokvels serve as savings vehicles for South Africans

Stokvels are a way for people in lower-and middle-income groups to pool their savings, with 44% of people surveyed using them for a ‘rainy day’

Indefinite duration of timeshare contracts protested

Hearings are to be held in all provinces in the coming months over the lack of transparency in the industry and thousands of members desperate to get out of ...

Commission hopes hearings give clarity to timeshare sector

NCC commissioner appeals to consumers to participate in the public inquiry process which moves to Cape Town this week

Giving consumers right to have say in holiday club affairs would be first prize

Public hearings are taking place this week into timeshare schemes, including their refusal to cancel holiday club contracts, and charging exorbitant levies for ...

Drought takes its toll on apple and pear exports

Hortgro’s Jacques du Preez warns that the industry may run into trouble ‘if it doesn’t start raining soon and a lot’

Companies paying more attention to pay gaps, study finds

PwC says listed companies have awarded junior workers much higher salary increases than senior executives in an attempt to narrow the divide

Government ‘vindicated’ as court lifts fisheries interdict

The High Court in Cape Town has lifted an interdict granted to Viking Inshore Fishing, which had 27 inshore hake and sole trawling companies treading water for ...

Investec chief: slogans a ruse to aid graft

Catch-phrases are being used as a ruse and a distraction to enable rent-seeking and looting, says Investec chief

Commission takes a close look at timeshare contracts

Consumers tell National Consumer Commission’s inquiry panel they have difficulty in cancelling contracts and are unhappy with the points system

BUSINESS DAY TV: We are creating a legacy that changes the way philanthropy works

Intellidex chairperson Stuart Theobald discusses how the financial benefits of black economic empowerment deals filter down to charities

Remedial action would end right to use discretion in Parliament, says Maria Ramos

Absa has joined the Reserve Bank in asking the high court to set aside Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s call for remedial action, as part of it violates the Constitution

BEE threshold lowered to include small and medium entities, Davies explains

It was also lowered to address concerns that there would be unintended consequences if the threshold was based on combined turnover and asset value

Petroleum industry appeals to MPs not to mess with ‘win-win’ measures in contested bill

Opasa has asked the National Council of Provinces to ring-fence certain amendments in the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill that Zuma ...

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