Artisanal gold mining is on the rise, and abuses along with it

While the West wants ethically sourced gold, some parts of the world have no such qualms about trading in gold mined under poor conditions

Navigating offshore investments in a world gone mad

Themes such as climate change, energy transition and innovative health care will be more prevalent this decade

NEWS ANALYSIS: Five business stories that will shape 2020

The developments in corporate SA that will make headlines in the coming year

Battery metals track highs and lows of electric car market

Prices of cobalt and lithium have dropped drastically, but this is likely to be temporary

Mining growth expected to roll on into 2020

JSE’s general mining index is 38% higher in the year to date

Drought-stricken agriculture sector expected to turn corner in 2020

Weather Service predicts above-normal rainfall, which will boost yield of summer crops

Chadian start-ups aim to solve blackouts and joblessness

In one of the poorest countries in the world people are starting businesses to make a living and help the community

PODCAST | Phillip Morris SA is disrupting its own business model

Why Phillip Morris is moving to alternative smoking products, and using Tinder to help

Are we missing out on hedge fund diversification?

Long-term returns that could prove their case are still lacking, and managers are highlighting shorter-term performance

Q&A: How can I get my employer to pay for my car’s wear and tear?

Your company has the right to set a rate per kilometre that it can afford

SAA may get just R44m of R877m Zimbabwe owes in ticket sales

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe plans to ‘reject the majority of debts’ owed to institutions, in a move it hopes will save Zimbabwe vital foreign currency

PODCAST | Ethiopian fintech diaries: insider founder and investor perspectives

Real-world anecdotes and in-trench insights for entrepreneurs and investors keen on pursuing Ethiopian business opportunities in 2020

Why business rescue is no panacea for SAA problems

It requires a change in mindset, because poor management decisions lie behind most business failures

WATCH: Why oil producers have agreed to deeper cuts

Bjarne Schieldrop from SEB talks to Business Day TV about production cuts by Opec-plus

Electric vehicles: SA must change its attitude to electric vehicles

Country penalises EV buyers through higher import duties and tax intended for luxury goods

Miners are making it a lot easier to buy iron ore

From a mobile app to port-side sales, the world’s miners are making buying the steel-making raw material as easy as ‘placing an order on Amazon’

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