Prudential limits on some offshore investments to be raised notably

The Treasury’s Roy Havemann says the last significant increase in the allowance for foreign investment by domestic funds was in 2010

10 hours ago
Gigaba on ruling that he lied under oath: ‘We will tirelessly answer all questions’

The minister told a pre-budget briefing he stood by his testimony in the Fireblade case, after a High Court ruling that prompted a DA motion to prevent his ...

9 hours ago
LIVE BLOG: Malusi Gigaba delivers Ramaphosa's first budget

Follow Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's budget speech delivered less than a week after Cyril Ramaphosa become SA's new president

READ IN FULL: Malusi Gigaba’s 2018 budget speech

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's budget speech as delivered in Parliament

10 hours ago
How Malusi Gigaba plans to fund free higher education

The finance minister says this is a first step in breaking the cycle of poverty

9 hours ago
Discovery’s strong performance sets foundation for growth in 2018

SPONSORED | Group’s performance has exceeded expectations, says CEO Adrian Gore

Guptas’ globe-trotting plane goes off the radar as bank and lawyers try to pin it down

Export Development Canada is still owed $27m for the plane, which has had its tracking system turned off, possibly in contravention of Civil Aviation Authority ...

9 hours ago
Gigaba supports women and young entrepreneurs

Public Procurement Bill to pave the way for small firms to benefit from R600bn budget

9 hours ago
Sin taxes to bring in more than R3bn — including new sugar tax

Beer drinkers will be hardest hit — but drinkers of traditional African beer are given a reprieve

8 hours ago
Trading slowdown hits JSE’s revenue and profit

While the primary market enjoyed a 10% increase in revenue, cash equities trading revenue fell 11%, and the bourse’s shares closed nearly 2% weaker after ...

6 hours ago
Boko Haram strikes again with abduction of 90 girls feared

Nigerian police and the regional education ministry deny the abductions, but parents and other witnesses insist the girls are missing

6 hours ago
While growing in demand, cobalt is no petroleum, and the DRC should be cautious

The transition from fossil fuel to electric vehicles, from which cobalt hopes to benefit, could be one of the most wrenching changes global commodity markets ...

7 hours ago
Drought-ravaged provinces could get up to R6bn in relief, Malusi Gigaba says in budget speech

The finance minister says the government will use the Expanded Public Works Programme to reduce the economic effects of the drought, including job losses

9 hours ago
Low-income households will feel the pinch of VAT increase

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba says the Treasury has increased personal income tax significantly in recent years, particularly in the higher-income bands

9 hours ago
Zwane’s failure to appear in Parliament sparks formal inquiry into state capture involving him

Mineral resources committee chair Sahlulele Luzipo says details will be confirmed at a follow-up meeting next week

WATCH IN FULL: Gigaba delivers the 2018 budget

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba delivered the 2018 budget speech in Parliament

11 hours ago

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FT COLUMN: Britain’s road to becoming the EU’s Canada

Martin Wolf

After Brexit, the UK will have a trade relationship with the EU similar to Canada’s and will remain a middle-of-the-road democracy, like Canada, writes Martin Wolf

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TOM EATON: My totally unscientific poll shows the DA is in trouble. And the EFF

Tom Eaton

'The ANC no longer triggers an instant, visceral no from urban voters and the opposition’s salad days are over'

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PETER BRUCE: Gigaba's budget should be his last

'It was Gigaba who officially kicked off the state capture project when in 2011 he took a knife to all the big state-owned company boards and placed Gupta family proxies on them'

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FT COMMENT: Switzerland eyes cryptocurrency

The Swiss have broken ranks with the many countries keen to curtail the proliferation of initial coin offeringss

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While growing in demand, cobalt is no petroleum, and the DRC should be cautious

The transition from fossil fuel to electric vehicles, from which cobalt hopes to benefit, could be one of the most wrenching changes global commodity markets have ever seen, writes David Fickling

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EDITORS’ LUNCHBOX: Let’s give Gigaba the benefit of the doubt

He’s young and was probably just following Zuma’s orders — and the Guptas have been grounded anyway

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HILARY JOFFE: Budget needs to align with goals in new leadership’s economic vision

Implementation is now needed as Ramaphosa has started ball rolling on growth, investment and job creation

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