DONDO MOGAJANE: Budget 2024 is a delicate balancing act, with risks on the horizon

Treasury has managed to orchestrate a budget that addressed pressing national priorities while maintaining financial prudence

SCA throws out Aaron Motsoaledi’s bid to appeal against ruling on Zimbabwe permits

Motsoaledi wanted leave to appeal a ruling that declared the termination of the Zimbabwean permit programme unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid

Inquiry lays bare ‘morally indefensible’ millions paid to vice-chancellors

Council for Higher Education report says pay is often not linked to performance amid lax financial oversight

Ackerman family era at Pick n Pay may be ending

Pick n Pay drops the most in 25 years after unveiling R4bn rights issue

Private company has a 22.5GW pipeline for grid connections

Green Transmission Company specialises in building grid infrastructure for renewable energy developers

JSE improves but Thursday’s global rally peters out

Nvidia’s results on Thursday rekindled faith that breakthroughs in AI would boost profits

Q&A: Grid investment model must serve country’s unique needs

Green Transmission chair Enos Banda describes how private participation in grid development is likely to unfold

JONNY STEINBERG: SA cannot treat a party that gets 40% of the vote as an enemy

If an opposition coalition ousts the ANC and treats its victory as regime change, every future electoral defeat and win will be treated as regime change

EDITORIAL: When a CEO falters

Bytes Technology is a wake-up call for companies to be watchful on governance, even at the top

CLYDE RUSSELL: Metallurgical coal is the commodity world’s quiet performer

BHP Group believes alternatives are not cost-competitive or unlikely to emerge at scale for decades

ANTHONY BUTLER: AmaWinde just not the same as amaPanyaza

The Gauteng premier looks much more presidential and ready for a military green bean coup

MILA HARDING: Ban on corporal punishment in schools needs defenders

Section27’s case against SA Council for Educators aims to tackle the lack of proper consequences for violations

MARK ETHERIDGE: World champs semifinalist Jonker points to SA’s swimming future

Her coach Gideon du Toit completes a talented, youthful pair to watch making waves

EDITORIAL: May democracy continue to flourish in SA

A noisy election is now imminent. Let’s double down on democracy

PETER BRUCE: Ramaphosa banks on the Reserve Bank

Raking billions from the great GFECRA pot is like printing money — but only sound policy can right the South African ship

Locating the human face amid the urban chaos

Urban geometries merge with the circles, triangles and squares of portraiture

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Godongwana’s big offshore boo-boo

Godongwana accepted his mistake... but said reversing the decision would be difficult.

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WENDY KNOWLER: Size does indeed matter — when you’re paying for it

Customers generally don’t respond well to corporate attempts to pull the wool over their eyes.

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Mantengu irked by JSE response to allegations of share-rigging

Possible manipulation is being investigated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority

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SAM MKOKELI: A pot of gold saved the Treasury, but will the rainbow stay?

You have to wonder what the government will do when debt service costs bother us again, asks Sam Mkokeli.

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LETTER: Public outrage over suffering cattle a must

The plight of thousands of cattle on the way to their ritual slaughter was shocking

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LETTER: How does Joe Biden sleep at night?

The protection Biden and Washington have afforded Netanyahu makes them complicit in the slaughter

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LETTER: When the ANC and DA agree, things get done

What a pity they cannot find common ground in other areas, as they did with John Hlophe

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