Treasury investigators say Koko’s Eskom coal tests are shaky

Investigators say samples could have been switched in a deal that enabled the Guptas to pocket R1bn from utility

Forensic scientist David Klatzow to investigate Mark Minnie’s purported suicide

Minnie, who co-authored a book about a paedophile ring within the National Party, was shot in the head — but a relative does not believe it was self-inflicted

Tasneem Karriem quits Spur directorship

The resignation of Karriem from Spur’s board follows her leaving as CEO of GPI in April. She has been replaced by Prabashinee Moodley

WATCH: Standard Bank Group discusses 2018 interim results

SPONSORED | Standard Bank Group has announced its 2018 half-year results

JSE’s food index slumps as producers suffer from indigestion

Shares in Denny Mushrooms owner Libstar plunged 24% after a trading update, while Tiger Brands, which was under pressure on Thursday, lost a further 7.6%

Amcu vows to bring platinum industry to its knees

Union boss Joseph Mathunjwa warns of mass action over retrenchments that will bring down platinum belt and SA's economy

Why Adrian Gore has Standard Bank's Sim Tshabalala worried

Discovery Bank will be a 'fierce competitor', he says — but he is also watching Patrice Motsepe's Tyme Digital and tech giants like Amazon

Of SA's senior management, just one in five is a woman

A PwC survey shows that 61% of women are paid less than the median of the sample‚ compared to 39% of men

NATASHA MARRIAN: Cosatu faced with an existential threat

Increased competition in the labour [and] political space means Cosatu has little option but to go back to basics

Magda Wierzycka could have made more judicious picks, says top hedge fund manager

Business Day asks top hedge fund manager Jean Pierre Verster for his views on hedge funds after blistering takedown by Magda Wierzycka

Famous Brands issues cryptic statement, after warning of Gourmet Burger Kitchen loss

The fast-food franchiser says it is considering ‘strategic options’ for an unnamed subsidiary, a day after warning the UK burger brand lost more ...

KAP’s ‘annus horribilis’ could be coming to an end

Compounding the Steinhoff woes, fires in the southern Cape burnt 10% of KAP’s planted forests, an explosion affected its car-parts unit, and storms ...

No end in sight to Tiger Brands’s bad year

The company’s share price collapses as much as 10%, shedding about R6.2bn of its market capitalisation

EDITORIAL: Power cuts a very dim idea

Debt owed to Eskom by municipalities is climbing rapidly. In the past year, it grew by 30%

Editor Tony Heard defends decision not to publish story on Bird Island paedophile allegations

‘I carefully considered the material placed before me. I published what I felt was publishable. That’s all’

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DARREL BRISTOW-BOVEY: Storied trees, and the people who love them

Darrel Bristow-Bovey

Africa needs a Tree of the Year competition, like the one Europe has — what better way to celebrate the joyful interweaving of people and nature?

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New Zealand slams the door on Silicon Valley

Henry Mance

Tech gurus may have to rethink their apocalypse insurance, writes Henry Mance

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PETER BRUCE: What Cyril Ramaphosa can learn from Sizwe Nxasana’s NSFAS exit

Business is still willing to help a responsible state — but the loss of someone of Nxasana’s stature, integrity and passion is a sharp warning

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CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Did you know? South Africa is not regarded as a 'full democracy'

charmain naidoo

The EDI describes a flawed democracy as 'a country with free elections but weighed down by weak governance, an underdeveloped political culture and low levels of political participation'

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Wake up and smell the faeces, say people living near the Vaal River

Appointing the right national director of public prosecutions may be the president’s most important decision when you add David Mabuza to the mix

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Natasha Marrian Political editor: Business Day

NATASHA MARRIAN: Cosatu faced with an existential threat

Increased competition in the labour [and] political space means Cosatu has little option but to go back to basics

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TIM COHEN: Communal land will be the real headache in land reform saga

It seems the ANC is trying to change focus from communal land to commercial agricultural land

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