Forum linked to Zuma lobby groups joins campaign against IPPs

The Anti Poverty Forum claims that Eskom was forced to buy power from independent power producers illegally and under political pressure

4 hours ago
Aveng sells railway-sleeper maker for a song

Sale of company for much less than valuation shows difficulty in the construction sector, analyst says

1 hour ago
Amplats sees an increasingly bright future for platinum

Anglo American Platinum plans smart, cheap growth into an increasingly positive market for platinum and its sister metals

1 hour ago
Bosasa to close after banks pull out

The company, which is embroiled in allegations of state capture, has gone into voluntarily liquidation following the closing of its bank accounts

10 hours ago
SAA to be reorganised into three units, CEO Vuyani Jarana announces

SAA will be split into domestic, regional and international business units, each with their own management

10 hours ago
No evidence of sexual harassment against Pule Mabe‚ panel finds

The ANC grievance panel found the national spokesperson not guilty of the charges, but says the party needs a sexual harassment policy

3 hours ago
Claims of favouritism are false, says Patrice Motsepe

The billionaire businessman has countered allegations, some ‘excessively ridiculous’, that his energy firm has benefited from his family ties

8 hours ago
Amplats rewards shareholders handsomely

The platinum producer increased shareholder payouts after a strong performance in 2018; the company is looking for ways to offset Eskom risk

10 hours ago
EOH dives 22% as possible Microsoft divorce goes to court

CEO Stephen van Coller has called on anyone with knowledge of past unethical business practices to come forward

8 hours ago
Cullinan hopes for bigger, better diamonds

Owner Petra Diamonds expects the mine to only clear its debt within 10 years — unless it finds the next big stone

6 hours ago
Chinese firm recalls products suspected of swine fever contamination

Dozens of samples of processed pork products sold in Gansu province contain swine fever virus, says report

4 hours ago
Rand firms towards R14/$ as US-China trade talks resume

The local currency has benefited from some risk-on sentiment in global markets

11 hours ago
Ecsponent secures R700m loan facility

The financial services group says the loan will cut funding costs and allow it to grow its lending unit

4 hours ago
Maldives arrests former president Yameen for witness tampering

Strongman president Abdulla Yameen's  lawyer and the former justice minister have  been charged with embezzlement and launder money

3 hours ago
NATASHA MARRIAN: ANC faces its ultimate test in Gauteng

Despite his best efforts, David Makhura might not be able to help the governing party hold on to SA’s economic heartland

Sugar tax has cost R1bn and should be shelved, industry says

SA Cane Growers’ Association says that its impact on obesity is still questionable, but its knock to the economy and jobs is certain

9 hours ago

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Anglo American Platinum plans smart, cheap growth into an increasingly positive market for platinum and its sister metals

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