Members of Free State ANC file urgent court application over conference

Four disgruntled ANC members want its provincial conference results set aside and to interdict delegates from attending the national elective conference

5 hours ago
SABC enjoys confidence of more than half of South Africans, survey shows

Despite not trusting state institutions in general, the South African Reconciliation Barometer shows, surprisingly, that the embattled SABC is still trusted

2 hours ago
No let up in SA’s jobs haemorrhage

Statistics SA data shows that the economy lost a further 31,000 formal sector jobs during the September quarter, although those lucky enough to have jobs ...

8 hours ago
Proposed by-law in Cape Town includes option of jail for heavy water users

Under the new by-law‚ anyone who wants to use nonmunicipal water for domestic purposes would need the council’s written permission

3 hours ago
Alabama votes in high stakes race for Trump

Democrat Doug Jones hopes to pull off a major upset victory against Trump-backed Republican Roy Moore, who is accused of sexual misconduct

1 hour ago
High court turns down bid to nullify ANC Eastern Cape election

Eastern Cape provincial secretary Lulama Ngcukaitobi says the provincial leadership is relieved, but had expected a favourable ruling

updated 9 hours ago
THE STEINHOFF FILES: Inside SA's biggest corporate meltdown

Nineteen stories that capture the drama surrounding one of SA's largest companies as regulators closed in

10 hours ago
EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: A tough task lies ahead for new ANC head, warns Nzimande

Twitter has finally taken action against the accounts that promoted the Guptas and the white monopoly capital invective

8 hours ago
Finance committee urges parties relevant to Steinhoff crisis to speed up probes

Committee chairperson Yunus Carrim says the Steinhoff situation ‘confirms the need for tighter regulation and monitoring of companies’ and more ...

7 hours ago
Manufacturing production off to a good start in final quarter

A stronger than expected rebound is thanks mainly to food and beverages, and metal products and machinery

8 hours ago
State and CIPC to probe claims of noncompliance with Companies Act by Steinhoff

The Department of Trade and Industry also wants the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors to look at the actions of the auditors at Steinhoff

9 hours ago
CAROL PATON: A deal between ANC factions will be the worst result for SA

For SA to escape its downward spiral, there must be a decisive break with the Zuma years. There is no other option

Funds rush to reassure investors of muted Steinhoff impact

Steinhoff’s market value was all but reduced to zero last week

Mathews Phosa’s Mpumalanga supporters drop urgent court bid

Disgruntled ANC members in the province were seeking to nullify the results of branch meetings that backed ‘unity’ in the party’s leadership ...

8 hours ago
Dis-Chem shares fall 9% after founders cut their stakes

CEO Ivan Saltzman, executive Stan Goetsch and director Niall Hegarty sold 32-million shares at R35 per share in an accelerated book build

11 hours ago
Tax revenue has doubled in the past 10 years, says SARS

Low business confidence has affected the collection of personal income tax, but as the economy lifts, tax buoyancy will lift, says SARS’s Randall ...

10 hours ago
ANC Conference 2017

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: A tough task lies ahead for new ANC head, warns Nzimande

Twitter has finally taken action against the accounts that promoted the Guptas and the white monopoly capital invective

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