Gauteng denies asking for hard lockdown, calls for tougher enforcement as Covid-19 surges

Province says if non-adherence to regulations has caused rise, it should be countered

1 hour ago
JSE may benefit from firmer Asian markets on Monday

Rapid rise in new Covid-19 cases continues to weigh on markets

2 hours ago
Nepi Rockcastle begins arbitration over sale of Romanian portfolio

It signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with AFI Europe on Sunday, property group says

43 minutes ago
EDITORIAL: Gauteng adds to uncertainty with lockdown call

Health MEC Bandile Masuku urges hard lockdown to curb Covid-19 infections in the province

Shareholder says Nedbank should not ignore his plan to help Rebosis

Zunaid Moti says he has a plan to cure property fund’s debt headache

State revises plan for the return of some learners to school

Angie Motshekga says only grades 6 and 11 students are expected to go back to class on Monday

Tobacco ban has cost SA R3.5bn in excise taxes, companies tell Ramaphosa

Firms plead for lifting of cigarette sales ban, which they say has boosted illicit trade

Covid-19 throws a new spanner in the works for silicosis claimants

Lung function tests cannot be carried out as they could lead to new coronavirus infections

ECONOMIC WEEK AHEAD: Data likely to show the effects of hard lockdown

Consumer confidence, manufacturing production and the Reserve Bank’s bond buying programme are in the spotlight

POLITICAL WEEK AHEAD: Eyes will be on Joburg’s failure to adopt its budget

More pupils to return amid concerns about the ability of schools to maintain social distancing and hygiene

NEWS ANALYSIS: Thales says NPA admitted organised crime charges were a ‘weapon against Zuma’

Zuma co-accused says the state described the racketeering provisions as ‘weapons that suit the present case ideally’

Covid-19 infections rise to 196,750 in SA

Health minister reports 8,773 new confirmed infections over the past 24 hours while the total death toll has reached 3,199

11 hours ago
Billions of rand in Covid-19 tax relief taken up by business

The Treasury denies that little use is being made of the measures

Privacy law is likely to be an extra cost for businesses

Legal experts warn that compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act will be complex and time consuming

Renewable energy investors and municipalities must compromise

Charges on individuals and businesses aiming to generate electricity should be lowered, writes Chris Yelland

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