The flexible approach to investing

When picking a fund in this category, be sure that you have the same risk appetite as the fund manager

Going loco for Grindrod

The ports and rail powerhouse has rallied nearly 300% over the past three years. Is there more to come?

Too much uncertainty to assess Famous Brands

The absence of load-shedding does not make up for other difficulties at Famous Brands

Ninety One holding its own in a tough environment

The company prides itself on its organically developed track record

Simple and steady does it for Coronation

The fund manager seems to in be the mature cash cow phase of its life cycle

Pepkor pins hopes on fintech growth

Pepkor has produced decent interim results considering the brutal retail environment, with future gains expected from its high-growth fintech division and good ...

Santova battens down the hatches with buybacks

The Covid boom is well and truly over for logistics companies

ANTHONY CLARK: Four picks to beat the political uncertainty

Afrimat, Grindrod, KAL Group and Novus Holdings offer some security and growth regardless of the next government

Pick of the Month: Afrimat has more in store

Group still offers healthy upside, despite the risks to its iron ore business

AI: fad, bad or rad

You will no longer have to be a programmer to get useful answers from a computer

The take on top technology shares

The thing is, it isn’t just possible for the Microsofts and Amazons of this world to keep growing — it’s likely that they will

MARC HASENFUSS: Investors get their ‘tencents’ worth at JSE AGM

But there are a couple of things I still think the JSE can engage more openly on

After the elections: Left, Right or North for South Africa?

A coalition government is likely, but more than a political resolution is needed to make South Africa investible

How to navigate volatility in an election supercycle

The immediate concern for asset managers is what the post-election coalition landscape will look like

Pick of the Month: Brimstone starts to look a little hotter

Pared-down approach and focus on fishing should pay off for Brimstone

Going local: South Africa-only unit trusts

How ‘pure’ are funds that focus solely on the domestic market?