BIG READ: Can a R1.5bn helmet unlock the secrets of the mind?

Start-up company Kernel has developed a device that can potentially peer at the human brain

Fulfilling the dreams of five-year-old Jeff Bezos

Bidding for a seat to accompany Amazon CEO on an 11-minute trip to suborbital space has reached $3.5m

KATE THOMPSON DAVY: Kate Moss in a designer slip dress — that is the new iPhones

The box-edge devices are so assured of their design cred that they are not even trying

Changing the shape of the future: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has arrived

SPONSORED | This premium, yet practical, two-in-one smartphone-tablet exceeds expectations

Machine-learning is a boon, but it still needs a human hand

We should remember that devices only compute what has been programmed by people

How to clean your device properly

SPONSORED | Tips on what to use to wipe your screen and the chemicals never to use on your phone

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Choose your own adventure: making deliberate choices about a techie, post-virus world

Many firms have had to scramble, and many more to fundamentally rethink what productivity looks like when you’re judged on output and not proximity

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: What to do about protecting SA women from predators lurking on dating apps

Would a public digital database provide safeguards against sexual assault, or spark mayhem?

Norwegian oil rig gives Spot the robot dog a long leash

The robot will be tested for its ability to run inspections, detect leaks, gather data and generate reports

Twitter’s users are worthless — but monetisable

Even Twitter doesn’t use Twitter, but ensuring its users are actual users means it can sell ads to show them, writes Tim Culpan

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Your P@55w0rd is obsolete, time to rethink your personal cyber security

Cyber crime costs the global economy $2.9m every minute and 80% of these attacks are password related, writes Kate Thompson Ferreira

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Could a contract for the web save us from an incendiary internet?

World wide web founder Tim Berners-Lee is leading the pack in trying to instil some order in his ‘baby’

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Still the Apple of many eyes

Critics love to hate the iconic manufacturer, but the launch of its most recent gadgets showed it still ignites the world’s imagination

Health: Hi-tech shoe might just steal your running coach’s job

Sensors linked to an app that analyses runs give footwear a leg up, but personal trainers have the edge in the motivation stakes, writes Yolisa Mkele

SYLVIA MCKEOWN: Roll up for a chance to join Asgardians living in a galaxy far, far away

Igor Ashurbeyli has plans to be the first independent country in space and for its citizens to live on the moon by 2043

Active health: Ten ways to be a better, fitter mountain biker

Gleaning the best practices for mountain biking from three-time downhill mountain bike world champion Greg Minnaar

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