Tech firm Sigfox develops tiny tracker to help fight rhino poaching

The sensor, inserted into the horn, emits the exact location of the animal three times a day, over three years

New Samsung watch great for geeks, sports jocks and even gym dodgers

The Galaxy does everythng your phone does, and more —  including measuring your stress levels and monitoring your heart

Technology-based rewards help improve your fitness game

Study finds people exercise more when they get an Apple Watch free if they meet daily physical activity goals rather than having to buy one, writes Hanna Ziady

Don’t miss Makro’s Black Friday specials from November 21 to 25

SPONSORED | Don’t miss Makro’s Black Friday specials kicking off on Wednesday

Technology puts F1 fans’ fingers on racing pulse

The winner of this year’s $50,000 Tata Communications F1 Innovation Prize aims to harness smart assistant technology, such as Amazon’s Alexa, so that fans can ...

App service helps time-poor clients to get to-do lists done

Requests range from travel arrangements, accommodation and flowers to household emergencies

SA-born Silverback strikes gold in global cycling markets

North America, Europe and China are the SA company’s main markets

As new iPhones go on sale, studies reveal chips from Intel and Toshiba

Repair firm iFixit this week published some of the first detailed teardowns of the new iPhones

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 eyes youngsters with better services for gamers

Samsung’s new focus marks a shift away from its previous positioning of the Note as a multi-tasking device popular with graphic designers and artists

Tailor-made stents for airways will help desperate patients breathe more easily

CT-scan images are used to make a 3D virtual reconstruction of the patient’s unique airways, which is used to create a mould

Charge sheet lets slip new details on Apple’s secretive self-driving work

The technical detail in a criminal complaint against a former employee accused of stealing trade secrets, suggests Apple is designing its own chips for ...

These are five travel laptops you could consider ahead of the MacBook Air

Rather than redesigning and upgrading the MacBook Air’s hardware like all of the tech giant’s other marquee products, Apple has left the Air to ...

Signal-sending chip wins prize for new technology to protect women

XPRIZE acknowledged the winning device, made by Leaf Wearables of New Delhi, India, that triggers an emergency alert with location details to a network of ...

Google’s new booking tool draws thousands of new customers to nearby shops

But Google is not the only big tech company looking to commercialise online bookings outside of restaurants and travel

Seek social media quality, not quantity

Technology helps meet the need to belong but beware the chimera of intimacy, writes Lungile Sojini

Digital library in a box is helping school-goers boost their science and maths marks

Anyone within a kilometre can download digital copies of text books‚ and sound and video recordings of science lessons, to their phones without being ...

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