Walkman statue is a nostalgic nod to Japan’s technology glory days

The burden is onerous when demographics suggest the country’s epoch of disruptive verve is over

Audio devices box clever to cut kids’ screen time

Parents have welcomed the interactive Boxine and Yoto speakers as an alternative to TV and the internet, write Nic Fildes

What’s up with neurotic parents on WhatsApp?

The messaging platform has replaced traditional school gossip, much to the dismay of those on the receiving end of the chain of misinformation

Health: Hi-tech shoe might just steal your running coach’s job

Sensors linked to an app that analyses runs give footwear a leg up, but personal trainers have the edge in the motivation stakes, writes Yolisa Mkele

Apple is not playing when it comes to gaming

New subscription service could be its most important yet as it goes head to head with Google and Tencent

Why plugs are the bane of a traveller’s life

Most hotels don’t provide USB sockets, which are required by most of today’s technologies, writes Michael Skapinker

SYLVIA MCKEOWN: Roll up for a chance to join Asgardians living in a galaxy far, far away

Igor Ashurbeyli has plans to be the first independent country in space and for its citizens to live on the moon by 2043

Active health: Ten ways to be a better, fitter mountain biker

Gleaning the best practices for mountain biking from three-time downhill mountain bike world champion Greg Minnaar

Take a ride into the new cycle of e-bikes

Love it or hate it, there's an e-biking e-volution taking place and it is coming soon to a cycling shop near you

SYLVIA MCKEOWN: James Bond-like cool folding phones hit the mainstream — at knockout prices

After years of speculation and sneak peaks Samsung Fold and Huawei Mate X set bar higher with radical innovation

Enough moral panic — mobile phones are life-enhancing

The smartphone is one of the most wondrous, boredom-battling devices yet created, writes Robert Shrimsley

The truth about sex and screen time

Spending less time on our phones would give us a lot more time for sex among other activities

Virtual assistants: battle for connected home seizes the stage

Google puts on a show at Las Vegas electronics fair as it takes on Alexa and Siri

Tech firm Sigfox develops tiny tracker to help fight rhino poaching

The sensor, inserted into the horn, emits the exact location of the animal three times a day, over three years

New Samsung watch great for geeks, sports jocks and even gym dodgers

The Galaxy does everythng your phone does, and more —  including measuring your stress levels and monitoring your heart

Technology-based rewards help improve your fitness game

Study finds people exercise more when they get an Apple Watch free if they meet daily physical activity goals rather than having to buy one, writes Hanna Ziady

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