Changing the shape of the future: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has arrived

SPONSORED | This premium, yet practical, two-in-one smartphone-tablet exceeds expectations

Machine-learning is a boon, but it still needs a human hand

We should remember that devices only compute what has been programmed by people

How to clean your device properly

SPONSORED | Tips on what to use to wipe your screen and the chemicals never to use on your phone

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Choose your own adventure: making deliberate choices about a techie, post-virus world

Many firms have had to scramble, and many more to fundamentally rethink what productivity looks like when you’re judged on output and not proximity

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: What to do about protecting SA women from predators lurking on dating apps

Would a public digital database provide safeguards against sexual assault, or spark mayhem?

Norwegian oil rig gives Spot the robot dog a long leash

The robot will be tested for its ability to run inspections, detect leaks, gather data and generate reports

Twitter’s users are worthless — but monetisable

Even Twitter doesn’t use Twitter, but ensuring its users are actual users means it can sell ads to show them, writes Tim Culpan

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Your P@55w0rd is obsolete, time to rethink your personal cyber security

Cyber crime costs the global economy $2.9m every minute and 80% of these attacks are password related, writes Kate Thompson Ferreira

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Could a contract for the web save us from an incendiary internet?

World wide web founder Tim Berners-Lee is leading the pack in trying to instil some order in his ‘baby’

KATE THOMPSON FERREIRA: Still the Apple of many eyes

Critics love to hate the iconic manufacturer, but the launch of its most recent gadgets showed it still ignites the world’s imagination

Health: Hi-tech shoe might just steal your running coach’s job

Sensors linked to an app that analyses runs give footwear a leg up, but personal trainers have the edge in the motivation stakes, writes Yolisa Mkele

SYLVIA MCKEOWN: Roll up for a chance to join Asgardians living in a galaxy far, far away

Igor Ashurbeyli has plans to be the first independent country in space and for its citizens to live on the moon by 2043

Active health: Ten ways to be a better, fitter mountain biker

Gleaning the best practices for mountain biking from three-time downhill mountain bike world champion Greg Minnaar

Take a ride into the new cycle of e-bikes

Love it or hate it, there's an e-biking e-volution taking place and it is coming soon to a cycling shop near you

SYLVIA MCKEOWN: James Bond-like cool folding phones hit the mainstream — at knockout prices

After years of speculation and sneak peaks Samsung Fold and Huawei Mate X set bar higher with radical innovation

Tech firm Sigfox develops tiny tracker to help fight rhino poaching

The sensor, inserted into the horn, emits the exact location of the animal three times a day, over three years


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