New technology makes cars less reliable, says Consumer Reports

The magazine says all-new vehicles or those with newly updated technology are more likely to have a ‘wonky engine’; vehicle makers, including ...

Students in lectures hardly ever follow lecturer’s slides when phones are nearby

Smartphone users worldwide spend more than three hours a day on their phones, Stellenbosch University researchers say

In a big September update, the new iPhone is likely to ditch its home button

Across the bottom of the screen there is a thin software bar in lieu of the home button, and a user can drag it up to the middle of the screen to open the phone

Radical discovery means computers will soon sniff out explosives

Nigerian scientist turns current thinking on artificial intelligence on its head — and creates a device that can breathe in and smell the air

Best language apps to help travellers click with locals

There are a number of mobile apps that tackle the problem of the language barrier

Fender launches app for guitar lessons

The company that powered the careers of Hendrix and Nirvana hopes that by encouraging people to keep playing, it can double the size of the industry

Bots and chatbots are on the rise in a post-app world

Survey shows more than 25% of organisations have not built, customised or virtualised any mobile app in the last year, and IT spend on mobile apps is slowing

Android software creator unveils ‘Essential’ phone

Andy Rubin says it’s ‘weird’ that people have to fight with the technology supposed to simplify their lives and should be able to decide what features they ...

Viral fidget craze turns toy industry on its head

Small sellers were the first to cash in on the spinning gadget after the product went viral on the internet, writes Anna Nicolaou

Apple Watch leads in wearable computing, as Fitbit slips to third place

China’s Xiaomi, which makes a budget-priced fitness band, is the second-largest vendor, with global market share of 15.5%

This app could save you in an emergency

Most people do not know who to call in an emergency, writes Sarah Wild

New frontier: tour this grand Eastern Cape home in virtual reality with SA Home Owner

Want to see how technology is reinventing real estate? SA Home Owner magazine, published by Times Media, has launched on its website a virtual reality tour of ...

Racing inspires classic timepiece

A crowd-funding campaign and social media advertising helped raise R3m, which is 1,500% of the R192,257 target, to create the Straton Watch brand

The $300 earbuds to hear only what you want to hear

Doppler Labs is pioneering a new gadget category, ‘hearables’ — earphones that can augment sounds from the world around us. Tim Bradshaw tried them out

Cycle indoors with friends all over the world

Josh Petri reviews Zwift — digital training software that takes the virtual cycling experience a step further than its rivals

Virtual reality has potential to add new dimensions to marketing

The three-dimensional technology can help improve customer experience with property, tourism, vehicle and retail sectors obvious candidates

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