Apple Watch leads in wearable computing, as Fitbit slips to third place

China’s Xiaomi, which makes a budget-priced fitness band, is the second-largest vendor, with global market share of 15.5%

This app could save you in an emergency

Most people do not know who to call in an emergency, writes Sarah Wild

New frontier: tour this grand Eastern Cape home in virtual reality with SA Home Owner

Want to see how technology is reinventing real estate? SA Home Owner magazine, published by Times Media, has launched on its website a virtual reality tour of ...

Racing inspires classic timepiece

A crowd-funding campaign and social media advertising helped raise R3m, which is 1,500% of the R192,257 target, to create the Straton Watch brand

The $300 earbuds to hear only what you want to hear

Doppler Labs is pioneering a new gadget category, ‘hearables’ — earphones that can augment sounds from the world around us. Tim Bradshaw tried them out

Cycle indoors with friends all over the world

Josh Petri reviews Zwift — digital training software that takes the virtual cycling experience a step further than its rivals

Virtual reality has potential to add new dimensions to marketing

The three-dimensional technology can help improve customer experience with property, tourism, vehicle and retail sectors obvious candidates

Smartphones bang against skill levels

The hand-eye co-ordination expert warns of deterioration across all sports

Corny science fiction set to run riot as technology proliferates

There’s a good reason for the gap: no one can predict which objects consumers and businesses will want to connect to the internet

Trolls thrive on official indifference

Acting against abuse on social media platforms is arduous, not least because of Facebook’s own policies, writes Fiona Forde

CSIR fingerprint scanner can give police a leg up

Groundbreaking CSIR’s technology creates a 3D reconstruction of deeper layers of skin to reduce the effect of smudging, writes Sarah Wild

How technology will shape the finance sector

Blockchain, cognitive computing and cloud are some of the technologies expected to bring about the biggest changes

Amazon’s virtual assistant the surprise star of the consumer electronics show

Robots that can play chess with humans, wallpaper-thin TVs and smartphones that use virtual and augmented technology were on offer at the show

New jet to whizz from New York to London in three hours

Given the range of aerospace advances in the past 50 years, it seems reasonable to ask: why can’t we fly faster?

Outsource parts of life with a few easy clicks

With the rise of connected services, traditional companies are eager to adapt to change

Low-cost devices drive growth in wearable gadgets market

Report expects wearables market in Middle East and Africa to total 1.96-million units by the end of 2016, an increase of 38.4% over last year’s sales

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