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HOTEL REVIEW | 15 on Orange, Cape Town

SPONSORED | This modern 'urban oasis' is perfectly located to explore the city bowl, says Claire Keeton

Cycling on the road Adam Kok took for his people’s great trek

We lift up our eyes unto the hills and see evidence that the track goes in the direction that Kok traversed, rising 830m over 20km into the Eastern Cape ...

How to do the right exercise for your age

Keeping physically active can protect you from a range of conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers

Fit hacks: five tips from a decade of running

Our columnist advises you to dance for joy after your marathon

Virtual assistants: battle for connected home seizes the stage

Google puts on a show at Las Vegas electronics fair as it takes on Alexa and Siri

The truth about sex and screen time

Spending less time on our phones would give us a lot more time for sex among other activities

NEELS BLOM: Civil disobedience beside the pond is getting more attractive

It would be naive to believe in the ANC's manifesto promises because the reality is overwhelming

Wanted Online: A toast to the luxury of wellness at Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa

The newly renovated Santé is a holistic haven for stressed-out corporate individuals or those battling with their nutritional health

Eating your way through a crisp Christmas in Paris

French capital is not renowned for vegetarian fare, but in the Marais neighbourhood vegetables have been causing a stir

CHRIS THURMAN: Rebranding of tainted Zuma should be rejected with the contempt it deserves

Ramaphosa and ANC can suck up to him to score votes but the rest of us, especially in the arts space, should not be co-opted into this farce

MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Wine lovers spoilt for choice at affordable price

A tasting in Port Elizabeth offered more than 200 varieties, priced from as little as R60 a bottle

Wanted Online: Bovet’s heavenly luxury watches show the Swiss brand’s attention to detail

New editions reveal the renowned expertise of the award-winning manufacturer

BOOK REVIEW: Begin and Bibi, the leaders who shaped Israel's psyche

The two rightwingers forged today's nation by preventing a viable Palestinian state.

BOOK REVIEW: Pro-nuclear polemic starts out brightly then runs out of steam

It is a distinction of the authors’ position that they reject conventional wisdom on the political left, right and centre

Poached: The destruction of the animal kingdom

A new book discloses how horrific the impact of poaching and its attendant animal and animal products trafficking have been on several animal species, with ...


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