Cars can — and should — be as safe as houses

Renault has launched an automatic version of its Kwid, but the lack of safety is still unacceptable, says Lerato Matebese

Geneva glitz can’t hide electric car angst

Behind the extravagance of the Geneva motor show was the anxiety over the future of diesel vehicles, write Peter Campbell and Patrick McGee

Aiming for pole position in growing electrified market

Mark Smyth spoke with Jonathan Goodman of Polestar on the company’s plans and challenges

Porsche is joining the electric highway

Stefan Weckbach, head of battery-electric vehicles at Porsche outlines the company’s strategy and the progress on the Mission E

Self-driving cars have much to learn

The industry is buzzing over autonomous vehicles but there remain a number of roadblocks to their adoption, says Leslie Hook

Vehicle owners make the effort to look after their wheels, survey shows

A survey by the Automobile Association has shown that most owners take vehicle servicing seriously

Ogier pulls out all stops to power to the top of log

The Mexico leg of the World Rally Championship took place this past weekend

Hammer to fall on rare vintage cars

Jaguar Land Rover Classic is auctioning off some exciting models from its collection in the UK in March

Giant clay vessels give wine freedom to shine

Yogi de Beer’s hand-crafted giant amphoras breathe, enhancing the wine-making process, writes Janine Stephen

Matthew Lester, an inspiring lecturer and egalitarian

Matthew was deeply committed to social justice. He frequently met with students to explain how the national budget could be configured

Cooking classes lift the lid on a new life for the poor

How visitors to Marrakech aid social action, writes Madeleine Morrow

Local plants make for a taste adventure

The team brews botanical tinctures, bitters, syrups, vermouths and shrubs using only local produce, writes Tarah Darge

Porsche wins Car of the Year award, again

The Porsche Panamera, which was one of 10 cars vying for the title, claimed overall victory in the prestigious competition

Sachs reruns his ode to humanity

Former judge funds second print run of his book on the place of art at the Constitutional Court

Didion’s lament takes audience on a journey

Six months after her second tragedy, she began working on the play

Music notes fill generation gap

The series nurtures cross-generational exchanges and showcases the power of music in uniting families

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