Renault SA’s enterprising plan for taking the top prize

Renault SA has updated its flagship Clio, the RS variant, and added a more powerful and focused Trophy version, writes Lerato Matebese

All-rounder cars soar in sales rankings

The first quarter of 2017 produced some big winners and losers in global passenger car sales numbers, writes Michael Taylor

BMW improving on excellence

BMW will introduce some new facelifts and is preparing to launch its mightiest M5 yet, writes Mark Smyth

Excitement in Monaco?

Renault is choosing this weekend’s Monaco GP to reveal the next generation of its Megane RS

New ranger in town will help to outlaw hazardous DIY styling

Instead of risking the warranty on your Ranger, Ford has come up with model with a bit more attitude

Volkswagen cranking Up performance a notch or two to earn exclamation mark

Volkswagen’s Up gets the big engine to make the smallest GTi writes Michael Taylor

Revolutionary road: Germany takes first step

New legislation has taken the nation closer to the reality of autonomous cars, writes Michael Taylor

Britain gets the hump with NOx emissions

Draft proposals in the UK suggest removing speed humps to reduce emissions as the quest for cleaner air gathers pace writes Mark Smyth

Crash claims Hayden

The MotoGP fraternity mourns the loss of former champion, Nicky Hayden

Technology a changer for game under threat

Software system gives rangers an earlier warning about poachers or other dangers in remote areas

Chic new Karongwe lodge attracts swathes of swish guests

Demand for swanky safari accommodation so high that a new lodge has been built in nine months

BOOK REVIEW: Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson

Author Jonathan Ancer’s novel digs up bones left by one of apartheid’s most deadly spies, writes Sue Grant-Marshall

Violation in the belly of the beast

Raymond Suttner’s Inside Apartheid’s Prison is a slow uncovering of his torture at the hands of war criminals. Here’s an extract

Soupçon from a restaurant table can give a child a new start

The StreetSmart charity believes giving money directly to street children will never help them, writes Lesley Stones

Giving hope in a dark, mysterious manner

Patrick Bongoy’s art encapsulates the political situation and survivalist ethos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, writes Mary Corrigall

Harry Potter star to ‘Escape from Pretoria’ next year

A movie about anti-apartheid activist Tim Jenkin’s escape from the Pretoria maximum security prison in 1979 will be made in SA next year starring Daniel ...