Online banking security codes will be unbreakable with quantum physics

Scientists at Wits University are part of a pioneering group which aims to make the internet far more secure, and to speed it up by a factor of 1,000

Basa awards honour dynamic business and arts partnerships

Champions of the enabling and transformative effects of the arts have been recognised for two decades

Win a luxurious bag and fragrances with Wanted and Bulgari

Business Day's Wanted magazine and Bulgari are giving away a fabulous hamper valued at R45,000. Here's how to enter the draw

Why supporting the arts is about much more than money

Basa Awards champion business-art partnerships that make art accessible to everyone

Egg industry is no closer to answering the question, what is organic?

What makes cage-free different from organic? What makes organic different from grass-fed? Free range different from pasture-raised? No one really knows

Concept electric cars and retro hatchbacks feature at Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda’s Urban EV Concept hatchback should just be built as is, as it looks like the coolest hatchback since the Mark I Volkswagen Golf

With spring comes new electric leaf

The second-generation Nissan Leaf has debuted and an electric vehicle revolution appears to be coming, writes Tim Cohen

Charging ahead with a new strategy

The Volkswagen Group has announced it is on an electric mission, writes Mark Smyth

MARIKA SBOROS: It turns out a low-fat diet should not be what the doctor ordered

PURE research shows carbohydrates increase the risk of an early death

Tune in and turn on: could mushrooms be the magic that cures stubborn depression?

A British start-up is preparing a groundbreaking experiment to test whether psilocybin can defeat treatment-resistant depression, writes Andrew Jack

F1 for the road

Mercedes-AMG unveiled its Project One hypercar at the Frankfurt motor show

Rules put brakes on Audi’s autonomous tech

Michael Taylor experienced the self-driving technology of the new Audi A8, but the world is not ready for it, yet

Hyundai Elantra Sport: Torque steer? Well I never!

Mark Smyth drove the Hyundai Elantra Sport as the company finally joins the performance party

TVR back on track with new model

UK sports car brand is enjoying a revival and the 2018 Griffith will mark its first instalment, writes Lerato Matebese

National title deciders amidst ongoing battles

MotoGP and domestic championship track action in our wrap of the week’s racing

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