Rodrigo Duterte threatens to impose martial law throughout Philippines

The president made his threat after Islamist militants beheaded a policeman and took Catholic hostages while rampaging through the southern city of Marawi

Moody’s downgrades China for first time in nearly 30 years

The ratings agency expects strength of China’s economy to erode in coming years, but China says the one-notch downgrade is based on ‘inappropriate methodology’

Security forces crack down on Abu Sayyaf kingpin

At least one policeman has been killed during a clash with up to 50 Abu Sayyaf fighters

North Korea likely connected to WannaCry ransomware attack

Experts say the software used is virtually identical to that in the 2014 Sony attack and the theft of $81m from a Bangladeshi central bank account

Prosecutor formerly demoted by Park now leading investigation

Impeached South Korean president Park Guen-hye is being prosecuted by a lawyer she once demoted for not backing off investigation the country’s spy agency

North Korea claims another successful missile launch

Pyongyang continues to defy calls to rein in its nuclear programme, but the jury is out on whether its latest test was really as successful as it claims