India invites bids for coal, ending Coal India’s near-monopoly

India is one of the largest consumers of the disliked fossil fuel and hopes coal-block auctions will tempt miners such as Glencore and BHP

Why we should all care about China’s stumbling growth

A plunge in the world’s second-largest economy would affect global job creation, business confidence and improved living standards

China plans blue-sky National Day festivities

Factory bosses hold their breath as Beijing eyes smog-free skies for 70th national anniversary

China’s slowdown deepens just as global risks rise

Interest rate cuts may be necessary on Tuesday as pressure grows to do more to support growth

Hong Kong still a powder keg as events start to be canceled

Cultural and sporting events are being pulled, billionaires are cowed by Beijing, and Hong Kong’s first recession in a decade looms

Thailand looks at allowing cannabis for limited personal use

In a country known for its stiff drug laws, the ruling coalition is looking at allowing Thais to grow six marijuana plants per household

China orders SOEs to help cool tension in Hong Kong

State firms are urged to assert more control of Hong Kong companies

Hong Kong protests to continue during Mid-Autumn Festival

Despite the annual holiday, protests are planned  outside a subway station where police were caught on CCTV beating protesters on a train

South Korea takes export control dispute with Japan to WTO

Move follows after Tokyo imposed tighter controls on exports after a diplomatic dispute over compensation for forced labourers during World War 2

China’s ‘fake news’ about Hong Kong protesters 9/11 attack

State news reports them ‘planning massive terror attacks’ when the protesters are actually taking a day off to commemorate the 2001 US attacks

Acquittal of man who sexually assaulted daughter re-ignites Japan protests

Father walks free despite years-long abuse because the law requires prosecutors to prove there was overwhelming force, a threat, or that the victim was ...

China to scrap quotas on two foreign investment schemes

This comes as a weakening yuan and rising outflows prompt Beijing to attract more foreign capital, however, the move may be largely symbolic

Taliban vows to continue fight against US after Donald Trump rejects talks

Renewed war of words between the two sides raises the spectre of violence in Afghanistan

Japan wonders what to do with a million tons of radioactive water

Government slaps down the environment minister, who says Fukushima waste has to be released into the sea

Hong Kong tells other countries to back off as unrest continues

CEO Carrie Lam says, ‘It’s extremely inappropriate for foreign parliaments to interfere in Hong Kong matters’ and will not be tolerated

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