Japan’s Fisco experiments with bitcoin-denominated bonds

A three-year debt worth 200 bitcoins was issued to another firm in the group, the first such deal in Japan, which has fairly advanced crypto-currency laws

Seoul wants to avoid war while US keeps door open to military engagement

President Moon Jae-in says South Korea effectively has a veto over US military action in response to the North’s nuclear and missile programmes

State-owned China Unicom to raise funds from Tencent and others

The deal, the largest capital raising in the Asia-Pacific region since 2010, is part of Beijing’s push for SOEs to be revitalised with private capital

China’s missing mogul, Chen Tianqiao, returns from hiding with a $1bn plan to study the brain

Shanda Interactive Entertainment was bigger than Alibaba and Tencent when he dropped out of public view. He talks to Yoolim Lee about why he walked away, and ...

China passes Japan to become US’s biggest foreign creditor again

China’s holdings of US treasuries rises to an eight-month high of $1.147-trillion as it takes advantage of the dollar’s weakness

IMF forecasts China GDP can yet double

Beijing is told to speed up structural reforms amid ballooning debt and a debt load likely to hit 290% of GDP

The China bear betting on a 70% rout in the yuan

Despite watching his bets against the Chinese currency and stock market backfire, Crescat Capital’s Kevin Smith is convinced the country is headed for a ...

Kim bides time over Guam strike

The North Korean leader says that if the US persists in reckless actions on the Korean peninsula, the country will take action

Japan’s Shinzo Abe reaches for middle ground at a sensitive time for a region on edge

The Shinto shrine to Japan’s fallen soldiers is always a touchy issue for China and South Korea, while the growing North Korean threat makes harmony more ...

China vows action if US damages trade ties, as Trump gives green light for probe

Beijing has responded with a strong message after Trump authorised an inquiry into China’s alleged theft of $600bn of US intellectual property

China bans North Korean iron and seafood imports in wake of nuclear threats

Beijing vows to fully enforce its latest round of sanctions, after the US accused it of not doing enough to rein in Pyongyang’s increasingly bold nuclear ...

Cracks appear in China’s formidable economic growth

Lending costs are rising and the gravity-defying property market has cooled, although activity levels remain solid thanks to a year-long construction spree

Japan’s economy rises at its quickest rate in more than two years

This marks the fastest expansion in more than three years as Japan’s shoppers splashed out on durable goods such as cars and home appliances in the ...

North Korea ‘still a year or two away’ from effective nuclear missile technology

South Korea offers a reason to lower the temperature in the simmering crisis, while China and the US trade accusations, and the governor of Guam eggs Trump on

Dalai Lama cancels Botswana visit

The 82-year-old Tibetan spiritual leader is ‘suffering from exhaustion’ and has been advised not to undertake long journeys

Chinese jawboning is fair warning to steel investors

The threat isn’t explicit, but the signs are mounting that Beijing is growing increasingly concerned about the strength in one of the economy’s key ...

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