India’s farmers feed produce to animals as Covid-19 lockdown halts deliveries

India relies on truckers to move goods from the countryside and ports to its cities, but Covid-19 has made many drivers to flee to their villages

India’s migrant workers are walking home, hungry and scared of the police

With no way to earn a living and public transport halted, India’s army of migrant workers has been left stranded, with just a phone call as help

Australians attack cars of those fleeing Covid-19 hotspots

Remote areas in the northeastern state of Queensland are being inundated with travellers — mostly retirees — trying to escape the disease

Rights group assists Indian sex workers during lockdown

Jimme Foundation launches fundraising appeal with the charity Citizens for Justice and Peace

India to give $23bn in stimulus as virus locks 1.3-billion people down

As well as money, relief to the country’s poor includes some free rice and pulses, and gas cylinders for cooking

Green Coronaburgers a hit in Vietnam, as virus spreads

A shop has sold about 50 such burgers a day, despite the growing numbers of businesses that have been forced to close due to Covid-19

China has Covid-19 locked down — but the job-shedding begins

China’s manufacturing all but ended during the outbreak; now it’s starting again, but the West is cancelling orders due to its own virus battle

Lifting the lockdown in China isn’t going that smoothly

A new, rapid-detection test for Covid-19 must now be completed, with some travellers finding this out with travel plans already made

Australia demands release of writer in Chinese jail

Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun was arrested on charges of espionage and is reportedly shackled in his cell

China slowly returns to flying and driving as normal

Industrial complex is being restarted with car factories all ramping up after suspending shutdowns

China reopens as rest of the world locks down

Hubei, where Covid-19 emerged late in 2019, will allow healthy residents to leave the province from midnight, two months after they were ordered to stay indoors

Cambodia uses Covid-19 to arrest activists — even teenagers

Human Rights Watch says the country has arrested 17 people — including a 14-year-old girl for voicing her fear of the virus online

Delhi’s rebel gyms and bodybuilders give false hope about Covid-19

Some gym owners and their clients believe strong bodies and India’s high temperatures can fight the coronavirus; they can’t

Japanese head out to see their cherry blossoms despite fear of infection

Researchers expect the virus outbreak to slash earnings from one of Japan’s most important events by nearly 40%

India orders lockdown over Covid-19 fears

Raft of new state shutdowns target hundreds of millions of Indians

Australia injects A$66bn more to avert recession and save jobs

Plan will provide A$25.2bn in support to businesses and not-for-profit charities

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