Modi fans celebrate his win, saying ‘the lion returns’

Prime Minister Nahendra Modi’s landslide victory in India has ignited his adherents with their ‘Hindu nation’ slogan

8 hours ago
New law for Thai fishing industry has loopholes

Human rights campaigners say the government will struggle to enforce it

8 hours ago
Thai court blocks maverick's move to parliament

MP status of wildly popular anti-junta candidate who got 6-million votes is suspended until verdict in legal case is decided

9 hours ago
Indonesia curbs social media as it blames hoaxes for inflaming unrest

Fact-checkers say calls for violence on networks have spiked since Tuesday when a contested election count confirmed President Joko Widodo as the winner

Gandhi casts doubt on exit poll win for Modi

Opposition leader says reports predicting BJP victory are fake, urging his supporters to keep faith in Congress party’s chances

North Korea warns US over seized ship

In a rare new conference, Pyongyang’s UN envoy has demanded the return of the impounded vessel

India’s Modi confident as exit polls predict a clear win

Prime minister’s Bharatiya Janata Party is projected to win between 339 and 365 seats in the 545-member lower house of parliament

Japan seeks arbitration over South Korea’s wartime labour claim

Japan says compensation issues related to the wartime labour policy were settled by the treaty that normalised relations

India’s Hindu groups to double down on demands as Narendra Modi set for big win

Governing party’s coalition partners spotlight the Ram temple, property rights in Kashmir and the slaughter of cows

Slowing tech demand continues to hurt Taiwanese exports

Shrinking orders in April put the island on track for the seventh consecutive contraction in shipments

China accuses US of ‘extravagant expectations’ as trade war escalates

Google suspends key business with Huawei Technologies in line with Trump blacklist

Deutsche denies quashing concerns over ‘suspicious’ Trump transactions

The bank said allegations in a New York Times report that it failed to flag potentially dodgy activity to US authorities were ‘categorically false’

Australia’s ruling coalition victory may speed up coal project

The Queensland government will be under renewed pressure to approve the project, which has been slowed down over environmental concerns

Modi proclaims a cleaner India, but the reality may be more murky

Scale of outdoors defecation overshadows prime minister’s campaign

Bangladesh factory safety monitors get court extension

Safety accord allowed to continue its oversight

Sri Lanka president vows to eliminate jihadist threat

Maithripala Sirisena says security forces could use their experience in defeating separatist Tamil guerrillas a decade ago

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