South Korea president reshuffles cabinet after election defeats

New prime minister and six ministers replaced after Democratic Party suffers poll losses

India wealthiest state resumes lockdown amid Covid-19 surge

Weekend curfew among new curbs ordered, including in New Delhi, as hospitals  struggle with rising coronavirus infections

What to watch for in China’s record GDP report

China expected to report highest-ever quarterly growth

Myanmar’s ousted lawmakers find some refuge in India

‘We can’t rely on China, Thailand and other neighbouring countries. The only country where refugees are being welcomed is India’

Coffee and a Covid-19 jab: an ordinary day for a Kazakh jogger

Kazakhstan has set up drop-in vaccination points for anyone aged over 18 at shopping malls and bazaars

Myanmar police arrest protest leader after driving into him

Wai Moe Naing has emerged as one of the most high-profile leaders of opposition to the coup

Fukushima mascot withdrawn over anger at wastewater release from old nuclear plant

The mascot was called Tritium after the byproduct of nuclear power generation, the discharge of which is a common and safe practice

Aboriginal deaths in custody is Australia’s national shame

Aboriginal people make up about 3% of Australia’s population, but about 29% of its prison population, in a country that jails children as young as 10

China vows to host ‘safe’ Winter Olympics amid pandemic pressures and calls for boycotts

Foreign diplomats have been debating whether to spurn the Games over alleged human rights abuses

US confirms support of Taiwan in deterring threat from China

US President Joe Biden has two emissaries visiting the country as China conducts provocative ‘combat drills’ in the region

Covid-19 surge could halt Tokyo Olympics, says official

New daily cases in six regions, including the capital city and Osaka, have hit record highs in April

Hindu festival a Covid-19 ‘atom bomb’ as devotees amass along Ganges River

Modi's government has refused to call off ‘super-spreader’  festival, possibly fearing a backlash from religious leaders

Uproar as Japan wants to release filtered water from Fukushima nuclear plant

South Korea is protesting the move and may refer it to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Hong Kong’s academic freedom on the line due to national security law diktats

Conforming with the NSL is being mandated for universities, which some say will make it difficult to attract international scholars

Myanmar activists cancel new year festivities and show low-key defiance

Protesters are out on the streets on the first day of the five-day holiday

Hong Kong jails Joshua Wong for four months for 2019 protest

The renowned activist was among 47 charged with conspiracy to commit subversion under the new national security law imposed by Beijing

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