Tesla has a potentially formidable adversary in China

Xpeng has delivered no cars, and has neither a factory nor a production licence, but it has something that could give it a head start over Elon Musk

Rising temperatures and high humidity create deadly mix in flood-hit Japan

An intense heatwave has killed at least 14 people in Japan and the high temperatures have hampered recovery efforts in flooded parts of the country

India’s MPs urged to back antihuman trafficking bill

Campaigners point out that traffickers could be jailed for 10 years or for life under the law

Rescue workers battle fierce heatwave in Japanese disaster zone

Heatstroke is one more thing to worry about for relief workers and survivors of the catastrophic floods that killed more than 200 people

South Korea’s wage hike takes firms by suprise

Businesses are fighting to freeze salaries amid signs of growing economic headwinds

North Korea spurns talks about returning soldiers’ remains to US

US negotiators arrived at the militarised border between the two Koreas and were kept waiting, before it was announced the meeting would be rescheduled

Olympic torch for Japan’s 2020 games to start in tsunami-hit Fukushima

Starting the torch relay in the place where a nuclear plant to meltdown in 2011 killed or displaced thousands, ‘marks these Olympics as the Games of ...

One water pump was the difference between calamity and success in Thai cave rescue

Shortly after the last four boys and the coach were brought out, a water pump failed between two chambers, filling them with water as 20 rescuers remained ...

China denies overtures to resume trade talks with US

China’s commerce ministry has reiterated that China does not want a trade war, but it also does not fear one

Thailand boys are thinner, but in good condition after cave ordeal

The 12 boys rescued from inside a flooded Thai cave lost an average of 2kg, says a health inspector

Japan regulator says Apple may have breached anti-trust rules

The regulator said Apple’s Japan unit sold iPhones cheaply but charged higher monthly fees and locked customer’s into contracts

All 12 boys and coach are safely out of the flooded Thai cave

The remaining five boys emerged in groups during Tuesday, guided out by international divers and the Navy Seals

Poet Liu Xia leaves China for Germany

The widow of Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo was allowed to leave the country, after nearly a decade under house arrest, following a high-profile diplomatic ...

Rescue workers search every house in Japan’s flood-ravaged areas

‘We know it’s a race against time, we are trying as hard as we can’

China orders banks to ‘significantly cut’ rates for small business

The move comes amid a Chinese campaign to crack down on financial risks and economic uncertainty

Singapore will seek compensation if Malaysia cancels multibillion-dollar rail plan

New Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has threatened to cancel the high-speed railway link — a signature project of his tainted predecessor — to save ...

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