Establishing a food safety agency has been delayed for too long

Inaction potentially imperils the health and lives of South Africans who may find themselves exposed to illness and other risks

7 hours ago
YACOOB ABBA OMAR: Modi’s heavy hand stifles Indian democracy

BJP’s hypermasculine, violent and bigoted attacks on just about anyone who disagrees with it or is not Hindu do the country much harm

7 hours ago
‘Free jabs?’ Ouch, no thanks. ‘Your vaccination is reserved for you?’ Yes, please

Loss aversion is the most effective strategy to encourage vaccination, behavioural linguistics shows

8 hours ago
STREET DOGS: Try to avoid doing what everyone else is doing

During this period we are trying to steer clear of Warren Buffett’s institutional imperative

8 hours ago
ISMAIL LAGARDIEN: Talk of special economic zones keeps you stuck in the past

Centre for Development & Enterprise is calling on people responsible for the 2008 global crisis for new ideas

8 hours ago
WANDILE SIHLOBO: Thoko Didiza espouses public-private partnerships but mum over land tenure moves

Ownership status is important in strengthening land rights and a prerequisite for investment in agriculture

8 hours ago
WATCH | Business Day: Why every story is your business

Read about the new campaign for SA's foremost business publication

Vaccination against Covid-19 is our best shot

Every single vaccination helps us reach herd immunity, which helps individuals, communities and the country

9 hours ago
Multi-stakeholder capitalism requires ubuntu principles

Entreprenuership is the innovation behind economic progress, progress in which business is undertaken with solidarity, compassion and justice

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund offers portfolio managers a dream job

Employer that can’t compete on remuneration has found other ways to attract and retain executives, study shows

THE GUARDIAN: Chilling flare-up has deep roots

Outbreak of inter-communal mob violence in Israel did not spring up spontaneously

Zuma upset is really about funding taps being cut off

ANC faction does not accept that no-one should be allowed to feed from public purse through corruption

DUMA GQUBULE: SA’s monetary policy framework is outdated

The country needs a developmental central bank with a mandate that combines price stability with employment

EDITORIAL: CNA doesn’t seem like an attractive proposition

Spooked suppliers, empty stores, squabbling management and smarter competition are all stacked against the old firm

MICHEL PIREU: Have fun, be constructive and get rich

Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger advises investment across disciplines


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