CHRIS THURMAN: ‘The Crown’ saves the British royals’ bacon — and cabbages

The Crown proves that we are suckers for stories about royals who are “ordinary people".

1 hour ago
STREET DOGS: How to be happy

It's been thought that men cannot be happy without a theory of life or a religion, but Bertrand Russell had a simpler approach

1 hour ago
ANTHONY BUTLER: How De Ruyter got to ‘assume the position’

Goings on behind the scenes in selecting Eskom’s new CEO would make a hilarious comedy

KEVIN MCCALLUM: Longing for those warm arms of the Fireman’s

Cape Town’s oldest sports bar still has a lot of life in it despite the beer garden burning down

ISAAH MHLANGA: If the boat isn’t rocked, we’re in for a warm Christmas

Markets have been volatile in 2019, but there appears to be some calm on the horizon, unless Brexit explodes

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Environmental concern mounting in developed world

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80% by the 2050 target date will be a huge task

BRYAN ROSTRON: SAA workers bear the brunt while corrupt bosses fly high

If the national airline goes bust is it really the fault of workers rather than former SAA chair Dudu Myeni and Jacob Zuma?

LETTER: Let’s bid for 2027 RWC

SA has secured both the 2021 British and Irish Lions tour and Rugby World Cup Sevens in 2022

10 hours ago
LETTER: Misplaced rage

Anger at the choice of a white male to head Eskom should instead be directed at the effects of incompetence

LETTER: Strike will be death knell for SAA

Unions are incapable of comprehending that the national airline has no money

LETTER: Fire errant accountants, department heads

SA needs to show it is serious about financial mismanagement and corruption

WATCH: Who is Andre De Ruyter?

Hilary Joffe and the panel discuss Andre De Ruyter's appointment as the new CEO of Eskom

LETTER: Look to Mauritius

While the island nation is developing fast, SA is becoming a basket case

What SA needs to scoot into the electric-vehicle future

A successful transition needs supportive policies across many government departments

LETTER: Ditch the plastic wrap

Covers on newspapers in the Western Cape in summer are unnecessary

LETTER: Eskom CEO needs clout

Not even a highly experienced business leader will succeed while there is government interference

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