SA in a diplomatic quagmire over impeached mayor, blessed water and invading Angola

Agreement to accept Marcello Crivella as new Brazilian ambassador could put relations with Luanda at risk

EDITORIAL: A severe lockdown would add insult to injury for Gauteng residents

Calls for total closure of the economy is highly irresponsible and politicians will seek to blame the victims of their incompetence

MAT CUTHBERT: Government’s reform agenda doesn’t extend to the steel industry

Trade and industry minister Ebrahim Patel is unwavering in his state-centric approach

JOHAN STEYN: Will workplace technology automation badly affect women, in particular?

What can business do to balance the demand to lower operational costs and increase speed to market, while protecting the female workforce?

GRAY MAGUIRE: Badly run municipalities will be left out of energy shift

Only local governments with clean audits will benefit from the change in policy on embedded electricity generation

KATE THOMPSON DAVY: This government can’t tell digital from dial-up

It is anybody’s guess what services you can access on the State Information Technology Agency’s ‘not secure’ website

MAMOKETE LIJANE: Policy-making based on the past can lead to big, persistent errors

Using quantitative forecasting models based largely on pre-crisis economic relationships makes no sense

WATCH | Business Day: Why every story is your business

Read about the new campaign for SA's foremost business publication

BLOOMBERG OPINION: Working on weekends isn’t for beginners

People who put in the longest or worst hours are sometimes among the lowest paid

Trade unions must adapt to a changing world

Worker organisations have failed to adapt to the pandemic and are not embracing the fourth industrial revolution

You more productive working from home? Your boss probably does not think so

UK employees will need a stronger argument for flexible arrangements than just saying they can do the job as well at home

STREET DOGS: Rumour in the dock after stocks found dead

From fundamentals and technical factors, to market sentiment and commentators — the culprit is easily identifiable

LA TIMES: Calling occupants of interplanetary craft — we are here

The much-anticipated report on UFOs does not have much to relay — maybe because humans are so destructive

CHRIS GILMOUR: So long to live financial presentations, and thanks for the beer

I remember live presentations that were extremely long, indulgent affairs where the presenters appeared oblivious to people wandering out after 90 minutes

How financial firms can help stop the next pandemic in its tracks

Evaluating suspicious financial flows can help curb the illegal wildlife trade

LETTER: Zuma ruling beggars belief

Mystifying that the Constitutional Court is delaying its verdict in the Jacob Zuma contempt case

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