Scrap metal plan does not add up as a few oligarchs will end up controlling the sector

The price preference system on scrap metal has been extended by trade minister Patel after recommendation by a clandestine working group

GAVIN RICH: The greatest time-wasting rugby Test of them all

If Warren Gatland gets to making a video of the Rassie sort, it will be of nothing more than a clock ticking, as it did in the first half of 63 minutes

DUANE NEWMAN: Global co-operation on carbon pricing can aid recovery from Covid

The IMF proposal on a minimum tax rate will be game-changing if it can win sufficient support

BJORN LOMBORG: A one-sided climate focus leads us badly astray

While climate change is a real problem, cold deaths vastly outweigh heat deaths worldwide

LUCAS NOWICKI: Local government crooks are killing towns and cities

The near collapse of services in places such as Makana undermines basic human rights

GAYLOR MONTMASSON-CLAIR: One last chance to decarbonise or forgo the EU market

SA should transition to a low-carbon economy before it is too late as the bloc plans to tax imported goods based on their climate credentials

ADEKEYE ADEBAJO: Durban conference laid foundations for antiracism struggles

Many of the declarations at the UN conference in 2001 have come to fruition as the Black Lives Matter movement sweeps the globe

WATCH | Business Day: Why every story is your business

Read about the new campaign for SA's foremost business publication

MICHAEL MORRIS: Only way to hold politicians to account is through the ballot box

The auditor-general’s report on SA’s 257 municipalities highlights the need to make local politicians accept responsibility

SA needs to diversify its supply chain networks

The recent unrest has prompted the question: could the supply chain networks and links operate differently to prevent similar disruption in future?

No matter how you look at it, a shrinking population is bad news

Demographics are likely to be a major drag on the  US economy over the next few decades

VUKANI MNGXATI: SA needs to grapple seriously with problems that are delaying economic growth

What SA needs is a big long-term plan to hold back the tide of discontent and negativity and some clear thinking of how and when it will be executed

LETTER: Israel is no example when it comes to water

A recent UN study confirmed that after Bahrain, Israel is the world’s worst abuser of its water resources

EDITORIAL: How Naspers’s China problem has become a headache for SA investors

Africa’s most valuable company has taken a knock from the Chinese authorities’ crackdown on technology companies

NDINAVHUSHAVHELO RABALI: How high will inflation rear its ugly head?

There are valid reasons why investors should be worried about inflation spiralling out of control in the long run


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