DUMA GQUBULE: Job creation in Western Cape is nothing to brag about

SA is creating too few jobs, even in the Western Cape and Limpopo

OSAGYEFO MAZWAI: The country needs a robust and realistic industrial policy

Adding to burden on economy by adding new complexities with localisation is counterproductive

THANDO NGOZO: Navigating bias and noise for optimal fiscal policy

Disclosure, responsibility, a multiplicity of views and evidence-based analysis can help tackle distortions

EDITORIAL: State’s strange slip

Criticising an old travel warning is a peculiar form of diplomacy

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE: Zero carbon, zero cost

Abundant green energy spawns new economic goldrush

NEVA MAKGETLA: SA cannot measure provincial governance just by economic outcomes

Disparities of apartheid system still largely determine levels of employment and productivity

EDITORIAL: Stop the slaughter of our soldiers

South Africans deserve answers to questions on deployment of SA’s troops to DRC

TIISETSO MOTSOENENG: Media industry is in a precarious balancing act

The struggle of media transcends corporate interests; it is about the essence of democracy itself

THIAGO ALMEIDA AND ZAKHELE MAYISA: Why there’s a new buoyancy around water and sanitation

The role of the Water Partnership Office will be to support municipalities in developing bankable projects

VICTORIA STEPHEN: Opportunities must be created in informal sector for SMEs

It is difficult for many suppliers and service providers to understand complex systems and meet stringent supplier registration requirements

EDITORIAL: Time to turn down the Middle East temperature

Everything possible should be done to prevent the Israel-Iran conflict from developing into a full-blown war

MICHAEL AVERY: Electricity sector swims against current of slow reform

Alignment of policy, legislative frameworks and market mechanisms with realities of climate change and economic necessity is crucial

LETTER: Polls tell same story

They all show ANC’s 2019 shoo-in dominance is gone

LETTER: Post-liberation project collapsing

It's more or less in line with other failed post-liberation exercises in Africa

LETTER: ANC will rupture

Split down the middle of the governing party will tear it apart

LETTER: DA delivers for the poor and vulnerable

Western Cape’s metrics on health, education and per capita income are far higher than national average