BRYAN ROSTRON: On the road’s white lines, the DA risks getting run over

If it keeps pandering to white fears, it will not appeal to enough black voters to become a viable governing party, writes Bryan Rostron

CHRIS THURMAN: Joburg and Cape Town not the only ones in the art race

Regional bias often sidelines creative work from provinces such as KwaZulu-Natal

GIULIETTA TALEVI: Bernard Swanepoel’s wishlist is a capable cabinet and evidence-based decisions

In particular, the former miner wants the government to fix the problems that prevent small businesses from being competitive

BRIAN KANTOR: Poorest South Africans most bruised by minimum wage

The long-term impact of the government’s cavalier approach to employment is yet to be felt

EDITORIAL: Power state will test new optimism

Decision to allow business to generate own electricity is a blast of fresh air

JONNY STEINBERG: Whites, beware: the machines, and black anger, are coming

Those advantages of the past will no longer be a buttress against the future

STEPHEN CRANSTON: There has been a surge into income funds as investors seek lower risk

High-equity unit trusts remain popular for their healthy returns, but low-equity investments look rather pedestrian over 20 years

KEVIN MCCALLUM: Glorious win, but Man City must still face a reckoning

The team and their fans knew the Uefa probe was not going away after allegations that millions of pounds in ‘sponsorship’ were a façade

STREET DOGS: On radical breakthroughs

Safi Bahcall explores the science behind phase transitions and the influences that shape human behaviour

THE LEX COLUMN: Risk of Apples and eggs in one Chinese basket

New US sanctions are set to wallop technology manufacturing companies

The Carbon Tax Bill will cut emissions in SA from June

Using the ‘polluter-pays principle’, companies, individuals and public entities will pay the tax for emission of GHGs above emission thresholds, write Tina ...

LETTER: Bruce is an appeaser

His latest columns have smacked of cheap propaganda

LETTER: Solar is a no-brainer

Energy ministry’s decision to allow unregulated small-scale use is a welcome development

LETTER: A taxing dilemma

Deadweight taxes raise the average cost of living by R60,000 a year per family

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