RICARDO SMITH: Getting inflation rate to governor’s liking will take a bit of work

Lower nominal growth in wages, revenue and wealth over the short term will not be well received

EDITORIAL: SA needs a census it can count on

The criticism levelled at the data in a report by the Medical Research Council must be taken seriously

JOHN MATISONN: JD Vance, the skilful apprentice, is everything Trump pretends to be

Pick for vice-president may be the Republicans’ Obama: young and ambitious with blue-collar support

EDITORIAL: On the cusp of a cut?

Split vote and dovish tone makes September cut likely

BRIAN KANTOR: Taking advantage of risk aversion

Risks fall sharply when the investment period is extended beyond one year

LAEL BETHLEHEM: Top-level medical science in the heart of Hillbrow

Wits RHI provides extraordinary health services to the residents of Hillbrow, including those who are vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections

TOBIE VAN HEERDEN: How wealthtech is democratising the retirement investment landscape

Technology makes wealth management and investment services more accessible, affordable and efficient

LUNGILE MASHELE: There is no such thing as cheap electricity

Subsidised flat tariff for people below a certain income level would allow them to buy power at affordable tariffs

BJORN LOMBORG: A quick transition from fossil fuels is naïve and impossible

As rich countries try to export the cost of climate policy to poor nations through carbon taxes, they drive another wedge into a fractured world

EDITORIAL: Law and politics after VBS collapse

Former chair of VBS Tshifhiwa Matodzi’s revelations come at an inopportune time for the EFF

GUGU LOURIE: Why connecting schools to the internet in Africa is crucial

Access to the internet is foundational for digital transformation and inclusiveness

LETTER: Malema ignores history

Original ‘colonists’ of Africa and the world are all descendants of human cave dwellers on the Cape coast

LETTER: Amsa too important to fail

Firm should be given total control over steel production in SA to ensure profitability

LETTER: Dehyphenated foreign policy needed

SA could acknowledge Palestine’ people’s right to statehood and share diplomatic ties with Israel