EDITORIAL: Commission for Gender Equality should stay in its lane

The commission’s comments create confusion and strengthen the views of anti-vaxxers, at a time when the state is trying to entrench Covid-19 immunity through ...

GLENN HOLLANDS: Oil and gas industry development of Wild Coast could be a trick

But independent research suggests oil and gas-led development is a slippery concept

CHRIS THURMAN: Well-made tales for viewers with attention deficits

The 2022 MyFrenchFilmFestival is available to view free of charge until February 14, writes Chris Thurman

KEVIN MCCALLUM: A young man takes his love of cycling to the world

Andrew Gold has transformed a youthful passion into a business with a global tread

HILARY JOFFE: Don’t cheer SA’s inflation rate just yet

The country’s ‘administered prices’ reflect inefficiencies and policy choices in the public sector

WANDILE SIHLOBO: Why rain-hit crop planting data no cause for alarm

Preliminary data confirms fears of lower planting due to excessive rains but longer-term picture tells a sunnier story

ISAAH MHLANGA: Like the rest of the world, SA should normalise interest rates

With inflation climbing almost everywhere, there isn’t any alternative

CLYDE RUSSELL: Iron ore rallies on Chinese demand and disruptions in Australia

Supply hit by Omicron in Oz while China is expected to consume more than ever

WATCH | Business Day: Why every story is your business

Read about the new campaign for SA's foremost business publication

MIC MANN: Virtual land, the new gold rush

Space in the metaverse is proving to be of great value, but also volatile


Lots of noise, but nothing is actually done about corruption

LETTER: Allegations against Russia

Moscow has no plans to set up a puppet regime in Kiev

TYLER COWEN: Global economy is no poorer for crypto’s crash

The bottom line is that even a large fall in crypto prices will not create a lot of social worries

LETTER: Importing joblessness

Critics of antidumping duties are blind to effects of their profiteering

LETTER: Big man Putin smiling

Russian leader has the West in a panic over his moves on Ukraine

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