GRAY MAGUIRE: Stage is set for an epic clash of interests at COP28

With targets still far off, vested interests are thick on the ground and go all the way to the top

JOHN DLUDLU: Business more trusted than the ANC to get SA back on track

Almost 30 years after the end of formal apartheid, the country is at an inflection point

KATE THOMPSON DAVY: Musk’s fig to advertisers shows he is ripe with hubris that stalks big tech’s corridors

The industry could have better ideas, better outputs, if we aren’t distracted by the allure of ‘genius’ leaders

JOHAN STEYN: Large language models — the key to unlocking corporate data

The latest artificial intelligence tools can transform how internal data is accessed and presented

EDITORIAL: Adding salt to SA’s energy injury

Eskom’s transmission company needs no branding — it urgently needs a board and management

MODISE MAKHENE: What executives want from their ESG talent

Companies need the right people to tap  environmental, social and corporate opportunities  as well as navigate the challenges

EDITORIAL: Transnet bailout must be subject to tough conditions

SA needs to know what Transnet will deliver in return for a bailout — and what penalties it will face if it continues to undermine SA’s economy.

IAN BREMMER: West’s support for Ukraine wanes as Putin plays long game

Sentiment shifts in the US and EU as the war in Ukraine grinds on with no end in sight

DAVID GRETTON: SA’s harbours must have a better understanding of clients

Why not make each port a business entity capable of independent action to promote the businesses of all port users, existing or potential?

OSAGYEFO MAZWAI: State must ensure it benefits from its investments

The causal link between investment and better outcomes is noticeable in the private sector, and the state should take heed of this

LETTER: Teeger supported oppression

No matter when the Israel-Gaza war came to light, Cricket SA had a moral obligation to investigate

LETTER: Ramaphosa has failed as a leader

The president has lifted neither our sights nor our spirits

LETTER: Cricket SA probe shows prejudice

Cricket in the country may end up being the loser

LETTER: Column will be missed

Thank you Tony Leon for your wisdom and erudition