‘Get-there-itis’ sending Brexit towards perilous rocks

Plan continuation bias, where people insist on an original pathway, may be responsible for the rejection of May’s Brexit plan, writes Tim Harford

4 hours ago
SA financial regulations are still caught in a time-warp

Financial system stifles migration into digital age and suffocates growth of digital-led economy

4 hours ago
Conflicts of interest lead auditors to forsake principles

Incentives to keep clients happy create the preconditions for the self-serving bias to take hold among members of profession, writes Richard Flockemann

4 hours ago
WHO deliberations unlikely to be beneficial to drug patent holders

The WHO holds its executive board meeting this week ahead of a global meeting in May, but its pressure for open licensing of patented drugs remains a thorny ...

4 hours ago
THE LEX COLUMN: The steady rise of passive index funds

Passive funds may just be getting going as in 2018 they ran $10-trillion worldwide, up sixfold in a decade

4 hours ago
LETTER: DA plan can deliver more jobs

Unfortunately for SA, the ANC has a negative track record in dealing with the economy. The governing party has been especially destructive when it comes to ...

4 hours ago
LETTER: Zimbabwe has been destroyed

The current government has no intention of altering their ways or relinquishing power

4 hours ago
LETTER: Transnet crooks must be punished

Those involved in the corrupt deal with the Chinese rail company must get more than a slap on the wrist

4 hours ago
LETTER: Cull the greedy

Somewhere in the Kamiesberg of Namaqualand, off the N7 between Garies and Kamieskroon, is Leliefontein Mission Station, a hamlet established in 1816 by a ...

4 hours ago
LETTER: Electorate blind to faults of ANC

What will it take for the majority of South Africans to appreciate that the party they support is rotten to the very core?

4 hours ago
LETTER: You can’t purge the ANC’s corrupt DNA

Everyone at the department of correctional services in Pretoria knew that Bosasa had a tight grip over virtually every sector of its operations

4 hours ago
We need to fix things, not draw up yet another plan

In order to boost economic growth that will reduce unemployment, poverty and inequality we must go back to the basics

WANDILE SIHLOBO: Zimbabwe may need SA maize this year — but it needs our farming skills too

Modern farming techniques in SA could and should be shared with Zimbabwe, as it could help stabilise the whole region and its agro-processing

Donald Trump’s wall won’t protect Democrats forever

The Democrats vague talk of technology and even a ‘smart wall’ at the southern border needs clarification and commitment

SA poultry body fights for the wellbeing of an entire value chain

The strategically important local chicken industry can contribute to stability and food security, or its demise can result in a group of impoverished and ...

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