SARAH WILD: Spending on large science projects requires fine balance

"Big science instruments cost money and that money has to come from somewhere..."

HILARY JOFFE: McKinsey beware … a fishy reputation has the potential to gut a global company

‘The firm seems at last to have begun to take the issue seriously at a global level’

Top court failed to consider farm evictees’ right to dignified housing

Wolwerivier’s rows of tin shacks on shadeless gravel expanse and isolated from jobs, schools and hospitals embody the resilience of spatial apartheid

Illegal coal mine water use imperils food production

A study of water regulatory compliance by Delmas coal mines reveals widespread failures, writes Kally Forrest

Gas shipment heralds a new energy era

The good news is SA is now — potentially — on the brink of developing a full gas economy, writes Niall Kramer

EDITORIAL: Electric cars are upon us

'Changes are absolutely critical. SA's platinum industry will disappear'


A few things about bears that may hold lessons for stock market investors

THE INSIDER: Youthful Nigerians march to say they’re not too young to run

Young Nigerians march on their country’s parliament, calling for MPs to remove age barriers on political posts

LETTER: Zuma responsible for chaos

Makhosi Khoza is not the problem, it’s Zuma

LETTER: DA one-liners won’t cut it

The trouble is the DA doesn’t know if it is a liberal (conservative or social) democratic party or a populist movement

LETTER: Khoza not tied by dogma

Makhosi Khoza is energised by pragmatism and the desire to build an egalitarian society

LETTER: Fighting for a just cause

I ask Morgan Phaahla: is he aware of how much corruption the ANC is involved in?

LETTER: Turning a blind eye

The management of 702 and some presenters are wrong to tolerate such behaviour — if the same tweet had come from a white social media producer, they ...

LETTER: Malema is not consistent

Remember how Malema once objected to our finances being controlled by ‘minorities’, these being Manuel, Gill Marcus and Pravin Gordhan?

Luxembourg, an unlikely but proactive space-mining nation

Mining asteroids is big business, with kickbacks to Earth, and Luxembourg is at the forefront of introducing laws that entrench miners’ rights, writes ...

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