As junk status looms, IMF says SA badly needs a credible fiscal consolidation plan

‘If nothing is done between now and the budget presentation in February, then things will become a lot more difficult on the fiscal front’

Festive retail sales may help give GDP a boost

End-of-year sales and Black Friday next week are set to drive retail sales higher

Retail sector offers good news for third-quarter economic growth

Retail trade sales rose faster than expected in September, notching up their sixth month of year-on-year increases and posting a quarterly gain of 1.4%

WATCH: Strong demand for Treasury's record R3.3bn bond auction

James Turp from ABSA Asset Management discusses investor appetite for SA’s local-currency debt, as Treasury moves to plug a widening deficit

WATCH: Gordhan on transforming SA's economy

Uncertainty has become SA's new normal. Business Day TV's Stephen Gunnion sits down with former finance minister Pravin Gordhan to talk about how South ...

Treasury sells record amount of securities

Primary dealers placed orders for more than three times the amount of debt on sale

Wage gap closes between skilled and unskilled

Report shows that wage agreements between employers and unions generally outpaced inflation

Grant Thornton’s IBR for the third quarter of 2017 makes for sombre reading

The International Business Report shows SA is ‘a nation experiencing total uncertainty with no sign of any stability on the horizon’ — and ...

Unicef SA reports a third of children under eight get child-support grants

But these alone are not enough, with six out of 10 of SA’s children living below the poverty line, ‘family-strengthening interventions’ are ...

Consumer credit health improves a bit despite tough economy

The TransUnion consumer credit index fell marginally to 53.9 points in the third quarter from 54.1 in the second quarter

Treasury will soon find out how much a widening deficit will cost SA

Tuesday marks SA’s biggest local-currency bond auction to date, and while a failed auction is highly unlikely, yields could spike

Economists decry departure of top Treasury official

Economists respond to the news that the deputy director-general in the budget office has tendered his resignation

Bottom half of Gauteng's richest 1% earn 32 times more

Report shows obvious inequality, further highlighted in responses to questions in the survey about property ownership and value

ECONOMIC WEEK AHEAD: Inflation may slow retail sales

Retail sales are projected to contribute positively to third-quarter economic growth

NEWS ANALYSIS: VAT hike essential to plug hole in revenue

The problem with raising personal and company income tax is that it could prove counterproductive, writes Claire Bisseker

WATCH: Can SA win over foreign investors?

JSE CEO Nicky Newton-King tells Business Day TV how hard it is to sell SA as an investment destination

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