Reserve Bank signals that easing cycle is done

Before this week’s meeting, the Bank has slashed the repo rate five times to the lowest in about 47 years

WATCH: What drives global consumer trends?

Nedbank CIB’s Munira Kharva talks to Business Day TV about how the pandemic has affected consumers’ disposable income

Retail sales contracted 9% year on year in July

One economist, though, expects shopping activity to pick up as lockdown restrictions are lifted

WATCH: How might Japanification affect SA’s stagflation?

Michael Avery speaks to a panel about whether the developed world is turning a little Japanese

OECD says SA will be slow to get on its feet and slashes GDP forecast to 11.5% drop

The OECD’s revision leaves SA with the worst expected growth outcomes for 2020 of countries included in the update, followed by Argentina, Italy, Mexico and ...

ISMAIL LAGARDIEN: Economic dignity is a vital aspect of social justice

Measuring it will require a new metric that is more meaningful than GDP

WATCH: SA’s ‘last-chance saloon’

Michael Avery talks to a panel about how to bring the economy out of its induced coma as swiftly as possible

State infrastructure spend will not achieve economic growth

There is no clear economic rationale for government investment, yet as the economy contracts, the government continues spending

CAROL PATON: Opening the door, but unable to enter it

We are back at the interminable negotiating table, with business, labour and government seeking another blueprint for economic recovery

Agricultural sector marginally optimistic as economy opens up

New Agbiz survey shows most of SA’s agriculture and agribusiness sectors survived the Covid-19 crisis relatively well

Tito Mboweni: SA’s economic outlook may be worse than feared

Finance minister vows to speed up energy reform

PODCAST | Economic news of the week: The GDP numbers are grim, but where to from here?

What the latest figures from Stats SA mean for our ratings and the recovery of our economy

SA exporters protected in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Trade & industry director-general says an agreement with the UK was negotiated amid Brexit uncertainty

ECONOMIC WEEK AHEAD: Odds tilt in favour of interest rate cut, says analyst

The weaker-than-expected GDP number creates space for the SA Reserve Bank to reduce the repo rate this week, but it may be a close call

Sovereign gender bond to integrate women into state’s ambitious revival plan

Women will be an integral part of proposals focusing on infrastructure investment, says the president’s special economic adviser

Mining and manufacturing output improves but rocky road lies ahead

Both sectors face challenges, particularly Eskom power cuts, which are expected to weigh on SA’s recovery


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