Expo 2020 Dubai is Africa’s opportunity to help shape a better world

SPONSORED | Africa has a leading role to play as 191 countries gather in the UAE next month to share their desire for positive change and a bright future

Industrial policy must be at core of structural changes, says Godongwana

Strategic localisation key to economic reconstruction and recovery plan

Can SA maintain fiscal rebalancing, Fitch asks

Government still faces challenges to stabilise debt despite better-than-expected performance and tax revenues, says ratings agency

Firms cling to cash amid high policy uncertainty, say academics

Holding on to funds not an investor strike but rather a barometer of reaction to excessive   insecurity levels, say Raymond Parsons and Waldo Krugell

ECONOMIC WEEK AHEAD: Analysts will be watching the Reserve Bank for clues

The MPC is likely to keep interest rates on hold, but the focus will be on signals of monetary policy normalisation

Localisation policies not consistent with the constitution, experts warn

Critics of the protectionist drive say it will kill the competitiveness of local industry

PODCAST | The tug of war over VAT refunds

The courts have sided with taxpayers on the need to expedite audits, but the taxman still holds the upper hand

Retail takes a knock in July due to Covid-19 restrictions and riots

Retailer Clicks says it will take a year before all the stores damaged in the rioting are reopened

Expansionary fiscal stance ushered in with new relief spending

Treasury says the extra spending will be funded by the tax bonanza arising from the commodity boom and will not affect the fiscal framework

Emigration a red-flag for SA economy

The country has seen a sharp decline in the number of taxpayers earning R750,000 a year or more in the past two financial years

Lagging investment in SA puts brakes on economic recovery

Most economists agree that for SA to make headway in addressing unemployment, fixed investment has to expand

Reserve Bank set to stay put on rates, finds survey

Jobs woes and benign inflation outlook will stay the central bank’s hand, according to a majority of economists surveyed

ECONOMIC WEEK AHEAD: Analysts await double dose of mining production data

July retail data is likely to reveal the devastating effect of the civil unrest on SA’s fragile economy

July manufacturing hit worse than expected

Manufacturing output shrank 4.1% year on year, data released by Stats SA on Thursday shows

SA posts record current account surplus

The value of SA’s merchandise exports rose to the highest ever in the second quarter of 2021, while the value of goods and services also increased

Economic effects of unrest could linger for about 18 months, says Godongwana

Business sentiment was negatively affected and investment stalled, affecting the economy’s competitiveness, finance minister tells MPs

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