Germany approves new climate deal to keep it on track for 2030

Package includes bigger incentives for buying electric cars and surcharges on domestic flights

France asks for foreign witnesses in Jeffrey Epstein probe

The sex trafficker’s ownership of a Paris apartment and allegations of abuse in France prompted French prosecutors to open their own case

Another brutal high tide set to submerge Venice

Authorities are expecting waters to peak at 1.60m — past the emergency level that sets off sirens in the streets

ECB likely to include climate-change risks in bank stress tests

As the monetary policy implications of climate change grow, the bank says it is paying much more attention to it in terms of financial stability

Red tape hits EU firms as market rules ‘overshoot target’

Calls grow for tweak to a regulatory regime that has more than 1.7-million paragraphs of text

Germany’s economy is not in crisis, finance minister assures

Olaf Scholz made the remarks after Germany averted a technical recession in the third quarter

Venice counts the costs after high tide swamps most of the Unesco city

National government expected to declare a state of emergency

Tusk says Britain will become a ‘second-rate player’ after Brexit

Brexit is the real end of the British Empire, says outgoing European Council president

Exceptional high tide wreaks havoc in Venice

The exceptionally intense ‘acqua alta’ or high waters, peaked at 1.87m, leaving shopkeepers on the Grand Canal devastated

UK jobs drop the most in four years ahead of general election

The drop caused two Bank of England officials to call for a rate cut, however, total and basic pay both rose by 3.6%, comfortably above inflation

Spain’s acting leader obliged to form coalition with leftists

Pedro Sánchez has signed with anti-establishment party Podemos, but still needs more support before he can take office for a second term

Big boost for Boris Johnson as Nigel Farage’s party pulls out contest for Tory seats

Brexit Party decides not to contest 317 seats held by the Conservative Party

Spain’s political gridlock deepens as Sanchez still struggles to form government

Prime minister’s centre-left socialist party secures polls victory but now falls further short of a majority

Germany growth engine starts to sputter as China’s economy slows

Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policies are hurting global trade and China’s factories are becoming rivals to the German giants that once supplied them

Why are these five UK retailers thriving as most others battle?

Traditional chains were already struggling with the rise of online before a weaker pound began squeezing sales further

30 years after the wall came down, Germany is dividing again

East Germans were thrown from communism to capitalism overnight; decades later, the far-right is tearing at the fabric of a unified Germany

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