Oxfam investigating 26 new cases of sexual misconduct

The charity also reveals that 7,000 regular donors have been lost since the scandal emerged about abuses and the use of prostitutes in Haiti after the 2010 ...

Russia insists there is no proof of it meddling in the US

While the Kremlin denies accusations of election interference, Trump says the claims are a hoax that is sowing discord in country

France urges UN’s top court to drop Equatorial Guinea case

Malabo has accused Paris of violating the diplomatic immunity of vice-president Teodorin Obiang after he was prosecuted for embezzling €150m of public ...

Swedish companies denounce deportation of skilled workers

High-profile CEOs have signed a letter saying expelling skilled foreign employees, many in the tech world, harms business and ‘weakens Sweden’s ...

George Soros accused of undue influence by some EU lawmakers

The billionaire investor and activist, a veteran advocate of European unity, has met an ECB director to argue for closer eurozone integration

Oxfam unveils plan to tackle sexual misconduct, after prostitution scandal

The plan includes measures to prevent fired employees popping up at other charity organisations

Pope orders high-living retired prelates to shun money and power

Pope Francis gives up spacious papal apartments to encourage Vatican officials and bishops holding on to luxuries after they leave office to embrace piety

Britain blames Russia for NotPetya cyber-attack

London has publicly pointed the finger at Moscow for spreading a virus that disrupted companies across Europe including UK-based Reckitt Benckiser

Oxfam: Britain warns charities against cover-ups

Oxfam confirms 1,270 cancellations of donations as Britain’s foreign aid minister accuses Oxfam of putting reputation protection before moral leadership

British court stalls Fox’s bid for Sky

Political advocacy group Avaaz wins the right to a judicial review of Murdoch group’s governance record

Hundreds of pro-Assad Russian mercenaries among dead in Syrian offensive

US military kills more than 200 mercenaries in a failed attack in the oil-rich Deir Ezzor region which Damascus calls a ‘war crime’

Sexual assault cover-up claims in South Sudan rock Oxfam

A survey of 120 Oxfam staff across three countries found that between 11% and 14% said they had witnessed or experienced sexual assault

London’s regulators on collision course with driverless cars, says report

London is just one of many of the world’s megacities having to adapt quickly amid a technological revolution on the roads

Nato to add new military headquarters in US and Germany

In its first upgrade since the end of the Cold War, the US will host a centre focused on Atlantic maritime security and Germany one focused on European troop ...

What’s that herb growing in your pot, eh?

Canada’s landlords are lobbying hard to ban or restrict tenants from growing marijuana as the country legalises the recreational use of the drug in July

Investigators make no mention of terrorism as possible cause of Russia’s worst plan crash

The investigative committee will consider human error, technical failure and weather conditions when investigating the accident, the passenger plan crashed ...

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