Questions about UK’s Covid-19 response as economy is battered

The figures add to evidence that Britain is paying a heavy price for being slower than most of its peers to enter a lockdown in March

US and EU slam Belarus for police brutality

Violence against poll protesters and detention of opposition supporters condemned

Why Boris Johnson is so eager to reopen UK schools

Getting children back to school seen as only way of getting their parents back to work

Schaeffler family fortune plummets on slow vehicle output

Georg Schaeffler and his mother had a combined fortune of $35bn in 2018 but it is now worth about a quarter of that

Egypt’s agreement with Greece on exclusive economic zone riles Turkey

Ankara says the deal is 'null and void'  and violates Libya's maritime rights

Museum and art centre where British colonialist Rhodes was born to change its name

A wave of antiracism protests reignited a debate about statues and buildings glorifying Britain's imperialist past

No plan yet to use negative rates, says Bank of England

Britain’s central bank says it will keep the measure in reserve but will use it if necessary

Surge in cases threatens Europe’s tourism recovery

More countries follow the UK’s lead in imposing restrictions on people travelling to Spain

EU caught in a conundrum over Belarus polls

Keeping strongman Alexander Lukashenko in power would help ward off a Russian takeover — but at what cost?

Where in the world is former Spanish king Juan Carlos?

Accused of accepting bribes, he helped move Spain from dictatorship to democracy and his lawyer says the former monarch is at the ‘disposal of prosecutors’

Lack of lockdown did not help Sweden’s economy very much

‘Our findings suggest that you actually don’t lose that much extra spending for each extra life you save,’ the author of a new study says

Germany at risk of drug shortages due to India’s export curbs

‘We have delivery problems in Germany and in Europe generally — and they’re getting worse’

UK finance watchdog is not tracking diversity in the industry

Financial Conduct Authority says much is to be done to ensure sector reflects population

BoE officials united over Covid response despite split over UK prospects

Disagreement about speed of recovery is unlikely to prompt much debate over monetary-policy response

Covid-19 outbreak on Arctic cruise ships infects at least 40

Operator Hurtigruten was the first to resume cruises following a three-month halt due to the global coronavirus pandemic

French start-ups lack diversity because their investors do too

Establishing anything to do with employees’ ‘race’ is seen as discriminatory and is largely illegal, so improving inclusivity is not that easy to do

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