Analyst jobs rout likely as EU tackles conflicts of interest, report shows

The global research industry is being disrupted by the European Union’s MiFID 2 regulations, which aim to tackle conflicts of interest

Accountants face fines for aggressive corporate tax planning under draft EU law

Britain, Ireland and Portugal have already introduced penalties for intermediaries in abusive tax planning

Missing from the queen’s speech: Trump, and Theresa May

Brexit looms large, but a visit by the US president was conspicuously absent in Queen Elizabeth’s speech to the opening of parliament

ECB says Trump is reason for global economy tilting to the downside

The European Central Bank says since the US election there is significant policy uncertainty around the new US administration regarding fiscal and trade ...

Bank of England is getting hawkish about rate increases

The bank’s chief economist says the overall economic picture ‘is a reasonably reassuring one’, but wages not increasing is still a puzzle

Emmanuel Macron loses vital partner as finance minister Bayrou quits

France’s Francois Bayrou was one of three MoDem party minister’s in Macron’s cabinet, and now a cabinet reshuffle is necessary