About 10,000 UK finance jobs affected in Brexit’s first wave

‘If it happens it will not be in one big bang,’ says banking executive, warning of a slow drain over more than a decade

Rise of cryptocurrencies: BIS warns world’s central banks

‘In less than a decade, bitcoin has gone from being an obscure curiosity to a household name,’ the Bank for International Settlements says in its ...

British police make second arrest over London train attack

The bomb detonated in a packed train carriage Friday morning with a large explosion followed by what an eyewitness described as a ’fireball’

UK businesses urge Theresa May to seek three-year Brexit transition

May is set to update her Brexit strategy next Friday in a speech in Florence, Italy, days after Hammond recommended a "status quo" transition

Europe’s finance ministers call for European Monetary Fund

Seen as a necessary step in strengthening the euro block, it has support from both Germany and France

London tube explosion from home-made bomb, possibly inspired by IS

US intelligence officials say the could be inspired by Islamic State videos urging militants to attack public transport

UK police treat London blast as terrorism

Parsons Green underground station in west London is cordoned off as counter-terrorism police investigate rush-hour explosion that left several people injured

Russia using Facebook, et al, is a ‘red-hot focus’ of US investigation

Robert Mueller’s inquiry into the 2016 US election is zeroing in on how Russia spread false and damaging information through social media

Bank of England might raise interest rates before 2018

But the BoE says it is ‘unclear how sustained any increase in GDP growth might be over the medium term’, citing unknowns about reaction to the ...

Eastern Europe reaps spoils of war in Middle East

Makers of bullets, assault rifles and guided missiles in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, among others, experienced a surge in demand after the Arab Spring

OECD criticises European plan to tax US tech titans

Organisation boss tells hearing that ‘interim option’ would force loss-making internet companies to pay

Brexit is a chance to create a closer EU and an expanded eurozone

Brexit is seen as an aid to healing divisions between eastern and western states, with the EU, not the US, as the hub of the free-trading world

Nonexecs prepared to be unpopular are needed on banking boards

UK legislator Nicky Morgan says nonexecutive directors fail to ask bank bosses tough questions, and so ‘group think’ is a problem

Macron hell-bent on fast-tracking labour reform despite unions’ ire

Mass protests against the French president’s pro-business reforms will not deter him from sticking to his campaign promise

Macron’s plan to overhaul labour laws not welcomed by some unions

The French president believes making the labour market more flexible will help drive down unemployment and encourage foreign investors

UK inflation close to 3% in August after surge in clothing prices

The inflation rate is at its highest since 2012 and the pound has lost 11% against the dollar since the Brexit decision

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