Exiled Belarus activist found hanged in park

Ukrainian police open case of suspected murder

UK companies cannot find people to work

Post-Brexit and with the pandemic cloud starting to lift, the scarcity is more apparent

UK tweaks Covid-19 app to limit ‘pingdemic’ disruption

Notifications will be limited to two days before exposure rather than within five days previously

Turkey and Greece battle wildfires as death toll rises

Eight people have died in blazes and thousands have been evacuated in drought-hit region

Heathrow boss urges Britain to remove all barriers as families reunite

Britain reopens to large parts of the world but new headache looms

Climate activists in Zurich target Credit Suisse and UBS

Police confirm about 30 people taken into temporary custody during the peaceful protest

Belarus athlete enters Polish embassy in Japan

Belarusian athlete at the centre of an Olympic standoff with her own country refused to board a flight home

For Beirut blast survivor leaving Lebanon, every day is August 4

As Beirut blast anniversary nears, one survivor  wants to be on the streets near the port, expressing his anger about the lack of accountability

‘Don't worry!’ says Moscow after space station thrown off course

Russia says all is well after its newly-docked Nauka research module briefly threw the ISS out of control

Russia’s ambitious vaccine export plan hits a snag

Kremlin says delays in international Sputnik supplies are a result of the need to ramp up domestic vaccination as cases surge

UK’s ‘pingdemic’ may be easing as cases start to drop

Some business leaders say the number of contact-tracing alerts among employees are falling, though many are deleting the app

Falling UK Covid infections are welcome surprise for scientists

Country recorded 24,950 new cases on Monday, well below the 39,950 from week earlier

Can the EU and UK become good neighbours?

The problem with the post-Brexit relationship is that squabbles are spilling out of the technocratic structure the EU’s negotiating team used to come up with ...

Covid-19 passes for pubs, mandatory shots as Europe hopes to return to normal

While mandatory shots aren’t yet widespread in Europe, vaccine certificates are being widely used to determine who businesses should let dine and drink indoors

G20 ministers head for close without ambitious deal on climate goals

Italy says a statement on the environment has been agreed, but energy and climate change talks on Friday are expected to be tougher

UK court rules software tycoon Mike Lynch should be extradited to US

Autonomy founder accused of fraud in US over $11bn sale to Hewlett Packard

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