Judge dismisses climate activists’ case against UK oil regulator

Ruling deals a setback for campaigners who are increasingly taking to courts to force a reduction in production

Roberta Metsola of Malta is third woman to head EU parliament

Metsola has voted against European Parliament resolutions that call for women to have access to safe abortion, but says she had been bound by Malta’s position ...

Eastern Ukrainians believe war would be too costly for Moscow to start

Despite shelling and gunfire from Kremlin-backed separatists, locals are confident there will be no invasion

Former Ukrainian president lands in Kyiv to face treason case

Petro Poroshenko’s trial for allegedly financing Russian-backed separatists comes as Ukraine braces for a possible Russian military offensive

Scotland awards seabed rights for wind power with Shell, BP among winners

Competition for offshore  wind sites has intensified as governments and investors have woken up to the urgency of cutting carbon emissions

Spain tells crypto advertisers to warn investors they could lose all their money

According to the Spanish regulator, adverts must provide a ‘prominent warning’ about the risks associated with crypto

Irate public and MPs want Boris Johnson to resign after ‘Partygate’ scandal

Six MPs have already called on Johnson to resign over allegations of alcohol-fuelled parties involving government staff when the UK was in lockdown

‘Twindemic’ on the cards in Europe as flu makes a return

Since mid-December, flu viruses have been circulating in Europe at a higher-than-expected rate, a European agency says

Surprise suspect named in Anne Frank’s betrayal after six-year probe

Jewish notary Arnold van den Bergh probably gave the family up to save his own kin, researchers say

French parliament gives final approval for vaccination passes

The new law will require people to have a certificate of vaccination to enter public places such as restaurants, cafes and cinemas

Ukraine pins blame for cyberattack on Russia and Belarus

Hacks were aimed at destabilising the country, according to findings of a joint probe of state agencies

Boris Johnson broke law and lied about parties, Labour leader says

Keir Starmer says British prime minister has lost all authority

Swedish power plant’s oil use soars to keep the lights on

Combating global warming has taken a back seat as Europe faces a historic energy crisis

Ukraine hit by massive cyberattack

Cyberattack comes as Russia, which has massed more than 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s frontier, released TV pictures of more forces deploying in a drill

Boris Johnson’s staff partied in Downing Street as Queen Elizabeth mourned her husband

UK PM is facing the gravest crisis of his premiership after news of a series of social gatherings at his residence during Covid-19 lockdowns

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