UK warned to expect longer Covid-19 lockdown

Early June flagged as most likely time to end isolation regulations in the UK

East Europeans have got the T-shirt (or have waited for one) when it comes to restrictions

‘This is not like communism because we know this will end. During communism we didn’t think it would ever end’

Doctolib seeing Covid-19 patients online in France

Fear of visiting doctors in person has led many doctors and patients worried about the coronavirus to online appointments

Cracks show as EU at odds over Covid-19 economic response

As EU leaders fail to meet a consensus, southern European countries point a finger at the north, and a ‘cowardly Europe’

Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid-19

The British prime minister is self-isolating

Spain now has second-highest death toll from Covid-19

Hospitals across the country are overwhelmed, with many doctors infected, and a skating rink in Madrid  turned into a makeshift morgue

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denied bail in bid to avoid coronavirus

London court says global pandemic insufficient grounds to release Assange on bail

Is ‘green stimulus’ on the post-coronavirus cards?

Green bonds — raising debt for funding environmental projects  — might be a palatable option for countries fighting Covid-19

ECB wants eurozone to consider one-off ‘coronabonds’ issue

According to officials, Christine Lagarde wants the one-off, joint debt issue to be seriously considered

Huge supermarkets make a comeback in UK as online stores are overwhelmed

Ocado had such a spike in orders that it had to suspend both its app and online shop

Prince Charles is self-isolating in Scotland due to Covid-19

The heir to the British throne is showing mild symptoms and working from home

Even Germany’s asparagus is affected by Covid-19

Seasonal farm workers from other countries are kept away by the coronavirus, threatening the spring crop

UK teams spring into action to reduce ventilator shortages

Production has not yet started but three sets of experts are working on ramp-ups, new designs and reverse-engineering

UK grocers enforcing social-distancing amid Covid-19 crisis

Some leading UK supermarkets are also installing Perspex screens at checkouts and insisting on card payments only

No amount of bailouts can prevent the misery of a world on lockdown

From soldiers finding abandoned patients in old-age homes to the long-term, mental health effects of Covid-19 stress, the stories are sobering

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