French presidential elections a quagmire of left and right head-butting

Far-right candidate Marine le Pen is holding onto her gains, but centrist Emmanuel Macron hags two boosts from the left

2 days ago
Britain to give £100m in famine aid to South Sudan and Somalia

Unicef says nearly 1.4-million children are at risk of imminent death in famines in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen

3 days ago
Ashish Thakkar has told ‘a blatant lie’ in his divorce case, London judge rules

Thakkar, his father and sister all testified that Ashish had no control over Mara Group and Inspire Group, which Judge Philip Moor said was ‘’palpable nonsense’

3 days ago
Eurozone finance ministers seek Greek deal

Greece’s eurozone and IMF creditors remain locked in a tense stalemate over debt relief and budget targets

4 days ago
Le Pen dismisses French police raid as ‘media operation’

The far-right party calls the search ‘a media operation’ aimed at disrupting Le Pen’s presidential campaign as she rises in the polls

4 days ago
British lords all set to have their say on the Brexit bill

Britain’s peers will now debate House of Commons legislation to trigger Brexit, and they are not expected to want to be seen as frustrating the referendum ...

4 days ago