Putin heads to UAE and Saudi Arabia, courts Iran’s leader

Putin will host Iran's president in Moscow on Thursday

Ukraine aerospace sector push for Western partners meets with scepticism

Kyiv seeks joint ventures with international armament manufacturers

Britain announces tougher visa rules to reduce migration

Home secretary James Cleverly says the new measures mean about 300,000 fewer people will be allowed in

White House says clock is ticking on US funding for Ukraine

Biden administration needs congressional action by year's end to keep helping Kyiv defend itself against Russia

Israel tells Gazans on X to leave parts of Khan Younis

Desperate residents heading for the sea had already fled from other areas in the north

First empty lorries pass through new crossing at Ukraine-Poland border

Protests, over what Polish truckers see as unfair competition from their Ukrainian peers, started on November 6

EV charging gridlock short-circuits EU’s electric dreams

Nearly half of replenishing stations are lying dormant because they have no power connection

Alistair Darling, former UK finance minister who fought financial crisis, dies

Labour MP, who served as Gordon Brown's chancellor, led the government's bailout of Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and HBOS in 2008

Eurozone inflation tumbles 2.4% for second month

Inflation has dropped quickly towards the ECB’s 2% target from levels above 10% just a year ago

Kazakhs warn fresh nuclear testing will destroy humanity

Many point to several deaths from cancer in an area where hundreds of tests were conducted

Russia bans ‘extremist’ LGBTQ+ movement

Move is part of a pattern of increasing restrictions on expressions of sexual orientation and gender identity

Turkey may ratify Sweden’s Nato membership bid ‘within weeks’

Swedish foreign minister is optimistic, but Turkey remains mum on timetable for the ratification

Rishi Sunak fuels diplomatic row with Greece

UK prime minister cancels meeting and accuses Greek counterpart of ‘grandstanding’ over Elgin Marbles

More releases expected on Wednesday amid efforts to extend Isreal-Hamas truce

Israel has said truce can be prolonged, provided Hamas continues to free at least 10 hostages day

Finland to close all borders with Russia after surge in asylum seekers

Finland says Moscow is deliberately helping migrants into the country as punishment for joining Nato, which Moscow denies

Ukraine strains to bolster army amid battle fatigue

After almost two years, families are realising the conflict could be much longer and costlier than they expected

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