Reduce waste, save money: France’s poorest city goes green

From making their own deodorant to shunning plastic packaging, residents of Roubaix have embraced a new way of living

German economy of more concern than Brexit for the French

French trade with Germany is three times that with UK, and 50 firms have already relocated to Paris ahead of Brexit

EU getting testy as risk of no-deal Brexit is ‘very real’

EU law makers warn against a no-deal exit to avoid an economic shock, while some simply refer to Brexit as ‘stupid’

Trade wars and Brexit a ‘profit warning’, Dutch king says in budget speech

Brexit forces the Netherlands to consider raising investments to protect its future

European parliament approves Christine Lagarde for ECB post

Lagarde, who was absent for the vote, won backing from 394 MPs, with 206 voting against and 49 abstaining in a secret ballot

Russia says no threat of contamination after blast at smallpox lab

Moscow has reassured the structure of the building remained intact after an explosion and fire at a Soviet-era biological weapons facility

UK has no viable alternative to Irish ‘backstop’, says EU

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker says Britain must find workable proposals to replace the Irish backstop mechanism to keep the border open

JPMorgan precious metals traders charged with market manipulation in US

The three top executives are accused of running a complex racketeering scheme which manipulated the market’s supply-and-demand process

Three people die and over 200 infected in Spain listeria outbreak

Products linked to the outbreak have been recalled, but because of their popularity and three-month self life, more cases are expected soon

John Bercow is bowing out of UK politics with a bang, not a whimper

Despised by many Conservative lawmakers and criticised for bullying staff, parliament’s controversial speaker is unapologetic in his single-minded ...

Apple goes to EU court over $14bn tax case

The EU General Court will decide if competition regulators were right to levy a record €13bn tax bill on Apple in 2016

Questions raised about relationship between Ukrainian president and billionaire pal

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Igor Zelenskiy have repeatedly said there is nothing untoward but government appointments and developments around Privatbank ...

German’s Bundesbank slams ECB for huge stimulus package

Jens Weidmann accuses the European Central Bank of ‘overshooting the mark’ with its expansionary move to prop up the eurozone

Boris Johnson denies lying to the queen as legal cases mount up

The UK prime minister says he'd rather die than ask the EU for another extension, causing the retort he would be acting like a ‘bank robber’ if he refused to ...

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