Germany bucks birth trend with rise nine months after its first lockdown

As birth rates fall in the US and China, Germany records a rise

Johnson faces Tory rebellion over housing

Prime minister's plans for changing house building laws prompts anger in his party

EU mulls sanctions on some in Lebanon for blocking formation of a government

The move shows the EU’s frustration with the country that is facing financial collapse

France wants to deny UK financial firms access to EU amid spat over fishing rights

France is determined to force Britain to stick to the post-Brexit trade agreement amid unrest over delays in licences to fish in UK waters

UK economy grows more than expected in March

Helped by its vaccination rollout, the country is set to bounce back from the pandemic slump with the economy up 2.1% on February

Greensill Capital under investigation by UK regulator

Documents released in parliament show the extent of former prime minister David Cameron’s lobbying on behalf of firm

Johnson sets out vision for recovery plan in Queen’s Speech

Speech sets out prime minister's policymaking priorities for Britain's recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic with focus on job creation

‘There’s always a risk of civil war,’ French presidential hopeful Marine le Pen warns

An open letter to President Emmanuel Macron — unsigned but attributed to serving officers — has stoked controversy with a warning of ‘chaos and violence’

Norway dips in to wealth fund for relief during pandemic

The level of government withdrawals from the fund forced it to start liquidating assets last year, but the fund has seen near-record returns as markets rebound

French court dismisses lawsuit over ‘Agent Orange’ damage

French-Vietnamese woman sues over health damage she says was caused by toxic chemical used by the US in the Vietnam War

Rising demand and poor management leaves Turkey with a water headache

The country’s woes are far from over — and more dams are part of the problem

UK Labour leader Keir Starmer reshuffles party of poor showing

The party lost control of a number of local authorities and of the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool, a Labour bastion for many decades

UK faces Scotland challenge after Covid-19 as separatist drive grows

Nicola Sturgeon’s issue is where she leads her troops next as the administrations collide over constitutional future

Showdown over Scotland’s future looms after elections

Boris Johnson’s Conservative party makes election gains as Scotland parties pushing to split from the UK win a historic majority

Putin reviews Russian military might amid tensions with West

Red Square parade commemorates anniversary of Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany

Pro-independence SNP win early seats in Scottish election

The governing Scottish National Party will seek to hold another referendum on independence by 2023 if there is a pro-independence majority returned to the ...

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