UK carbon dioxide supply shortage hits meat processors

A jump in gas prices has forced several domestic energy suppliers out of business and has shut fertiliser plants that also produce CO2

France’s fury over cancelled $66bn submarine order strains relations with allies

Macron makes it clear that French fury isn’t ebbing after Australia cancelled the submarine order in favour of a new defence pact with US and UK

London underground adds two new stations — the first major extension in a decade

The Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station expansion could help generate as many as 25,000 jobs and 20,000 homes

City of London workers stream back to the office after false starts

Trains have been at their busiest since the pandemic started, while employees have thronged the streets again

Paris is now one of Europe's hottest job markets for finance professionals

Since Brexit, bankers' wages are rising and placement firms say they’re struggling to find promising candidates

Becalmed wind energy sector has UK turning to coal

Lack of windy weather over the past two weeks has cut output from 11,000 turbines, which account for more than 20% of power generation

UK doctors, not courts, to decide on consent to puberty blockers in under-16s

The UK Court of Appeal overturned a ruling that restricted children’s access to drugs that pause puberty

IMF chief in spotlight after China rigging report

Results of an independent probe said World Bank leaders including Georgieva applied undue pressure on staff to boost China's ranking in 2018 report

Russian activists blast Google and Apple for removing voting app

Russian authorities have accused the companies of meddling in the elections by offering the opposition apps

More Brits opt for online and mobile phone shopping

Survey shows about 70% of Britons say buying online and on mobile phones are their preferred shopping methods since the pandemic

Greek mussel farmers count cost as heatwave destroys harvest

Official warns the Thermaic Gulf is in danger of having no mussel farmers in coming years

Covert Covid outbreak in Alpine party town is under scrutiny

Group spearheading the legal action alleges the government’s failings made the resort an early ‘superspreader’ of the virus

UK faces winter blackouts after fire knocks out cable

Damaged cable cuts power supply from France by half, leaving Britain with almost no spare capacity

UK inflation hits 9-year high in August as food prices rise

Consumer prices rose by 3.2% year on year, the highest annual inflation rate since March 2012

Boris Johnson reboots his cabinet with Liz Truss as new foreign secretary

Dominic Raab demoted among big changes as Conservative government suffers a drop in support

Putin squeezes the life out of Russia’s opposition

Ruling party jails and exiles opponents as it seeks to extend its control after elections scheduled for September 17-19

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