Russia dismisses Islamic State responsibility for blast

The blast leveled a 10-storey building, but Russia says the claim should not be trusted as terrorists often falsely take credit for attacks

Where next for Brexit? Staying close or a more dramatic split

Here are six scenarios the the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. All include more time — and more political rancour

Zimbabwe charges activist pastor Evan Mawarire with subversion and incitement

Britain summons Zimbabwe’s ambassador to London to express its deep concern

Nervous Europe ramps up Brexit preparations

Here’s a look at how different countries are girding their loins — and hiring staff — in preparation for a no-deal Brexit

Turkey deports Dutch reporter with alleged ties to Al-Qaeda group

The CPJ says Turkey is the world’s leading jailer of journalists, saying at the end of 2018 that at least 68 were jailed for their work there

Theresa May survives no-confidence vote but Brexit still in crisis

The British prime minister’s focus now turns to trying to find a way through the Brexit quagmire

ECB warns of Brexit damage to eurozone economy, again

Until now, ECB officials said they were confident Brexit would have minimal consequences beyond the financial sector and posed little immediate risk for the ...

Solitary ‘Maybot’ battles on, sans allies

Prime minister suffers biggest government defeat in modern British history

Disgraced US former cardinal could be defrocked soon, Vatican sources say

Theodore McCarrick has been accused of sexual misconduct and became the first Catholic prelate in nearly 100 years to lose the title of cardinal

German business warns of Brexit ‘chaos’

Without a withdrawal agreement the UK will get ‘third-country status’ and face tariff barriers to trade

After humiliating rejection of Brexit deal, May now faces no-confidence vote

Theresa May suffered the largest government defeat in modern British history when the withdrawal agreement she struck with Brussels was rejected

Theresa May suffers resounding Brexit vote defeat

May will face a vote of no confidence on Wednesday following the House of Commons' vote

Spanish police raid Barcelona cell suspected of plotting attack

Officers arrest 17 people in counter-terrorism operation

United in opposition: vote truce among Brexit rabble-rousers

Demonstrators lined the walkways opposite the Houses of Parliament under the gaze of television cameras

Hundreds of flights axed as fresh strike hits German airports

At least 220,000 travellers set to be hit by cancellations and delays

UK business braces for Brexit vote

Few expect the deal to pass, and a no-deal Brexit ‘will be a situation of national emergency’ 

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