SIKONATHI MANTSHANTSHA: SA’s gangster’s paradise

No other country beats sunny SA if you’re looking to pursue a career in crime, white-collar crime in particular

Is the Competition Commission strangling business?

The Competition Commission is under fire from the courts and legal fraternity over its handling of cases and bullying of small firms

Why we all lose from the great VBS heist

Criminal activity at the small bank has been described as a fraudulent scheme of epic proportions, involving false deposits, illegal transactions and the ...

This German investor has money to invest in smart SA startups

Ahead of a planned listing in a few years, this investor wants to add more internet companies to his portfolio — and he is excited about SA’s ...

How SA hedge funds lost their shine

Managers are said to have been caught off guard by the unexpected strength of the rand in 2016 and 2017

EDITORIAL: VBS — A cash heist that will cost taxpayers

How is it possible that three-quarters of a bank can so brazenly be stolen?

Murray & Roberts: Aton’s checkmate strategy

The German group angling for M&R has a surprise up its sleeve — a big stake in Aveng, which M&R itself wants to buy

How Jacques Wessels turned a blind eye to mega fraud

A former KPMG partner responsible for auditing a Gupta-owned company flouted the elementary requirements of his job

JUSTICE MALALA: In search of consistency amid the flip-floppers

Sometimes you need to put a bit of distance between yourself and SA’s fickle politics — take a trip to New York, even …

Why Glencore should be very worried

Despite the dark cloud that is the justice department approaching in the distance, analysts make hay while the sun shines

ROB ROSE: Big tobacco’s lying liars

The Tobacco Institute bemoans how the implosion of Sars opened the door for illicit tobacco. The truth is, its own members were tax cheats

Why McKinsey’s apology might not be enough

Kevin Sneader, the head of McKinsey, one of the world’s most secretive business organisations, visited SA this week to seek forgiveness for the ...

SA’s automotive industry, by the numbers

0.63% was SA’s share of global new vehicle production in 2017

BACKSTORY: Momentum Investments CEO Jeanette Marais

We question Jeanette Marais, CEO of Momentum Investments and deputy CEO of MMI Holdings

What McKinsey lost in the fire

Consumers hold people accountable for branding mistakes, and trust, once broken, takes an effort to rebuild

Agatha Christie: back from the dead and we’re loving it

Dame Agatha’s novels are having a 21st-century revival of sorts, because her work is all over the big and small screens

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THE LEX COLUMN: Cult of excessive executive pay flourishes in Australia

Shareholders should be concerned about opacity and undemanding targets, such as a ‘corporate culture’ bonus mooted by Commonwealth Bank in 2016

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THE FT COLUMN: Papa John’s succumbs to the curse of the founder’s dilemma — is Tesla next?

Brooke Masters

The Tesla and SpaceX boards should be making back-up plans in case Elon Musk’s outbursts become the norm, writes Brooke Masters

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TONY LEON: If Helen Zille did this, she would be arrested for treason

Tony Leon

'If Zille did a Zwelithini, she would likely be arrested for treason or sedition, and her government would be placed under national administration'

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STREET DOGS: What goes up, must come down

Michel Pireu

To the question, what has gone wrong in the stock market?

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THULI MADONSELA: The wrong land debate

The public hearings on land expropriation do no-one any favours, presenting South Africans with a binary choice

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Sikonathi Mantshantsha Deputy editor: Financial Mail

SIKONATHI MANTSHANTSHA: SA’s gangster’s paradise

No other country beats sunny SA if you’re looking to pursue a career in crime, white-collar crime in particular

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EDITORIAL: Edcon’s ugly truth

This is as much a story of failed vision and management as it is one of a company driven into the ground by capricious owners unwilling to invest

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