Don’t panic about passives

Though there is mounting concern about the growth of ETFs as a tool of passive trading, active fund managers still have an important role to play

Ripping people off is not in our DNA, says Aspen

In an interview with the Financial Mail, founder Stephen Saad says Aspen Pharmacare has been the victim of a 'perfect storm' that has led to his company being ...

ALLAN GREENBLO: Protector granted what was not achieved in court

From where public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane sits, the courts are unnecessary

HOT PROPERTY: Riverside Terrace home sets new price record for Hout Bay

Reminiscent of an island boutique hotel, the home boasts seven bedrooms, six with en-suite bathrooms

Are Brait’s glory days gone?

Shareholders shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for a quick turnaround at problem child New Look

GARETH VAN ONSELEN: How SA politics kills ideas and shuns intellectuals

DA stalwart Wilmot James, who is taking a year’s leave of absence, reflects on his time in the party and parliament, and on how the ANC has crushed new thought ...

969 Festival: Grahamstown events brought to Jo’burg

Gauteng theatre lovers who are unable to make the 969km trip to the National Arts Festival (NAF) in Grahamstown at the end of this month need not fret. The 969 ...

The rise of professional influencers

Microbloggers and social media celebs have taken the traditional endorsement industry by storm

The price of life. What do you do if the life-saving drug you need is unavailable in SA?

SA needs a scientific approach based on international standards to determine when a medicine is priced excessively and is therefore unaffordable

What SA restaurants think of UberEats

Restaurants have weighed the costs of Uber’s food delivery service against their turnover

MARC HASENFUSS: Battle of the booze

Investment behemoth Remgro has fortified its stake in Distell, the producer of intoxicating brands such as Savanna, Hunter’s, Nederburg, Klipdrift and Amarula, ...

How SA's downgrade affects bond market

Foreign investors, in their hunt for yield, have turned aggressively risk-on towards emerging market bonds

Steady recovery after a disastrous decade for Afrox

Trading on a modest 10.4 p:e, Afrox is a share to consider as a core long-term portfolio holding

BACKSTORY: Bravo Group’s Greg Boulle

We question Greg Boulle, CEO of Bravo Group (Sealy, Gommagomma, Grafton Everest)

INFOGRAPHIC: Looking to China for box office revenue

US film makers are looking east to help save its industry: China has the power to turn movies that have failed in the US into blockbusters

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Tullow Oil takes $600m hit from lower crude price

Nathalie Thomas

Analysts warn such writedowns will probably become a theme across the sector as oil prices languish below $50 a barrel

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When is an Uber driver the same as a lapdancer?

Sarah O’Connor

In Britain’s fuzzy legal system, there is no single piece of law that defines an employee, an independent contractor and a ‘worker’, writes Sarah O’Connor

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US bank stress tests: four things to watch

Alistair Gray

The Federal Reserve reveals which banks have got the thumbs up for planned capital returns for the year ahead; here are the big questions investors want answered

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Who is behind the latest cyber attack?

Hannah Kuchler and Roman Olearchyk

The FT spoke to Accenture’s Justin Harvey about how this attack differs from WannaCry, the weaknesses it exploits, and what companies can do to protect themselves

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views & analysis
Stephen Cranston Associate editor

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Yes, size counts. Especially when it comes to asset managers

The PIC seems like a colossus until you see the size of the global managers

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CARMEL RICKARD: Slippery schemer finally runs out of wriggle room

It turns out that perpetrators of small-time fraud and corruption are just as slippery as the big timers — the presidents, ministers, drunken judges and foreign families — when it comes to dodging jail

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ALLAN GREENBLO: Protector granted what was not achieved in court

From where public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane sits, the courts are unnecessary

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