JUSTICE MALALA: How bribery soured the American dream

If the poor start acting on the belief that the system is rigged we are all toast

Deloitte under fire — sort of

One of the problems Irba could have in disciplining Deloitte is that most of the fraud happened in Steinhoff Europe — which was audited by a German company. ...

FirstRand better than before

The bank is expected to manage a lower-fee environment better than its rivals, as its cost-to-income ratio is lower

Odds changing in the local gaming sector?

With Sun International buoyed by Time Square and Tsogo unbundling, the sector seems poised to sail out of the doldrums

MARC HASENFUSS: Grand Parade Investments bites off more than it can chew

GPI would have expected to be serving up meaningful profits off a 90-strong store base by now

PROFILE: Getting to know Fortress Reit CEO Steve Brown

The embattled property company’s new head has his work cut out to place the stock back on investors’ radars

What the constitution says about who can be an MP

According to the constitution, every SA citizen who is qualified to vote is eligible to be a member of the National Assembly

Eswatini budgets for change

Eswatini’s new finance minister is trying to put the country on a new economic path. He may meet resistance along the way

Steinhoff: Inside R106bn in imaginary deals

Defensive and light on detail, Steinhoff’s summary of PwC’s report on how the books were cooked under Markus Jooste, is too coy for comfort

What to make of the ever-slimmer PwC report?

Some critics are furious that Steinhoff published such an anaemic ‘overview’ of PwC’s full 3,000-page report

Small-cap stocks to bet on

More than a handful of small-cap counters have adequately rewarded investors for their patience

JAMIE CARR: Group Five — another corpse among the construction pile

The particular noose around Group Five’s neck was its catastrophic Kpone power station contract in Ghana

The ANC’s party list misstep

The inclusion of controversial candidates on the ANC’s electoral lists raises questions about the governing party’s commitment to clean up governance

ROB ROSE: The depressing truth about Eskom’s blackouts

Eskom has got to where it is now by ignoring, for many years, red flags and warnings of looming disaster. There won’t be an overnight solution

ANN CROTTY: South Africans are good people. Pity about the leaders

South Africans are a good bunch of people. Shame about the leaders

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Why Facebook wants to be WeChat

Is the world’s largest social network moving away from its news feed into an ecosystem that may look like China’s super app?


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Minerals Council warns of jobs bloodbath due to Eskom tariff hikes and carbon tax

Allan Seccombe

More than 100,000 jobs are under threat over the next three years, with gold and platinum set to be hit hardest 

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Aton extends its hostile bid for control of M&R

Aton also announced a three-month extension on its hostile takeover bid for Murray & Roberts on the same day

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How deal pitched by Nene’s son to the PIC went wrong

Warren Thompson

The PIC's controversial investment into the S&S Refinery in Mozambique did not have the benefit of a proper accounting system or staff according to testimony on Monday.

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SA coal at a crossroads

Lisa Steyn

The industry must choose whether to take its chances on exports or concentrate on growing the domestic market

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PETER BRUCE: I miss Sapa, and so should we all

A reliable heads-up of first resort, it enriched our journalism by allowing the rest of us to climb up on the work it did first

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ETTIENNE LE ROUX: SA can’t bank on China

Hopes that a significant stimulus in China could lift SA from its growth slump are unrealistic. Better to zero in on challenges closer to home

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JUSTICE MALALA: How bribery soured the American dream

If the poor start acting on the belief that the system is rigged we are all toast

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