JUSTICE MALALA: There is a word for this sort of behaviour: spineless

J’Something’s new restaurant — like the SACP — could use a bit of consistency

CHECKOUT COUNTER: Harley-Davidson not for the young 'uns

A weekly round up of the hottest international retail and consumer news

Pin-striped suits exit Britain ahead of Brexit

Pin-striped suits are in fashion at Heathrow departures as London’s economy wobbles

EDITORIAL: An obvious bluff from SACP

Don’t be fooled: the threat to break away from its alliance partner, the ANC, is no more than a gambit to sway the race to succeed Jacob Zuma as president

How companies are preparing for water supply shortfall

Faced with the prospect of a water supply shortfall in the future, companies are finding ways to reduce their consumption

In Financial Mail this week: Cut-throat competition hits SA business schools

Also in this edition: Why Gigaba’s rescue plan falls short | Deconstructing Cyril: leader or follower? | Decoding SA’s soaring meat prices | High noon looms ...

ANN CROTTY: SA keeps on keeping on

It surprises me how normal things are. The truth is that so many South Africans defy our leaders by just doing our jobs

Bravo: no snoozing, no losing

When there’s no growth in SA, what’s a furniture and bedding manufacturer to do?

The Kodak problem

Disruption is desperately needed, but largely lacking in SA. Sectors that are ripe for it include financial services, education, health care and transport

WATCH: This week on Traders Corner

Garth Mackenzie cashes in on two ALMI contracts, reviews a recent position in Barloworld, and shows how European markets are subject to the same seasonal ...

People’s choice for top private banks and wealth managers

Top private banks and wealth managers based on client feedback

ANALYSE THIS: Sasfin Wealth’s Gary Poultney

We analyse Gary Poultney, senior portfolio manager at Sasfin Wealth

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NEWS ANALYSIS: High noon looms for Group Five

Backroom manoeuvres have featured at Group Five, where shareholder Allan Gray wants a completely new board

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Writers’ style — by the book

Carola Long

In Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore, Terry Newman finds that a strong look can take an author far beyond the cultural confines of the bookshelf

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Olly Robbins: the man spearheading the UK’s Brexit talks

Alex Barker and James Blitz

With a string of demanding day jobs, including being a ‘sherpa’ to Theresa May, he has built the department for exiting the EU, to a staff of nearly 500 in 12 months

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The logic behind China’s treatment of dissident Liu Xiaobo

Jamil Anderlini

China has lifted 800-million people out of poverty over the past 40 years; calls for individual freedom pose a potent threat to one-party rule, writes Jamil Anderlini

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views & analysis
Rob Rose Editor: Financial Mail

ROB ROSE: Gigaba's Twin Peaks contradiction

Why Malusi is wrong on bank rules

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Sikonathi Mantshantsha Deputy editor: Financial Mail

SIKONATHI MANTSHANTSHA: Saxonwold shebeenomics

Instead of being wasted on the dens of corruption that our state-owned companies have become, this gold, can be put to better use to pull the nation out of the mire of unemployment, poverty and criminality in which it finds itself

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TOBY SHAPSHAK: A warning to those involved in Gupta scandal: the Internet never forgets

When the Zuptas have gone, a lot of parasites will be looking for work. But their crimes will be remembered

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