Prosus: A poor man’s Tencent?

Prosus’s e-commerce efforts are thriving, but not enough to close the Tencent gap. Will a share buyback do the trick?

EDITORIAL: Ace learned from the best

Ace Magashule learnt much from Jacob Zuma in how he dealt with his legal woes; using the media for his benefit is among those lessons

Top considerations for SA investors under the ‘new normal’

SPONSORED | SA’s economy has been caught in a low-growth trap over the past 10 years

CHRIS ROPER: Journalists should know better

Victims of crime may seek to make sense of random acts of violence by mythologising criminals. Journalists should know better

SunWest could go, to cull debt

Tsogo’s noncore assets, as well as its stake in Sun International subsidiary SunWest, could be on the block

Reduce fraud and improve efficiency with Absa’s digital cash management solutions

SPONSORED | Improve financial controls and reduce the opportunities for fraud with Absa’s cash management team

How to read the Financial Mail e-edition

Page through a digital version of the printed Financial Mail magazine

ROB ROSE: Santam’s big Covid miscalculation

Santam has lost its court bid to avoid paying tourism operators ‘business interruption insurance’. Rather than pay, however, it’s now appealing

EDITORIAL: For the SABC’s sake, keep Stella away

The SABC is one of the most financially delinquent of all state-owned entities, but Ndabeni-Abrahams’s ham-fisted intervention has only made it worse

SA’s ratings slippery slope

Brutal sovereign ratings reviews show the main agencies have little faith in SA’s ability to turn itself around and expect it to sink even further in the years ...

NATASHA MARRIAN: Who’s the boss?

Tito Mboweni’s taking to social media to vent must be an irritation to some in the Union Buildings, as it exposes the shortcomings in Ramaphosa’s administration

GIULIETTA TALEVI: The City of Johannesburg is crumbling

Joburgers are casualties of the corruption and indifference meted out by the ANC government to its citizens

Good for you: Spar’s secret recipe

Liquor and hot pie bans aside, Spar’s results top the sector. Investors stand to gain further if its Polish gambit pays off

Shifts in global property hotspots

Countries that have dealt well with Covid-19, such as New Zealand, are fast appearing on the radar of wealthy property investors

Listed property: oases in a dividend drought

The worst predictions have yet to bear fruit, so property sector payouts may resume sooner rather than later


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‘Keep tourism tap open’


Cape Covid spike raises fears that industry could be devastated - again

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Exchange U-turn to block full fund exit


Kuben Naidoo says that the objective is to create neutrality between debt and equity instruments

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HILARY JOFFE: Bank-bashing is sometimes as unwise as it is unfair

At least the banks’ own regulator gives them credit, as it were

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Sky could be the limit for bitcoin value, or maybe not

‘It ’s a mania. Does anyone actually have a clue? Not a chance’

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TOBY SHAPSHAK: The CEOs behind the SME pledge

#PayIn30’s ‘ethical leadership’ is long overdue as small firms are often hobbled by late payment from big companies

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Shirley de Villiers FM features editor & columnist

SHIRLEY DE VILLIERS: Ace is no joker in the ANC pack

In Magashule’s Animal Farm world, he will not step down from his lofty position, despite facing multiple counts of fraud, corruption and money-laundering because the party branches haven’t demanded it

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Rob Rose Editor: Financial Mail

ROB ROSE: Santam’s big Covid miscalculation

Santam has lost its court bid to avoid paying tourism operators ‘business interruption insurance’. Rather than pay, however, it’s now appealing

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In a defiant display at the state capture inquiry on November 5 2020, former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni revealed the name of a protected witness directly after deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo warned her to keep his identity concealed. On November 27, Zondo instructed the commission's legal team to assist in laying a criminal charge against former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni.