Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. Picture: REUTERS
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. Picture: REUTERS

For a country that supposedly had its elections highjacked by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the US is not doing too badly for itself. Interfering in the affairs of other countries is as American as apple pie, the latest regime-change project being Venezuela.

The official reason given is that they are treating their citizens badly. After all, why can’t they follow the fine example of Uncle Sam’s best friend, Saudi Arabia? The real reason is all about countries that are independent, rich in resources, or strategically important.

In more recent times we’ve had the destruction of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. They all had independent foreign policies that did not follow the western dictate. As a consequence, they all suffered the same fate.

The regime-change template goes something like this:

  • The imposition of draconian economic sanctions to cripple the economy and weaken the targeted “regime” (standard term);
  • Backing armed militias and terrorists (usually referred to as moderate rebels) to destabilise the country;
  • The relentless demonisation of the country’s leader;
  • The mainstream media play their part by aggressively enforcing this narrative;
  • The next step is direct US-Nato military intervention;
  • Any possible negotiations for a peaceful settlement are sabotaged;
  • At this point, the target country is shattered, which is the object of the exercise.

Other countries being subjected to the imperial treatment in one form or another are Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. The problem for the “indispensable nation” is that these countries no longer fear America. The US is a rogue warmongering empire in decline.

Brian van der Vijver, Constantia