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JUSTICE MALALA: Laying bare the ANC’s priorities

It took the party just months to kill the Scorpions, but years to do anything to help South Africa

JUSTICE MALALA: If Ramaphosa goes …

The president may depart quietly, but those who step into his shoes will be loud

JUSTICE MALALA: Crooked chiefs hold mines hostage

Corrupt, lazy and ignorant traditional leaders are losing us billions in investment in the mining sector

JUSTICE MALALA: The five-year forecast is for worsening storms

We should gird ourselves for the likelihood that the elections will result in greater political instability

JUSTICE MALALA: The real destroyers of Eskom

It’s not the CEO, chair or the board — it’s the interfering ANC ministers

JUSTICE MALALA: Africa, you’re on your own

World Bank warns of a ‘lost decade’, and no-one is coming to help

JUSTICE MALALA: Pragmatists face populist threat

Sensible Godongwana faces up to economic illiterates with no-one but Ramaphosa in his corner

JUSTICE MALALA: Looting in broad daylight

Joburg ANC cadres are stuffing their pockets as defeat looms at the 2024 polls

JUSTICE MALALA: A gentle burp will be the IFP’s eulogy

Now that Buthelezi is gone, it’s only a matter of time before the ANC swallows his party

JUSTICE MALALA: Too many cooks ... serve ANC crooks

From 19 parties in 1994 to about 200 next year — the absurd proliferation only helps to keep the ANC in power

JUSTICE MALALA: Blame and bonsela: Cyril’s way of winning

Blaming apartheid and handing out grants underpin the ANC’s election strategy

JUSTICE MALALA: Why the US ambassador must quit

Brigety made claims but offered no evidence of South African weapons being sent to Russia

JUSTICE MALALA: Consumed by the past, South Africa cannot move forward

Moaning about apartheid and what it did to us won’t solve the unemployment problem we face today

JUSTICE MALALA: Bending principles for Brics besties

We are now firmly in bed with states that have no respect for international law

JUSTICE MALALA: How the Niger coup could hurt South Africa

Some may be hailing the coup, but the ripple effect could shake the whole continent