JUSTICE MALALA: It’s the same old Zuma, back again

He’s using his usual slash-and-burn tactics to undermine yet another institution

JUSTICE MALALA: Cosatu — the election’s forgotten factory

Coalition talks will include trade unions and the SACP — a road which may lead to treachery and deceit

JUSTICE MALALA: Do your bit on May 29 — it’s urgent

Just one short visit to Hammanskraal sums up the dire straits we find ourselves in

JUSTICE MALALA: Recycling trash as trash

The ANC’s bad ideas are like zombies that keep coming back from the dead

JUSTICE MALALA: A budget without a plan

Godongwana raided the piggy bank rather than dealing with real problems

JUSTICE MALALA: Numbers in successive budgets reveal the depth of South Africa’s decline

A comparison with the speech of 2018 paints a frightening picture of the ANC’s failure

JUSTICE MALALA: Where’s the intelligence?

Our spies are looking in the wrong places for signs of danger ahead

JUSTICE MALALA: Gwede wakes up late while Cyril snores away

The rand/dollar exchange rate tells us all we need to know about the president and his lackeys

JUSTICE MALALA: State of the nation and budget speeches are lame ducks

There’s not much Cyril Ramaphosa and his money minister Enoch Godongwana can do over the next three weeks

JUSTICE MALALA: Of polls and policy

The economic status quo will get a jolt if the ANC has to woo the EFF or DA

JUSTICE MALALA: Why Zuma still spooks the ANC

The ruling party’s former induna could rise up and destroy the organisation that created him

JUSTICE MALALA: Savimbi, Dhlakama ... and Zuma

What the giggling ex-president is doing with his MK Party is no laughing matter

JUSTICE MALALA: Hope in hard times

South Africa's story seems like a bleak Charles Dickens tale, but the best may be yet to come

JUSTICE MALALA: The ANC’s (very slim) survival option

It won’t be for long, but eating the babies such as the IFP, the ACDP, the FF Plus and other smallanyana parties for Christmas is one way

JUSTICE MALALA: The problem with ‘me, me, me’ politics

If a candidate cannot bring themselves to work with others in a political party they dominate, how will they bring a nation together?

JUSTICE MALALA: Ramaphosa and Gordhan — South Africa’s twins of torpor

If only President Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan could be men of action, like Steve Jobs