JUSTICE MALALA: The ties we hope will bind

The GNU is about  broad policy, yes, but it stands and falls on human frailty and strength

JUSTICE MALALA: Beware Zuma on steroids

As the villain of state capture tries to get his hands back on the levers of power, the new government needs to urgently strengthen the institutions that ...

JUSTICE MALALA: An ANC-DA tie-up is not a done deal

What seems like a good idea ignores South Africa’s history and old animosities

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Backroom deals will dominate our politics in the coming days and weeks

JUSTICE MALALA: There’s nothing favourable in this predicted ‘benign’ outcome

If the ANC gets between 45% and 51%, builds a coalition government with smaller parties and remains in charge of economic policy, all South Africa will get is ...

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The burning flag ad shows the party is out of touch with voters who could have helped it govern

JUSTICE MALALA: The fall and rise of Zuma

It’s not far-fetched to predict Zuma will be the next premier of KZN, with all that that entails

JUSTICE MALALA: A party in the poorhouse

The ANC has run out of cash — and it’s even losing the T-shirt campaign

JUSTICE MALALA: The ANC is too scared to lay down the law

The government is petrified, unable to enforce basic municipal bylaws or uphold the rule of law at provincial and national levels

JUSTICE MALALA: It’s the same old Zuma, back again

He’s using his usual slash-and-burn tactics to undermine yet another institution

JUSTICE MALALA: Cosatu — the election’s forgotten factory

Coalition talks will include trade unions and the SACP — a road which may lead to treachery and deceit

JUSTICE MALALA: Do your bit on May 29 — it’s urgent

Just one short visit to Hammanskraal sums up the dire straits we find ourselves in