JUSTICE MALALA: ANC’s demise underscores end of ‘liberation era’

If South Africans don’t jettison the broken ANC at the polls in November, it means the decay and looting will have been rewarded. This should not happen

JUSTICE MALALA: ANC leaders have no backbone

ANC leaders have been lying to every meaningful constituency in SA for years, causing policy uncertainty and lack of trust

JUSTICE MALALA: What SA will look like, when the ANC goes

It will be a fantastic and glorious moment when the dying party realises it can no longer get away with its corrupt ways

JUSTICE MALALA: Why trust in Cyril is falling

For how long will Ramaphosa beg and ingratiate himself with these looters?

JUSTICE MALALA: Show me an insurrectionist in handcuffs, Mr Ramaphosa

The President needs to show investors that he has quelled the unrest. So where are the arrests of those responsible for July’s mayhem?

JUSTICE MALALA: Why did Cyril not shoot the deputies?

The rogues gallery of deputy ministers who serve under Ramaphosa are proof that the New Dawn is a mirage

JUSTICE MALALA: No glamour, but much gravitas

Godongwana stood up against the RET faction’s populist policies again and again

JUSTICE MALALA: How the ANC’s ‘cadre deployment’ ruined SA

The ANC claims it sends out qualified members to run SA, but there is no proof that they have been taught any skills

JUSTICE MALALA: Actually, SA has a KZN problem

KwaZulu-Natal was once a lawless place. Ethnic mobilisation under way in the province threatens to take it back there

JUSTICE MALALA: The real cost of economic sabotage

The psychological damage is deep: our entrepreneurs will invest cautiously, with fear and trepidation in their hearts

JUSTICE MALALA: Zuma, architect of anarchy, should never be pardoned

‘Leaders’ took a hard blow to their legitimacy as looting raged. Meanwhile, contempt for the rule of law flourishes

JUSTICE MALALA: There’s no healing without fever

It’s hot in the kitchen: you can see Jacob Zuma’s desperation in the number of straws he is clutching at

JUSTICE MALALA: Where is our outrage?

Justifiable outrage — and the consequences that it should yield — are missing from SA’s political discourse

JUSTICE MALALA: Xenophobic eruption loading in SA

The warning signs are flashing: SA is in danger of breaking out into the sort of violence against foreigners we saw in 2008 and 2019

JUSTICE MALALA: Why did you wait till SA was on the brink, Mr President?

The president’s announcement that large energy users can generate and sell electricity is three years too late

JUSTICE MALALA: We have lost our way

The shameful violence at the Pan African parliament was a symptom of the fact that we have lost our way