Sasfin: Serious focus on cost-cutting needed

Until management gets serious about minority shareholder value creation, Sasfin will keep disappointing

Sea Harvest: Lethargic, but a good haul is possible soon

IM continues to recommend the stock and the fishing counters as preferred plays in the food secto

Metair: Increasingly energetic, despite uncertainties

Metair's share price has reacted strongly since SA eased Covid restrictions, and is up over 50% from a year ago

Which stockbroker is right for you?

We assess which firms excel in specific areas, something that is important to clients

General equity funds for the win

With R399bn under management, general equity funds account for just 16% of the SA unit trust industry

HCI: The value of many working parts

Narrowing the wide 55% discount to NAV may be a tough nut to crack for HCI, writes Anthony Clark

ANTHONY CLARK: Good news on the ground

A trip through some SA agricultural regions was a reminder of the sector’s health

Sun International: An optimistic bet on the return of tourism

The environment for the tourism sector clearly remains challenging in the near term for Sun Internationa

ARB: An electric performance

Though the ARB share price has already gained about 65% this year, IM still maintains a BUY recommendation

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hopeful signs as small players come to the fore

Intellidex, our research and content provider, has once again excelled — providing another authoritative survey on the local stockbroking segment

SA’s top stockbrokers: What they’re good at

We assess each stockbroker on core measures and the best performers are listed in the tables below

SA’s top stockbrokers: The broker scores

After a frenetic 2020, traders are more measured in their investment decisions, with diversifying for the long term a key feature

Invest globally, but wisely

Choose carefully how you place funds overseas, writes Pedro van Gaalen

SA’s top broker: who offers rand for rand the best services?

Clients are highly satisfied with Rand Swiss’s offerings, because its team have skin in the game, writes Colin Anthony

HomeChoice: Compelling catalogue of fintech services

What is clear is that the group can no longer be referred to as a catalogue retailer

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