AECI: Reasons to be cheerful, part two

The group’s optimism is evident in the future capital commitments of R1.1bn to be spent over the next 24 months

Assupol: Alternative pick for the patient punter

Assupol has its attractions and is certainly showing its mettle in a tough time for life assurers

EOH: Too much uncertainty, too much guesswork

It’s painful watching many small caps deliver excellent returns while EOH has gone from bad to worse

WARWICK LUCAS: Wrestling the equity markets

If you follow these steps, you’ll be a winner, despite a few scars

How to fund the future

Renewable energy will need innovative funding, writes Pedro van Gaalen

The safety of diversification

There is wisdom in moving some assets to mature markets, writes William Meyer

Behind food prices

There are reasons why grocery shopping is so shocking, writes Anthony Clark

When firms are targets of activists

Indifferent investment returns are sometimes a trigger for activists to become involved, writes Anthony Clark

Fast food joints deliver

Covid bans give an advantage to local eateries and takeaway chains, writes The Finance Ghost

How local shares show SA’s resilience

The response of many listed companies to July’s unrest demonstrates the strength of the country’s business leaders and enterprise models, writes Shawn Stockigt

Pick of the Month: Attacq

Part of the investment case is the pipeline of developments in the Waterfall precinct

EDITOR’S NOTE: When judgment is clouded by political noise

Politically — after a clearly compromised cabinet reshuffle — my pessimism has not entirely evaporated, though the jitters caused by the destructive unrest in ...

EDITOR’S NOTE: Slight comfort amid the alarm and despondency

In the middle of the unrest, Dubai-based DP World was seemingly dead set on acquiring Imperial Logistics

Listed property pitfalls

In a unit trust environment with little appetite for specialist funds, the success of the property sector has been an anomaly

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