EDITOR’S NOTE: In a gloomy landscape, a glimmer of light, perhaps

But if the governing party fails its own employees, what can SA investors expect?

SA bonds are well worth a second look

SA may be a crazy country, but our bonds are good stuff!

HCI: The goddess of love and the ‘clown on the soapbox’

HCI, with its indirect stake in the Venus oilfield, and Renergen, with its Virginia gas project, are the two local options for exposure to oil and gas plays

A price correction that’s more a pause than a halt

Prices of soft commodities that soared due to the pandemic and the Ukraine war have eased, but it would be foolish to hope their relentless rise won’t resume

Invasion, inflation and the incredible shrinking wallet

After Covid, it looked as if consumer spending power would recover, but this optimism has ground to a screeching halt writes Shawn Stockigt

Offshore investing is a risky business

Global equity markets have been under enormous pressure this year, with no relief in sight: local investors would do well to tread cautiously

Trade of the Month: The case for Old Mutual

The insurer has a presence in the rest of Africa, as does its competitor Sanlam, but weathered the effect of the KwaZulu-Natal floods better

Capco: A rand-hedge attraction, but still a work in progress

The company has to manage a merger with Shaftesbury and the combination of two estates

BEYOND SHARES: On the lookout for hidden potential

Edinburgh Worldwide Investments Trust targets small new firms that can develop into giants

RECM & Calibre: Worth a flutter

RAC’s current price looks tempting, but finding enough willing sellers in the open market might not be that easy

Tech market rallies: the joy and the danger

Investors should be cautious about how they decide to buy into technology businesses

ANTHONY CLARK: Upbeat about a share the market shunned

I may have been too early to the Libstar party, but it now deserves a toast

Keeping a cool head in a volatile world

Navigating a complex global market with a sufficiently diversified portfolio will prove vital for local investors looking to protect capital and exploit ...

WARWICK LUCAS: Getting to grips with a rare US bear

If you reduced risk in February, consider redeploying some of that cash into risky assets. My call to persist with up-weighting of resources shares still stands

A multimanager approach that has proved its worth

Alliance Trust has increased its dividend for 55 consecutive years

Pick of the Month: MTN’s ambition has huge potential

The best time to be a shareholder in a company is after it has learnt from its mistakes