eMedia: The picture looks brighter for eMedia

IM has sufficient belief in management’s narrative — coupled with the enthusiasm about the division expressed by HCI CEO Johnny Copelyn — to recommend a ...

Pick of the Month: Nu World Holdings

We rate the stock a buy and advise patience as recovery unfurls

Long4Life: Longed for lift of the share price

Long4Life has not been a great investment for those who backed entrepreneur and deal-maker Brian Joffe

EDITOR’S NOTE: When quality companies showed their mettle

The year was really about the better-quality companies showing their mettle and returning their businesses to pre-Covid levels

Mid-cap movers and shakers

Expect some interesting action in the small- to mid-cap space in the next year, writes Anthony Clark

Municipal debt: read it and weep

Unpaid bills threaten entire SA economy, writes Donwald Pressly

ANTHONY CLARK: Hats off to Bowler Metcalf

A company’s annual general meeting can be the source of valuable information

Global equity funds: Useful investment diversifiers

The global equity fund category is one of the largest unit trust sectors, with R236bn under management

Investment outlook for 2022

There will be a focus on investments in cleaner industries, writes Pedro van Gaalen

Dis-Chem: Solid results after a watershed year

With acquisitions such as Healthforce and Kaelo, Dis-Chem is investing in more than just stores

Trade of the Month: Telkom SA vs MTN Group

Profits can be made in the telecom sector — if investors watch key technical levels

Aveng: In a good position for future growth

The turnaround strategy implemented by Aveng has resulted in a more concentrated and simpler group structure and improved operating margins

WARWICK LUCAS: How big is your human capital?

There's more than money in your portfolio; what you are and do make a difference

Six best shares you probably have never heard of

The JSE has certain small, underrated companies that may be worth investing in, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Renergen’s rich potential

Gas extraction seems promising, but much capex will be needed, writes Anthony Clark

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