ANN CROTTY: What SA listed companies and European soccer clubs have in common

These days, everyone seems to believe that simply throwing money at a handful of people is the answer to recruiting and retaining ‘talent’

CARMEL RICKARD: Amcu slapped for behaving badly

Judges don’t usually award costs against workers or unions in labour matters. But a recent case involving Amcu proved the exception to the rule

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Quilter’s coming of age

Quilter bears little resemblance to the Skandia which former Old Mutual CEO Jim Sutcliffe bought

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Facebook lawsuits get personal

Mark Zuckerberg and other executives themselves are now in the firing line for ‘exploiting children in the interest of profit’

JAMIE CARR: Pepkor pepped up and going strong

If you ignore any external distractions, Pepkor remains a high-quality operation

THE FINANCE GHOST: Retail is detail

Historically, when retailers have tried to take giant leaps instead of small steps, shareholders have suffered. There's no magic switch

MARC HASENFUSS: Shaking off the boredom with Reinet

If anything would shake the boredom at Reinet, it would be the €602m drop in intrinsic value from end-March to end-September

EDITORIAL: Reserve Bank biffs Pityana

This soap opera is now getting predictably messy — and it seems most likely that no-one will emerge from this feeling like they’re the victor

NATASHA MARRIAN: The ANC is learning South Africans can’t eat unity

‘Renewal’ and ‘reform’ may be top of the party’s agenda, but citizens don’t care – they want a growing economy, jobs, basic services, and to feel safe

JUSTICE MALALA: How Ramaphosa can save himself – and maybe even SA

Time has run out for the president, but he can still deliver on that early promise if he is prepared to show courage

SARAH BUITENDACH: There’s no place like a R150m home

I know that money doesn’t buy taste, but it can try, and if I were going to drop that much money on a place to live, I’d be looking for exceptional design

JOAN MULLER: Time for divvy chasers to climb back into Reits?

It turns out that apocalyptic predictions were overdone – it seems that the sector is emerging from the Covid storm in better-than-expected shape

BRUCE WHITFIELD: Beware the great election day credit card swindle

Credit cards are often regarded as a tool of the dark forces of the financial underworld, but if you follow the basics, they can be very useful

DAVID FURLONGER: Crossing the electric divide

Responsible motoring doesn’t have to be bland

ROB ROSE: No more crashes, vows Deloitte’s new pilot

The firm has learnt a lot about professional scepticism from the corporate crashes at Steinhoff and Tongaat, says its new CEO, Ruwayda Redfearn

SARAH BUITENDACH: What it’s like being a ‘regular’ at a hospital in November 2021

Fear, panic, hope, relief, disbelief – and the spectre of the ‘inevitable’ fourth wave that looms large in compulsively sanitised hallways