EDITORIAL: Chief justice pick a defining moment

The person should be an influential leader, a strong administrator, a diplomat, a skilled communicator and policy maker, an intellectual leader who is ...

ROB ROSE: Inside the minds of C-suite goons

You wouldn’t think a CEO would risk everything by hiring a thug to assault someone. But as the case of Brett Kebble illustrates, it does happen

NATASHA MARRIAN: Political parties face funding drought

Jessie Duarte has admitted that the donors the ANC traditionally relied on have stepped back

EDITORIAL: Is nobody writing down last year’s lessons?

It should have been obvious that closing SA’s borders to travellers from India — as other countries have done — was a matter of self-preservation in light of ...

TOBY SHAPSHAK: ANC skilled in the art of ducking and diving

If the ANC can’t respond clearly to a simple query, how can we trust it to handle the Covid vaccine rollout?

TRACEY DAVIES: Anglo’s coal pipe dream

Mine CEOs say getting rid of coal assets, as Anglo has now done, is the ‘responsible’ thing to do. But they’re just running away from future liabilities

FRED KHUMALO: Just deserts for two bullies

It seems Solly Msimanga thought he could use his office to get the police on his side, while Ace Magashule tried to suspend the president

JUSTICE MALALA: A poison pen letter from SA’s postal non-service

The SA Post Office cannot be trusted to deliver packages — yet wants protection from courier services. It’s a bankrupt mess

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Governance headaches at SA firms

We rather smugly assume that we have world-class corporate governance. But is that still true?

JAMIE CARR: Samsung’s assured performance

Bumper first-quarter results should help clear the air over an inheritance tax bill

MARC HASENFUSS: No midlife crisis for CMH

In June last year, when Covid was just starting to rage in SA, CMH trundled down to under R10 on the JSE. The share has since doubled

CARMEL RICKARD: Why conflict of interest laws are vital

A Kenyan case, where a senator who is a lawyer represented someone accused of fleecing the state, reveals why conflict of interest laws are so vital

LETTER: Beware shadow agencies post-Covid

Will NatJoints and the NCCC be legally extended to function after the pandemic?

SARAH BUITENDACH: Heavy petting — love your animals, and invest in them too

In a top-secret underground lair, the pets of the world have put aside their differences and gathered to congratulate themselves for coming up with the coup of ...

ANSIE RAMALHO: When doing nothing is unethical

You can only really claim that there’s sound governance where there are ethics and good intent accompanied by effectiveness and results

BRUCE WHITFIELD: Death of a (great) small business

The global economy may be in recovery mode — led by China and the US — but in vaccine-lite SA, even a 4% bounce off last years 7% will do nothing to help ...