JUSTICE MALALA: Don’t tell the ANC, but it was a crisis everyone saw coming

If recent history is a measure, SA’s debt to GDP ratio will continue to hurtle on towards the 100% mark

EDITORIAL: Nobody buys it, Thulas

Labour minister Thulas Nxesi is now trying to blame employers for the unconscionable delays in temporary employee relief scheme payments meant to cushion the ...

FRED KHUMALO: Taxiing to Covid disaster

Just like Aids in the 1990s, too many South Africans are still dismissive of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the rising death rate

TP NCHOCHO: How Covid overhauled funding

Development finance institutions are meant to invest more to ease the pain when times get tough – like right now

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Reviving African Bank

African Bank is a brand many would love to own. For many of its clients it is still the bank started by Sam Motsuenyane and other entrepreneurs in 1964

CARMEL RICKARD: Auditor BDO taken to task by Zim court

International auditor BDO has been taken to task by a Zimbabwean court for a forensic report that was either biased, or ‘a case of incompetence’

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Hate issue costs Facebook billions

Advertisers have found their moral backbone and are forcing the company to take its systemic problems seriously

JAMIE CARR: Mr Price Group showing its mettle

Mr Price has plans for a significant capital raise to give it the firepower to respond to opportunities

MICHAEL KATZ: Trade carefully

With companies collapsing every day due to Covid-19, directors and managers may face personal liability for reckless trading

MARC HASENFUSS: Tokes, smokes and Steers

I might now be prepared to risk a small tobacco plantation – which would be prudent since cigarette sales are most unlikely in the near term in our wonderful ...

GIULIETTA TALEVI: How the business lunch hiatus killed deal-making

The number of business transactions has dropped steeply all over the world

LETTER: Ministers change, plan must remain

The problem is that every time there’s a new transport minister, a new plan is hatched

BRUCE WHITFIELD: (Another) shame on you, Facebook

Dodgy ads for unsavoury services used to appear in newspaper classifieds – today, they are found on social media sites, and platform owners are doing nothing ...

SARAH BUITENDACH: The billionaires who’ve got richer during Covid

Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in the world, is more than $50bn richer than he was in February big thanks to Amazon shares

PETER BRUCE: Sturdy, reliable and always there when you need them – until you do

SA insurance stalwart Santam has been a shining example of what not to do when you’re in a corner

RAZINA MUNSHI: Open public parks — the benefits outweigh the risks

People should be free to venture out of their often cramped, badly ventilated homes. Parks are one of the few ways they can get a dose of sunlight, fresh air ...