EDITORIAL: DA hiding bitter battles

Its conduct will not only ensure that the ANC remains in power. It will also give a leg-up to Julius Malema’s EFF, providing it with a key stake in the running ...

Eliminating sexual harassment in the mining industry

SPONSORED | Safety in the workplace isn’t just a slogan, says Anglo American

JUSTICE MALALA: Played like a fiddle as Zimbabwe burns

Ever since Mbeki’s policy of pandering to Mugabe, the ANC has grovelled at the feet of Zanu-PF. Cyril must change that

STEPHEN CRANSTON: An unclear black picture

The good news this year is that the amount of assets managed by black-owned firms has increased

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Facebook has ‘blood on its hands’

Sophie Zhang’s searing memo has exposed how the social media giant is losing the war against disinformation

CARMEL RICKARD: Judges must speak out against injustice

It’s concerning when judges stay silent in the face of horrific crimes, limiting their response to a mechanical interpretation of the law

JAMIE CARR: Gemfields Group struggling to stay afloat

Its ruby mines have been unable to hold their usual June auction, and have therefore generated zero revenue in the period

MARC HASENFUSS: Options amid the rubble

There were some surprising names among the stocks that slunk to new 12-month lows this week

FRED KHUMALO: A tasteful celebration

A lower lockdown alert level was just the excuse for serious dining in a delightful ambience, and this establishment was the ideal venue

SARAH BUITENDACH: Jeff Bezos’ houses: lifestyles of the rich and edible

Turns out our man at the top of the money pyramid has a broad bundle of abodes

RAZINA MUNSHI: Tourism sector carnage: humans and animals will suffer

Based on estimates from SA Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona, it could take anything between 24 and 30 months for tourism activity to recover to levels recorded in 2019

PETER BRUCE: Reform: has Cyril run out of steam and steel?

The closer you look, the less convincing the reform narrative seems to be. Ramaphosa is surrounded by ministers who have no interest in reform. They’re only ...

LEBOGANG MOKOENA: Does the ‘see no harassment’ EFF represent your values?

As SA inches towards an election next year, we need to be far more sceptical of the parties who represent us

GIULIETTA TALEVI: How RBG’s death will shape the US’s future

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing marks not just the end of a long and brilliant career, it sets the stage for a monumental battle in US politics

NATASHA MARRIAN: The plan to fix Eskom

Government has agreed to urgently remove barriers to the self-generation of power to remedy the shortfall in supply, according to a Nedlac agreement

EDITORIAL: Commander-in-chief Clicks his heels

Malema has worked out how to weaponise SA’s fragile political situation to ensure his actions are free of consequence