DAVID FURLONGER: Long day’s journey into light

BMW SA’s peripatetic new CEO has finally returned home

NATASHA MARRIAN: Zuma takes another step towards jail

The former president has been given yet another opportunity to be heard, but he clearly doesn’t want that

GIULIETTA TALEVI: Is it too late to become a cryptobro?

Buyers of bitcoin have been spectacularly rewarded. Yet some still ask: what sort of asset is cryptocurrency really?

ROB ROSE: PwC chokes on a cracker

The regulator has fined PwC’s auditor for shoddy work at SAA. The man who lodged the claim in 2017 says it should never have taken so long

EDITORIAL: Hlophe case a test of ANC’s will

It will boil down to whether the ANC in parliament will pull together sufficiently to concede to his removal

JUSTICE MALALA: The tragedy of Dr Sindi van Zyl

The tragic case of Dr Sindi van Zyl made me realise very few South Africans can afford the best medical care

EDITORIAL: Punish this mindset at the polls

If ever there were an object lesson in how not to govern when you’re holding a legislative majority by the thinnest of hairs, it’s the ANC in Gauteng

JEREMY SAMPSON: Calling all rock star CEOs

SA needs more ‘celebrity’ CEOs — visible leaders with the vision and resolve to guide their companies through the most difficult of times

NATASHA MARRIAN: The misplaced victimhood of Jacob Zuma

If pulling out of all legal proceedings was his big plan, chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has just effortlessly drawn him back in

CARMEL RICKARD: Chief justice ructions

Three African countries are shortly due to select new chief justices. The process — and transparency — of appointment couldn’t be more different

MARC HASENFUSS: Second time lucky?

Flipping through Astoria’s recent annual report has made me think twice

ISABELLA MNISI: A flawed infrastructure plan

The practicalities of disclosure make it difficult for infrastructure transactions to comply with the JSE’s debt listing strictures

JAMIE CARR: Archegos Capital up in smoke within days

Family offices are generally designed to preserve wealth over generations, but that is a memo Bill Hwang clearly didn’t get

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Facebook’s leaf out of Zuma’s book

The company’s impunity over not informing users or regulators about half a billion customers getting hacked is astounding

NKENKE KEKANA: The real policy orientation of the liberation movement

A response to the vulgar Marxism and the distortions of ANC economic policy used by ‘RET forces’ in public discourse

DAVID FURLONGER: The ‘vellie’ strange case of the VW bus and the cyclist

I wonder what Kramer and his red velskoens would make of VW’s top-of-the-range Caravelle