EDITORIAL: Brian Molefe’s postcards from the edge

The former Eskom boss took to the stand at the Zondo state capture inquiry and delivered the performance of a lifetime

ROB ROSE: The predictable demise of Mirror Trading

The entirely predictable demise of Mirror Trading is the story of a scam foretold. And it’s a story which, unusually, reflects well on the FSCA

NATASHA MARRIAN: Creative leadership needed

Public-sector unionists say there is little which is ‘attractive’ about the ANC that they can sell to their members

JUSTICE MALALA: What if Cyril Ramaphosa resigns?

The president says he will step down if he is charged with corruption. If that happens, the ANC will probably collapse

EDITORIAL: Cyril’s paltry excuse

To call for companies to then pay more to mitigate the government’s nondelivery is a sign of contempt for business. Respect, Mr President, is a two-way street

DENNIS DAVIS: Upping the ante on high net worth individuals

Tax audits on high net worth individuals won’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg. After all, those who are tax compliant have nothing to fear

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Last blast of the monstrous trumpet

The tweeter-in-chief was finally banned by social media — after a small armed ‘insurrection’ that killed five people

DEON GOUWS: No-one knows what’s coming

Show me someone who says that they managed to forecast the 2020 playbook accurately, and I’ll show you a liar

TRACEY DAVIES: Breaking the grip of the boys’ club

Company boards are still far from representative when it comes to gender — almost purposefully so, it seems

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Value, or a value trap?

Banks provide poor value for money to clients relative to global peers

JAMIE CARR: Deliveroo is making a killing

Deliveroo’s revenues have doubled and its valuation has shot up as it prepares for an IPO

MARC HASENFUSS: Don’t flick that switch

Clearly there are more than a few who believe their RCL shares are worth considerably more than 805c

FRED KHUMALO: Good riddance Trump

Trump did democracy a great disservice. Thanks to him, conservatism is wrongly equated with racism and the term ‘liberal’ has become an insult

GIULIETTA TALEVI: JSE hits record high as Biden hopes fuel markets

But all this buzz makes me nervous, since millions of people remain marooned in their homes, while empty restaurants and bars remain an eerie reminder of a ...

LETTER: No cash for grants, only for politicians

"The people shall govern" has been trashed, to become a meaningless slogan better placed on a placard next to the pig trough on Animal Farm

LETTER: Treasury responds on Covid-19 vaccine planning

The Treasury is committed to ensuring that funding will not be a constraint to the availability of vaccines