JUSTICE MALALA: DD Mabuza is a hungry man

As the jostling in the ANC begins, it may profit us to remember that the deputy president looks after nobody but himself

SIKONATHI MANTSHANTSHA: Faster we go into the abyss

Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous nation, is planning for GDP growth of 10.8% for the fiscal year ending June 2020. SA, on the other hand, is on course ...

TOBY SHAPSHAK: No ad spam for WhatsApp

In a triumph for privacy, Facebook has dropped plans to introduce advertising on its messaging platform

ANN CROTTY: Capitalists saving the world from capitalism

The Davos spectacle that the rest of us can really do without

MICHAEL MARCHANT: No accountability at Liberty Life

After hounding out the whistleblower who exposed Liberty Life’s disastrous pension fund cancellations programme, the insurer has sat on its hands

MARC HASENFUSS: Rock-solid Richemont never disappoints

With SA Inc stocks likely to disappoint this year as the local economy hobbles along, ‘expensive’ stocks like Richemont will undoubtedly come into sharper focus

CARMEL RICKARD: Trouble in Seychelles paradise

After the Seychellois government turned its back on his bid for international office, the former tourism & culture minister took the matter to the courts

JAMIE CARR: Massmart an albatross around Walmart’s neck

The retail industry looks ripe for consolidation as natural selection kills off all but the fittest competitors

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Allan Gray Balanced Fund — trading on its pedigree

If it were a fund manager in its own right, the Allan Gray Balanced Fund would be one of the top half dozen managers in SA

FRED KHUMALO: Why an indemnity form is irrelevant

In the tragedy of the Parktown Boys’ High School pupil who drowned, an indemnity form is irrelevant. The buck stops with the headmaster

BRIAN GANSON: Time for mining companies to take responsibility

Until Rio Tinto and other mining companies acknowledge their role in the sociopolitical conflict around them, solutions are unlikely to be found

PETER BRUCE: Eskom, throw this idea at the wall and see if it sticks

We have the technology to turn coal slurry into a usable briquette form that will allow us to supply all of Eskom’s coal requirements for about 17 years

EDITORIAL: Axing Gordhan a short cut to ruin

His appointment as a personal clean-up emissary of the president has made him a target for the enablers of state capture

ROB ROSE: Martin Levick: Once a dodger …

A new criminal complaint is being laid against the Genesis founder by old family friends who were duped in an alleged $22.5m deal

NATASHA MARRIAN: David Mabuza’s nose out of joint

As Ramaphosa looks more and more like a leader who cannot lead, his deputy, David Mabuza, is trying to position himself as someone who can

EDITORIAL: Bracing for futile Davos hubris

It’s Davos time again. The platitudes will flow thick and fast with the same discernable impact they have every year: not much