EDITORIAL: No skop en skiet, please

It’s no surprise, given the combative rhetoric of their political overlords, that SA’s armed forces are playing fast and loose with individual rights and the ...

6 hours ago
NATASHA MARRIAN: Cosatu’s weak immunity

Unions, for their part, run the risk of rendering themselves irrelevant if they remain locked in ideological fortresses.

6 hours ago
JUSTICE MALALA: Cyril’s time to shine

With an adoring country behind him, Ramaphosa must use the downgrade to act decisively, economically and politically

6 hours ago
TOBY SHAPSHAK: 1984, or Florence Nightingale?

Most would agree that using phone data to fight a pandemic is a good thing — but it could become a post-Covid-19 habit

6 hours ago
XHANTI PAYI: Low-hanging fruit in SA’s agriculture sector

SA’s agricultural sector has much to offer. It’s time for the government to focus on the practicalities to unlock that value

6 hours ago
JEAN PIERRE VERSTER: Boom time for Zoom time

The freemium model is a powerful way to gain widespread adoption before monetising your product to a greater extent

6 hours ago
CARMEL RICKARD: Zimbabwe war vets’ battle the state

Harare’s high court has ordered the government to honour its commitment to provide a pension of $2,000 a month to the country’s war veterans

6 hours ago
PETER BRUCE: Can Cyril change the ANC’s tune amid Moody’s blues?

Ramaphosa has to move ahead or get out of the way. Reform has to come or we all crumble, rich and poor, big companies and small

BRUCE WHITFIELD’S LOCKDOWN DIARY: Time to scrutinise the ‘rewards’ programmes

What you could be doing now is using the time to review every single aspect of your finances and to understand precisely where your money is going every month

EDITORIAL: Lockdown: the panic in Cyril’s eyes

The president, renowned for his serenity, spoke of the possibility of “hundreds of thousands” of coronavirus infections, and plans to bring in the army to ...

JUSTICE MALALA: SA will emerge from Covid-19 a different country

The winter of our discontent is here, yet we must not despair. Out of devastation there is a chance to remake ourselves

ROB ROSE: An unlikely tale of 1918

In predicting what a post-corona SA economy will look like, the Spanish flu suggests the recovery can begin in the most unlikely places

NATASHA MARRIAN: Radical circus sideshows

Mkhwebane is not the only member of the Zuma cult who is rapidly running out of road — another is the Twitter-happy Ekurhuleni mayor Mzwandile Masina

EDITORIAL: The Boris Johnson option crashes

While watching the horror show in Italy, Johnson was happy to pursue a policy of benign neglect, or what he called “herd immunity”

CARMEL RICKARD: Zim’s currency changeover challenged in court

Zimbabwe’s law society is taking the government to court over the country’s currency changeover. Precedent suggests its action is unlikely to succeed

TOBY SHAPSHAK: We may never need to de-isolate

Forced to work from home by the coronavirus, we are finding technology can revolutionise our lives more than we realised