SIKONATHI MANTSHANTSHA: Looting the PIC to bankruptcy

Daniel Matjila is fighting to keep his job, and the Public Investment Corporation looks set to go the way of Eskom and SAA

EDITORIAL: Time for KPMG to pay the piper

The partners and staff of the SA unit of KPMG now know only too well what the wages of sin are

ROB ROSE: Resisting taxes — is it moral?

Sars commissioner Tom Moyane’s unbridled attack on KPMG shows that the tax authority doesn’t know what it doesn’t know — and that is ominous, writes Rob Rose

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EDITORIAL: Loosening the PIC purse strings

The manager of state employees’ pensions is under attack and its management seems destined to follow the same path as those of Transnet, Denel, SAA and Eskom

LETTER: Time to crack down on cable thieves

Theft of electricity and other cables should be treated as economic treason, as it cripples industry and causes job losses

ZEENAT MOORAD: Playing a rough game in the toy retail sector

Bankrupt Toys R Us Inc is like the Edcon of the toy world — adding an ill-timed leveraged buyout to the litany of difficulties afflicting the sector

JUSTICE MALALA: Sushi that’s fit for a king

It’s been reported that Kenny Kunene has swapped eating off models for eating out of the trough

CARMEL RICKARD: Lessons for SA from Rwanda

SA would do well to heed a warning from the UK courts about the importance of a strong, independent judiciary

ANN CROTTY: There is progress, and there is hope

Never mind foreign investors — SA’s energetic, enterprising small businesses are a more important reason to keep up the good fight

MARC HASENFUSS: Sprucing up Rextru

It won’t be long before the consortium anchored by empowerment pioneer Marcel Golding and media-shy investor Hugh Roberts shows its hand at Rex Trueform ...

JUSTICE MALALA: Service delivery at Rama’s

After a big shopping spree, it’s important to eat. Mercifully, the service delivery at Rama’s, unlike that of government, is quick

ANN CROTTY: Calling business to account

The public is fed up with the fallout of crony capitalism, writes Ann Crotty

ZEENAT MOORAD: 20 things that went through my mind at David Jones’ flagship food hall in Sydney

Though DJs is targeting wealthy customers, it can’t possibly open stores like this all over Oz

TOBY SHAPSHAK: A new dawn for solar energy

The cost of solar power has fallen 95% in 30 years, so why are we still building coal and nuclear plants?