ROB ROSE: Watershed at Shoprite as Wiese departs after 40 years

Shoprite stalwart Christo Wiese has left the building. His departure from the food retailer after 40-odd years marks the end of an era

NATASHA MARRIAN: Oh, the way madness lies

Zuma was always going to be a lose-lose for the commission — he was never going to try to address the evidence

EDITORIAL: Showing SA the finger

It should not have come as a surprise that Shepherd Bushiri and his wife were able to skip the country while out on bail — the truth is that they should never ...

JUSTICE MALALA: Ace’s arrest: time to celebrate

Ramaphosa may finally now find the space to implement a reform agenda

GIULIETTA TALEVI: Bitcoin versus Mr Market

Can the cryptocurrency act as a safe haven? And how, exactly, does one define a value share?

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Look to the stars, not to toxic tactics

Please can someone tell the ruling party that its internal politics is ruining the country’s image? And tell Ace to resign already

JEREMY SAMPSON: Age is but a number

We don’t give enough credit to older members of society who continue to contribute meaningfully — and whose experience may be invaluable

JAMIE CARR: Airbnb walking on air again

Airbnb is now sitting on more forward bookings than it had at this time last year

DEON GOUWS: Betting companies worth a flutter

What about the first derivative of gambling — in other words, betting on betting companies?

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Cast the net wider

There is an all-in bet that a handful of companies will dominate the world indefinitely

MARC HASENFUSS: New life for an old dog

This looks like a critical shift for RexTru, and my sense is that if Telemedia delivers a crystal-clear profit signal there might be a flurry of transformative ...

FRED KHUMALO: Books, food and countryside

When the menu arrived, we couldn’t make up our minds, as everything sounded so exquisite

CARMEL RICKARD: Lawfare in Zimbabwe

In the ongoing matter of her fitness to hold office, judge Erica Ndewere has requested her colleagues recuse themselves from presiding over her case

LETTER: Biden doesn’t hold all the trumps

Biden is steeped in the old way of doing things. As much as he offers hope, he remains a beacon of America’s past

LETTER: How hard can it be to go after Markus Jooste?

Taking three years to build a case of insider trading against former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste can only be described as ‘useless’ on the part of the ...

TELITA SNYCKERS: Sars is all motherhood and apple pie when all we really want is transparency

While Sars’s annual reporting is relatively meticulous, there are many little foxes in that vineyard that hide behind blank pages