GIULIETTA TALEVI: How Trump’s WeChat ban is squeezing SA’s pensions

Because of the large share Naspers has in Tencent, which developed the social media app, the White House’s move is likely to influence other stocks on the JSE ...

STEPHEN CRANSTON: A new investing option

They say that diversification is the only free lunch in investment. But all too often it is more like a brown-bag packed lunch than a feast at the Savoy Grill ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Zimbabwe’s wall of silence

A lack of written judgments in Zimbabwean courts has serious implications for accountability and the protection of citizens’ constitutional rights

TOBY SHAPSHAK: WeChat ban will backfire

The Tencent-owned ‘everything app’ is simply indispensable — it is the gateway for foreign firms into China

JAMIE CARR: Data surge a shot in the arm for MTN

MTN now has more than 100-million active data users among its 261.5-million subscribers, and is looking to nudge that up to 200-million as more customers ...

ANDRE VISSER: The JSE’s balancing act

The critical balance we have to maintain is allowing our listed companies to raise capital to remain productive, while recognising shareholders’ rights

FRED KHUMALO: The secret behind the booze ban

Ramaphosa’s mistake was handing over the keys to the liquor cabinet to the best security guards in the land — the Zulus

MARC HASENFUSS: Poachers’ paradise

All I can hope is that the respective aquaculture ventures of my fishing investments can somehow capitalise on this seemingly unchecked foraging franchise

DENNIS DAVIS: Fix the tax net holes

Instead of looking to increase the tax burden, SA should be looking at ways to recoup that which it is owed

LETTER: The curse of Eskom

When there was ample opportunity for maintenance to be carried out during the hard lockdown, everyone was sucking their thumbs

LETTER: Teachers smuggling smokes in taxis

What I would like to know — as would most South Africans — is whether anyone in the ANC actually does an overall common-sense check of lockdown regulations, ...

LETTER: Where’s the integrity councillors?

As unpalatable as it is to acknowledge, the biggest problem for municipalities is that they are afflicted with too many overpaid, underworked councillors

LETTER: SAB loves to play the victim

How convenient for SA Breweries and Heineken to economically blackmail SA with the loss of multibillion-rand investments due to the ban on alcohol sales

ALLAN GREENBLO: IMF loan could spark a seismic shift in SA’s politics

As in 1989, the country’s choices in 2020 are confined by the anticipation of bankruptcy

SARAH BUITENDACH: Where to find the best global news, right now

A wide selection of high-quality online and print resources makes it easy to be on top of what’s happening in the world

TELITA SNYCKERS: The tobacco industry has never been this vulnerable — here’s how to use that to do some good

There is a simple way for the government to reduce the number of smokers in SA, and that is to increase the tax on cigarettes. It has worked before and will ...