NATASHA MARRIAN: Next test of Cyril’s resolve

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s resolve as a reformer is set to be tested, now that the radical economic transformation faction has largely been neutralised

JUSTICE MALALA: ANC leaders have no backbone

ANC leaders have been lying to every meaningful constituency in SA for years, causing policy uncertainty and lack of trust

HELEN ZILLE: How everyone misreads the ANC

The intense criticism of the DA is borne of a misguided belief that the ANC is a benign organisation with a few rotten apples

THE FINANCE GHOST: How the Viceroy hit squad got hit

Huge reputations are at stake. If Viceroy cannot prove its claims, the Capitec report would have been a costly mistake that would set legal precedent in short ...

JEREMY SAMPSON: Whom do you trust?

Elections offer us an opportunity to install leaders we trust in positions of power. Like brands, politicians past their sell-by date should be pushed aside

DEON GOUWS: The case for vaccine passports

The way Covid passports have been embraced in France says a lot about a country that chose ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ as national motto

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Actually, outsiders can read your chat

WhatsApp, with more than 2-billion users, routinely studies ‘end-to-end encrypted’ messages flagged as abusive

CARMEL RICKARD: Lockdown property rental dispute

In deciding a lockdown property rental dispute, the courts have turned to wartime case law

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Bill me by the hour

Independent financial advisers need to do a lot more to earn 1% of their clients’ assets in perpetuity

MARC HASENFUSS: Sea Harvest’s next acquisition

Observers reckoned Sea Harvest had baited the wrong hook. I think the Ladismith acquisition has turned out OK

JAMIE CARR: Bidvest’s stellar show

Despite all the challenges, the group cannot hide its pride in what it calls a stellar performance

EDITORIAL: Ignore the ANC’s whingeing — donor transparency is vital

The bottom line is, as awkward as transparency may be for potential donors, this is a necessary consequence of democracy

SARAH BUITENDACH: The mania of the celebrities

We’ve all had a tough time in lockdown — but just when you thought 2021 was one for the books, some celebs have turned the strange up a notch​

Nick Hudson and PANDA are wrong. Believing them is deadly

Vaccines are working in South Africa. Here’s the proof

JUSTICE MALALA: How Ramaphosa created the Arthur Fraser monster

We all knew that Zuma was going to walk the minute he was taken to the Estcourt prison

NATASHA MARRIAN: Of flies and tigers — and the ANC’s forked tongue

As it turns out, Ramaphosa is not that different from Zuma, placing the needs of the ANC above the integrity of the country and its constitutional order