Ajay, front, and Atul Gupta. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
Ajay, front, and Atul Gupta. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

About a week ago, Cosatu organised a march against state capture and corruption in general. The march was not directed to any particular individual or group.

On Thursday last week, the DA organised another march on the same issue but targeted the Guptas, hence the march to their compound. This shows that the march was nothing but a publicity stunt with an eye on the 2019 election. Marching to someone’s private residence indicates that the DA doesn’t understand state capture, or is deliberately fighting the Guptas to gain public sympathy.

State capture cannot be reduced to one family alone. The state was captured long before the Guptas arrived in SA. If the DA was genuine, it should have taken the matter to the government, not a particular family. The DA come across as bored clowns with nothing to contribute in the fight against state capture.

Tom MhlangaBraamfontein

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