Johann Rupert. Picture: GALLO IMAGES/LOUISE GUBB
Johann Rupert. Picture: GALLO IMAGES/LOUISE GUBB

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Bytes from the digital world

Eskom's request for a R100bn state bailout “could trigger a downgrade by credit ratings agencies”, economists warn.

As if gambling on the weather was not bad enough, guessing the outcome of the ANC's expropriation without compensation policy has sunk SA's farmers into despondency. 

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Matters of debate

Gareth van Onselen draws a parallel between Patricia de Lille's Good party and a Victorian comedy about getting lost in a maze.

“Some people take selfies when they’re feeling insecure or vain. This guy bought an entire media company to do it for him,” Tom Eaton writes about Iqbal Survé.

Finding alpha

The long and the short of the markets

“Someone really needs to look into the affairs of [Survé's] Ayo Technologies, where R4.3bn of the PIC’s money is in the process of being looted while the share price is manipulated on a daily basis,” warns Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka. 

Retailers have found themselves at the mercy of an increasingly difficult economy, with South African consumers taking the brunt of a technical recession, dealing with an increase in the VAT rate and sharp rises in fuel prices. The recent rise in interest rates has not helped.

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The lighter side of the web

A TV interview granted by billionaire Johann Rupert did not receive good reviews.

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Graph of the day

“The value destruction for Dawn shareholders has been far worse than Steinhoff International,” said Opportune Investments CEO Chris Logan.