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Picture: ISTOCK

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The economists' consensus is Tuesday's third-quarter GDP figures will show SA rebounded to 1.9% growth from a recession in the first half of 2018.

The livelihood of SA’s estimated 40,000 estate agents has come increasingly under threat in the past few years, with the entry of a number of digital disrupters challenging the way in which South Africans have traditionally bought and sold property.

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Why did Gwede Mantashe join the delegation that attempted to bully South African banks into breaking international money-laundering regulations on behalf of the Gupta brothers? This was a question Mantashe evaded at the Zondo commission.

"Considering what is at stake — the potential collapse of the whole economy — the government has been rather lax in its approach to Eskom," writes Lukanyo Mnyanda.

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The R7bn impairment of David Jones, the Australian department store chain which Woolworths acquired for R21bn four years ago, may not be enough, deputy chair Hubert Brody said at the AGM on Friday.

Internet and media giant Naspers has a strong pipeline of potential deals and the cash-flush group will take advantage of declining asset prices, says CEO Bob van Dijk.

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“While I am of the view that short-sellers have a role in the market in general, I don’t think a grouping like Viceroy can be categorised as such. Based on what I know now, I find their approach intentionally destructive for own gain and they’re hiding behind anonymity and a page-long disclaimer,” Nepi Rockcastle CEO Alex Morar.