The DA is in a dilemma as it appears it is not sure what it is. Under Mmusi Maimane the party has lost support and direction.

As can be seen in the by-election results, the party’s core constituents appear to have lost faith, hence the loss of seats and support in the seats it managed to hold.

Why has this happened? Probably because Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba promised to sort out the chaotic billing as part of his election promises, which he has failed to do. He also appears far too close to the EFF.

Pretoria is also a DA city where people on the ground feel little has changed.

Former party leader Helen Zille has thrown her hat into the field contesting the post of the party’s federal executive chair. She has clashed over core policy issues too often, in my view, to stand a chance.

I do believe she is wanting to put the party on the right footing again, as she cares. Unfortunately, because of the DA abandoning its core liberal values and choosing the ANC race-based policies to try to attract more of the black vote, I don’t think she will be elected.

Until the party makes up its mind where it stands, and tries to clean up Gauteng (which remains a mess) and find a core of strong leaders, it will continue to haemorrhage support.

Charles Cadman 
Via e-mail