PETER BRUCE: Pandemics: lessons from the past for those who are Left

We isolate, caregivers risk their lives, the rich hoard and the poor suffer. But the rich die too. And we argue like there’s no tomorrow

PETER BRUCE: Can Cyril change the ANC’s tune amid Moody’s blues?

Ramaphosa has to move ahead or get out of the way. Reform has to come or we all crumble, rich and poor, big companies and small

PETER BRUCE: Covid-19: Will SA be locked and loaded?

Ramaphosa looks better by the day. He’s taken bold and early action and it just might work

PETER BRUCE: Bright spots in the Covid-19 gloom

Combating something that isn’t his own party will do Cyril Ramaphosa no end of good

PETER BRUCE: Note to the DA: Business is your business

The DA needs its leaders to have awkward conversations with big business. They shouldn’t be afraid

PETER BRUCE: Expropriation with consultation, but no compensation

What comes out on land needs to be rock solid or nothing Ramaphosa does to the economy will matter anymore

PETER BRUCE: Bring me the head of Gwede Mantashe

He is doing the country and his constituency tremendous harm through obstinate policy positions in mining and in energy

PETER BRUCE: Gwede’s power permission plan is coal comfort for investors

Everything Mantashe utters or does is, in one way or another, about protecting coal or drawing out the decline in its use for as long as possible

PETER BRUCE: Ramaphosa faces his expropriation without compensation Rubicon

In all of the world’s most successful economies, property rights are sacrosanct. The moment a minister or an official or a relative deprives a productive ...

PETER BRUCE: Eskom, throw this idea at the wall and see if it sticks

We have the technology to turn coal slurry into a usable briquette form that will allow us to supply all of Eskom’s coal requirements for about 17 years

PETER BRUCE: Cyril, Gweezy and the politics of power

Why it wasn’t a bad idea to support Cyril, even though the ANC could be described as apartheid’s parting gift to SA

PETER BRUCE: Stage 6 and counting: the Gwede Mantashe factor

Somehow, money and politics are staying Mantashe’s hand. Unless he moves, Mantashe will threaten Ramaphosa more directly than any of his more visible opponents

PETER BRUCE: The writing’s on the wall for Iqbal Survé

Digital news is here to stay but there needs to be more real journalistic competition back in the print market as well

PETER BRUCE: Eskom: the throne behind the power

If the wrong person is appointed as Eskom CEO, Cyril Ramaphosa can kiss stabilising the economy goodbye

PETER BRUCE: Bok power wins; Eskom’s power struggles

If it were up to me I’d get Calitz into Eskom and ask Maseko to fix SAA

PETER BRUCE: The Springboks are no pushover

Erasmus has taken a debilitated and broken team and turned them around