PETER BRUCE: Why Mpho Phalatse should hang in there

After 2024 or 2029, the ANC will be unable to form a government on its own — and that’s where the big test lies for the DA

PETER BRUCE: DA’s elective congress: colour-blind or short-sighted?

The party’s position of ignoring race, and not having a clear economic policy, could prove disastrous

PETER BRUCE: Cyril’s big vision: a huge threat to small business

We’re going to kill old order jobs in the hope that we can grow new, new order ones

PETER BRUCE: Cyril’s Master Plan: Economic conceit in the time of Covid

Many aspects of the economic Master Plan promise little more than a doubling down on old, dog-eared ANC shibboleths

PETER BRUCE: A blot on minister Mkhize’s medical chart

Mkhize looked like the voice of reason during the pandemic, and he works hard. But getting rid of advisers who only told him the truth is a sign of weakness

PETER BRUCE: No, SA will not thrive in a siege economy

There’s no denying that jobs need to be created and that ‘buy local’ is a good thing, but they aren’t going to happen by decree

PETER BRUCE: Reform: has Cyril run out of steam and steel?

The closer you look, the less convincing the reform narrative seems to be. Ramaphosa is surrounded by ministers who have no interest in reform. They’re only ...

PETER BRUCE: Flawed as it is, the DA is still worth saving

Pity that the party will probably continue to appeal to its base by attacking the ANC rather than building a real alternative

PETER BRUCE: The day Ramaphosa finally stopped listening to the merchants of doom

Even so, here’s my advice: if you smoke or drink, get out now, this very day, and buy yourself a three-month supply of everything you need

PETER BRUCE: When SA is on her knees in 2025, remember what promises were made in 2020

Just too much money gets stolen and not enough politicians or officials are held to account for it. The price may turn out to be our sovereignty. At least ...

PETER BRUCE: No place to hide

The president has been caught horribly short by the coronavirus. It has exposed weaknesses his general geniality might have hidden a little longer

PETER BRUCE: Would I back Cyril again under the same circumstances? Yes, I would

Still, I don’t subscribe to the coup theory. I don’t think Ace Magashule is running the ANC and I don’t think the president is a coward

PETER BRUCE: Ramaphosa and his cabinet have lost control of the pandemic inside our borders

It is instructive that the president chose to consult the taxi industry on his Sunday night announcement, but not the liquor industry

PETER BRUCE: Sturdy, reliable and always there when you need them – until you do

SA insurance stalwart Santam has been a shining example of what not to do when you’re in a corner

PETER BRUCE: Please don’t shoot the messenger, Tito

If Mboweni is in the mood to stand against insanity then he has a chance to start when he presents the emergency Covid-19 budget tomorrow