Medupi power station. Picture: MAKWENA MANAMELA
Medupi power station. Picture: MAKWENA MANAMELA

The letter from Ronnie Siphika (“Hitachi Revision Problems”, February 13) refers.

It is difficult to comprehend the implications of the final paragraph: “Due to the fast-tracking of Medupi, decisions were often based on incomplete information, assumptions and personal experience — or rather inexperience.” 

Medupi is a highly technical and complicated project and is subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures during operation. The project managers — Eskom — should be held to account for the multitude of issues, and competent professionals should be brought in to carry out a complete audit on the plant before there is a serious accident.

If experience is not available in this country, then the client should look further afield.

Philip Taylor
Via e-mail