Five premium writers on the state of SA after Ramaphosa’s victory

Carol Paton, Peter Bruce, Barney Mthombothi, Justice Malala and Ranjeni Munusamy examine Ramaphosa’s first moves since winning the ANC presidency in December

E-learning will not erode African knowledge

The technology allows knowledge from and about the West to come to Africa and the continent’s own knowledge to reach much further, writes James Njenga

How ancient maths could help brand-new tech

A recent massive prime number discovery, along with other collaborative computing networks, are advancing the science of cryptography, which is essential to ...

Crying elephants and giggling rats — animals have feelings, too

Studies have shown that sheep are able to recognise the faces of their sheep friends even after being separated for two years

ANDILE NDLOVU: When is an African not an African? When he’s North African

Egyptians‚ similar to Moroccans‚ Libyans and Algerians‚ are indifferent to their identity as Africans

Debt-collectors harass people duped into fake Telkom listing update

Small businesses believed they were being asked to confirm or update existing listings in the white and yellow pages, writes Wendy Knowler

African games deserve some serious attention in new field of game studies

Games’ importance in learning is increasingly being recognised — and African games have an edge on their developed-world counterparts, writes ...

IAN SCOONES: Settling the land question is crucial to Zimbabwe’s progress

Delays in finalising compensation are holding up investment in a sector that is vital to the economy, writes Ian Scoones

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Living like Mad Max on the Cape peninsula

A visit to a surprisingly empty Cape Town brings home the seriousness of the city's water crisis

Constitutional Court says parliament failed to hold Jacob Zuma to account

Jafta said the court made a finding that the failure by the National Assembly to make rules regulating the removal of the president in terms of section 89 of ...

Moyane guns for Jacques Pauw with court action

'Such declaratory orders are imperative in order to give confidence to the public knowing that taxpayer information would not be willy-nilly disclosed by third ...

'Ill-advised and reckless' Zuma will have to pay millions in legal costs

Madonsela said the cost order against Zuma, which could easily run into millions, would make government officials reflect and pause

BusinessLIVE scoops 'Best News Site' in Africa award

As one judge put it: 'This is a beautifully designed website that is a pleasure to use on phone and on desktop'

GRAEME HOSKEN: Inside the great police tender bender

A confidential document sent to top police management by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate shows how, for the past seven years, forensic supply ...

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JONATHAN JANSEN: SA's terrible showing in PIRLS reading study is a national crisis

'We can now state without fear of contradiction that this government's track record on education has been an unmitigated failure'

REVEALED: How Zuma and Myeni tried to rig Eskom board

'Tsotsi told MPs he went to Zuma's Durban home on March 7 2015 where he met Myeni, her son Thalente and Nick Lennell, introduced as a lawyer'

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Read hundreds of leaked Gupta emails for yourself on this database

'At the request of Honorable Acting Chair Z Rantho, PPLAAF has made available a small selection on documents and emails from the Guptaleaks'

SPECIAL REPORT: The inside story of the brothers who bought a country

When two brothers opened a small business, few knew that they would one day own the whole country. This is the remarkable story of how the Guptas took control ...