CHARMAIN NAIDOO: SA will need to hone its listening and speaking skills this election year

How we say it is as important as what we say or even what we mean to say. Tone, the language we choose, our delivery method are key in message delivery

JONATHAN JANSEN: The must-have qualities for a vice-chancellor

A vice-chancellors needs to be an inspiring leader who has the ability to connect with – and command the respect – of diverse people across the institution

Emerson Mnangagwa be warned: newly energised protesters will not melt away

Making petrol more pricey for poor Zimbabweans — the majority of the nation's people — just adds to their hardship and further slows a crippled economy

Why farming guinea pigs is a good option for Africa

High in protein and healthy fats, they are docile, robust and not picky about what they eat — just a few reasons guinea pigs are ideal livestock

JONATHAN JANSEN: The smoke and mirrors behind the annual matric results magic show

The matric examination is all smoke and mirrors when it comes to deep learning in the subject matter

TOM EATON: The day of Mzwanele Manyi’s big announcement has finally arrived

It takes a very special kind of person to send out a teaser consisting of just three sentences, in which you cock up the first and insert no fewer than four ...

TOM EATON: New Year’s resolutions perfectly suited to SA in 2019

Politics is overwhelmingly governed by self-interest and in this county self-interest has convinced many powerful people that theft isn’t a crime

JUSTICE MALALA: Brace yourselves: we’re in for a rocky ride

In the Americas, Brexit-addled Britain, China and Africa, 2019 has begun very badly indeed

TOM EATON: Order the biggest barrel of popcorn for SA’s blockbuster blowout

It’s going to be an epic election year, so steel yourselves for these gems coming to a political theatre near you

PATRICK BULGER: A Buffalo, crocodile and a few red herrings walk onto a golf course…

Ramaphosa has to choose his shots wisely amid a towering rough and darkening skies

JONATHAN JANSEN: Finding each other across divides doesn’t mean losing ourselves

As we approach the elections, our politics is going to become even more conflictual and divisive as the politicians milk our supposed differences for ...

JUSTICE MALALA: How much say will Russia have in SA’s 2019 elections?

It is becoming harder for ordinary folk to differentiate between authentic digital news sources and the fake news generated by influence factories such as ...

TONY LEON: Bigger picture says DA should ditch EFF in metros

Since part of "strengthening Cyril's hand" means also embracing his cozying up to the EFF, this is a point of vulnerability for the DA to exploit

JONATHAN JANSEN: Don’t believe the hype: most graduates do find jobs

Attitude and ambition is as important as a university scroll 

TOM EATON: Thanks, Mkhwebane, for your lovely gift of fingering Zille and Mbalula

The beauty of Mkhwebane’s gift was that it fingered two politicians who are equally adored by their fans and despised by their political opponents

JUSTICE MALALA: Enough talk, it’s time to jail the big state capture players

There are two South Africans who are going to need backbones of steel next year. They are President Cyril Ramaphosa and the National Prosecuting Authority’s ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: Top-notch teacher-training colleges the answer to our education woes

Universities cannot provide the on-the-ground experience that forms the backbone of quality teaching

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: This is why Ramaphosa should back what’s being attempted at the SABC

And if the SABC project does succeed, it could be a blueprint on how to tackle other parastatals in dire situations, writes Barney Mthombothi

TOM EATON: It’s not news Jacob Zuma is terrible with money — sometimes even his own

Can anyone be so inept that they can’t skim a few hundred million off a heist of hundreds of billions?

JUSTICE MALALA: In the war on principle, hypocrites such as Julius Malema are winning

‘Champions of the poor’ Malema and Floyd Shivambu have their palms held out to be the first to take, and take again, from the poor of VBS Mutual Bank and ...


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