RANJENI MUNUSAMY: How Barbara Hogan shone the state capture light on both Zuma and the ANC

Former minister testifies about political pressure to toe the line on SOE appointments

PETER BRUCE: We need to have some patience while Ramaphosa works his plan

We all know that while some heads have rolled there are still hundreds of Zuma appointees lurking all over all tiers of the government

JUSTICE MALALA: Populists, in the US and Africa, do not care for the people, but only for their stomachs

From Tanzania to Zimbabwe, African leaders emulate the US president by ignoring the plight of their own people

TOM EATON: Tanzania is winning at becoming a failed state

Becoming a fully failed state requires more than institutionalised bigotry and the gagging of the free press. It also required the destruction of the economy

How male mosquitoes that shoot blanks hold the key to curbing malaria

The sterile insect technique has been piloted against mosquito vectors of the Zika and yellow fever, but not for malaria control efforts

JONATHAN JANSEN: How leadership and hard work made a humble school shine like the Sun

Balvenie Primary, one of SA’s miracle schools, is not supposed to do well

TONY LEON: Malusi Gigaba shares Donald Trump’s aversion to the truth

The apparently reckless US president has mastered the art of blurting out falsehoods — particularly in the witness box

PETER BRUCE: As Ramaphosa hacks away dead wood, the new guard will have their work cut out for them

With Tom Moyane out at Sars and Shaun Abrahams out at the NPA, the president has to find strong and ethical replacements

Why hipsters are modern-day colonisers

Hipsters are a paradox, appearing progressive while showing strong parallels with the settler-colonialism of earlier centuries

JUSTICE MALALA: Wake up, liberals: this is why Donald Trump and his ilk keep winning

Voters hanker for something different, something the intelligentsia refuses to acknowledge or see

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Malusi Gigaba was the architect of his own demise

The irony is that if Ramaphosa had axed him along with the other Gupta stooges, he might have been spared the excruciating shame of the past week

How business elites helped Jair Bolsonaro into power in Brazil — and why they might regret it

Business’s support for Bolsonaro is risky, as business elites around the world have discovered when they’ve thrown in their lot with other right-wing populists

TOM EATON: Now that a ‘liberated’ Patricia de Lille has left, for realsies, the only way is up

To be fair, donning a red beret and calling for economic collapse in our lifetime wouldn’t be too big a leap for De Lille

JONATHAN JANSEN: The power of a gesture — in Pittsburgh and closer to home

Madiba understood that powerful gestures let our common humanity outshine old enmities — but real change must accompany them

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Cyril Ramaphosa seems to be having the time of his life, pity about the rest of us

Despite crises, Ramaphosa is sitting pretty for next year's polls, but SA is not having as fabulous a time

TOM EATON: Turns out a picture is worth much much less than we thought

Mediclinic’s ‘competition’ offered the grand prize of credit, but not actual credit, like at a casino or a bank. Just your name under the photo

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: SA needs to be handled with care

Our hard-won constitution seeks to unite all the country’s people under the same banner: will our politicians build on the dream of national unity or give it ...

PETER BRUCE: Listen to Tito Mboweni — he is the rod up the presidential back

If the markets are too thick to see what a combination Cyril Ramaphosa and Mboweni might become, my advice is to start betting against them

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: A fearless Tito Mboweni is ready to force SA to face its demons

The finance minister wants to make an impression, even if it means kicking over a few tables in the government and the tripartite alliance

PETER BRUCE: What looks like inaction from Ramaphosa is actually inspired thinking

You may consider Cyril Ramaphosa insipid and weak, but stand back a bit and take stock of what he’s doing


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