Picture: REUTERS
Picture: REUTERS

Aside from the fact that Eskom is a monopoly, the ANC government has nevertheless decimated the utility in much the same way as it has done with the other state entities.Therefore, the restructuring of Eskom should be configured in such a way that the Treasury has a finger on its pulse.

It is also becoming clear as more evidence unfolds daily at the Zondo commission that state-owned enterprises (SOEs) were flagrantly looted by ANC and government officials, whose greed knew no bounds.

As our economy is on its knees, revenue collections will not meet targets set by the SA Revenue Service in the near future. The country is running out of money and therefore trade unions cannot be allowed to have a say in the running or rescue of Eskom.

The government also needs to see that dysfunctional municipalities start performing, and pay their debts. It cannot be business as usual. SOEs are not troughs at which officials can feed at will.

Eskom’s failure is entirely the government’s fault, and the public should not be made to pay for the criminal behaviour that reduced Eskom to a  basket case. It is high time the ANC started prosecuting individuals who  have robbed SA.

Nathan Cheiman