I refer to the Bosasa scandal and your columnist Natasha Marrian’s excellent summary of this group’s shenanigans (Bosasa corruption scandal exposes rot in ANC, January 18). The fact that its endemic corruption is only now being properly probed in public is surprising when one considers that certain journalists documented this group’s corruption years ago, yet nothing was done.

It speaks volumes about the current ANC leader's  sanctimonious assertions that he is “rooting out corruption” when everyone at the department of correctional services in Pretoria knew that Bosasa had a tight grip over virtually every sector of its operations.

For 23 years I visited Pretoria Central Prison every week. I’m not sure when it was I noticed the ubiquity of Bosasa’s bakkies and trucks, but they seemed to occupy permanent parking spots. I noticed much superfluous security construction: paling fences where none was necessary, a plethora of internal security gates and other non-essentials.

But no-one ever repaired the rotting guttering, the leaking roofs or the rickety window panes. Broken flooring was covered with iron sheets, while the chairs in waiting rooms were dangerous to your health. Toilets were plundered and water ran incessantly, all manifestations of the usual ANC government negligence.

Work performed always involved something new where a tender/contract was involved, and everyone in the department, from ordinary guards to prisoners, knew Bosasa was creaming it, as they used to say. 

Then commissioner Tom Moyane and others of his ilk oversaw all of this. If the prisoners and the correctional services staff knew Bosasa was bribing everyone with cash in plastic bags, how come the ANC top structure didn’t put a stop to this wholesale thieving years ago? Or were there too many already on this particular gravy train?

So many years have passed while taxpayers’ money was pillaged by useless civil (sic) servants and now, suddenly, before theelection, President Cyril Ramaphosa is “purging” the country of corruption. You can’t purge the ANC’s DNA — it is endemically rotten, and a leopard never changes his spots.

Gaye Derby-Lewis