Britain in the 1960s was the era of top rock bands, including Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Deep Purple. A decade later and the Labour Party was in power.

Heavily influenced by the socialist trade union movement, Britain fell into an economic crisis in the 1970s. Strikes and mass action were regular occurrences. There is no need to hazard a guess what destroyed Britain’s motor industry.

The Conservative Party then came to power, led by Maggie Thatcher. A major clean-up took place and the rest is history.

SA is suffering the same fate as 1970s Britain — a stagnating economy, high unemployment, strikes, mass action and the destruction of property. SA also has fraud and corruption on a massive scale.

President Cyril Ramaphosa can bleat as much as he likes, but the ANC cannot turn the economy around. Corruption is entrenched in the fabric of the party — his team includes such “greats” as Ace Magashule, David Mabuza, Gwede Mantashe, Malusi Gigaba, Nomvula Mokonyane and Bathabile Dlamini.

We have a costly, bloated cabinet of mainly deadbeats riding the gravy train. Every year there are poor audit outcomes of most government departments. Taxpayers’ money disappears at an alarming rate at state-owned enterprises and ANC “projects”.

The huge government debt requires large, ever increasing interest payments. The best the ANC can come up with is promises that it will stabilise in 2022/23, perhaps.

The only remedy for this sickness is a total clean-out. The British recognised this and dumped the Labour Party. We need to recognise that the ANC is the problem and get rid of them. 

Howard Skeens, Boksburg