RANJENI MUNUSAMY: After the Guptas come the wheelers and dealers

'Many business people are celebrating the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC president, not because they have confidence in his leadership but because they ...

JOHN GI CLARKE: 'The judiciary has granted Ramaphosa ‘war powers’. He needs to use them boldly'

'All judges agreed that Zuma was guilty of gross ‘over-reach’ as head of the executive'

PETER BRUCE: Zuma is panicking as his cover-up time runs out

'Pretending you're not scared of prison is one thing. Knowing, for sure, that you're a central suspect in a massive criminal conspiracy to steal from your own ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: The way is clear for Ramaphosa to take over from Zuma now

'The ANC will discuss the issue of “leadership transition” at a national executive committee meeting on Thursday and Friday‚ several NEC members have confirmed'

TONY LEON: Ramaphosa, Malema and the DA's Mbeki problem

Ramaphosa seems to moving in a crab-like fashion: no full frontal assault on JZ but a commitment – in easing him out the door – that “we should never humiliate ...

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Why Ramaphosa ushers in a new era for the ANC

'It's a break from the past which could have implications for the tone, texture and character of the organisation - and how the country is ultimately governed'

JUSTICE MALALA: Malema's desperation is showing as his Zuma target disappears

'Nothing in this free and open democracy gives the EFF the right to behave as it did on Saturday. Only political desperation warrants their actions'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Ramaphosa's 'friends' are behind him, but for how long?

While they appeared to be happy to play second fiddle to Ramaphosa in the past week's public appearances, it is what they do behind the scenes that matters

TOM EATON: Zuma the educator has taught us we deserve better

For all the damage he has done‚ the president has also taught us about power and what it looks like when it curdles and about how fragile democracy is

South Africans are trying to decode Ramaphosa (and getting it wrong)

The soothsaying, haruspicy and good, old-fashioned guessing by Cyril-ologists are unlikely to unveil the ‘enigmatic’ Ramaphosa, writes David Everatt

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Zuma’s back-pedalling steals Ramaphosa’s thunder

The president’s sudden move to announce a commission of inquiry into state capture showed he is still a wily operator who can outmanoeuvre his opponents

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Ramaphosa has more power than most people credit

‘Too much is being made of the fact that Zuma’s lapdogs have made it onto the NEC and that they’ll do everything in their power to stymie any ...

TOM EATON: Poison and propaganda, with Eden thrown in for good measure

If you believe senior ANC officials‚ a diabolical poisoner is laying waste to the Zuma camp

JUSTICE MALALA: Reasons to be optimistic as Cyril Ramaphosa begins his uphill battle

In all the leadership roles he has taken on‚ Ramaphosa was dealt a lousy hand — and in all these roles he succeeded spectacularly

PETER BRUCE: We need to bring back investigative prosecutors with a real sting

This must become a key metric by which we can measure the success or otherwise of Cyril Ramaphosa as a leader

PETER BRUCE: Careful moves as Zuma's endgame begins

Once he does depart, those court cases swirling around him like the Harry Potter Dementors will suck the life out of him

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: How a Merry Christmas became a Blerrie Christmas

'Who had paid for the trip? Were the Guptas involved, somehow? Had he been captured?  Recaptured? Why Dubai?'

PETER BRUCE: How Cyril can get our broken land fixed

There’s a persistent rumour doing the rounds that the new president of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, intends to try to establish a version of the old ...

STEVEN BOYKEY SIDLEY: If you were Malema ...

'If you were Malema you would be thinking — and for saving your sorry ass, I will tell you what I want. Oh yes, and you are going to give it to me'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: How the new ANC rules strengthen Ramaphosa's hand

A little-known clause in the ANC constitution may prove to be Cyril Ramphosa's saving grace. The new ANC president may have been dealt a bad hand with the ...