TOM EATON: The DAs are headed for divorce — let’s hope they do right by the kids

‘Poor Herman, just trying to tell it like it is, being gagged by those liberal snowflakes’

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Can Cyril Ramaphosa ride the land tiger or will it devour him?

The ANC, ensnared by the EFF, has agreed to change the constitution to allow for private land to be usurped without compensation. The president is lamely going ...

EFF is nursing pricey hangover after its occupation of Port Elizabeth liquor store

The party’s decision to ‘occupy’ a Prestons Liquor Store over claims that the store advertised false promotional prices and abused staff has ...

ONKGOPOTSE JJ TABANE: Don't confuse the ANC's desperate noise with land policy

'This must be one of the most disorganised policy approaches to befall the ruling party since 1994'

PETER BRUCE: Ramaphosa's dangerous game of electoral politics

'Sadly, the result is that investors will ratchet down their view of Ramaphosa's strength and integrity. That will have consequences'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Xolani Gwala's return to the airwaves brings hope and reason

'He is someone who is simply dedicated to his work, does it superbly and cares about the society on which he commentates'

Magnus Malan: Vile, venal enemy of the people

'He used military helicopters and other equipment to go on fishing trips with fellow cabinet minister John Wiley and a mutual business friend, Dave Allen, to ...

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Does Ramaphosa know you can't move forward while bending over backwards?

'He looked like a hostage who's been given a piece of paper to read. His heart was not in it'

Inside the shocking collapse of Julius Malema's favourite country

Julius Malema was so impressed with Venezuela's economic model that he led a delegation of youth to that country in 2010. This is what has happened to that ...

DAVE CHAMBERS: What exactly does Patricia De Lille's 'sorry, not sorry' mean?

Maimane apologised for “a difficult chapter in our history”; De Lille did not. She said she had “cleared her name”

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Ramaphosa's land policy is the ANC's Brexit

'The ANC's big problem is that it does not have a lucid policy on land, just a series of decisions taken at various meetings'

JUSTICE MALALA: The sad truth? Cyril Ramaphosa is terribly afraid of Julius Malema

'On Tuesday Ramaphosa took a leaf out of the terminally incompetent and spectacularly corrupt Jacob Zuma’s book and made a startling late-night announcement'

ZIMASA MATIWANE: This is Ramaphosa's big Zuma predicament

'Should the ANC not change its stance on Zuma, members will continue to defy Luthuli House's orders, creating fertile ground for an all-out revolt'

TONY LEON: So I was in this 'I'm right, you're wrong, go to hell' debate ...

'Time did not permit me to say that I was neither a member of AfriForum, nor cognisant of Mr Wiese's tax affairs'

CYRIL RAMAPHOSA: We are going to amend the constitution on land

Full text of late-night announcement that the ANC is going ahead with constitutional amendments to enable the expropriation of land without compensation

PETER BRUCE: Why Jacob Zuma will still be in court in his 80s

'The state capture trials will start, or be under way, round about December 2022 when the ANC next holds an elective conference'

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Malema's bigotry comes out of the Verwoerd playbook

'His crude racism is an act of desperation which should be rejected with contempt'

JUSTICE MALALA: Qedani Mahlangu - proof that the ANC is rotten to the core

'Their vote for Mahlangu sends a clear message: we will put a party leader far above the needs of the society we live in'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Does anyone understand how Ramaphosa's investment drive works?

'Nobody knows what the real-world effect will be from these impressive-sounding commitments. Do they mean more jobs and if so, are these sustainable?'

HLUMELO BIKO: This is the key to eliminating white privilege

'Scaling up existing SMEs in the informal sector should be one of the key economic interventions of President Cyril Ramaphosa's new administration'

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