BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Make-or-break year for SA politics

An election year, we hope, will answer some of our most burning questions: will expropriation without compensation deal the fatal blow to our economy, and will ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Electioneering 2019 to focus on people’s faith as drawcard

The pull of new political parties rooted in evangelical and messianic churches with huge followings should not be underestimated, writes Ranjeni Munusami

JUSTICE MALALA: Mzwanele Manyi so often gets it wrong but he is on the money about the ANC

The governing party is exhausted — and it now has a seemingly unsolvable conundrum and contradiction at its very core

A referendum on land reform in SA? Brexit suggests not

We need to look no further than Brexit for an example of where a referendum has been arrogantly and thoughtlessly entered into with alarming consequences

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Come on SA, let’s start thinking about how we can really change the country

For SA to emerge from its weak economic state and worsening social conditions requires that we break our heavy reliance on political leadership

MOST READ STORY IN 2018: Leaked voice recordings expose campaign to remove Ramaphosa

'That NEC of the ANC is rotten. Those are not ANC leaders. They are agents of [Johann Rupert] and Oppenheimer'

TONY LEON: From the ‘idle bantu’ to the new dawn of the ‘lackadaisical white’

The Zuma administration targeted, among others, ‘clever blacks’. The successor regime now has it in for lazy whites, writes Tony Leon

Trump’s Africa strategy should cast China as a regional partner, not a global adversary

Donald Trump doesn’t care for Africa so much as he cares about countering and controlling China, writes John J Stremlau

TOM EATON: Who do kingmakers serve? Ultimately, only themselves

A kingmaker is not a ‘democracy-maker’, ‘consensus-finder’, ‘poverty-ender’ or ‘job-creator’. 

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Julius Malema has taken over leadership of Jacob Zuma’s looting brigands

Pravin Gordhan — diligent, upstanding competent and incorruptible, a rare breed in this era of instant gratification — is being let down by his side

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Julius Malema has the makings of a leader willing to put his people through hell

Blogs and WhatsApp groups are used to heighten disinformation and swing public sentiment against the Zondo commission, anti-corruption campaigners and ...

TOM EATON: How the ANCWL keeps Bathabile Dlamini employed

I’m talking about the ANCWL of the 2000s; that mindless, groaning golem animated by patriarchy and patronage

TONY LEON: Can Patricia de Lille reinvent herself yet again?

Patricia de Lille, whether deliberately or otherwise, will create the possibility of handing the Western Cape over to the ANC

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Why Ramaphosa should step in and lead when MPs behave like thugs

It’s simply mind-boggling that parliament doesn’t seem to give some people cause to pause or restrain themselves

Voters are moving beyond party loyalty — they want delivery

New research shows major shifts in voters’ priorities — and governance is becoming a key concern, writes Leila Patel

ROGER SOUTHALL: ANC will go to the polls with just one major asset — Cyril Ramaphosa

Much to the chagrin of the Zuma faction, the party is going to have to build its election campaign around Ramaphosa

TOM EATON: Who can keep up with fickle Vavi’s latest strongly held belief?

Zwelinzima Vavi is a man of strong political convictions, or at least he will be if any of the people he helped into power ever get convicted

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Whispers about Pravin Gordhan running the show should be addressed

There are mutterings among some people in the ANC and the tripartite alliance that Pravin Gordhan is going ‘too far’ with the SOE spring clean

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Julius Malema and the media's tortured narrative

'It is no secret that many people are fearful of Malema and his tirades at public events, media briefings and on Twitter. Some journalists self-censor'

MMUSI MAIMANE: We need to find our way again

'The biggest division in our society is between those on the inside - people with jobs, good education and access to opportunity - and the millions still ...


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