ANC 'vote rigging' plan for December conference exposed

Councillor testifies that 4000 fake ANC cards with official stamps linked to the ANC Youth League were uncovered in Zuma's heartland

Zuma and seven ministers on UN speech junket

Zuma's first order of business on Monday will be taking part in a high-level discussion on sexual exploitation

JUSTICE MALALA: The long silent shame of Shaun Abrahams

'This quisling is sitting on his hands, doing nothing, and bringing shame to our young democracy and its institutions'

PRAVIN GORDHAN: Nice try, KPMG, but you need to admit your role in state capture

'KPMG has been found to be wanting. This is exacerbated by their collaboration with the Gupta family'

Under siege: The biggest prize of all, the R1.8 trillion pension piggy bank

'All told‚ the PIC shepherds R1.8-trillion, which is about R400-billion more than the combined war chests of the top 50 companies in this country'

KZN ANC leadership may be disbanded as national leaders jet in

'We understand that they might disband the provincial structure and install a provincial task team'

As KZN ANC goes rogue, December conference may be threatened

At the 2015 conference‚ Zikalala defeated former chair Senzo Mchunu for the top position. Mchunu has come out strongly backing Ramaphosa‚ while Zikalala backs ...

REVEALED — Dlamini-Zuma's list for ANC leadership

Loyal premier league bosses and youth league officials dominate choices for key positions

Bitter Zuma says he is fighting Biko's struggle

Biko was hated and killed but 'we are still hated with words'

Cosatu plans national strike against state capture

'This perilous situation must be addressed forthwith by mobilising against this predatory elite'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: The strange tale of the wily Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

'In 2007‚ ahead of the ANC’s Polokwane conference‚ Dlamini-Zuma was playing both sides of the factional war'

JUSTICE MALALA: Five ways South Africa's founding values have been betrayed

'Last week we celebrated the implosion of Bell Pottinger in the UK. Yet, here at home, thepeople who briefed them and paid them to manufacture lies and hate ...

ANC will choose between 'life and death' in December, says Mantashe

'The choice that the ANC has in December is a choice between life and death. It's a choice between prosperity and disaster'

Honourable Malema now has an Honours degree

'Let me make special mention of Julius Malema‚ the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters. He is also a member of parliament. He is receiving an honours ...

Ramaphosa to address 'a matter which has embroiled me' this week

'I thought I should do something unprecedented and start off by addressing a matter which has embroiled me‚ matters that affect my personal life'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Jacob Zuma, political Houdini

'The president rides the ebb and flow of public outrage knowing that over time people will move on'

TONY LEON: Hacked emails? Cyber dirty tricks? Security deals with Russia? Join the dots ...

Our security services and minister are fast friends with their Russian counterparts. Just on Monday the two countries signed a co-operation agreement on "cyber ...

Ramaphosa calmly sells US$1 million of cattle, buffalo as controversy swirls

Cyril Ramaphosa sat calmly next to his wife as an auctioneer sold more than $1 million of his rare Ugandan cattle, buffaloes and antelope

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Did Ramaphosa panic under pressure?

A series of missteps over the weekend led to an even bigger story and the impression there was something to hide

DANIEL SILKE: Why smear campaigns fail in South African politics

'And from within the ANC, buffeted by all sorts of larger-than-life sets of intrigue and Game of Thrones-style machinations, allegations of extra-marital ...