NJABULO NDEBELE: It's time for a second revolution against the government of thieves

'The government that was elected to act according to, support and promote law, order, and constitutional rule, has abdicated that responsibility. It has itself ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Don't laugh, the forces of darkness are closing in

'The "fire-pool" pales into insignificance when you consider that Jacob Zuma might simultaneously have been our president and a glorified security guard'

PETER BRUCE: Gigaba has a shot at redemption. Will he take it?

'Gigaba’s burden is not merely the local economy. It is also his own reputation, which hangs by a thread and which only he can repair'

CYRIL RAMAPHOSA: How I plan to fix SA's economy

'We must be bold and determined. We should be targeting 3 percent GDP growth in 2018 – that is next year – rising to 5 percent growth by 2023'

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Ramaphosa has risen above the swamp with a clean slate

'That some of us would prefer Mabuza over Pandor to be the country's potential deputy president speaks volumes about the society we've become - a corrupt and ...

Zuma says commission will investigate why he is target of state capture allegations

'You have [the] kind of stories that at times are repeated and repeated [and] they look like they are true. Why? I am going to establish a judicial commission ...

JUSTICE MALALA: How Zuma is deepening state capture despite shocking revelations

'Zuma and his cronies know that, despite everything we know, nothing will happen to them. Every single institution that can do something to deal with them has ...

TOM EATON: How will it be funded? By unicorn and mermaid, of course

There were punch-lines galore‚ but perhaps none funnier than when Malema suggested that his fantasy state-owned bank would be run by “qualified professionals ...

DANIEL SILKE: The 'silver bullet' to solve our problems is a long way off

'Without clean governance, few will invest and the country will drift further down the ladder of global competitiveness'

PETER BRUCE: The Gupta playground will become their prison

'Anyone named in a Red Notice faces arrest upon entry into the territory of any Interpol member'

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: That old flag is the nation's most pressing issue? Really?

'Freedom's other tough centre is tolerance. Without tolerance, freedom becomes nothing but a dictatorship by whoever happens to wield power'

BREAKING ANALYSIS: Why Ramaphosa chose Pandor as his running mate

'At this crucial point in the leadership race‚ the announcement of key positions on the slate has to be strategic – to seal the deal and blow the other ...

KILCULLEN and MILLS: What happens when you follow the money

'In an age of instant digital transactions, algorithms and apparently ubiquitous monitoring what is the history of recent international financial tracking ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Has someone explained the economy to Zuma?

'In Zuma's universe, you can probably cheat your cholesterol test by sucking in your tummy'

JUSTICE MALALA: Now Zuma and his cronies want to crush those who speak out

'The Zuma culture has spread to large chunks of the ANC, its leagues and indeed the state machinery. The man has not just stolen the party of Oliver Tambo. He ...

TONY LEON: The dumbing down of the SA university

'If the rate of internal disintegration exceeds the rate of external integration, a family, a company or a country will self-destruct'

TONY LEON: The Mbeki presidency looks like a golden age thanks to Zuma

'Given what was to follow, the Mbeki era now looks like a golden age of fiscal rectitude and state competence'

PETER BRUCE: In the twilight gloom, the outline of an uncertain future

'His relentless calculation is at what point he falls over. His calculation is about when his own party irreversibly turns on him'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Black Monday and what's wrong with the white right

'Under the pretext of protesting against farm murders‚ those who preserved the apartheid flag for 23 years‚ and taught their children to sing Die Stem as the ...

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Zuma's ministers are in a deep hole and still digging

'If the primary responsibility of a government is to protect its people, President Jacob Zuma's administration has hopelessly failed to carry it out'