ANA MONTEIRO: Land expropriation - Massive risks, modest rewards

'If we get land reform right, we make a couple of thousand people rich and we can have some impact on the livelihoods of others. If we get it wrong, we lose ...

7 hours ago
BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Crime shows we have the world's most useless government

'The word "crime" does not even begin to describe the scary phenomenon gripping this country'

8 hours ago
RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Gwede Mantashe and other ANC bigwigs grilled Standard Bank over closing Gupta accounts

'Two of its current top officials as well as three serving members of the national executive committee (NEC) have been incriminated in trying to bully a major ...

9 hours ago
JUSTICE MALALA: Why dictators and despots rejoice at Zuma and Trump

'The ICC will most likely now weaken and die. The poor and powerless, the weak and defenceless, will have no one to turn to. The bad guys are winning'

RANJENI MUNSUSAMY: Major banks to testify as Zondo commission chases the Gupta money

'To track the flow of funds, the extensive Gupta ecosystem that spans SA, Dubai, India, the US, Hong Kong and Singapore needs to be mapped out'

KARYN MAUGHAN: Zuma 'not scared' to testify to state capture commission

'He’s not running away and he is not scared to come. He’s willing to come to testify'

JULIUS MALEMA: We will take the land by force if necessary

'After all these consultations, one thing is clear: to retreat and betray our people on the demand for land expropriation will be to risk a direct revolution'

SIBONGAKONKE SHOBA: Honour Buthelezi if you must, but he was no hero of the struggle

'We later learnt that our attackers had been bristling for action after being addressed by IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi at a rally in Durban'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Charged fees must fall students must atone so we can move on

'Society is being asked to view these violent actions as noble, the work of freedom fighters akin to the great Nelson Mandela'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Ace Magashule is the leopard that can't change its spots

'Did the ANC really believe that, after being a facilitator of the Gupta looting spree, Magashule would suddenly change sides in the glow of the New Dawn'

PETER BRUCE: The damage to the ANC is just too deep to fix

'No-one who had any experience of the ANC in exile would be the least surprised about the mess it has made of the economy'

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Ramaphosa must tell the Zondo commission what he knew and when he knew it

'The ANC this week tried to heap all blame for the recession and everything else on Zuma. But for all his sins, Zuma was no autocrat. He didn't seize power by ...

KARYN MAUGHAN: Why this court case against Pravin Gordhan has massive implications

Seth Radebe argued that Gordhan’s decision to axe him from the board, after he’d been in his position for just four months, was irrational, illegal and defined ...

JUSTICE MALALA: Looters are taking us down the path of Venezuela and Somalia

'South Africans who attack foreigners need to realise just how interconnected the world is. We are a heartbeat away from being a Venezuela, a Somalia or a ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Was what Zuma did state capture or high treason?

'The Zondo commission could soon be faced with evidence that what occurred was not just state capture but high treason'

ONKGOPOTSE JJ TABANE: We are finally plumbing the depths of government's corruption depravity

'It is hard to find a minister or MEC who does not have a proxy somewhere helping them to steal'

PETER BRUCE: Mmusi Maimane is a decent man who must soon make a big decision

'There's a DA federal executive meeting in October, when the question has to be decided'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Gwede Mantashe should stop moaning and start testifying

'Mantashe told EWN that “the whole story is actually a fake” in response to Mentor’s claim that she informed him and his deputy about the alleged offer by the ...

CAIPHUS KGOSANA: Why the EFF is happy with Herman Mashaba as Joburg mayor

'Mashaba dances to their tune. When the EFF demanded the insourcing of security guards and other workers, Mashaba implemented this almost immediately'

KARYN MAUGHAN: Evidence against Zuma mounts, but he is staying out of the commission fray

'Zuma – who was Monday accused of “protecting” a delinquent cabinet minister accused of wanting to “steal at all costs” – has never responded under oath to the ...

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