BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Why Ramaphosa should step in and lead when MPs behave like thugs

It’s simply mind-boggling that parliament doesn’t seem to give some people cause to pause or restrain themselves

Voters are moving beyond party loyalty — they want delivery

New research shows major shifts in voters’ priorities — and governance is becoming a key concern, writes Leila Patel

ROGER SOUTHALL: ANC will go to the polls with just one major asset — Cyril Ramaphosa

Much to the chagrin of the Zuma faction, the party is going to have to build its election campaign around Ramaphosa

TOM EATON: Who can keep up with fickle Vavi’s latest strongly held belief?

Zwelinzima Vavi is a man of strong political convictions, or at least he will be if any of the people he helped into power ever get convicted

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Whispers about Pravin Gordhan running the show should be addressed

There are mutterings among some people in the ANC and the tripartite alliance that Pravin Gordhan is going ‘too far’ with the SOE spring clean

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Julius Malema and the media's tortured narrative

'It is no secret that many people are fearful of Malema and his tirades at public events, media briefings and on Twitter. Some journalists self-censor'

MMUSI MAIMANE: We need to find our way again

'The biggest division in our society is between those on the inside - people with jobs, good education and access to opportunity - and the millions still ...

PETER BRUCE: Julius Malema and the wavering whites

'We hang out in bars, are bewildered by almost anyone under 40, can't finish articles about replacing gross domestic product as a measure of growth and we ...

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Hostage to the ANC's fortunes, Ramaphosa dithers

'It's not so much that the country's problems are difficult to solve. It is the dynamics within the ANC that seem to militate against sensible solutions'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Can Malema still dictate the national agenda after VBS?

'Malema tweeted this week that his members should remain vigilant and focused as "the enemy is attacking". Who would that be exactly?'

JUSTICE MALALA: Ramaphosa, Saudi Arabia and human rights

'Cyril Ramaphosa, announced that Saudi Arabia will invest at least $10bn in SA, mostly in the energy sector, including building oil refineries'

BUSANI NGCAWENI: We need more responsive policy to sort out the mess

'Policymakers need to recognise the dehumanising conditions of citizens and take proactive steps to change these'

ONKGOPOTSE JJ TABANE: Thabo Mbeki's necessary provocation exposes the ANC on land

'It is fascinating that President Cyril Ramaphosa seems to be very much alive to the possible chasm that may be an unintended consequence of the wild and ...

TONY LEON: Can our finance minister come up with a credible reform plan?

'Neither Nene nor his credible successor has such fires to light under the embers of our weak economy'

PETER BRUCE: The talk-shop nation can't see the obvious solutions

'At our core, economically, we are a nation, black or white, of miners and farmers'

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: We're heading for a cliff unless we reinvent our failing politics

'The president wields excessive power and that obviously needs to change. But shouldn't such a powerful person face some sort of job interview?'

JUSTICE MALALA: Are we about to see Ramaphosa's feet of clay?

'He has claimed that he did not know the extent of the rot. When the signs were so obvious?'

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: A minister cried when Nhlanhla Nene blocked the nuclear deal. Could he have done more?

'What Nene did not mention in his testimony to the Zondo commission was that Joemat-Pettersson was crying in frustration at his refusal to co-sign the letter'

PETER APPS: Theresa May's roller coaster Brexit endgame

'This week, May and her party appear to be moving towards a much harder break, perhaps no deal at all'

PETER BRUCE: SA so polarised that it's tearing at the seams

'The place is so polarised that you have to agree with people 100%, 100% of the time otherwise you're the enemy'


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