TOM EATON: Ag, please Deddy, we wanna see a flick about AfriForum’s apartheid deniers

Once you’ve seen that bit with the B-grade Tomi Lahren talking about Hendrik Verwoerd as a ‘philosopher’, the rest surely pales into insignificance. And where ...

PETER BRUCE: The DA should take note that the give-and-take of politics can lead to some cringey hook-ups

The bloody DA leadership outright refuses to consider any coalition or ‘arrangement’ with the ANC ‘as it is currently constituted’. That is to say, until it ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: In an election year, all’s fair in love and information war

No matter how Fikile Mbalula tries to legitimise it, the creation of a troll farm that runs political commentary and manufactures public discourse is ...

TOM EATON: How David Mabuza had to wing it like a grade 7 doing an unprepared Afrikaans book review

The deputy president stood up (thanks to the miracle of Russian medicine) in front of parliament (thanks to the miracle of sheltered employment) and told the ...

PETER BRUCE: The DA’s infuriating coalition conundrum

I still want to know from the DA that it is not going to hand Cyril Ramaphosa over to the EFF if he needs partners or merely support in the national or ...

TOM EATON: The ANC all-nighter that ended with just one spokesperson still standing

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dakota Legoete as he explains why nobody has gone to jail, and downplays the next Gupta leak or Bosasa revelation or Eskom ...

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Much of Tito Mboweni’s power lies in his willingness to say what others cannot

The finance minister, who can be irascible at times and doesn’t mind the odd scrap, will hopefully help to puncture the grandstanding

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: In Tito Mboweni, SA has finance chief willing to ask tough questions to get things done

It is a good thing, therefore, that the finance minister is a maverick and can withstand the political heat

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Ramaphosa would do well to show SA that he feels our pain and anger too

A leader should always have it in the locker. The ideal is  for one to be true to one’s self, to be genuine with feelings that come straight from the heart

JUSTICE MALALA: The ANC’s allies still put their selfish demands ahead of the future of SA

The ANC cannot make a decision and implement it without the trade unions and the hapless SACP, forcing it to not implement the measures needed to turn the ...

SA diplomacy on Zimbabwe can walk softly, but it should carry a big stick

There is a widespread sense that Pretoria’s policy towards its errant neighbour has always been one of light wrist-tapping rather than a vigorous twisting of ...

How the ANC’s election results could affect the prosecution of state capture culprits

The fact that the commission has implicated and damaged the ruling party is a true testament to the strength of SA’s democracy, its constitution and rule of law

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Make-or-break year for SA politics

An election year, we hope, will answer some of our most burning questions: will expropriation without compensation deal the fatal blow to our economy, and will ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Electioneering 2019 to focus on people’s faith as drawcard

The pull of new political parties rooted in evangelical and messianic churches with huge followings should not be underestimated, writes Ranjeni Munusami

JUSTICE MALALA: Mzwanele Manyi so often gets it wrong but he is on the money about the ANC

The governing party is exhausted — and it now has a seemingly unsolvable conundrum and contradiction at its very core

A referendum on land reform in SA? Brexit suggests not

We need to look no further than Brexit for an example of where a referendum has been arrogantly and thoughtlessly entered into with alarming consequences

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Come on SA, let’s start thinking about how we can really change the country

For SA to emerge from its weak economic state and worsening social conditions requires that we break our heavy reliance on political leadership

MOST READ STORY IN 2018: Leaked voice recordings expose campaign to remove Ramaphosa

'That NEC of the ANC is rotten. Those are not ANC leaders. They are agents of [Johann Rupert] and Oppenheimer'

TONY LEON: From the ‘idle bantu’ to the new dawn of the ‘lackadaisical white’

The Zuma administration targeted, among others, ‘clever blacks’. The successor regime now has it in for lazy whites, writes Tony Leon

Trump’s Africa strategy should cast China as a regional partner, not a global adversary

Donald Trump doesn’t care for Africa so much as he cares about countering and controlling China, writes John J Stremlau

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