How South Africa is being stolen - Read the shocking report

'While corruption is widespread at all levels and is undermining development, state capture is a far greater, systemic threat'

45 minutes ago
Two heavy by-election defeats in two provinces 'serious indictment' on ANC

Political analyst Protas Madlala said the ANC’s humiliating defeat was a "serious indictment that should get the party worried"

Zuma faces moment of truth this weekend as ANC dithers over his future

Zuma goes into the meeting of the committee facing an unprecedented level of opposition from within the African National Congress and its labor and communist ...

ANC gets by-election beating in Zuma heartland

IFP said to have won 14 out of 17 wards in Nquthu contest in northern KwaZulu-Natal despite high-profile campaign by top ANC leaders

Why today's Nquthu by-election really matters

For 10 months and after six attempts‚ Nquthu failed to sit and elect its office bearers

The day Eskom felt the heat from backbencher Pravin Gordhan

'I don’t know if the board is living in a sort of oblivion but the public is connecting the dots'

Pravin Gordhan, MP, grills Eskom bosses in Parliament

'They are aware you are abusing state property and resources in the name of yourself and not the public'

Dlamini-Zuma lays out 'radical economic transformation' vision for whole of Africa

'We cannot have a rich Africa with poor people. Developed countries elsewhere used what is ours to be what they are'

Zuma thinks executive power is absolute. This is why he is wrong

'In a constitutional democracy, a concomitant of executive authority is accountability – a function of rationality. In other words, the president’s executive ...

JUSTICE MALALA: Zuma has reshaped our political landscape, perhaps for the better

'The tide is turning. The Zuma bet that South Africans will sit and watch while their country is stolen is falling apart. New movements are being born'

Ramaphosa calls for commission of inquiry into state capture 'before the 2019 election'

'We need to find the truth and clear it up through an independent judicial commission. It is about time that we put it to rest'

Nzimande spits fire at 'perverse' return of 'Prince Molefe'

'We have nothing against Brian personally. We are against wrong things'

Ramaphosa vs Dlamini-Zuma: the state of play in a graphic

What is the state of play? Who is winning? Where do the votes come from? All your questions answered

EFF to protest against bail for two Coligny accused

Doorewaard and Schutte were each granted bail of R5‚000 earlier this month‚ triggering renewed anger among black Coligny residents

CARIN RUNCIMAN: The real reason South Africa's streets are on fire

'In South Africa the crisis represents the forcible exclusion of many black working class households from democratic institutions, largely because of their ...

'Arrest them all!' says Zuma's son in outburst over the Guptas

In an often bewildering interview on Power FM‚ Edward Zuma said he believed the Gupta family should be deported and appeared to suggest that his father should ...

Minister redefined meaning of 'truth' in answer to parliament on Gupta coal grab

Trillian companies invoiced Eskom for a total of about R419 million between April and mid-December last year

It's ANC against Zuma as Brian Molefe scandal grows

'Politically and ethically the reinstatement stinks to high heaven'

TONY LEON: A tale of two seriously damaged presidents. One of them is ours

'The return of Molefe to Eskom and the ridiculous reasons offered for it makes even Trump’s explanation for firing James Comey seem plausible'

Jonas warns ANC: 'We are losing credibility day by day'

'Policy positions are seen as proxies for factions‚ which themselves are cast as representatives of competing elites. No wonder we are losing credibility day ...