Edna Molewa. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
Edna Molewa. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa’s opinion piece refers (Radical economic transformation the only way to halt monopoly grip on the economy, September 29). This incorrect view and twisted rhetoric highlight government’s lamentable failure (perhaps deliberate?) to understand how and why a successful economy works.

It is typical of the hostile and antagonistic attitude exhibited for many years. If instead enterprise had been encouraged, for example by making tax relief readily available to anyone investing in small business, we would all be better off today.

The current situation of KPMG is educational. Because it is a competitor in the marketplace, its failings might well cause its downfall. The government, however, has few competitors. With the exception of a few fields such as education, security and health, it is the one with a "monopoly grip".

The people of South Africa are, thus, compelled to endure its failings, despite knowing that the country is on the road to disaster.

Kevin GillParkmore

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