Fikile Mbalula. Picture: SOWETAN
Fikile Mbalula. Picture: SOWETAN

ANC elections head Fikile Mbalula and former president Jacob Zuma traded blows on Twitter at  the weekend after Zuma unexpectedly addressed an ANC event on Limpopo on Saturday. 

Zuma, who was unseated as president of the country by the ANC a year before his term of office ended, is playing a controversial role in the party, criticising ANC decisions. His supporters have also formed splinter parties opposed to the ANC. 

It all started   when Zuma tweeted photographs of the Kgoši Mampuru II annual commemoration day at the Sekwati sports ground in Mamone in Limpopo on Saturday.

Mbalula wanted to know if it was the right thing for Zuma to go around addressing events. He said that the event should have been addressed by a sitting president. 

After his tweet generated a lively response, Mbalula replied: 

“The main problem with some of you‚ you have turned into psycophants [sic] we always ask questions to all our leaders if they step out of line we respectfully remind them about ANC conventions and protocols.”

Zuma responded by saying that he would not discuss ANC policy with Mbalula on social media.

“This would lead to a conversation between you and I‚ either you educating me on ANC policy or vice versa‚” Zuma said.‏

“Facing the elections as we are‚ I suggest we avoid these kind of conversations on such platforms. I am very keen to give you an explanation on this matter‚ away from social media should you be interested.” 

Mbalula replied: “Asking a question does not mean I despise the former president. It’s just a question. Of course he is not debarred from attending or addressing such events.”