PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Lewis's distinctive depth of field

Mark Lewis ghosts through the streets of inner-city Joburg with his camera, often catching people off guard, between heartbeats, between coughing and choking, ...

THEATRE: The bard in the park

Theatre, ballet and classical music

JUSTICE MALALA: No excuse for bad service

A president who takes no responsibility for his actions and a waiter who declines to serve his customers both encourage a parting of the ways

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: When cars were the latest thing

The first SA motorists had to import their own petrol, and some drivers were able to choose vehicles that could easily be fixed by the village blacksmith

Festive fun: Getting ready to party

A wide range of events and entertainment is offered around the country

Yswara Tea Room: a new leaf for Africa

Yswara hopes to one day represent the continent in the world’s top 100 tea brands — and to take small producers along on its journey to success

RESTAURANTS: Hey, good looking!

The Financial Mail rates these restaurants for their visuals, interiors and people-watching potential

Novelist Jennifer Egan does it again

Prizewinner’s latest work is a must-read

Fresh, floral, flavourful: behind Chantel Dartnall's Restaurant Mosaic

Love of nature and passion for food combine in this prize-winning chef’s work

THEATRE: Thinking out the box, in boxes

Storyteller gives an age-old form of entertainment a fresh application