I have been flying between Johannesburg and Cape Town once or twice a month for the past 12 months. After an initial start using Comair and enduring many late departures, SAA was recommended by fellow travellers.

From the initial SAA flight, I have been pleasantly surprised by the timeliness (and in some cases early departures), the very good cabin service and the good food.

My most recent flight was last week, and while all the talk was about the survival of the airline and whether salaries would be paid, the attitude from the cabin crew was unbelievably positive and friendly — unchanged from what I have experienced throughout the year despite the huge cloud hanging over these individuals.

SAA has very serious problems, but as a regular traveller it is clear to me that one of those is not the flight or cabin crews. I think they deserve a huge pat on the back.

Oscar Smith
Via e-mail

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