Secretary general of the ANC, Ace Magashule. Picture: ALAISTER RUSSELL/THE SUNDAY TIMES
Secretary general of the ANC, Ace Magashule. Picture: ALAISTER RUSSELL/THE SUNDAY TIMES

Peter Bruce’s Pollyanna piece, “For the Sake of the Country, Stand With the ANC’s Principled People” (April 11), begs a response.

After months of sycophantic cheerleading for Cyril Ramaphosa, Bruce was at least finally forced to concede that Ramaphosa was weak, complicit, dithered and stood by as the country was looted. Despite this, he now doubles down and says SA must turn a blind eye to this as Ramaphosa was merely “playing the long game”.

The Bruce doctrine is littered with flaws bigger than a Bosasa bribe. How can South Africans vote for a party and president who, as even Bruce admits, stood idly by observing the worst excesses of the Zuma years? Trillions were wiped out from our economy through state capture, Nkandla and the Guptas. Our state-owned entities were reduced to ATMs for politically connected elites yet Ramaphosa simply looked the other way. Our GDP slid as power blackouts, poor policies and government regulations attacked our fragile economy, yet Ramaphosa looked the other way.

Bruce’s other argument that Ramaphosa is now in charge of his party is completely out of tune with reality. It shows how little he knows. For those who may not yet have woken to the reality, here is the truth Bruce is not telling you: Ramaphosa may be in office, but he is certainly not in power. ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule is in charge of the faction that carries the majority of power in the party and on the ANC lists.

The ANC’s parliamentary list is full to the brim with the rogues who were the architects and implementers of state capture. The vote on the ballot is not for a person, but for a party — that is an indisputable fact of our political system. Voting to give the ANC a bigger majority would be the very antithesis of democratic accountability. 

John Steenhuisen
DA parliamentary chief whip