SA-born chiropractor sells telemedicine firm for $500m

A personal tragedy led SA-born chiropractor Clint Phillips to found telemedicine firm 2nd.MD in 2010. Last month, he sold it for almost $500m

Pandemic punctures Africa’s prospects

The economic and financial market shocks unleashed by Covid-19 have worsened an already declining investment landscape in Africa. But there are various ...

CHRIS ROPER: Dictator’s face-off

Facebook’s actions met with general approval when it blocked Ugandan government propaganda masquerading as news. When it limited the sharing of actual news ...

DAVID FURLONGER: End of the road for Nissan’s Hardbody

10 years in the making - the longest gestation period of a new vehicle this century – the local Navara is set to be launched in June

The big jobs bounce-back: 2-million jobs return — but will they stay?

More than 2-million South Africans found work between June and October 2020, according to the latest round of data from the Nids-Cram survey. But hunger — and ...

Sona: What Ramaphosa didn’t say

Cyril Ramaphosa’s update on government progress was largely unconvincing, despite movement on energy reform and the extension of income support

Covid-19 and organised crime: counterfeit cures

As Covid-19 vaccine distribution ramps up around the world, Africa’s ports and free trade zones could be vulnerable to exploitation by organised crime

ANC NEC: Staying in step

ANC members’ reluctance to implement the step-aside rule stems from the fear that it will be used against them in future. It’s a concern that cuts across the ...

CHRIS ROPER: Skeletal remains of SA’s media houses

SA’s media houses are looking increasingly gaunt as readers shun dead-tree publications in favour of digital. But their demise would be bad news for society at ...

Child hunger: Keeping the wolf from the door

Despite a bounce-back in jobs, child hunger in SA has persisted. Grants are a huge help, but SA also needs a healthy economy to be able to address this problem

Keeping schools open: Covid lessons learnt

The latest evidence suggests that keeping schools open is crucial for social equity

Covid fatigue? Time to pull together

Faced with concerns about Covid fatigue in 2021, the government needs to improve its communication

Women granted no quarter in Covid crisis

Women have been hit harder by the Covid-19 crisis, but are less likely than men to receive unemployment benefits

Early childhood development sector rides out the waves

SA’s early childhood development sector has staged a recovery — but it’s not yet back to its pre-Covid levels. A longer-term strategy for the sector is crucial

Tobacco sales: smoked out

SA’s tobacco sales ban has reduced smoking prevalence in the country — but it has also probably fired up the illicit market

EXCLUSIVE: Hyundai bounces back in SA after lockdown, even as it shuns electric cars

The bad news: There are no plans for electric vehicles, or bakkies – or what South Africans believe bakkies should be