Churches step into the fray

In an unprecedented move in democratic SA, church leaders have tackled the ANC with the report of their unburdening panel. The question is, are they preaching ...

Advertising account pitch fee wars

Ad industry says Telkom has asked too many agencies to bid for its prestigious account — a costly business which it refuses to pay fees for and wants too ...

Mathews Phosa is ready for his moment

He’s making all the right noises, but without concrete backing, Mathews Phosa might find himself in the same place he did in 1997 and 2012 — out in the cold

Cape of good homes, and soaring prices

Cape Town’s house prices make it difficult for middle-income buyers and buy-to-let investors to find a decent abode for less than R3m

Fresh opportunity in Nigeria

Nigeria’s economy is expected to recover from the 2016 recession, but a meaningful improvement in the lives of its citizens will depend on drastic action by a ...

A tide of blood money changing economies and balance of power in West Africa

Income from smuggling drugs and people into Europe is changing economies and the balance of power in West Africa. A UN agency says the region is in danger of ...

Controversial workstreams streaming ahead at Sassa

The controversial workstreams are still active at Sassa offices and it is unclear whether they, or the agency itself, will present to the constitutional court ...

Zille’s plan for SA: How Singapore took its population out of poverty in a single generation

Western Cape premier says the road to inclusive growth includes intelligent investment in education, detailed planning, unifying leadership and efficient ...

GARETH VAN ONSELEN: How the ANC invented radical economic transformation out of nothing

The phrase ‘radical economic transformation’ has sparked controversy in SA. But the term itself seems devoid of any specific meaning, acting instead as a ...

A bevy of sleeping beauties on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange for investors with an appetite for risk

A number of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed firms are takeover targets for investors with an appetite for risk

Optimistic outlook as Nigeria’s economy proves resilient

SPONSORED | Economic improvements in recent month have led to a more positive outlook for the West African state

How smart cities and the Internet of Things will reshape South Africa

SPONSORED | SA’s large metros often struggle to meet citizens’ needs, which drives conversations about the technology of smart cities

Ex-Zuma confidante spills the arms deal beans

A Pretoria lawyer, the ultimate arms deal insider, has now turned on Zuma, spilling the beans on myriad payments to him from one of the arms deal beneficiaries

Forgotten and angry: the fury behind the protests

As the country’s top leadership is racked by division and infighting, communities at the bottom of the ladder are feeling the pinch

Millennials have a healthy bite

Quick, nutritious snacks seem to be an increasingly popular choice for young people

Why Brian Molefe's return to Eskom could end in tears — again

It looks like another move in the Zupta state capture enterprise, with an unaffordable nuclear programme now back in sight. But how long can Molefe remain?