Payback: Gordhan plays his Zuma card

Pravin Gordhan’s leaked submission highlights the ‘profound interest’ Jacob Zuma took in oiling the wheels of high-value deals

Why SA property investors need to care about Edcon’s fate

The retailer occupies about 6%-7% of the total retail space in the country. In the mainstream malls Edcon occupies about 10% of the space

Zambia mining tax: digging a hole?

Zambia’s government hopes a new mining tax will add an extra $90m a year to its coffers. But an industry body warns of deleterious effects

Budgeting for SA’s disaster management

Disaster management is about more than being reactive when tragedy strikes; it’s also about making communities less vuln

Global competitiveness: Sub-Saharan Africa still lags behind

The latest World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index finds Sub-Saharan Africa to be the poorest performing region globally

The road to rebuilding Sars after Tom Moyane

With Tom Moyane gone, how can the institution be fixed? And who can do it?

SA’s economy: what could go right?

The SA economy may be poised for a recovery — if only the global economy would play ball

Tom Moyane: Sars’s ‘best commissioner’? Really?

It is clear that former commissioner Tom Moyane is unlikely to go away quietly

Awkward park: the SABC’s painful transition

The SABC must cut costs, and politically unpopular retrenchments are a big part of the plan

Zimbabwe’s currency woes continue

Everything from fuel to medicines and groceries are in short supply in Zimbabwe following a month-long panic-buying spree

Chinese consumption raises a red flag

What if growth in wages slows down, and the Chinese millennials, with an their assortment of credit cards, aren’t able to pay their mounting debts?

SA’s comic business turns a page

It seems to be an industry with potential, if one considers the success of Africa’s first Comic Con

Jaguar charges ahead with SA ‘Powerway’

Jaguar SA is establishing 82 public charging stations for electric vehicles across SA

Steinhoff’s secret history and the dirty world of Markus Jooste

For years, former CEO Markus Jooste and his inner circle wove an intricate web of opaque deals hidden from shareholders

Tito Mboweni’s (risky) push for growth

Fiscally, SA is looking exceedingly vulnerable. Sustained growth offers the only way out

Behind the boom in Joburg’s apartments

The housing market may well have cooled, but Joburg is in the midst of a sectional-title development boom