Lesufi’s dicey power play

Having excluded the DA from the administration in Gauteng, Panyaza Lesufi and his cabinet will have to pass their policy proposals as a minority government

Can Operation Vulindlela get growth going?

The economic reforms carried out by the previous government are necessary but insufficient to achieve much faster, more inclusive growth — a second wave of ...

How the GNU cabinet deal stacks up

After a week of tense negotiations, South Africa finally has a government of national unity. But the hard work is only beginning

Opportunity meets minefield for the DA

The DA has its hands on the levers of power in six portfolios, but can it overcome the resistance it’s bound to face?

Do MK and the EFF walk the talk?

Both parties claim to represent the Left on South Africa’s political spectrum. Do they really?

Will Des de Beer’s Iberian bet pay off?

Director and major shareholder Des de Beer hopes the rand hedge Reit is  running with the bulls by expanding into Spain and Portugal

More fuel in the rand rocket’s tank

With the election dust starting to settle, South African assets are enjoying a relief rally, but further strength depends on the fledgling administration ...

Is the party over for MK?

While the six-month-old MK Party stormed its way up the electoral ranks to become the third-biggest in the National Assembly, its performance in recent ...

GNU not a new story in South Africa

South African history suggests that a tie-up between the ANC and the DA is perhaps not such a strange beast after all

E-hailing drivers fight to survive in Zimbabwe

E-hailing services have taken off in Zimbabwe. But the dire economic situation in the country puts drivers at risk

The GNU deal: where will the buck stop?

The economy has received a powerful shot in the arm from the formation of a centrist government of national unity which marginalises radical populists and ...

Inside the new, GNU South Africa

The ANC and DA have come together with smaller parties in a government of national unity. Now the hard work begins ...

Behind Cape Town’s changing skyline

Several architecturally interesting buildings are under construction in the Mother City, including South Africa’s version of the Bosco Verticale, the famous ...

There’s still life in SA art

The South African art market is alive and well, with a recent art fair drawing 9,000 paying visitors

Slots of opportunity: the rise of online gambling

Online gaming is rapidly making the running in South Africa’s R800bn gambling market, leaving Sun and Tsogo with their traditional casino model somewhat ...

What a GNU means for the economy

The ANC’s decision to form a government of national unity with law-abiding constitutionalists still leaves future economic policy unclear and, depending on ...