Is Joburg’s hot new joint legal?

A court ruling last year suggested it is unconstitutional to ban the private use of marijuana

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2019: The year of the coalitions?

The Zuma era triggered a change in the way South Africans vote, leading to a number of DA-led coalitions at local level

A solution to SA’s rural education crisis

Rural education doesn’t have to be a disaster. One project has shown that with desire and teamwork children can have a real future

Democratic Alliance: Masters at striking coalition deals

The DA has grown consistently over the past decade, which has made it the senior partner in a number of coalition governments

Helen Zille’s long shadow hangs over DA leadership

Former DA leader Helen Zille’s shadow still looms large over the party

How Eskom plans to cut capital expenditure

The new CEO says the utility will need to reduce capital expenditure over the next three years to contain its gearing ratio to 72% of equity

Where will EOH’s roller-coaster ride end?

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Meet Standard Bank’s elite black executive team

Compared with rivals Barclays Africa and FirstRand, Standard Bank is a model of transformation

A sovereign wealth fund for SA: Why bother?

Public mistrust in government institutions could prevent the state from becoming the custodian of SA’s savings

European Union: An ‘empire’ crumbling?

Interpretations on why Europe — which is beset with seething regional and national resentments — is in crisis are fabulously varied

MeerLicht: SA’s newest optical telescope

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Nigeria has proved a tough nut to crack for many South Africans looking to grow their footprint beyond SA’s borders, but hospitality group Bon Hotels has ...

Sutherland: Wishing on a rising star

Despite barely half that number of visitors trekking to Sutherland each year, the dusty town has reaped the benefits of star-struck tourists

SA’s economy shrinks to worst in nine years

SA’s economy shrank by a shock 2.2% in the first quarter of 2018 compared with the final quarter of last year