CHRIS ROPER: Needling antivaxxers

We need to stop thinking of antivaxxers as outright stupid, and instead try to find ways to convince them to ditch their dangerous beliefs

SA’s economic whiplash

In a stunning reversal of fortune, SA has whipsawed over the past two months from anticipating a continued strong recovery and better fiscal outlook to ...

Surprise twist in Jon Qwelane freedom of speech case

The Constitutional Court’s decision on the Jon Qwelane matter has ended a 13-year legal battle — and has laid the foundation for a more solid definition of ...

Lessons from SA’s 1941 insurrection

The violence that gripped the country last month was not the first time a head of state in SA has had to face insurrection and the fallout of factionalism in ...

The case against the instigators

Those behind the July unrest in SA could face charges under the terrorism act. The first such case has already been brought

All eyes on the Zambian economy

Zambians go to the ballot box on August 12 to elect new leaders in a general election. The poll for the presidency looks to be a two-horse race

New routes to second passports

Cheaper residency-linked investment opportunities are opening to South Africans

Here are six Covid-19 myths you can put to rest

The circulation of misinformation about the vaccines poses the danger of hampering efforts to control the pandemic

Ramaphosa’s impossible balancing act

SA pulled back from the brink this week, as the government announced measures to bring relief from the latest unrest — but avoided committing to permanent ...

Cyril’s cabinet conundrum

Rumours of a cabinet reshuffle have been given fresh impetus by the recent unrest. But that’s no easy job for Ramaphosa, given the calibre of candidates he’s ...

Cape taxi war wrecks small businesses

The financial cost of the Cape taxi violence has yet to be quantified. But it’s taking a toll on businesses — and workers — across the board

Spotlight on the security of SA’s fuel supply

Unrest this month put the spotlight on the security of SA’s fuel supply — and shortcomings highlighted by an inquiry into the issue 15 years ago

Zimbabwe looks to cash in on cannabis boom

Zimbabwe is looking to make inroads in the global cannabis market, expecting earnings from the sector to rival those of tobacco. But experts sound a word of ...

CHRIS ROPER: Olympics — if the veldskoen fits …

In SA’s Olympic outfits, local designers have claimed, reclaimed, mashed up and mangled the symbols of our past. That’s a good thing

Behind Mswati’s crackdown

Two MPs who encouraged their constituents to petition Eswatini’s government for reforms have been arrested, adding to tensions in the absolute monarchy

Rhodes’s new campus on the back burner

The pandemic has changed the way of teaching so quickly that space requirements for the future are not what they were thought to be even a short while back