Zunaid Moti’s extreme makeover

Zunaid Moti is frustrated at being called controversial

National director of public prosecutions: A poisoned chalice

Shaun Abrahams has been kicked out of his job as SA’s top prosecutor — but who dares lift the poisoned chalice now?

The art of making a cabinet

The power to appoint ministers is clearly a political tool and will once again shake up the political space under Ramaphosa after 2019

How China bought Africa

China’s trade-and-investment march may be a neo-imperialist campaign to extract Africa’s natural resources and become a leading global power

Can 99-year leases work?

The 99-year lease is a viable tenure model that could be used to effectively help address land reform

Behind Zanu-PF’s brutal crackdown

A journalist’s account of last week’s election in Zimbabwe and the violence, misinformation and divisions that have bedevilled the country since then

Understanding the DA’s battle with BEE

Just when it seemed the official opposition had put the De Lille saga behind, a battle over whether it believes in BEE has opened up

EOH finds its knight in Stephen van Coller

New CEO Stephen van Coller brings a wealth of experience and reputation to troubled EOH

David Mabuza’s shrewdest move yet

Cyril Ramaphosa has named his deputy as chair of government’s land reform committee. It shows complete trust or is a poisoned chalice

New labour relations registrar intent on tackling backlogs

New registrar for labour relations is passionate about getting the office up to speed — but he will require a budget to hire more staff

Why SA is lagging in plastic recycling

Thanks to thousands of informal workers, SA already does pretty well with recycling paper and aluminium but could do far more with plastics

Neal Froneman’s high stakes mining gamble

The dream lives or dies on the platinum price — but CEO Neal Froneman trusts his instincts

The power struggle within the DA

A legal opinion on a technical question over who draws up the party’s list of electoral candidates could shift power in the DA

Is there hope of restoration between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

Ethiopia and Eritrea have found peace after 20 years, making prospects for introduction of sweeping democratic reforms more promising

PIC loses another director as board ructions deepen

Squabbling PIC board faces a meltdown over how to deal with accusations against CEO Daniel Matjila and CFO Matshepo More

Brics summit more than a talk shop

Brics seems much more coherent and represents the best of the emerging-market investable universe