Why Mboweni’s budget won’t work

Scepticism is growing over SA’s ability to implement the National Treasury’s aggressive debt stabilisation plan. A sovereign debt crisis is now a real risk

How Helen Zille has split the DA

DA federal council chair Helen Zille has once again drawn her party into a storm with a series of tweets that seem entirely at odds with recommendations from ...

Mogoeng Mogoeng: aggravating an itch that doesn’t exist

Mogoeng Mogoeng’s comment on Palestine, like Helen Zille’s on racist legislation, was an unnecessary attempt to inject his skewed belief system into the ...

Residential property rebound?

A surprise rally in home loan applications suggests housing activity could recover sooner rather than later

Net closing on web scamsters

As the authorities warn against Crowd1, the role of social media in promoting pyramid schemes and shady scams is coming under increased scrutiny

Cricket SA’s corridors of uncertainty

Cricket SA’s interim CEO seems to be doing all the right things – but the failings of previous management still hang heavy over the organisation

The end of the West African CFA franc

As of this month, the West African CFA franc is supposed to be replaced by a new currency. In many respects the move looks symbolic – though it has still ...

Rally to Read: The show must go on

The personal touch of Rally to Read may be missing in 2020, but rural schools can’t afford to lose sponsor support

A new plan to save SA’s doctors

As patients cancel surgeries and defer medical appointments for fear of catching Covid-19, private sector medical professionals are struggling to stay afloat. ...

Doctors, never more necessary than now, are facing a financial crunch

Private doctors are not earning enough to make ends meet since Covid-19 has led to a reduction in regular patient numbers

Ebrahim Patel: The man behind the mask

Ebrahim Patel, the open-toed-shoe bogeyman of the anti-lockdown brigade, doesn’t mind being held up as the poster-child of the ‘irrational’ Covid-19 rules

SA and alcohol: Time to put a cork in it?

The two-month ban on the sale of liquor brought SA’s alcohol sector to its knees. But some form of regulation does seem necessary, given the cost of alcohol to ...

Restaurants reopen: Eating out in a pandemic

Sit-down restaurants all over the country are readying themselves for reopening. But quite what SA’s restaurant space will look like amid Covid-19 remains ...

Trump, TikTok and the truth

The apparent gutting of US President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally by social-media-savvy teens raises uncomfortable questions about perceptions of truth and ...

How metros are sucking SA’s residents dry

Local government is budgeting for big wage hikes regardless of their affordability amid the devastating impact of the pandemic

MCEBISI JONAS: False flags in China-US fight

With elections looming in the US, Donald Trump has upped his anti-China rhetoric. But he needs the country if he’s going to pull the US out of the economic ...