Beneath the ocean: mining’s new frontier

Treasures under the sea go way beyond the sunken galleons of yore. The seabed is thought to hold an astounding amount of mineral resources – and companies and ...

South Africans’ rising insurance risk

In the face of improved life expectancy and an increasing burden of disease, an overemphasis on life insurance over ‘survival’ cover may be detrimental to ...

Mohair: SA’s golden fleece

While local mohair producers have been largely insulated from the country’s economic downturn, manufacturers have been hit harder because of pricing pressures

How Grant Pattison saved Edcon

Edcon, SA’s largest clothing company, on which more than 100,000 people rely, faced extinction last year. But thanks to a series of savvy interventions by CEO ...

SA’s municipal mess

Auditor-general Kimi Makwetu’s latest report paints a dire pictures of SA’s municipalities

Digging up apartheid’s skeletons

The NPA missing person’s task team has spent 14 years searching for the remains of SA’s ‘disappeared’ – those missing, presumed murdered by the apartheid state

Speed bumps ahead for SA’s motor sector

The motor sector’s multiyear wage agreement has come to an end. It’s unclear yet what will replace it – but bruising employer-union talks look likely, with the ...

SA’s wealthy snap up micro-mansions

SA’s high-end housing market has been hit by a moribund economy, weak returns and political uncertainty. But as the wealthy scale down, some areas are bucking ...

Grant Pattison’s template for fixing a business

Edcon CEO Grant Pattison says the basic formula to turn a business around has always been the same

Zimbabwe’s bottom dollar?

As Zimbabwe bans the use of foreign currency, and prepares for a new ‘Zim dollar’, many fear a return of the hyperinflation that crippled the economy from 2008

How municipalities are destroying SA business

In the crumbling Mpumalanga town of Standerton, chicken producer Astral Foods can’t get the water it needs to operate. In the Free State and Eastern Cape, ...

Cyril’s Sona dream soured by factionalism?

Ramaphosa’s vision for SA in his state of the nation address may have seemed almost whimsical. But the political nightmare he faces is very real

It’s a date: Zuma’s Zondo moment

Former president Jacob Zuma has at least agreed to ‘appear’ at the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture. But what that will entail is far from clear

How The Crazy Store manages to buck the retail trend

Walk into virtually any shopping mall in SA, and it seems you’ll find a Crazy Store. From humble beginnings, the discount retailer has become a 374-store chain ...

Footloose currency fixers

The case that the Competition Commission is trying to make over currency manipulation faces two major obstacles – jurisdiction over foreign banks, and ...

Social media: the new propaganda frontier

Social media is the new frontier of propaganda. It’s allowed conspiracy theories and disinformation to flourish because it attracts viewers – and therefore ...