Why do SA’s CEOs overstay their welcome?

The average UK CEO spends 4.8 years in the role, compared with about eight years for a CEO in SA, where experience and stability are seemingly more valued than ...

Sustainable safaris make sense for conservation

Working with the community has been key to making the Singita Grumeti concession, next to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, a success

African Bank corporate accountability saga drags on

The regulator’s probe into Deloitte has been almost five years in the making — and it’s likely to wrap up only next year

Henley research takes to the air

Henley Business School Africa has launched a research centre that will focus on project-based research in partnership with Henley UK and themes relevant in the ...

Leadership needs a dash of kindness

Equity and fairness are important ideals in enhancing employee self-confidence and loyalty

17 stocks to capitalise on in 2019

After a blowout last year, when the JSE’s all share index tumbled 11.4%, history suggests there could be a big recovery in 2019

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The 2018 matric results have been announced, with much fanfare. But it’s worth pausing to consider the broader challenges

Why SA’s schools are behind the curve

Hundreds of schools in SA exist in contravention of the norms and standards regulations

2019: SA’s tale of hope or despair?

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Cashing in on Africa’s lucrative mobile money market

With 87-million monthly users, the mobile money market in Africa is proving lucrative — and it still has ample room to grow

Start-up support shows mixed success

Business development support is supposed to help entrepreneurs get their enterprises off the ground. It’s had mixed success

Zuma is on the ropes. But he’s not giving up just yet

With an estimated R26m in legal costs and a court ruling blocking further state funding for his defence, Zuma is on the ropes

Why populism caught fire in SA

The populist rhetoric of 2018 is likely to gather steam ahead of this year’s elections

And the chickens come home to roost award goes to...

Just when it seemed as though the worst was over for MTN, the group’s most important market came back to bite it