A bevy of sleeping beauties on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange for investors with an appetite for risk

A number of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed firms are takeover targets for investors with an appetite for risk

How smart cities and the Internet of Things will reshape South Africa

SPONSORED | SA’s large metros often struggle to meet citizens’ needs, which drives conversations about the technology of smart cities

Ex-Zuma confidante spills the arms deal beans

A Pretoria lawyer, the ultimate arms deal insider, has now turned on Zuma, spilling the beans on myriad payments to him from one of the arms deal beneficiaries

Forgotten and angry: the fury behind the protests

As the country’s top leadership is racked by division and infighting, communities at the bottom of the ladder are feeling the pinch

Millennials have a healthy bite

Quick, nutritious snacks seem to be an increasingly popular choice for young people

Why Brian Molefe's return to Eskom could end in tears — again

It looks like another move in the Zupta state capture enterprise, with an unaffordable nuclear programme now back in sight. But how long can Molefe remain?

Brian’s R30m trick

Pension experts say Eskom’s agreement to pay Brian Molefe an early retirement pension of R30m could be unlawful

Allan Gray moves on

In a move that has shocked the ad industry, investment management company Allan Gray has parted company with its ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town

TV ads that cut above the clutter

Latest research on the most effective ads finds that the best make consumers laugh or remember the past, while those that distil a human truth, and the ...

Still a long way to go for special economic zone programme

Government’s special economic zone programme offers the promise of economic development. But the recent launch of the Maluti-A-Phofung zone threw into relief ...

FREE TO READ: Peter Bruce on how to fix SA

A new manifesto for growth. Now THIS would be RADICAL transformation ...

GARETH VAN ONSELEN: SA’s political pageantry ...

It borders on the absurd. It is often full of sound and fury, but sorely lacking in substance

What Brian Molefe's return to Eskom means for SA

The cynical and expedient reappointment of disgraced former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe looks like another hoop in the Zupta state-capture enterprise

Nigeria’s power problems

The failure of the government to raise tariffs has caused a debt crisis among Nigeria’s private generators and distributors of electricity

Will SA need an IMF bailout?

The fear that SA is rushing headlong into the arms of the IMF is misplaced, but so is the idea that the Brics would offer SA an unconditional bailout

It’s official: cash is on sale in Zimbabwe

Holders of $100 and $50 notes can sell them at a premium in Zimbabwe, underscoring a huge currency shortage despite bond notes being brought into circulation ...