Should we blow the budget to prop up growth?

The risk of a policy error is high as SA contemplates a fiscal stimulus package to reignite growth, but without stepping over important boundaries

Massmart development fund lights fire under local suppliers

With the help of the programme, entrepreneur Eugene Havenga was able to accelerate his 10-year growth plan and achieve his goal in two years

This is why black industrialisation is a slow process

Everyone agrees black participation and localisation are necessary. It’s the pace of transition that’s the problem

8 stocks to buy in a shrinking economy

Professional investors differ on what might constitute a recession-proof share portfolio

Markus Jooste’s fables

Ex-Steinhoff boss Markus Jooste came to parliament well prepared to obfuscate and deflect blame from himself for the retailer’s collapse

Recession: how we got here and how to get out

SA is in a recession because 10 years of economic mismanagement and policy bungling have rendered the economy uncompetitive

Zim finance czar’s mission impossible

Zimbabwe’s new finance minister is not a Zanu-PF man and he did not need the job — but he will need all his qualifications to fix the economy

How the Guptas were subsidised

More testimony emerges on how Gupta media companies received millions of rands from the government

How Nigeria took a bite out of MTN

Nigerian authorities shocked MTN with an order that it return $8.1bn in dividends to the country, sending the mobile operator’s shares crashing

What brought Sars to its knees?

Tom Moyane’s request that Bain present him with an ‘outside-in’ look at Sars a year before he was appointed tax commissioner stunned officials and the gallery

Counting the cost of state capture

State capture is estimated to have cost SA upwards of R100bn. Some economists say the actual figure is much higher

Why De Beers is now manufacturing diamonds

Is De Beers’ change of mind about never manufacturing diamonds a ploy to kill the fledgling market for cheaper synthetic rocks?

The ANC’s ‘smallanyana skeletons’ exposed

Skeletons have been tumbling out of the ruling party’s closet as witness after witness describes how the Guptas contacted them

Watch your back, the EFF is coming for you

The EFF will use its votes to remind the DA that it only runs local coalition governments courtesy of the red berets

Economists divided on the state of SA’s economy

SA is either in a gloomy funk and unable to grow, or it’s on the cusp of a cyclical upswing and a structural reboot — experts’ opinions differ

Inside the engine room of the township economy

Forget Sandton, the real street economy of SA happens in the townships and informal settlements