Investors buy into the rise of ‘aparthotels’

‘Aparthotels’ – privately owned apartments that are linked to a hotel offering – are increasingly popular with investors and tourists alike

I am an African: the loaded language of identity

If we don’t define for ourselves what it means to be African, we surrender the term to populists, politicians and reactionaries. We do so at our peril

Lesotho’s Tom Thabane under pressure

Tom Thabane’s departure could push Lesotho to its fourth general election in just 10 years. But there are signs that the situation is stabilising

André de Ruyter will have to play it smart with labour

Labour analyst Mamokgethi Molopyane says André de Ruyter is stepping into a minefield

Inside Mitch Slape’s plan to get Massmart’s game back

The fact that Walmart has sent someone so senior to SA shows its commitment to turn Massmart around. But is this the last throw of the dice?

Why the matric results don’t add up

On the surface, the class of 2019’s matric results speak to an improvement in education outcomes. Dig a little deeper, however, and the situation is slightly ...

Cyril at the centre of the storm

The ANC’s subdued January 8 anniversary belied the factional turmoil in the ruling party. It has put Cyril Ramaphosa in an especially difficult position

ANALYSIS: Julius Malema a menace to society

Where Helen Zille is a threat to the only viable alternative to a self-serving ANC, Julius Malema is a threat to the social fabric of SA. Both are a menace to ...

The curious case(s) of Mkhwebane and the Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank has been given a glimpse into the rabbit hole that is the office of the public protector

Dion: Shutting up shop after 50 years?

The Dion brand, which marks its half-century this year and was once one of SA’s leading retail brands, looks likely to evaporate, largely due to the consumer ...

SA’s retirement shocker

Two reports on retirement trends suggest that few South Africans are going to be anywhere near as comfortable in retirement as they assume

African countries to be put to the test in 2020

At least 12 African countries are headed to the polls for executive challenges this year. But civil unrest, violent extremism and the ‘big men’ who cling to ...

Hot stocks 2020: is this the year of the big recovery?

It may seem that the JSE came out just about ahead last year, but that’s not a true reflection of what happened. Rather, as SA Inc stocks melted down, the ...

POLITICAL YEAR AHEAD: What’s on the cards for SA?

The year ahead is likely to be a tough one for Cyril Ramaphosa and the faction-riven ANC. But it may also settle key questions around the balance of power in ...

Top small-cap picks for 2020

Small-cap stocks took an even worse leathering than the larger JSE shares last year. But there were pockets of sunshine. The FM picks ten 10 to watch

ECONOMIC YEAR HEAD: Make or break for SA

2020 is likely to be a do-or-die year for the SA economy, which is on the cusp of another junk rating after five years of dismal growth