Rob Shuter's plan to recharge MTN

MTN’s new boss Rob Shuter and finance director Ralph Mupita have ambitious plans to revive the company after the $1.5bn Nigerian disaster. But will its foreign ...

A reforming Angola beckons MTN

Demands on MTN’s cash are finally easing up. This gives Rob Shuter’s new team an opportunity to revive the company’s African expansion drive, ...

When will Jacob Zuma go?

The new national executive committee of the ANC meets under Cyril Ramaphosa to consider its next move should President Jacob Zuma refuse to leave gracefully

Why H&M's apology doesn't wash

Leading black advertising professionals say the H&M debacle shows that sensitivity to black issues isn’t something that can be taught, and that diversity is ...

ZAMBIA: Bacteria on the march

The Zambian president has deployed the defence force to clean up the streets of Lusaka in a bid to combat the latest cholera outbreak, while SA battles to ...

School uniforms: the big rip-off

To what extent do exclusive contracts between schools and suppliers of school uniforms drive up prices, and could an open tender process, or a universal ...

BANK CHARTER 2.0: transformation beyond ownership

Ownership is just one of five key issues, and not necessarily the most important, in the recently gazetted financial sector code of good practice

In defence of Afrikaans

Does the constitutional court’s support for a university’s English language of instruction policy deal with what has become a facilitator of racial tension, or ...

Cape drought: what it means for SA’s wilting wine industry

SA is the seventh-largest wine producer in the world — but that could soon change in the Cape. However, other countries are going through similar travails 

SA's students are pawns in a bigger game

As soon as students began demanding free education in 2015, their movement became an important tool that has been exploited by political parties

Advertising approaches a tipping point

To remain relevant, brands must embrace new technologies like virtual reality and voice activation

The ugly picture behind the matric pass rate

It is the casualties of SA’s education system, rather than its survivors, who tell a more compelling story

Which stocks to buy in 2018

For those who prefer their investments to involve actual assets, 2018 is looking better than 2017

HOT STOCKS 2018: Back to basics, after bitcoin and Steinhoff

Because of the danger of more corporate implosions, it may be best to stay with cash-generative plays with strong management

Cyril Ramaphosa: laying down the party line

The ANC president’s January 8 statement will be watched closely for clues on where the balance of forces lies within the NEC

From January 2017 | Hunting: The colour game is over

The breeding of wildlife to produce unusually coloured animals, in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot them, has fallen flat in a spectacular ...