Who wins in the Steinhoff clean-up?

Disgraced group’s global settlement proposal hangs in the balance, as claimants clash in court over whether it is fair or legal

Can Net1 be rehabilitated after its social grants tender debacle?

It became the poster child for corporate malfeasance during the Zuma years, feasting on unsuspecting grant recipients. Can Net1 show that not only has it ...

Is Joburg a sinking city?

If Joburg succeeds, then SA succeeds. But the city is facing huge problems — from needless bureaucratic tangles to an IT nightmare. But amid this lack of ...

Rigged tenders, cronyism and kickbacks for politicians: SA’s history of friends with benefits

If you thought the Zuptas were in any way unique, you’re dead wrong. As Matthew Blackman and Nick Dall discovered, crony capitalism is as old as SA itself ...

If Mboweni goes ... Will Kganyago take his job?

Rumours are rife that finance minister Tito Mboweni may leave his post in a looming cabinet reshuffle. If so, there are few better replacements than Reserve ...

Keeping schools open: Covid lessons learnt

The latest evidence suggests that keeping schools open is crucial for social equity

Child hunger: Keeping the wolf from the door

Despite a bounce-back in jobs, child hunger in SA has persisted. Grants are a huge help, but SA also needs a healthy economy to be able to address this problem

Early childhood development sector rides out the waves

SA’s early childhood development sector has staged a recovery — but it’s not yet back to its pre-Covid levels. A longer-term strategy for the sector is crucial

The big jobs bounce-back: 2-million jobs return — but will they stay?

More than 2-million South Africans found work between June and October 2020, according to the latest round of data from the Nids-Cram survey. But hunger — and ...

Tobacco sales: smoked out

SA’s tobacco sales ban has reduced smoking prevalence in the country — but it has also probably fired up the illicit market

Covid fatigue? Time to pull together

Faced with concerns about Covid fatigue in 2021, the government needs to improve its communication

Women granted no quarter in Covid crisis

Women have been hit harder by the Covid-19 crisis, but are less likely than men to receive unemployment benefits

Little vials, big crime: Covid-19 and organised crime

Covid vaccines are among the hottest commodities in the world, as manufacturers can’t produce enough jabs for everyone. The Bhekisisa Centre for Health ...

Kentridgenomics: What rocketing prices for William’s work say about SA’s art market

As a sustained surge in demand for works by William Kentridge shows, SA is witnessing the emergence of a vital new art economy. The FM delves into the ...

PPC’s Game of Thrones: Disturbing goings-on at SA’s cement giant

As the cement company battles for survival, it has now emerged it agreed to pay its former finance director a monthly ‘consultancy’ fee of R321,499.95 for just ...

Eat the rich: Sars targets wealthy tax cheats

As ‘lifestyle audits’ are proposed to unearth tax cheats, the problem of SA’s tax morality goes far deeper than just wringing more from the wealthy