Investors dump mall Reits

Already fragile sentiment towards retail brick-and-mortar investments has been dealt another blow by last week’s civil unrest

Healing hands of SA’s medical sector

SA’s medical sector — particularly in KwaZulu-Natal — was hit hard by last week’s unrest. But teamwork and behind-the-scenes planning are paying off

Retailers count the cost of unrest

Retailers are picking up the pieces amid clean-up operations after a week of looting, arson and unrest in which many lost everything they had worked for

WILLIAM GUMEDE: After this crisis, SA needs something new

Last week’s mayhem was a violent end to the monopoly that the ANC has held over SA’s politics. It’s time for something new

SA’s ‘original sin’: the arms deal

The arms deal ghost will haunt SA for years to come, for this was the point where politics properly muddied the criminal justice system

Estina: leaping too soon, into thin air

It was to be the prosecuting body’s hallmark state capture case — instead, a few months later, it all fell apart

Why SA’s most wanted have nothing to fear from the justice system

Budget cuts, lack of experienced staff, delaying tactics, and even lack of will have seen prosecutions severely hamstrung, with a corresponding growth in ...

Steinhoff case: going nowhere slowly

The criminal-investigation process has been glacial. Markus Jooste hasn’t so much as received a ‘please call me’ from the Hawks

Forget Zuma, it was Gary Porritt who pioneered Stalingrad

In Porritt’s case, he’s been languishing in the Joburg Correctional Centre, known ironically as ‘Sun City’, for nearly four years, even though his trial isn’t ...

Shack dwellers hit hardest by Covid

‘Backyarders’ and people living in informal settlements have borne the brunt of job and livelihood losses as a result of the pandemic, and have found it ...

The Covid schooling crisis

As many as 750,000 pupils in SA have not returned to the classroom this year. That’s about 500,000 more than in prepandemic years

The Covid gender gap

Women suffered a large and disproportionate effect in the labour market as a result of the hard lockdown, but they’ve also been slower to recover

Because we don’t jab on weekends, SA is 1.3m vaccinations behind

The fact that SA is an estimated 1.3-million vaccine doses behind schedule — simply because it doesn’t vaccinate on weekends — only prolongs the devastation

Betting on hotels — despite the pandemic

Despite the pandemic, new hotels are opening in SA — and without the benefit of 12J money, at that

The 12J tax break: Did government jump the gun by scrapping it?

This week, the section 12J tax break expired. However, as the FM’s analysis of the benefits created by the scheme illustrates, there’s a good reason why many ...

How 12J fuelled a hotel heavyweight

12J funding scheme was the fuel behind an emerging hotel heavyweight, even though Covid has dealt heavy blows to the leisure and travel industry