Ebrahim Patel: The man behind the mask

Ebrahim Patel, the open-toed-shoe bogeyman of the anti-lockdown brigade, doesn’t mind being held up as the poster-child of the ‘irrational’ Covid-19 rules

Will you have to fill Eskom’s R30bn Covid hole?

The coronavirus has given Eskom space to deal with some of its problems. At the same time, however, it has created dramatic new issues for which there are no ...

With government often MIA, South Africans are doing it for themselves

In the absence of adequate government support, communities are taking it upon themselves to feed their most vulnerable members, even when this is putting some ...

Welcome to the new world of work

The Covid-19 crisis has emptied office blocks around the world and companies have moved employees into work-from-home situations, where possible, as rapidly as ...

Dude, where’s my office?

Landlords will have no choice but to offer more flexible lease terms if they want tenants to stay put

Leila Fourie on the plan to rebuild the JSE

Stock exchange boss Leila Fourie has a mountain to climb – not only is the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging local companies, but the number of listings has been ...

Casualties of Covid-19: death stalks SA businesses

The rate at which companies are filing for bankruptcy in SA is rising rapidly. Businesses are battling to stay afloat and matters are being made worse by the ...

Is Mantashe a hurdle to fixing SA’s power crisis?

As the Covid-19 pandemic obliterates SA’s economy, a quick recovery requires urgent reform of the energy sector. But is minister Gwede Mantashe a catalyst to ...

XHANTI PAYI: A different kind of war

The battle against Covid-19 has generated a response completely different to the traditional war economy, exposing myths about entrepreneurship and the ...

DAVID SHAPIRO: Flying blind

There have been some clear winners and losers in the markets over the past few months. But what lies ahead is far less certain

ANET AHERN: Surviving a world on fire

All crises involve both a change and a return to normal — but the new normal will be entirely different to how things were before

DELPHINE GOVENDER: The future isn’t what it used to be

Investors have adapted rapidly to the market shocks of 2020. But certainty about the effects these will have remains largely elusive

ROZE PHILLIP: A new world of work

The coronavirus is already upending the ways in which we work. Some changes will be for the better

WANDILE SIHLOBO: Breaking new ground in global agriculture post-Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored European and US dependence on imported agricultural labour. If this hastens a move to automation, developing states can’t ...

MARY CORRIGALL: The bigger picture

While the value of art will remain stable, the entire industry is set to be reshaped by the Covid-19 pandemic

LEILA FOURIE: How do we get back to rational investing?

The return of rationality in the markets depends on real and effective action by business, government and central banks