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Kholeka Gcaleka: Whose legacy will SA's new public protector follow?

The new public protector officially stepped into office last week, following the disastrous tenure of Busisiwe Mkhwebane. She’s already got big plans for ...

Worst bird flu epidemic yet, ravages South Africa

More than 20% of South Africa’s chickens have died, or been culled in recent weeks to deal with a new highly contagious strain of bird flu. The two largest ...

Playing chicken with interest rates

Interest rates will have to stay higher for longer, but a successful medium-term budget would reduce pressure for another interest rate hike in November

What can government do to help our farmers?

Given an unbearably stretched fiscus, government can do very little. But there are measures that it can take to ensure better biosecurity in the wake of three ...

Abel Sithole: The gravy train stops here

Abel Sithole, the CEO of Africa’s largest fund manager, faces no small task in ensuring politicians keep their sticky fingers off the R2.6-trillion he manages. ...

EXCLUSIVE: Is there a R459bn pot of gold at the end of SA’s rainbow?

As the cost of borrowing soars and a fiscal crisis looms, South Africa is desperate for new sources of cash. Some think they have found a hidden stockpile at ...

All eyes on Enoch’s balancing skills

With South Africa sowing the seeds of a fiscal crisis, finance minister Enoch Godongwana will have to tread an increasingly frayed tightrope when he delivers ...

Is the dealmaking party over?

The value destruction of blockbuster deals, such as AB InBev’s purchase of SABMiller, have poured cold water over the appetite for such macho transactions. ...

Dealmakers: The buyout hit list

The most lucrative investment strategy in recent times has been being in the right place, at the right time, for a buyout. What are the hot tips for the next ...

Has Capitec dodged the bad-debt bullet?

The bank has been on a tear in the 20 years since its founding — the share has rocketed 192,757%. But as the economy stagnates, investors may well be nervous ...

AI passes SA MBA exams — but business schools are wising up

Artificial intelligence is eliminating the drudgery of academic research and expediting teaching and learning, but its rapid advance has also made cheating ...

MBAs: back to the future

The MBA has undergone huge change in the past three years. But many fundamental building blocks have survived the Covid-induced revolution

MBAs: From South Africa to the world

Foreign business schools see Africa as a future source of MBA students

Bursaries: Take the money and run

MBA scholarships and bursaries are available, but students have to track them down

Fresh ideas for future MBAs

Business schools hope leadership changes and new programmes will give them the edge

Has the problem of racial representation solved itself?

With the overwhelming number of MBA students today being black, some business schools believe affirmative selection is no longer necessary. Others disagree