Departure of the year: Imperial’s Mark Lamberti

No-one struggled with Mark Lamberti being forced to bow out of corporate SA quite as much as he did

Global newsmakers of the year: Trump, May and Musk

The common thread uniting the three global newsmakers — Donald Trump, Theresa May and Elon Musk — is that the trio of formerly mighty personalities were all ...

Deal of the year: Digital banks enter the fray

In 2018, three banks launched, all on a branchless model but aiming at the universal target market of the large banks

Scandal of the year: VBS — a most unsophisticated bank heist

VBS Mutual Bank collapsed this year after being fleeced by the very people entrusted with looking after depositors’ money

SA’s top newsmakers 2018

It was a conspiracy that dated back more than a decade, making fools of some of SA’s smartest businessmen

NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR: Markus Jooste — public enemy number 1

It was a conspiracy that dated back more than a decade, making fools of some of SA’s smartest businessmen. Steinhoff is SA’s newsmaker of 2018

SA’s top suburbs: Where to buy your next house

The seventh annual FM top suburbs survey shows where you should place your bets for wealth creation in the housing market

Worst performing suburbs: Where property prices have stalled

There are a few neighbourhoods that have seen cumulative price growth of less than 20%

All you need to know about SA’s economy in 25 graphs

This series of graphs tells an eloquent story of SA’s economy, and society, in stark detail

How Sanlam won the crown

After 20 years on the JSE, Sanlam has shaken off its image as the National Party’s economic arm and is ahead of former arch-rival Old Mutual

Sanlam’s billion-dollar bet on emerging markets

The $1bn it has put down to take full control of Morocco-based Saham Finances looks uncharacteristically bold

Could this system dramatically boost excise tax collection?

The attempt to clamp down further on smoking by diminishing branding and display will only play into the hands of the illicit trade, experts warn

Illicit cigarettes: the evil burning down SA’s economy

A fierce fight is being waged for the hearts and lungs of SA’s smokers, with cheap and illegal cigarettes gaining ground

Why SA property investors need to care about Edcon’s fate

The retailer occupies about 6%-7% of the total retail space in the country. In the mainstream malls Edcon occupies about 10% of the space

The battle to make Edcon relevant again

What are Edcon’s chances of being rescued? Will it find a new investor to help CEO Grant Pattison restore it to its former glory?

Tom Moyane: Sars’s ‘best commissioner’? Really?

It is clear that former commissioner Tom Moyane is unlikely to go away quietly